Top 10 Most Annoying Things About Younger Siblings

If you have younger siblings, don't you wanna write ALL about them? Well, here's a list for you then! It doesn't matter if you don't have a younger brother or younger sister, you can still read about those little annoying bundles of annoyance you just wanna sell to merchant!
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1 They steal your stuff and claim it's theirs

YES! I have three little siblings, who can not stay out of my stuff. I will tell them that I know what they took and they will just say that our parents got it for them. Like NO it was mine and my friend gave it to me. They will not understand what deodorant is and will twist mine all the top and ruin it, like thanks, no hygiene. To make it way worse my parents won't do ANYTHING they just say that they want to be like me and they don't no, that's not it. They think that they can break my stuff and get away with it. And what drives me crazy is that they have younger siblings but they don't have to share with their younger siblings but I have to share with mine. It. Is. Unfair.

I really hate my younger brother because of this. I'm the one who is being mistreated while my parents are spoiling my brother like hell. I tried to collect money as soon as I can buy materials to improve my drawings, because my parents doesn't have the heart of buying or supporting me as a future artist, despite the high bank accounts they have. Because of this relationship my brother often steals things from me, mostly money. I saw him holding my wallet, which contains a lot of coins and bills. I took it from him and then there's no money left. He has his own wallet and I heard the familiar sound of coins clinking, and then I suspected that he has my money. He cried and shouted at me while I

My younger brother is just a pain in the rear end! It's not just stealing that he does with my stuff, but he breaks it. He got away with breaking several Lego technic vehicles that I put DAYS of work in to, when my parents let him play with them "for just ten minutes, he promises not to break it, and then he will just forget about it". That is some serious lies: ten minutes later he broke it and he knew he broke it, but my parents AND my grandparents say that "he doesn't understand because he is so little..." yeah right. Fast forward a year, I turn ten and he harrasses me on opening the presents which are Lego technic stuff for people my age.!

Oh my god. Like once my little sister took my nail polish and went downstairs with it with me running after her and yelling "Give It Back! ". My dad was in the hallway when we ran through. He stoped us and my sister said the nail polish was hers about a million times and my dad told her to be quiet. Then he let me talk and I said the truth. My dad believed me and told my sister to give it back. She just stepped back and yelled "But it's mine! ". After like ten minutes she finally gave it back. I totally agree that little sisters and brothers are the worst thing on the planet.

2 They keep going into your room

I share a room with my little brother and honestly he's the most obnoxious creature ever to roam on this planet. He's always messing things up, hogging my space, and making a lot of noises. His actions are clearly disturbing. Whenever I tell him not to do something, I use a quiet tone so my parents won't think that we're fighting (he's always the cause of our fights). But what does he do? He screams and shouts bad things at me and most of the time he calls me things that we aren't supposed to say (where I come from, its not polite to use words like that) and my parents aren't even mad at him! He has the audacity to say curse words in front of my parents and they don't even get mad at him. And he's only 11. I never rat him out for doing things yet he does the opposite to me! My parents are always scolding me about not treating my younger sibling right. Well how am I supposed to be nice to him when he does things to me all the damn time? Plus, I always have the effort to be nice to him. ...more

I moved to Karachi at the beginning of August and am going back to Canada in like 6 days. I'm living with my annoying ass cousin and honestly I feel like stabbing her. Whenever I'd be in a room alone doing personal things, my annoying ass cousin decides to tag along, make noises, bring her baby brother into the room, makes him cry, looks at what I do on my iPad, and takes my iPad away and starts playing games on it. She acts spoiled, obnoxious disobedient, bratty, and innocent. Ever since I taught her how to make loom band bracelets, she won't even leave me alone and would boast about how great her bracelets look when really they look bad. She acts higher, older and mightier when really she's way younger than me. She has an older sister and bosses her around A LOT. She more bossy towards me though.. The annoying one is only 5. The older one is 8. And I'm 12. I tell her to stop following me because I need personal space, but she won't budge. I told her parents multiple times, and they ...more

I share a room with my older sister, but she's never home because she's 18 and does whatever. Anyways my little brother will just walk right into my room and start watching whatever I'm doing, it is SO creepy. Like when I watch YouTube he decides to barge in and start watching it with me, and when I yell at him to get out he says that he's standing on the other half of the room which is my sisters and I can't tell him to get out of the part of the room that isn't mine. Yes, I can. We don't "half" the room, and it doesn't matter what "side" of the room he's going to, he can't just barge in whenever he wants to! The door is closed because I want privacy, he has his own room he has no need to be in mine. Why?!?! Why can't he go irritate his "friends"?!?!

My little sister keeps coming into my room without knocking turns on my light, tells me I have to do a chore even though they can be done in the morning. When she leaves, she leaves the door lying wide open, and she act superior and she doesn't even know what superior means, she's in year 4 for gods sakes she should know what it means. When ever we're left at the house alone and I'm in charge she doesn't do as I say for example, do the dishes when it's her turn, or clean her room, because mum told her to before she left, the after she completely dismisses me she tells me to do something that I wasn't supposed to do. The worst part is that I'm going to share a room with her because my brother is coming back.

3 They annoy you on purpose

My brother is 8 years old. I love him to death, no matter how much he annoys me. He and I are pretty different. I love deep and plot heavy shows like Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, and Teen Titans. My brother likes stupid shows with no development or continuity, and shows full of butt jokes like Pig Goat Banana Cricket, Teen Titans Go, and Breadwinners. We share a room. My brother HATES to share, and loves tons of violence. I am somewhat okay with sharing, and I try to look at good stuff in a lot of things, even though I rage quite a bit.

Now, to the annoying part. I am highly sensitive, and to me, he seems to have no emotion on the outside, but I believe he has emotions inside. One day, my brother and I got into a huge fight, not one of our usual brother-sister fights. We yelled, screamed, punched, and kicked. He drove me to tears. From what I remember, our conversation was like this.

"Is anything good enough for you?! What did I do wrong!? I only annoyed you because ...more

My father is a heavy drinker, and he's had quite a bad past with relationships. He met his current girlfriend in a bar and expects for them to be together forever. She's also an alcoholic, has been prescribed schizophrenic medicine and has thrown it out because "She thinks she's okay." She constantly lies to me and defends her thirteen year old bastard of a daughter. She's ALWAYS trying to make my life hell, both of them. Her other child, Stetson, who is about ten is the only good child she has. He's nice and he talks to me every once in awhile, he's very mature for his age. But that stupid little bag, Heaven, Does every little thing she can to ruin my life. I hate her. There are so many screwed up things that she's done to me that it would already take me way too long to explain in this post. I just wish she were out of my life already.

My 10 yo brother loves to annoy me in a certain way. Once in the morning, I woke up with him sitting on my legs. I noticed he had grabbed my hem from the pyjamas and he was staring at my stomach. I have an inverse belly button piercing tunnel that I keep out from time to time. I felt his fore finger resting on my lower stomach the same second when he slid his finger upwards and all the way through the much too tight tunnel hole until his finger was wriggling around inside my belly button. It was such a shock I actually winced. It tickled so much I couldn't even defend myself and just twitched around squealing.
I told him to never do that again and ever touch me there, but since then, the evenings we are alone at home, he would wait for when I'm distracted and I'm reaching up to grab something or like that. Then he would suddenly poke his middle finger inside my belly button and stick the finger through the piercing tunnel. He doesn't even care, that the hole is too tight for his ...more

I love my little brother to death, but he is really annoying, once he went in my room and dropped on my back ( it hurt for a few seconds) So it went like this.

Me: Ouch! Why the heck did you feel the need to do that?

Brother: Well why did you punch me!

Me: What?! I never punched you! You're lying!

Brother: No, YOU'RE LYING!

Me: Then get out of my room if you're gonna bring this up!

Brother: No, you get out my room!

Me: Ok first of all this is not your room, second of all, you don't order me out of my room, so I can do whatever I want there! Out!

So we went on and on until I ignored my younger brother until he got out. But the fights still happen from time to time.

4 They tell your parents lies about you

My brothers do this all time time, and I used to get in trouble for it. But then I found the loop hole. Do it to them. Bend their story slightly but in your favor. Don't try to seek revenge right after either. It's a game, and you have to spread out and use there cards correctly. Take there things and hide them is my favorite, revenge wise, right after doing this I take a LONG walk, getting out of the fire zone and getting more revenge. Don't, however, take certain things. Such things as phones or or controllers. Lastly if a fight or disagreement breaks out, be the first one to get to mom and dad, they will go off of your story.

According to my parents. my younger brothers are never wrong. They could get away with anything and when I tell my parents what they're doing, they blame the whole thing on me.

My 10-year old brother never gets off the family desktop when it's my turn, since we share, except according to him it's his computer 24/7. A few minutes ago, he wouldn't get off. I told my Dad, and he told my brother to get off, but he wouldn't move an inch. I grabbed his arm, then he gets physical. My Dad tells me I was wrong, I was the bad guy, and my brother was the victim. What. A. Jerk.

Now, as I'm typing this, same brother is watching a PBS documentary really loud that he probably doesn't even want watch to just to bother me, and another one(age 5) won't stop moaning since he didn't finish his turn HOURS ago. they're both fighting over a seat on the couch. Welcome to my nightmare.

HONESTLY. Younger siblings always have a way of twisting the truth until the point your like, W. T. A. F. Especially if they report first and when we both get in trouble, the little dumbass decide it's the best opportunity to tell (and exaggerate) the things you do that barely even matter, while he can go scot free after literally STEALING something from our parents room. Life is very fair q-q

EXACTLY! My 14 year brother gets away with EVERYTHING. I complain about him 24/7. My parents have nothing but excuses for him. Whenever he complains about me or when I'm doing things that he does to me, I get in trouble! He has a tendency to bend the truth when something happens and it's his turn to tell his side of story. He makes it sound like it's my fault or the other person's fault! My parents ALWAYS believe him! I'm not the only one. My grandmother, aunts, uncles, etc. are fully aware of all this. My grandmother is constantly praying for me.

5 They act innocent when they do something bad

My cousin got my sister a new T.V. and she was downstairs and she was all like "I got a new T.V. and it is SO much better than hers" and my mom was downstairs when my sister was saying this stuff. Then my sister tells me to come see and I do and I tell her that mom and dad were going to replace the T.V. s in my brothers room and in my room with 32 in one's and hers was only a 19 in. Then my mom yells at ME for quote and quote being mean and bragging. Really!? Me!? Why not my sister!?

One time, My little brother slammed one of our chairs into the ground and quickly placed the chair in my hands and fell on the floor and started crying. I stood there with the chair in my hands in confusion. The next thing you know, my dad walks into the kitchen seeing the chair in my hands and my brother on the ground crying. I got whooped for 3 hours!

It is true one time I was watching T.V. and then my little sister broke something and got my little brother and then told my mom that I did it. I said " all I was doing was watching T.V.." I got in trouble for no resin at all. I went in my room a screamed at my mother but that just made every thing worst.

My parents used to spank me until I would laugh at them because it didn't hurt. I'm gprunded it I don't hand wash the dishes correctly. My sister has only been in a five minute timeout a couple times. My parents would even take away my favorite toy, especially if my brother and I couldn't clean/organize my room in less than 10 minutes

6 They blame things on you

So this like happens almost like ALL the time. FIRST, my younger sister annoys me; then, I get annoyed; Then, I got in trouble; AND FINALLY, asks for me forgiving her ( I said "fine. I'll give you 5 more chances), then, she blames it on me (she also yells and complains) because she asks me to play with her and I said no because like I need some time on my own right now. Then she blames it on me and I told her to shut up and be quiet. Then guess what? I got in trouble and mom said SHE like SHE AKA MY SISTER is allowed to have the laptop and play games like ITS ON HER. Just because I told her to shut up or be quiet, doesn't mean she (my sister; age 9; turns 10 on her bday) did something good.

I get in trouble all the time for things that my brother did. When we get in a fight, he stretches the truth just so it sounds reasonable and It doesn't matter what I say because they always take his side. ( He's the youngest) So they always go easy on him. He needs punished and they say he's too young when he's like 6. Or that I instigate everything (lie) ( he starts his own problems and gets me into it somehow ) I would have gotten in so much trouble when I was his age

My mom will be yelling at my brother for something he did and he starts saying that I started it, he wouldn't have done it if it weren't for me, or why are you just yelling at me? When he does that, she forgets about my brother and starts yelling at me when I didn't do it and I can say "No, no, no, Josh you know I didn't do it. Please don't do that, I'm telling the truth." He'll say shut up, you know that you did and he gets away w/ it like nothing ever happened

My brother would be all like "hey! Mommy, she hit me! And she also sneaked out last night to hang with her friends when she was grounded! " And I was like "thAt is so not true! For goodness sake! I'm only an 11 year old! It's not like I can just walk to the mall or something! Luckily, my mom saw right through him because first, I was not grounded. Second, my friends live far away from me! Where would I go!?

7 They borrow your stuff without asking

Oh my gosh! My brother once decided that he was going to use my gaming chair without asking. However, what really pissed me off was that he washed it! The thing was just drenched. Its probably ruined for good now. What did my dad do when he saw it? He just said it was very nice of him to wash it off for me and started drying it himself. If I did that kind of crap with his stuff at his age (12), they would have killed me!

My little brother always sneaks into my room and takes my stuff. I ask him for it back but he says he didn't have it but he will find it for me. It is always somewhere stupid where I never would've put it, ever! But afterwards he always gets told well done for getting it. My parents never believe that HE STOLE IT! He takes my Game Cards and 3DS all the time. When he took my Pokémon SoulSilver game, he released all of my beloved team members like Torch the Typhlosion and Sparky the Ampharos! :-( And my parents believed that it was 'just a glitch'?! He's been doing it for ages no matter where I hide my things he always gets his hands on them! I hate my brother. He goes out of his way to make me unhappy by ruining my stuff and teasing me in front of everyone! He stole my 3DS recently but this team he won't give it back! It's gone forever...I hate him so much. He will never rest until I am dead...

My lunged sister has this new found habit of stealing stuff from me and my older sister! And if your wondering, me and my older sister are
Like best friends so it makes us really mad when she steals something from us and say that it's hers. My mom gets mad at her and thank god that she is A. Ice mom who isn't fooled by little kid gettiness using their cuteness!

One of the main reasons for me being in my room. I'm scared that my sister would do that. I know my brother wouldn't though, he has no interest whatsoever of my stuff. All my art stuff, except some paper, is in my bag mainly because of that. Like come on, what normal person brings all of her Crayola felt tips, Crayola twistables, Prismacolours and more? At least I know that I'm well prepared for school in the mornings. :P

8 They make your life stressful

My little sister is the worst in the whole world! She keeps going in my room when my friend and me are in there, she keeps watching an annoying YouTube channel EVERYDAY and my whole family keeps shouting at her to keep it down because we just don't like what she watches, and once when I parked my bike in my garage, my damn little sister just kept parking her scooter RIGHT next to my bike which made it SO hard! I kept screaming at her to put the scooter in another place because if I were to get my bike then her scooter would be blocking it. And you know what?! Every time I put the scooter somewhere else, she would constantly put the scooter back next to my bike. That time I lost my patience. I started shouting at her and trying to kick her scooter. Then she went to go complain to our Mum and my Mum got so sick of my sister's shouting, she randomly blamed everything on me. Also, my sister keeps stealing my stuff and she's so spoiled! She would just start randomly screaming and shouting ...more

Bruh, my little brother is almost thirteen. I've been doing his homework on top of my own for around five years. I'm always tired and stressed because his apparently takes priority over mine and I have to stay up late to do it all. I've tried not doing it, but I get in trouble for bad grades; both his and mine. And I swear, if he where to write his own essay, his teachers would accuse him of cheating. And his quote-on-quote 'essays'? They're bullet points, and he doesn't understand what's wrong with them. Honestly, between him and classmates that honest-to-god screwed up 1+1, I am losing my mind. And no, (bid farewell to any optimistic beliefs for humanities future) I'm not exaggerating. 1+1=1 to my Tenth grade classmates.

Younger siblings are among the most annoying things on the planet. It all starts when they're born. All of a sudden, people don't care about you and your younger sister/brother gets all the attention. After a few months, they start stealing your stuff, destroying things, following you, copying you, and so on. They're good for nothing except making ruining your life. It should be illegal to have more than 1 child per couple, because it becomes way to stressful for both parents and kids when more children arrive.

Yes! I hate it when my brother invites his friends over to play video games. The games they play are just the same games that are actually boring. I never get to play video games ALONE because my stupid immature 10 year old "marty sue" brother and his immature friends always play them. I seriously want to punch a brick wall until it got destroyed really bad...WITH MY HEAD!

9 They're cry babies

If I try to give my little sister advice or just correct her for being stupid... OF COURSE she acts up, and starts yelling and crying like a banshee. I tell to stop crying but what can I expect for a little sibling. UGH She's almost 5 so she doesn't really know a lot of bad words so she'll just start blabbering gibberish to make it look like she is really scary. And soon enough my parents come and tell me that it was my fault for trying to agrue with her when they don't even know what the context is about. She will start crying and say that I am mean to her and my parents believe her! only my older sister knows that she is actually the one at fault.

I hate how my little sister acts childish all the time, she wants me to give her only cereal, I caught her putting only sweets in plastic plate, literally she hasn't been eating a taco in her life also she didn't eat a taco on Cinco De Mayo, she has hit the keyboard about only pudding, she's being like that all day that she's hitting the setup, she could've broken the setup, she is so dumb that she doesn't how to type in Brookhaven, she's such an ignorant to my mom, she is annoying as insects, she needs to stop interrupting while my parents are talking, she's not going to get away with everything.

My and my brother got a Xbox Series S, and I got War Thunder to play with my friends. Yesterday he was happy, but I keep catching him saying that they should have gotten a PS5. What's better? He played about 6 hours today, I've played 1. He keep complaining that he doesn't get as much time. He changed the login for my account so I can't log in and acts like a jerk. There's no pointing in correcting him because he just hits himself and cries and I get in trouble! It's for both of us. There's no point anyways

Like I am trying to tell my brother something and I call him a brat then he burst into tears- sometimes siblings are so dramatic especially younger ones!

10 They think they're the best

My sister is my dad's favorite my far. She gets what she wants, and although she can't multiply in fourth grade and when I was in fourth grade I was in an advanced program for the top 25 students in our class in the school district, she still thinks she's smarter than me. I don't even know what logic she's using, but she's been convinced that she's smarter for years. I wish she wasn't serious when she said that she was smarter

YEESS! My younger brother is always like "I'm stronger then everyone in the world! " And "I look so cool with this sweatband". The sweatband was a towel... And once there were some kids playing on the playground and screaming and my brother goes "Kids..Kids.." And shakes his head like they are so dumb. And then I'm like "Boy! You look like 7 years younger then them! " By brother is 5 by the way.

Once my mom told my cousins that I wasn't toilet trained until I was about 3 1/2. They were toilet trained at age 2 1/2. Upon hearing this they decided to taunt me and say "HA HA We're smarter than you! " and said that they're going to throw a party to celebrate me being in diapers longer than them.

I've worked my butt of my entire life to get where I am right now in school. My 7th grade brother has intentionally gotten bad grades his entire life, gets one A and my parents buy him a new video game console.

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11 They don't listen to you

I swear my brother doesn't listen to me because he thinks he knows best with everything until proven wrong, and then he bushes off the whole thing like it never happened. For example; we brought a new weed wacker and because he's a noob he couldn't get it to start properly, but with a bit of patience and playing with the throttle it went. He said he would take back and I said "no it's fine" he didn't listen, drove all the way to the shop to hunt down the tools manager and go trouble shoot it so he could swap it for a better one, comes back a good hour latter and looks me in the eye and says "it's fine nothing wrong with it" felt like back handing the little prick.

My mom told me to give my sister some medicine for her cough. So I went to the pantry and and got it and poured it into the 10 ml medicine cup. Then my sister who is 6 years old says, "That's not the one!" She said "Daddy didn't give me that medicine." I read to her that it says "Children's Medicine :Reliefs=Itchy throat /and sneezing." She was basing this off of the color of the cough syrup. And she refused to take it. So, I told my mom and she said, "Go, just leave. You never know how to help your Mom but only know how to argue with your sister." So then I tried to explain it to her what happened so my mom said,"I told you to leave her alone now go."


I am 13 and my little brother is 10. So we have an x box 360 that I am usually on playing games. When ever he wants to get on a game that he is not allowed to play (I am allowed to play mature games but I have limits.) My brother just puts in Grand Theft Auto 4 and starts playing wile my parents are in the other room! So I tried to save my brother from getting in trouble with our parents. So I told that I wasn't allowed to play that for good reasons and I would get my stuff taken away also not allowed to keep touch with friends. But he just argued the entire time then I said fine get in trouble then. So I left and I heard my parents yell at him and turn off the game. (I am sorry I forgot to mention that we were younger when it happened. )

I have a little sister who wants to do a thing on Scratch, when its done I tell her to put some instructions. She says she has something else to do. She does it and then tell me what to do now. I say to my sister again : Just write the instructions! She then says she does not want to write instructions but then tell what to write. I point out her stupid logic and she starts saying that she was listening to what to write. Then I tell her what to write and she says again that she does not want to write instructions

12 They act spoiled

Jesus yes. Every time I want to watch one simple show, my brother gets upset tells my parents and I get in trouble! Like I'm the one that asked to watch T.V.! My brother used to cry every time I tried to watch the gosh darned animal channel! SO IMMATURE. And every time I say-you're being so immature! My brother says- we already discussed this, I AM immature! Like what kind of excuse is that? That doesn't make it okay! And he is ALWAYS trying to get me in trouble! He always laughs when I get grounded or hit, usually for crap I didn't even do. He's 13 and I'm 15 almost 16, but I swear to god, I am going to have to move out soon so I don't end up murdering the jerk!

Every time I need something for my art, like a new sketchbook, and me and my sister go to Morrisons together because we need some food for the house, every time I ask my sister whether I can buy a sketchbook (only for like £1), she always says no. What's her excuse when we have 5x the amount of money we need left? It's that she would need a magazine she only reads once before throwing it away! I have made my own sketchbook with loads of pages when I got really fed up with it. The paper is slightly torn around from being in my school bag with all the rest of my stuff, but at least I can draw. I admit that it feels better using a sketchbook that is 100% yours than using a store one too, so at least there's that too. It's completely personalised, not random covers with no feeling I have towards, but with a picture of a flower that is very meaningful to me.

However, if my sister wants something, she must get it. She doesn't have the intelligent problem-solving abilities from my ...more

This, I bet, is one of the most common parenting difficulties. Younger siblings don't act spoiled because they really are. All the attention the siblings get plus all the stuff that he or she gets, just for wanting it, can really become a serious problem. Take my bro, for an example, who gets a device on it and stays on it around the clock, with only bathroom pauses that he takes with either my mom or dad! I would make a stamp that says: "unacceptable behaviour" in response to that.

My little sister Riley had been acting childish and refused to eat anything else instead of cereal, sweets, PB&J, Ramen Noodles, Hot Dogs, Corn Dogs, Mini corn dogs, and more foods she only wanted to eat. She had been throwing a tantrum over cereal. She even wanted her own phone for Christmas, even though she's too young. She has to be 10 or older to have her own phone. She wanted me to always make her something. She had been a baby when she begged me or my mom to give her something. This isn't always the case with her. She needs to learn how to type and not want me to type for her. She needs to understand that age is different. She even drank Mountain Dew on her 5th birthday. She needs to understand age limits. Everything is not for all ages.

13 They're scaredy-cats

My brother has pushed me against the wall and started yelling at me at school. When we're on the bus, she is so hateful to me just when I say to lower his voice (b/c he's very loud and annoying) he starts telling me I'm not the boss of him. Right when we get off the bus he'll start saying "Hey sissy, (I hate that! He's 13 and calls me that) I run away and ignore him. When I say why did he do that he'll just say no I don't want to talk about it. And when I try to show him how it feels, he starts crying and talking [yelling] over me, then tells on me so I get in trouble. When I tell on him for doing it to me, he says no he didn't and starts crying, of course, and I still get in trouble. Either way he wins

Many younger siblings are afraid of a lot of things. List: dogs, thunder, clouds, clowns, beetles, bees, spiders, snakes, the dark, sleeping alone, flushing the toilet, heights, graveyards, blood, mice, rain, snow, monsters, outer space, needles, sleeping with no one in the same room, wild animals, frogs, bats, the faucet, and roller coasters. IT SUCKS!

My almost 3 year old sister, Fiona, is scared of a lot of things. List: thunder, beetles, wild animals, dogs, clowns, outer space, bees, spiders, monsters, clouds, the dark, mice, rain, snow, and needles. Out of all of them, the fear of the dark is the worst. I have the room across from her, and she is always crying until one of my parents come in

My sister is afraid of the dark, the faucet, Santa, zombies, scary Halloween costumes, the walking dead, sleeping with no one in the same room, dogs, goth people, white noise, hospitals, graveyards, black cats, flushing the toilet, and many many other things. The list could go on forever.

14 They get away with things more easily

My parents are very strict about the way I talk to them. I can't be "sassy" or "talk back". I think that's reasonable, whats not resealable is that my brother can talk back all he wants. He tells me and my parents to shut up every day. I was never allowed to talk like that. Its perfectly fine when he tells me to shut up or puts me down, or my parents down for that matter. But once I tell him to shut up, suddenly it's a problem. I was also never allowed to play games like Call of Duty or watch movies like Jurassic Park until I was 16. My brother got those privileges when he was like 10.

! For example, my mom will see trash my BROTHER left out, like a candy wrapper, and I'll be slightly closer to it and she'll make me pick it up and throw it away! Even if she knows it's his I still have to do it. She ALWAYS plays favorites and he gets away with anything! If we're in a fight, he'll go and tattle to her all about it and I almost always get in trouble. For example, we'll start fighting and hell throw something at me. I'll still get in trouble for "provoking" him or not being a better example it some other bs like that. He had to go to therapy for a while because he lies so much but he's still the favorite child obviously. I just cannot express how annoying he can be sometimes.

One time, my little sister and I got into a fight, so I went off and played the piano to stop the argument. Then, I heard the sink tap turn on, which meant she was there. I quickly looked to see what she was doing without her noticing me. She was pouring water on her head, and I thought to myself, "Oh well, she's probably just being her weird self." BUT BOY WAS I WRONG! She went to our mom and said, "Mommy, she poured water all over me!" Luckily, this time my mom didn't believe her, but my sister didn't get in trouble, of course.

When you're the oldest (I am) and you're a small child, your parents have really strict rules - in bed by six, no sweets until you're five, absolutely NO screen time whatsoever, etc. Then along comes Little Miss/Mr Entitled three years later, staying up all night, snarfing down chocolate under the table before their second birthday, and staring with their (adorable! Sweet! Precious! ) wide zombie-eyes at the new T.V. or their very own iPad.
And they'll forever be cute, while you spend your whole childhood being ignored in favor of them or being asked if you think you're a good big sister/brother. As if you need more reason to have yourself.

15 Think that they can tell you what to do

My brother. The problem Is that he constantly forces others to do what he told them and agree with him at everything. Not to mention, we were expected to find him mature. But does he even know what being mature Is In the first place? Being mature isn't only about bossing others or being able to see maturer content(he doesn't see stuff like that, but some people thought that If you're mature, that means you get to see such things). But It's about being wise,selfless and responsible. It means that you already know what's good and what's bad. Not to mention, he Isn't mature. One time, he wanted mom to make pancakes and when mom says 'no' He whined all day. Also, one day dad pick us up from school and he whined to go to McDonalds. And yes, he whined until Dad took us there. Again, how Is that mature? Why would he consider himself mature when he does really immature things like whining when he doesn't get what he wants or disrespect other people's choices?

My 9 year old sister and I share a tablet. We download our games and put them in our files, because each of us has your own file. But when I download things like Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and others, she just says: "I'll put them in my file and I'll tell mom/dad if you take them off". This happens to my games and other things I have in my file. Today she erased my ENTIRE FILE and put every single thing that was in my file into HER file! When I told it to my mom, she just said: "I'll talk to her later, try resolving things at now". Like, SERIOUSLY?

That is my 3 year old sister. We are 12 years apart, and whenever she tells me to do something, and I say no, she says to me in a bossy voice "when I tell you to do something, you do it." It takes Every. Single. Ounce of my strength not to lay my hands on her. And when I tell her to knock the crap off, my mother is handing my ass to me about being rude to my sister, and then barely gives a scolding to her! It is not fair! I don't care if she is only three, she, no joke, has the mind of a tween sometimes.

My sister tells me to shut up and I say no, and then she flips out. She also likes to say that I'm not allowed to have any more Oreos after I eat like 3. Same with chips and any other snack she sees me eat. And whenever no have friends over, she just walks into our room and listens to our conversations. When I tell her that is like some privacy, she yells at me to leave because it's her room too. Like, excuse me, we're trying to talk about all the people we hate, one of them being you.

16 They fake their crying

My cousin is 7 and when she cries, I'm the only one who comes to her aid. However my sister who is 13 fake cries, and EVERYONE, including my parents and my cousin, coming to her aid. I'm 18. And she just hit her hand lightly on the table!

In the car me and my sister fight she hits me on the shoulder and then starts fake crying and says "Jackie punched me! " like what the hell! Or she won't even hit me and just say I hit her.

My sister is so annoying. I don't think she fake cries, but she makes this really ugly face that I can't tolerate. I wish she'd stop. I hate when she does that!

My sister was "crying but every time my dad turns his back, I swear I see her smiling.

17 They are tattle-tales

My little brother is such a tattletale. He was doing a four-piece puzzle while I was in my room, and I told him to stop crying like a baby because our mom calls him a grown-up boy. I mean, he's five years old and can't find the last piece of a four-piece puzzle. Anyways, he told our sitter (who always takes his side and calls me stupid and ugly) that I told him to shut up. The thing is, he acts sweet and innocent and tells them I did it, so I get grounded. Luckily for me, my mom is at home and can tell that he is being a spoiled baby, so he gets grounded.

Later on, he tells my mom again and I get grounded. He is playing with the same puzzle as I type this.

My younger sister always uses her Samsung tablet and she used it until 1am without my mom realizing and I honestly don't care but I told her to go to sleep because she forgot what time it was. Then I was using my phone for a school project at 9pm and my sister tattled in me to my mom that I was using my phone past 7. I want to punch her so bad but that would only get me in more trouble.

My sister tattles a lot. She'll call me a swear word, then I'll tell her, "What the heck is wrong with you? " Then she'll call her dad and only tell the bad stuff I did. She never includes the swear words she calls me, or the screwdriver she chucked at my head, or anything! Then my dad will pick her up from our house (he used to, she lives at his house now.) all while having the nerve to tell me what I did wrong. Of course my sister didn't do anything wrong though! Ughhh

My Sister gets me grounded almost everyday of my life and its terrible. And Mom always believes her more than me. She always gets away with things and I don't. She is a snitch. She got me grounded today from my xbox.

18 They rage if you kill them in video games

This. Me and my sister played Overwatch, and I put us on opposite teams so we could practice our sniping skills on bots. I kill her and she screams and sobs and says how she never wants to be on opposite teams again. Not that I want her on my team, because she always complains about not getting heals when she plays as Tracer and I already have my harmony orb on her.

This is not my sister but whenever she kills me in video games I don't do anything then when I kill her she cries so loud and I get blamed, then she says I did it first when she did it first, I just say to her the truth, she just says I'm lying then guess what since we were arguing we had to do one of the worst things in the world HOMEWORK.

Whenever my little sister kills me in any video game, just like that, I tell her to stop, and she gives me a smirk then kills me again. So then I kill her. She screams and throws the controller at my head and gives me a bad bruise. Then my mom comes and blames me for killing my little sister.

I killed my baby brother many times in Call of Duty BO3 he keeps raging when I killed him when I killed him like 10 time he just slams the controller on the table.

19 They share a bedroom

Well we lived an apartment and we had to share a room. Well it sucked and once my little bro wanted to go in the room and he had to play in there. so my grandpa who is German well he was gone and I got my own room. Well let's say that I hated sharing a room.

I share a basement with my older half sister, who I don't mind and she's awesome, and then theres my two younger sibilings. one of them doesn't care that I have my own belongings, and always goes on my bed. The other is always asking me to play barbies with her...

Ugh. Yes. I live in an Apartment building and I have like 6 siblings so I have to share a room with my two sisters. One of them snores and one talks in their sleep. How lucky I am.

My sis and I both sleep in the same bed, but she cannot stop singing. It just really gets annoying, and it's practically why I grab my computer before going to sleep.

20 They can be rude

My brother is so rude. He always says "Why do you always draw wolves and cats and never ANYTHING else? " or when I am making a work in progress meme on scratch he giggles at it. He laughs at all my stuff, copies me a little, and just can't stop being so rude. He always does this cringey Arthur (pbs kids) stuff and tells me to watch it and I start making screeching noises with my mouth closed and hang upside down to get all the blood to my arms. He cringes me on purpose and this has all been happening ever since I was diagnosed with autism. I think I am his test subject and he wants to see how autism people react to such cringe and rudeness...

My brother doesn't know the slightest bounds of this. He might go and watch YouTube videos that are completely innocent but he ends up clicking on this other video, learning all the swear words in one single DAY! Now he's used offense and violence COUNTLESS times, like once where he threw an iPad at me and it hit me in the head. It was really recent, depending on when you read this comment

My sister is a she-devil and she knows it! She's is always choosing to bother me when I'm doing something I like or when I feel miserable! Then whenever I try to fix a problem she walks out or starts acting like a spoiled three year old! ( Kicking her feet, plugging her ears, and screaming) She knows she bothers me because when she does she acts stupid! (Which I think she already is)

My younger sister picks her nose while she's and when she asks my mom or dad for something she says "GIVE ME (whatever) RIGHT NOW! I was never like that when I was her age (7).

21 They do something bad, and you end up getting in trouble

I'm 18, my sister is 13. She was singing on her karaoke machine and I TRIPPED over the cord and it got disconnected. Then my grandma comes in and says that I PULLED the cord. Why does my sister get away when she pulls the cord that's charging my phone.

My little brother was following me, so I closed my door and sat in front of it but he kept banging in it! So I raised a boot to him and my mom yelled at me. He went off crying like I had actually hurt him too!

Yes. I'm not even allowed to say "stop" to him without getting yelled at. Honestly, he's 8 years old and every dang day I wonder when he will grow up and quit acting like a child.

My brother will never share any thing, but when I ask for stuff he starts crying. Another annoying thing he does is break my stuff and then I get in trouble.

22 They try to be the center of attention

My little sister doesn't just try to be the center of attention, she IS the center of attention. Whenever we have calls with family, she hogs the computer and "sings"(more like screeches) to them. She also always wants to play "princess", where she is a queen and I am her servant. The worst part about it is that she doesn't realize that everyone is now tired of her thinking that everyone loves her singing (I think she's going though a phase or something).

. When nobody's around and everyone's at home chilling, my sister will act like she's 27 with her opinions. But when she's around people she acts like she's two to get attention. She's 4. We were in the mall and she screamed arana grande because she doesn't know how to say her name. Some people from school with air and they were looking at us funny. We're still in the mall and at Gymboree and this girl pretends to be a manikin I am so done. I was really embarrassed

Whenever we are at parties my cousins and sister always gets lots of attention while I am being overlooked/ignored. While my sister and cousins are hanging out together I am almost always alone, playing on my phone and listening to music. I like parties, but sometimes they can be a bit boring because my relatives always overlook me.

Ugh. When we're visiting family, three of my younger sisters (Fiona, Gretchen, and Daisy) will ALWAYS fight until one is the center of attention. This past Monday, it happened once again but it was Gretchen who won the center of attention for everybody there, except for me.

23 They never pull their weight

I'm the one doing all the chores. I do my own bed and my sister's bed, and I clean our cat's litter box, put food and water in the cat's bowl, I put all the plates and utensils on the lunch table, I close the curtains and light the lamps at night, I organize both my and her room, and clean her messes on our studying desk. Meanwhile, she's slouching on the couch and smirks. If I complain to my parents, they tell me I can't force her to help.

My brother can sit down with my family and watch T.V. with popcorn, play his toys, watch movies in his room, and never finishes what he starts. when I say something to him, it's hell on earth, like how dare you say something to me.. I'm Mr. perfect. and I have to clean after him and everyone else. he doesn't even worry about my mom walking in yelling at him, but she does it to me and yells at me that I'm lazy so I barely even get to relax. why should I be called lazy when my brother can't even stand 2 min. at a store or anywhere w/o squatting down because his legs hurt.. If that's not lazy I don't know what it is

So glad my sister's awesome... By the way younger siblings ARE a curse! I want to stab little brats like that! I mean, I was an idiot as a little kid, but since I'm older, those little idiots drive me CRAZY

My 8yr old brother can't tie his own shoes, he can't do anything that my mom asks him to without "Help" he cannot do AnYtHinG on his own he is an absolute looser.

24 They are mean

I can't even count how many times my sister has done cruel things to me. Here are a few things she has done to me.

1. She killed my fish by stepping on it.
2. I was playing mini golf and she threw my golf ball in the water and punched me so hard that I got a black eye.
3. She pushed me 20 feet from a tree and I ended up breaking my arm because of her.
4. She ripped one of my nicest dresses.
5. She broke my old phone by smashing it with a hammer.
6. She made me go deaf by blowing an air horn in my ear every night.
7. She pushed my best friend off a swing.
8. She pushed me off the monkey bars.

I could list a lot more, and did I mention that she's only 5 and she weighs more than most 4th graders?!
(I'm sorry if I sound like I'm begging for sympathy but this did actually happen)

My brother loves to talk trash about overweight people, people who are socially awkward, people who do not fit the classical standards of beauty, people who are academically challenged, people with mental disorders, people who are sensitive, people who do not conform to gender norms. If he isn't insulting me, then he's insulting one of my friends. What a jerk.

Dude, my little sister is the equivalent of Satan. She has every deadly sin there is. One time, she stole a souvenir I got from the UK and broke it. I knew because I saw her show it to me. I was about ready to KILL her. And the worst part, she didn't even get in trouble (I didn't either, but it still sucks). She still acts like a selfish, obnoxious brat to this day, and she is 12!

My little sister is so mean. Whenever I buy anything, she has to buy the exact same one, and breaks her own. Then she says that it's mine that's broken, and takes the real one from me. And whenever I pass by her, she falls on the ground, and says that I 'shoved' her.

25 They act stupid when you have friends over

My friend is 18 and I 16. I wanted to call her to my house for Diwali, however my 12 year old sister jumped in and she wanted to call her friend Megan. Megan is VERY bratty and selfish.(For example when she came to my house she tried to play a prank and she failed. She also stole my phone and I lost my girlfriend who broke up with me because of her stupid texts. I'm 16 she's 11 why does she need a boyfriend?) Why do I need a stupid 11 year old when I can have an 18 year old friend! (The 18 year old is my best friend)

When my friend came over, my little sister deliberately stole my stuff and when I scolded her, my friend was like, "Aww, don't make her sad, she's adorable! " While my sister smirked from behind.

My Damn 4 year old little brother openly hogs my friends attention and openly said he didn't want them to pay any attention to me!

My brother got nude and spanked his but just to try to get my friend to laugh...

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