Top 10 Best Names for a Platypus

This unique and somewhat bizarre creature, native to Australia, certainly deserves a name as fascinating as its webbed feet, duck-bill, and beaver-like tail. But how do you find a name that captures the essence of such an extraordinary critter?

Just like the platypus itself, the perfect name for this quirky animal could be a blend of different elements - a dash of humor, a hint of their Australian heritage, a nod to their semi-aquatic lifestyle, or perhaps a playful reference to their one-of-a-kind appearance. Or maybe it's a name that leans into the adorable, cuddly side that these creatures possess, despite their odd exterior and venomous spur. There's a whole world of possibilities!

When it comes to naming a platypus, you could take inspiration from anywhere. Maybe it's something from popular culture, like a beloved cartoon character or a famous Aussie personality. Or perhaps it's something a little more whimsical, like a term from Australian slang or a word associated with water, rivers, or lakes, fitting for this semi-aquatic creature.

So, what makes a name perfect for a platypus? Is it something that brings a smile to your face? A name that stands out, much like the platypus itself? Or is it something that reflects the platypus's unique nature, echoing their position as one of the few monotremes (egg-laying mammals) in the world?
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1 Perry

Love it! Perry just fits so naturally! Both start with the same letter, which is really cool!

I just love this name. It fits so well, and I definitely recommend this name!

Even television thinks it's a good name if you watch Phineas and Ferb.

2 Noah

Imagine a platypus named Noah. So weird!

Laugh out loud, love the name! It's cute.

3 Linsday
4 Robert
5 Spencer

It's different and has a certain charm that screams nobility. I personally like the name Albert. Perry is cute but overused.

I like the originality of Spencer.

Love it! I am choosing this name for my story for homework. It just seems like a charming and funky name.

Yah. I agree. Spencer's different and unique!

6 Billy

I think that's a great name because they do have a duck bill. GREAT NAME!

7 Harry

Harry is a good name because I have a 4-year-old cousin called Harry. I love the name Harry in general. So, I vote for the name Harry.

8 Bobby

I love the name Bobby! It is so cool!

9 McBeaver Duck

Best name I've ever seen! Totally going to use this! Thanks!

It's really modern. It's such a good name. It's just so good!

10 Sono
The Contenders
11 Platty

The name Platty was what I was thinking about for an assignment. I'm in third grade!

I love the name Platty. It's a short, quick, cute name for a platypus.

12 Beakbird

Nice, cool name, and I really liked your list. Sub!

13 Buckle

I named my spy platypus Buckle.

14 Bartholmew
15 Fatty Fatty
16 Lola

Love it. I mean, I have a stuffed animal girl platypus, and Lola is the perfect name.

17 Percy

So cute! I got a platypus stuffed animal, and I am definitely going to name it Percy!

18 Appollo
19 Chuckles
20 Aphmau
21 Small Bean
22 Willow
23 Penny
24 Aquatapus
25 Peru
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