Top Ten Most Terrifying Supernatural Creatures and Beings

Throughout history humans feared the things that lurked in the darkness and unknown. Which paranormal being would you vote to be most terrifying?
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1 Demons

Whether haunting an innocent looking old house up for sale, lurking in the forests where you least expect attack, or even summoned to do dark deeds these ominous beings will use an aura of darkness to alter your emotional state, twist reality to drop you to your knees crying, and even hurt or kill your most cherished family members to see you suffer. The worst part is the human government and authorities are too logic minded to help something along the lines of the supernatural.

I'm sorry, but demons are the most real and terrifying things of them all. They are the source of all things evil and terrifying.

Demons. The name is scary. Whether they are an underling, an imp, or the devil, you could not like demons if you are any good.

2 Black Eyed Kids

Seeming innocent and appear at the most random and vulnerable times. On the side of the road, at your doorstep, in a dark alley. Always wanting in your presence always needing you to open the door. They can't come in unless you say its okay or invite them. And since those who report these cases are lucky since no one knows what happens when you do let them in nor whether or not people were weak minded enough to let them in.

I read an article in a magazine about them a couple of months ago and they creep me out... but what happens if you let them in!?

I can't even imagine what would happen if I encountered one of them. Just thinking about it is chilling.

I think when they come it they just use the toilet or phone. The end.

3 Slender Man The Slender Man is a fictional supernatural character that originated as an Internet meme created by Something Awful forums user Eric Knudsen

Easily the scariest thing I have ever seen, I recently downloaded the iOS app for Slender Rising and I dropped my iPod and ran away when I saw the Slender Man!

A faceless siloette that steals children. A tall man with tendrils who disappears with his victims never to be seen again.

4 Skin Walkers / Shapeshifters

The Native Americans fear them to the point they avoid talking of them. They can be anyone. Think of the movie "The Thing" except no way of weeding them out with science lab experiments.

Skin Walkers are the worst of the Earth dwelling evil beings. They are at least as powerful as a demon. Like most evil creatures, Skin Walkers feed of negative energy and will often capture an interesting human that they feel they can feed off of. Once they capture a person, they will often torture them in any way possible to achieve the greatest amount fear in their victim. The greater the fear, the sweeter the feeding will be for them. They have been rumored to have consumed whole families, one after the other, and forcing them to watch the torturing of their loved ones, making the fear become a palpable presence. Their hunger is never slaked, in fact they can enter a feeding frenzy; going on rampages that can last weeks or months, drastically lowering the population in an area they hunt in. Escaping the Skinwalker's notice is no easy task, they are incredibly perceptive and have lived several hundred years in the midst of Humans, they are sensitive to us in ways we don't really ...more

5 Ghosts

Whether they're there due to tragic death, there to warn you of evil, or even there to continue their evil human deeds in the after life they always make you realize the world is cruel and unfair. The hardest part to grasp is that could be you if you have something to hang on to when you're dead. Who would want to never see their loved ones on the other side and stay on earth?

Ghosts are always creepy. (Something that's around but you can't see it, haunted places...)
And they are also kind of sad in a way, because most of them were murdered or something and couldn't find any rest.

They are spirits of the dead who disappear sometimes. They are already dead now.

6 Ghouls / Zombies / Undead

The undead are always a crowd pleaser in movies but in real life it is more of a spiritual thing. And the fear comes from the fact the undead are often flesh eaters or even vengeful souls hoping to strike terror in the lives of mortals.

Cannibalism is not cool! Even if your undead

7 Aliens / The Greys

Should you watch T.V. documentaries or read of alien abductions or even watch the X-Files T.V. series you'll only scratch the surface of the cruelty and merciless nature of these beings. One abduction case tell of aliens extracting a human fetus from their mother. What else are they capable of? And no one can do a thing about it. The worst part is they always wear expressionless faces and black empty eyes that show neither emotion nor soul.

8 Witches

The human race goes hysterical when they think there is evil amongst them, and paranoia can drive a town insane if they know someone in control of their fates are amongst them. Witchcraft can be either good or bad, but when the word is mentioned, it sends up red flags for Christians and it makes them play the blame game. It's just like a game of Russian roulette.

Witches DO exist, but not in the traditional sense. They either worship and revere nature or are into the occult.

9 Vampires

Vampires are like Great people with fangs that suck blood to stay alive, but they are also great beings and great personalities.

They're awesome dude

10 The Grim Reaper

Death comes to all. Enough said

If you see him it's the end of your life pick him if you fear death

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11 Medusa

Her slender snake body can coil around you, her humanoid torso capable of wielding weapons, but worse of all her gaze can turn you to stone. The most difficult of enemies is an enemy you cannot look at directly.

To be fair, this is a great fetish to have, possibly better than a humanoid spider biting your head off in "that" process.

12 Mananangal

An evil witch whose torso separates from her pelvis only to swoop down and snatch children off the streets of the Filipino streets. The only way to defeat one is finding its pelvis and legs and that task may be truly terrifying as they may be miles away as she stalks you from the darkened night skies.

13 Werewolves A werewolf or lycanthrope is a mythological or folkloric human with the ability to shapeshift into a wolf or a therianthropic hybrid wolf-like creature, either purposely or after being placed under a curse or affliction.

These deadly yet fascinating creatures have many bonuses to them. They are said to man by day and wolf by night. Many movies and shows include werewolves such as Twilight with the main werewolf being Jacob played by Taylor Laughtner. The OG teen wolf. The show teen wolf which included Tyler Posey, Dylan O'brien, Holland Roden, Crystal Reed and many more. However, in some folklore there is said to be many different species of werewolves.

I love Werewolves. They are my favorite classic movie monster. They're so cool!

Whenever I look at a full moon I'm happy that werewolves don't exist.

14 Banshee
15 The Rake
16 Leviathan
17 Winchesters
18 Shadow People

These guys feed off your fear. If you want them to leave you alone, think positive thoughts and don't show them fear.

19 Wendigo

The myth of the legendary Wendigo began with Native American (Algonquian) mythology as it's origins. This creature was once a person, but resorted to cannibalism when it's village began to starve in a long winter. The Algonquians believed that eating human flesh gave one powers such as super speed, super strength, immortality, etc. After an Algonquian had one meal of human flesh, he/she would come back for more. They would keep eating and eating until they became something less than human. Like mentioned earlier, they are immortal, so they keep feeding on human flesh until they are killed (their weaknesses are silver and fire).

20 Jersey Devil
21 The Mahaha

He stalks you in the arctic and tickles you to death.

22 Succubus
23 Ziltoid the Omniscient
24 Raven Mocker

They are said to be the most feared of the witches/wizards. They often come when a person is going to die and they torture the dying victim before they pass away. Then they steal their heart and eat it, which adds to their own life.

25 Rougarou
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