Best Freshwater Aquarium Fish

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1 Angelfish

Tall, slim, and majestic. They slowly swim around. A pleasure to watch.

2 Betta

My betta Jellybean is the cutest little dude I have ever had. He loves his helpings of bloodworms and has a little spot he loves to hide in his tank.

Bettas are awesome and I love to see them thrive in large clean, filtered, and heated tanks instead of those small dirty bowl ignorant people put them in. They are living creatures not d├ęcor.

Bettas are cool fish, but they're semi aggressive, so they aren't great around others.

If you're looking for an easy to care for fish, get a betta!

3 Discus

They are beautiful fish but are very hard to care for. They need a 75 gallon tank. They need perfect water conditions.

Without a doubt the most beautiful freshwater fish. I'd make it number 1, but its difficult to care for.

4 Cory Catfish

These fun little guys are fun to watch and are very versatile. A fish for all aquariums.

5 Neon Tetra

Possibly the most popular aquarium fish. You must keep them in schools to see how awesome they are.

These are awesome

6 Plecostomus

The most helpful clean up fish. So many cool varieties. (Try zebra, cactus goldy, and royal)

7 Glass Catfish

Who doesn't want a see-through fish?

8 Black Skirt Tetra

The most beautiful tetra. It is a pleasure to look at (not the long finned variety)

This is number one

9 African Cichlids

Although not compatible with any fish, African Cichlids come in great colours and sizes can differ to 3cm to 30cm.

10 Upside Down Catfish

Funny little guys. They love to hover underneath driftwood.

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11 Goldfish

I personally prefer Goldfish to the variety and the affection they give to their caretaker. They're smart enough to tell who their owner is, and just a family member. They're smart enough to do tricks like. Fetch, going through hoops, soccer, and etc. My Goldfish always comes to the front part of the tank when I walk near it.

Goldfish are one of the smartest aquarium fish, with R2 fish school you can make them do amazing tricks! Also they are very long-lived and have a better memory than not hominid primates, also they come in slim and fancy varieties... Even though of this, is sad that people select fish as "ornamental" or "decorative" objects without caring about what they can do. Almost everybody considers goldfish "throwaway", "useless" or "simply stupid/ugly/bait" and that makes me feel sad, also the fact that people think they can live in bowls, simply no, the oldest goldfish lived alone in a 10 gallon, but 10G isn't 1G, and also if you want your goldfish to grow properly with a small tank simply buy a fancy one, they require 10 gallons each one (in my experience this has resulted good for me, but as they are social, a 20G with two is better [if you will start criticizing me because of the "40/20 gallons per goldfish rule" I must say that's for people that don't have enough interest to make 10% water ...more

My goldies always get so excited when it is time to feed them. I am considering teaching them some tricks this summer.

Smart fish that are abused way too often.

12 Arowana
13 Bolivian Ram
14 Blood Red Parrot Cichlid

Awesome fish! They are weird looking, large, and come in all sorts of bold primary colours. Problem is, they are not very compatible with other fish

15 Guppy

Guppies are very colorful and reproduce very quickly.

Very beautiful looking with brilliant colors, must have if you love smaller fishes

16 Glofish

I have 4 tiger barbs, 2 tetras, and 1 shark and they are sweetest coolest little things!

Glofish is so pretty

I have glofish

17 Oscar

Oscars are alright, I do they're fun to have around. That they're cool looking. For people on a budget I think Oscar are not the right pet for them. Oscars are decently expensive and they need an even more expensive tank. Oscars are walmart cost about 11, other places I seen them at small sizes for 14 dollars. The tank they're required to live is a 55 gallon tank. That can be expensive.

They are very common but can grow to 1 foot 2 inches. Need a 50 gallon tank. Very aggressive, and if you what some thing with it the one fish will need 75 gallons.

Have true personality. More like a pet than almost any other fish.

Love them they get huge and albino ones are awesome!

18 Gourami
19 Crayfish

Not a fish, but its still a cool one.

20 Platy
21 Swordtail
22 Molly

I love balloon mollies. So chubby!

23 Senegal Bichir

A fantastic fish that is fascinating to watch. An ambush predator in the wild, very cool to watch in your home.

24 Dwarf Pufferfish

Very aggressive and hard to care for.

25 Freshwater Stingray
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