Best Animaniacs Songs

One of the best things about Animaniacs was the catchy songs on the show. They were well written, beautifully orchestrated, and they resonated in your head long after you heard them. This is a list dedicated to these songs.
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1 Yakko's World

Yakko's World is by far one of the best songs! The animation is amazing and Rob Paulsen doing the vocals was BEAUTIFUL! What a voice! If you want to learn the nations of the world in a fun way, this song is the best choice! You'll even find yourself cheering for Yakko as the song progresses and he goes faster and faster! Yakko's World is a classic and definitely a fan-favorite!

I asked my spanish teacher to show this to everyone in my class.
He did.
And now everyone sings it at random moments
no regrets

The Spanish Sahara is gone.

2 Humans Ain't What They Seem to Be

Sure this song may be a little depressing, but it makes you want to appreciate your pet more. Rita was so adorable and she made the fans see how cruel reality was. This was one of the best songs by our favorite singing cat.

3 Yakko's Universe
4 Wakko’s America

Wow, Wakko absolutely rocks this song! I quickly learned the lyrics by heart and I really love it. Probably my favorite song from the series, actually.

Before I watched the show, I had seen this song in either elementary or middle school. I also vaguely recalled watching Wakko's Wish once. Probably no surprise I love Wakko.

! I totally love this song! Since I was in 8th grade, I had to to know the capitals of the world. Luckily my teacher showed me this song and it changed my life! I know the lyrics by heart and I'll never forget it. Thanks Wakko!

I absolutely love this song, I know all the words and sing it all he time! Not only is this a catchy song, but it is sung by Wakko. And danggg that kid can sing! Thanks to him I now know all the capitals

5 Let the Anvils Ring

This song is really catchy! And Yakko has such a good voice in this song!

6 A Quake! A Quake!

I love this song.It is almost a Yakko solo and it is my all time favorite song ever.My favorite part:
Whose fault,Whose fault?
The San Andreas Fault.
because Mr.Richter
Can't predict they're
Kicking our ASPHALT!
As-phalt? I can't believe the sensors didn't think that sound a little too close to a certain cuss word.Really,the first time my dad heard this he said "That's not very nice.".The second time he heard it not from me (I sing it a lot)he laughed.I can't believe no one else voted this!

7 I'm Mad

Imagine kids arguing in the car and turn it into a song, and this is inevitably the end result.

8 The Animaniacs Theme Song

Must be number 1! Best theme song ever created!

Should at least be number 2.

Best theme tune ever

This is awesome

9 There's Only One of You
10 Schnitzelbank
The Contenders
11 Variety Speak

I find this very catchy

12 The Ballad of Magellan

I like this song

13 Video Revue

The movie references are a bit outdated, but extremely well weaved into the whole of the song.

14 The Monkey Song

And also the first one, aside from the intro.

15 The Senses
16 What Are We?
17 The Presidents

This is well too low

This is my favorite song in the animaniacs collection it's such a fast pace catchy song

Love this belter

18 I'm Cute

This song is great and I'm surprised I'm the first one to choose it. It's really cute.

19 All the Words In the English Language
20 When You're Traveling From Nantucket

I actually wouldn't say that. I find it one of the worst songs the show gave to us.

21 Macadamia Nut
22 Hello Nurse

Too low on the list

This should be top 3

Wakko is cute

23 Lots to See (From "A Christmas Plotz")

Every time I hear this song, I feel like panting to how amazing Yakko is!

24 Multiplication
25 U.N. Me

Ok I don't know why but I just love the way they sing during the song, especially when yakko says "New York off 42nd street" and when wakko says "leads the general assembly." I just really like it haha!

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