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1 Shawn Froste

He's my favorite. Ever since the beginning, his personality is shown to be very mysterious and his issues going on with his 'other self' made him a very unique and the most interesting character among everyone else. I mean come on the entire the third season was about him and his backstory was also very touching through which he earned a lot of respect from viewers. His character development was also shown very naturally when Axel helped him out of his trauma. I was happy for him when he overcame his split personality disorder but somehow I still miss the old, hot and cold Shawn XP don't get me wrong his shoots were really cool specially eternal blizzard. So yeah Shawn/Fubuki for life

I think Shawn is the best caracter in all the Inazuma Eleven series... I think he is just so cool and cute! And his hissatu techniques are just so awesome! He is my favorite caracter in all the Inazuma Eleven series! Too bad that he isn't exactly one of the main caracters of the serie : I think he should be. I just love Shawn so much : I am one of his biggest fans! Plus he is friendly and nice with everyone! In conclusion, I think Shawn is the best! Shawn is better than Axel even if I must admit that Axel to is cool... But I still prefer Shawn! And I know it can sound weird but I am not exactly a big fan of Mark...

Simply it's my favorite I don't know why in upcoming series they do not get as much importance than the other player like axel and jude sharp . In orion it's screen play was to short .creater has to thinks on it. I like split personality of Shawn frost that make him different from another player. According to me he is complete player.

He is both a defender and a forward. He has a prince-like personality (As shown in the anime) and the whole season 2 was almost all about him. He even apeared in the Inazuma Eleven the movie and was proclaimed as one of the best players in the future with Hiroto, Fidio, Tobitaka, and Toramaru. He also has a lot of assists. Not only that, he could play other sports, surprisingly, winter sports since his hometown is in Hokaido. Plus he's voice actor is great!

2 Axel Blaze

Axel Blaze is a combination of Defense and Attacking. He has way too cool and stong shots and works his best. He also has great leadership and would be a great captain like he was to Shawn Froste and Austin Hobbes

For me Axel Blaze (Gouenji Shuuya) is the best player in the show Inazuma Eleven. Everybody knows that Axel is the greatest striker in Inazuma Eleven even though he is weak on defending the ball he scored the most scores in the show. He is not only great by being a forwad he is also great at controlling the ball, dribbling, assisting and sportsmanship. He is not only good by being a soccer player he is also a good brother that also makes him as the best player in Inazuma Eleven because not only by skills show greatness

Axel is insane...from the start of the series to the end of the series he just shows his increadible power and him so much...axel's attitude and skills are best in the whole series...shawn is also great...but in every tournament final axel is involve in the winning goal...even in the movie against ogre axel scored two of which is the winning goal... at the start of the series his intro is awesome...lastly he is the most powerful and awesome striker...he should be at top

Probably if any one is watching inazuma eleven they will say axel blaze is the best. He is the one playing with inazuma eleven from the starting. Shawne frost is not as good as axel blaze. Axel has a goal in every game. He saved so many games for inazuma team. Especially the entry in episode 52 the best.

3 Arion Sherwind

Tenma is the best character in Inazuma Eleven and also 1 of the best character in anime history. His passionate in Sakka is as well as the music. As you know, music is the most divine of all the arts, music can't be explained or has to be understood. Tenma's love on soccer is simply experienced, and his feelings are in him with freedom, no wonder Pegasus evolved every matches. Saying like God is not very too obsessed. He just plays with soccer ball every series, and no wonder or like unpopular opinion that he's the best player in Inazuma Eleven if you watch his ending moment

A simple boy with an innocent love for football. He may not be the best and powerful like others but his sheer love for football is what lets him to hold his own against others. Doesn't doubts any one and has the capability to cheer others and let them find the right way with his healing words. Also mentioned as a Second Stage Children. has the potential to overwhelm anyone in soccer with his indomitable will. He is just a perfect character.

Tenma is the best character in Inazuma Eleven, and also 1 of the best character in anime history.His passionate in sakka is as well as the music. An you know, music is the most divine of all the arts, music can't be explained or has to be understood. Tenma's love on soccer is simply experienced, and his feelings are in him with his freedom, no wonder Pegasus evolved every matches. Saying like God is not very obessed. He just played with soccer ball among every series, and no wonder he's the best player in IE if you watch his ending moment.

They thought he could be the next Mark Evans, but you can't overcome the best that's why they made Orion. But yea I think he was the best midfielder in the go series and I think he was one of the best players too.

4 Fidio Ardena

When you are younger, you usually will be going crazy about strikers like Axel. However, remember Axel can only do incredible shooting techniques and just alright field play (we only see him do some sick field play during the epsilon prime game.) When you grow older, we start see that Fideo is amazing in both offence and defence, with amazing field play, and actually is much better that what are biased minds want to make us think. I used to be a big axel fan, but now I can say that Fideo is the best player as he can perform amazing feats, and brings the best in everyone.

Even though he's not had much screentime, I think it's safe to say that he's pretty similar to Endou. He's passionate about soccer, full of hope, friendly (even to his enemies/rivals), able to see light in everyone and I doubt that he'll ever have enough of playing his most beloved sport. To think that he can balance being a strong forward and a captain! That's no easy job, honestly. He brings hope to his teammates when they've lost theirs. For example, when the rest of the team had lost their fuse because "Mr. K" was not being a "real coach", he was the one who made a result-determining decision which was to trust Kageyama which then led to his team being able to work in harmony like gears in a machine. Or maybe the time when they were no longer able to continue the FFI when his team was feeling all hopeless, he still saw light and knew they could still do something. And you've gotta admit, he's charming and lovable 😍

What the fidio should be rank 5th or 4th he is cool with others. And so kind

Cool character. Really skilled

5 Yukimura Hyouga

Just look he gained 1% of votings. He probably needed to be on the raimon team.

6 Kevin Dragonfly

Hot tempered but great. Once he gets to know people he becomes incredibly nice and kind

He is just amazing

7 Jude Sharp

The best midfielder no doubt about that. The smartest character in the show. He was very good player with a lot of tactics too.

I think he is the best player in Inazuma eleven. He is good at everything in soccer except in goalkeeping. He is the best game strategist in this anime, he is far greater than the other players when it comes to dribbling and ball control, and he is great at
assisting and defending. With this,he is proved to be the greatest player in Inazuma eleven.!

Best character their ever is on this show, if it weren't for Jude them Raimon would of lost in the tournament as they wouldn't of been able to become in sync again. He deserves to be 1st not 4th -3-

'Highly intelligent and kind towards those he cares about. Has compassion and shows empathy towards others. Learn a from his mistakes and is incredibly amazing'

8 Ibuki Munemasa

Coolest goalkeeper ever. Mark may be a main character, but Ibuki has the coolest goalkeeping techniques

Super awesome guy, so cool.

Great character, amazing techniques and bad ass design. Preety much what endou should have been

He is the coolest goolkeeper ever.He is strongest goolkeeper ever accept of mark, rococo and darren.

9 Mark Evans

The best goalkeeper in every of the shows. Not to mention all of his tactics. He was able to do great the hand and developed majin the great, before that doing god hand in just one match...Best captain and character in the entire series no doubt.

In my opinion he is the 2nd character just after Jude... at the beginning he seems very immature but throught the seasons he becomes more mature and shows seriousness, we all saw him married with Nelly in Go. He shows a lot of protectivness towards his most innocent friends, such as Shawn and Xavier and he is an excellent goalkeeper, and even in all other roles, with just a little training, he's better than most

Mark Evans is my favourite character out of everything in the whole world he is brilliant he taught me how to have determination I personally think he should be number 1 with Axel in second. Mark is clearly the strongest goalkeeper in Inazuma Eleven and simply has the best personality. Just my opinion. Love ya Mark Evans.

Mark should've been number one! He's the one who was constantly inspiring his teammates and he's always supporting them when they're at their lowest point! He's worked so hard to become the person he is now; and I really think he shoulve been on the top of the list!

10 Raimon Natsumi

Best girl in the entire show!

Greatest coach for Japan

He is the best

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11 Kageyama Reiji

Absolute genus he creates a many player such as jude sharp and fudo. Is has got an special ability to create a player with an uniqueness and mastermind of game. Leading royal academy and having such a good couch which is unpredictable.

Best villain. No discussion

12 Erik Eagle

Erik Eagle is the best midfielder in the entire inazuma 11 series according to me.
He is know as the midfield magician for a reason.
He is the best dribbler in the entire series.
USA could have beaten Inazuma Japan if Erik was there.
Sadly he had an operation.
He is the best!

Erik is awesome
His skill is unbelieveble. He is the best dribbler. But sadly his team lost in the FFI because he was not there

The best player in the inazuma eleven series.

In midfielder category he is the top he deserves field magician

13 Hakuryuu

Omg , coolest dude ever!

14 Darren LaChance

Darren is a childish one indeed but look at his determination! He managed to do God Hand, Majin the Hand and Mugen the Hand...which Mark couldn't master! He is a little sensitive like he couldn't bear much when Scotty and the others made fun of him so that he could learn "Fiend Hand"... Otherwise he is a nice young boy with a cheeky voice and well behavior.

15 Domon Asuka
16 Jack Wallside

He is heavy, good for your defense, bad for your scales.

17 Tori Vanguard

Amazing girl! Epic tomboy! We share the same personality.
"I wanna stay with Raimon! Mark and the others are gonna beat them and I feel like they're the only ones doing anything at all! "

18 Fei Rune

He reminds me of acute little bunny who sometimes shows you a tough side.

He is like a stuff toy, I want to squish him.

Like the character development.

19 Endou Daisuke
20 Xavier Hunter

Xavier loved his father (Mr. Schiller) and hurt himself to save him although Schiller was just using him for his plan and had no affection towards him as a son...this shows such a nice kid he was...despite this he is good friends with Mark and others and supports his team members well. Nice Personality. One of my favorite☺

He is out of the Top 5 but he's a good character... his shots are powerful and he is very innocent and friendly...but at 13/14 he still needs his big sister to protect and defend him ( not a bad thing, but strange )

SERIOUSLY PEOPLE... Sure I like Shawn, Axel and Mark but Xavier is the best! He's calm and he PROVED that even without Jude and Mark, they can win...and they would've won again the Empire if he was the first one to be chosen as the captain...
Respect him...he deserves it...

Best character in Inazuma series. He has the most powerful individual shot: Tenkuu Otoshi/Celestial Smash, scoring the first goal in the final match of the third season.

21 Nathan Swift

He's my favorite character. He's kind, competitive and really cares about his friends, for example when he left the athletics club to help Mark. He's really cool, the fastest on the team and his moves are awesome. However, he's insecure and gets overwhelmed under much pressure - I cried when I first watched the episode when he keft the team, years ago
I could keep talking for hours about how and why I love him, but I'll stop here

He originally was from the athletics club but learned and developed his soccer skills very fast. He's been with Raimon from the beginning and was more dedicated to the soccer club than several of the original 7 members

Kazemaru is hot and cute. I just fall in love with him every time I watch inazuma eleven. I wish that he get more scene in inazuma eleven go. Just can't wait. Kazemaru, I love you.

He is caring for his team and is a great defender/midfielder. He is the fastest on the team!

22 Byron Love

Genuinely one of the most subtly compleing characters in the series. We see him go from a quite literally god-like final boss, to an ally on the path to redemption, to a freindly rival who (lets be real) could have beat inazuma japan, to a as an adult playing the role as a hero to the kirkwood students. Then in the Ares timeline we see his struggles to redem himslef in his eyes before getting the spot in Inazuma Japan he deserves. Any scene with him in is always memorable. On top of this he has a brilliant design and moves to match his spectical (heavens time, god knows impact, chaos break and Air on GGG String to name a few). Besides, the greek mythology influences make him that more unique among his teamates outside Zeus

I mean what can I say. He was veryyyy cool I liked him a lot. He rethought his behavior and made a great influence on fubuki when he was brain damaged.

Why so much hate to Byron? All Byron's comments have lots of dislikes... I think haters are jealous of Byron because he's the best character in Inazuma Eleven!

He is the thing of my dreams, makes me quiver every second on screen. My friend kinda looks like him if he was a ginger kid in his twenties.

23 Tsurugi Kyousuke

Victor is a natural. His kicks are super powerful aaand he likes Axel! Yay! Plus he is caring for Arion (Tenma) and his brother. He is quiet most of the time, and that's what I like about him.

He's such a matured boy. He knows to control his temper and is a real soccer lover.

His moves are all cool. The dark element plus the animation!

Should be in top 5! He is literally just as good as axel!

24 Shindou Takuto

Although he did cry a lot but I feel he is a great leader and also a great musician!

I like him more than jude!

25 Jordan Greenway

Midorikawa is an amazing character. He is a nice person that always supports his friends (nearest example is the outer code episode of sun garden). He has a happy personality and nice quotes. A plus is that his Reize hairstyle look like ice cream. He Just simply deserves more than 17 place...

He overcame a lot and had a huge character development! It's a shame the writers got rid of him during the FFI series though, he's one of my favorite characters. He and Mark (Endou) have very similar drives to be good at soccer, but sadly, that wasn't shown much on the show.

Just please don't yaoi him with Xavier or I will die -epic Jordan fan alert-!
Janus is cocky (I like that about him. Wow he burst a ball! ).
Jordan is just...
Caring (usually)
Has good sayings
I fancy him.w.

Always trying to improve and trying to redeem himself after his past mistakes. He tries to show how he has changed and will work past the limit to be the best he can be.

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