Top 10 Best Names for a Wolf

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1 Darksword

I think it's a pretty good name for a wolf who is black.

2 Badass
3 Silversoul
4 Snowstorm

Anything with Storm just catches my eye. I love that name because it makes the wolf sound strong, smart, pretty, and fierce. I think Storm alone should have been added to the list. Snowstorm is pretty too.

I think that the name Snowstorm represents patience and kindness.

5 Vixen
6 Amaterasu
7 Akela

The wolf leader in The Jungle Book, easily one of the most memorable wolf characters.

8 Blizzard
9 Midnight
10 Kittyrocker

So sweet and sounds like a Neko name! I'm perfectly fine with it having the word "Kitty" in it.

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11 Accalia

Dude, this is the best name. It literally MEANS she-wolf!

12 Winterwaker
13 Mashira
14 Nightsoul

I like this name. I can imagine a dark grey-black male wolf with a misty white chest and dark blue eyes. Here is a random backstory I made for him (you can use it if you want. I really don't care):

Father: Moon
Mother: Snowsong
Siblings: Dusty (male), Cloudpuff (male), and Ash (female)

Nightsoul was born in the wilderness. He had three siblings. They loved to play outside the den together. He wasn't born into a pack, though. He assumed that he was his parents' first litter.

One day, a bear came to their den when their parents were out hunting. The pups hushed one another and cuddled up silently in the den, keeping to the shadows and hoping it would go away. Just then, their parents dashed up to their home and realized that a bear was waiting. They both sprang into action and fought it, when Dusty wandered out to try to help his parents. Dusty always acted as if he was brave, but Nightsoul knew he truly wasn't. Just then, the bear snatched Dusty and took off. His parents were devastated.

Time skip.

Nightsoul was now an adult. He knew his destiny was not for pack life to decide and wandered off on his own. Later he returned, and his own father drove him out of his home. Nightsoul then came to a new land, wanting to see where his own decisions would take him. His journey had just begun.

15 Akiba
16 Okami
17 Gunner
18 Shadow-Claw

Gender: Male
Age: Whatever you wish

He was abandoned when he was a pup. He taught himself to hunt, fight, and protect himself. When he was older, he met a mysterious wolf named Lunar and fell in love, though she did not know. They have gone through many adventures like escaping volcanoes and waterfalls, and more. Okay, that is all for now. You can think of the rest.

19 Oak

Oak, a wonderful she-wolf that went insane.

Her story:

She was just a little pup. Her fur color was just like the bark of an oak so her parents named her Oak. She was a very nice, smart, gentle pup until one day everything changed. She was an apprentice at that time. Her mate, Striker (yes, Striker is the one that I made), came to her and told her that her parents and he were walking along on a mountain to find a good home for her pack, and they both got killed by a mountain lion. She was in tears and blamed it on her mate for not risking his life for her parents (she didn't want him to die. She just wanted her parents to see what the pup looked like and what they would do). Another horrible thing happened. A new she-wolf named Shimmer was flirting with Striker and she went to tears. Striker left her and went with Shimmer. Oak decided to leave the pack and just... disappear, but one day, as she was walking into the Devil's Forest, she met a male named Hawk. Hawk was an old warrior who just wanted love, but everyone treated him as if he was no good to the pack, so he went insane and killed every single pack mate. Hawk had scars everywhere on his body so Oak could tell he was strong. They treated each other as if they had finally found SOMEONE they could talk to. Then, a few months later, they fell in love. Hawk taught her that killing the closest person you loved can help you regret being with them. Oak went insane and killed Striker and Shimmer.

20 Wolfang
21 Bloodmoon

I love Blood Moons and I think Bloodmoon is a PERFECT name for a wolf who loves battles.

22 Water
23 Anthony
24 Dark Moon

Badass and mysterious, makes a great she-wolf name. It can show two sides of a wolf. Most will see the light side, but every wolf has a dark side, just like the moon.

25 Shipwrecker
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