Best Names for a Platypus

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1 Perry

Love it! Perry just fits so naturally! Both start with the same letter which is really cool!

I just love this name it fits so good and I definitely recommend this name!

Even television think it's a good name if you watch Phineas and Ferb.

That name is my favorite platypus name! It is so cool and classic!

2 Noah

Imagine a platypus named Noah. So weird!

Laugh out loud, love the name! Its cute

Ya this is the bomb

3 Linsday

I don't know its just cool.

4 Robert

Its like your naming a person.

5 Spencer

It's different, and has a certain charm that screams nobility. I personally like the name Albert. Perry is cute, but overused. I like the originality of Spencer.

Love it I am choosing this name for my story for home work. its just seems like a charming and funky name

Yah. I agree. Spencer's different and unique!

Suits my pet platypus

6 Billy

I think that's a great name because they do have a duck bill.


Get it Like their bill.

It is such a good name

Such a cute name!

7 Harry

Harry is a good name because I have a 4 year old cousin called Harry and I love the name Harry in genreal so I vote for the name Harry.

Weird name go

8 Bobby

I love the name booby! It is so cool! #sambo27

9 McBeaver Duck

Best name I've ever seen! Totally going to use this! Thanks hahaaha!

Made me laugh... a lot

Cool and unique

Cool name bra

10 Sono

Adorable, and unique, love it!

Great name 4 my essay

I like platypus

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11 Platty

The name platy was what I was thinking about for a assignment I'm in third grade!

I like the name Platty

12 Beakbird

Nice cool name, and I really liked your list sub. !

I would never use this

What a ugly name

13 Buckle

I named my spy platypus buckle.

14 Bartholmew
15 Fatty Fatty

Hey! that's kinda rude because if you take off the ty at the end then it says fat and that's rude!

I named my kid this

16 Lola

Love it. I mean I have a stuffed animal girl platypus and Lola us the perfect name

17 Percy

Love this name so good!

18 Appollo
19 Chuckles
20 Aphmau
21 Penny
22 Small Bean
23 Willow

It is just a cute name

It's the pest name

24 Aquatapus
25 Peru

Best name ever. It is so cute

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