A Sarcastic Overview Of Younger Siblings

Younger siblings are some of the most enjoyable members in the family of yours. They always have a great additude when things do not go their way. Here are some things that make them so awesome.
They never get away with things that they do wrong. When they invite their friend over, they would steal your money and then you wouldn't tell on them and then they would be the ones to get in trouble, not you. When they break something that belongs to you, you wouldn't tell on them and then the younger sibling would use their money to repair it.
They also never make your life stressful, even if they're a teenager. They would never make you do the things they want you to do. And they would never try to find ways to make you stop doing the stuff that is important.
They also think that they can't keep stuff that belong to you. When you move somewhere else, some of your stuff wouldn't be in their boxes, and then you wouldn't say that they're yours, and then the younger sibling would give them to you. Even if that thing means a lot to you, they would give it back.
And they are so helpful and useful they wouldn't just stand there and do nothing. When you don't ask for help, they would say yes and then actually help you instead of just sitting there doing nothing. Even if the thing you don't want them to help you on, they would do that thing.
Remember, younger siblings are super awesome, taht they would do anything good, so be suprised if those thing happen. And whether of it is a brother or a sister, they would always be a perfect member of your family.


NOTE: this is SARCASTIC, this is also for PW's sarcastic contest, just to make that clear. - EpicJake

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At least it's something for your contest. - EpicJake

I have no younger siblings but I got a nine year old nephew who's lucky he's not six feet under yet. - bobbythebrony

Good post. - nintendofan126

Both siblings, younger and older, are equally irritating. Pretty good, anyway. - Garythesnail

I think you like fried chicken too much! - visitor

Younger siblings are the worst, - visitor

I hate younger siblings. They are annoying, super duper bratty, and always blame you.

I am an only child on my family (make sure some my friends will get jealous to me because I was the only child and no have older/younger brothers and sisters) - visitor

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If they aren't annoying, sure - EpicJake