Yoshi’s Crafted World Demo, first impressions.

Hey guys, RadioHead03 here. And i’m here to tell you about this demo that came out recently on a game called Yoshi’s Crafted World. How’s the game? Is it good so far? Well I have some news for you... it is good.

You play as Yoshi. He can jump, eat his enemies, and throw eggs. Yoshi controls as he usually does in previous games. Simple, and easy. As for the levels, there pretty different from Yoshi games. I’ve always wanted a 3D like Yoshi game, and this seems like this game is the best we’re gonna get for a 3D Yoshi game. It has some 3D segments, where Yoshi would make some turns, hit enemies in the background, and even ride a train. Speaking of a train.

This game has some puzzles. Like the train part. You have to collect 3 train parts throughout the level. This requires you to throw eggs, and find secret paths. These are some pretty good elements. I like how you have to look around in the level to find train parts so you can progress though the level. There are also sunflowers lurking around through the levels as well requiring you to look hard, and explore the level. Usual gameplay that’s pretty cool. The second level makes you play the level in reverse to find 3 Poocheys. Once again, you have to look though the backgrounds, throw eggs, and look through places. I like how you can play the level in reverse, but...

Luckily this game has very few flaws. But I just wanted to address them out. Some of the puzzles are a little easy. Yeah I know it’s a game targeted twords kids, but maybe make the puzzles, in some hard to find places. Also when you beat a level, it shows this animation of Yoshi dancing. That’s cute and all but the frame rate kind of drops at this point. When Yoshi dances, he gets all fuzzy, and dances a little slow. Because when your playing the levels, it actually runs very smoothly, and the animations are very nice. But the end of the levels get a little choppy.

The verdict:
Yoshi’s Crafted World is so far a good game. The level design is really nice, the animations are smooth, creative puzzles, creative level elements, and a pretty good soundtrack. But the puzzles are kind of a little easy, and the frame rate at the end of levels get a little choppy. But that doesn’t mean it’s a bad game. Yoshi’s Crafted World is cute, and fun. Can’t wait for the full game.

Score: 8/10


I've been so anticipated for this game since I first heard of it. I was disappointed that it was delayed so much but it's probably for the better. It might not be better than Woolly World but I'll surely get this one when I can - darthvadern

Yeah it’s pretty good. - visitor

I really liked this Demo. I’m planning on getting a full game soon - UltraIsBack