Incredibles 2 Olympics Trailer Rant

MegaSoulhero What? I’m doing a rant on the new Incredibles 2 trailer? Before I start, I just want to point out that I don’t hate the trailer. I’m actually still really looking forward to the film. However, there are questionable things about this trailer that I want to discuss.

As we all know, the sequel takes place where the first movie left off. We see the family fighting the underminer. I have a feeling he’s only gonna be in the film for less than 10 minutes. But I wasn’t expecting him to have some sort of big role. The animation has really improved. It looks visually different from the first film. Let me discuss some issues I have with the trailer. Plot-wise, it looks the same as the first one. Except instead of focusing on Mr. Incredible, it focuses on Elastigirl. While Bob is at home taking care of the kids. This was something I was worried about. A lot people didn’t like Finding Dory because it felt like a rehash of Finding Nemo. Incredibles 2 might fall into that same problem. Not only that, but since the first film didn’t have a lot of moments involving the characters working together as a family, I figured that they would have more family teamwork in the sequel. The end of the movie had people like “Yes! The Incredibles working together as a family! Can’t wait to see more of that!” But it looks like they decided to throw that idea out the window and instead decided to focus mainly on one of the characters fighting crime. It looks like each character is doing their own thing. Considering this just the first full trailer, maybe there’s still a lot more that’s gonna happen that they’re not showing us yet. So far, it just shows us Bob taking care of the kids while Elastigirl is off doing hero stuff. This doesn’t mean that the trailer is entirely bad though. There are some really funny moments. Frozone is also enjoyable when he appears in the trailer. Also, one scene in particular reminded me of the after credits scene from Iron Man. I’m not sure if that was an intentional reference to another Samuel L. Jackson character, but I thought it was pretty funny.

I’m both excited and worried for this film. It looks promising, but at the same time it looks like it’s trying too hard to be like the first one. I feel like this is why Brad Bird didn’t want to make a sequel. The movie’s still gonna make a lot of money regardless. I can’t wait to check it out. I just hope there won’t be too many annoying kids in the theater.


You make some pretty good points about your excitements and worries for Incredibles 2. Man, I literally tried to keep my eyes glued to the T.V. so I could see the Olympics sneak peek live on television the night it came out, but it didn't come on until around 10, so I gave up around that time. But I did manage to watch the sneak peek on YouTube and in general, I'm stoked for the sequel. Though, I really need to watch the first film again since I never watched it in full. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

They didn't have to resume to the Underminer, I guess you can call, ''cliffhanger.'' Because that was covered in an Incredibles video game. - TristGamer

Well, even if the trailer wasn't as I hoped, I'm still excited for the film. And you did make some really good points. - Drawbox

Never judge by the trailer
Like Godzilla (1998)
That DVD was thrown a lot
God that movie was boring - RandomGuy1234