Dipper From The Future Wrote The Journals? (Gravity Falls Theory)

keycha1n This is a theory I've had since the McGucket theory was disproved (so about 2-3 months), and I really did think of it myself! Yet, I knew without a doubt, that eventually, many others would have the same idea. So yes, I am making this mostly so I can say "I called it!".

Yep, that's how much I believe in this theory, but if it turns out to be untrue, I'm going to feel pretty stupid. I haven't encountered an in-depth explanation online, but since it's starting to surface, I kind of just want to cover it before others do (just being honest!). So here is why I believe in this theory! Other than that, expect some spoilers.

The Idea:

I'm going to assume it's easily inferred, but I'm going to make it as simple to understand as possible, just in case. In the show, it's 2012. Let's say 20 years later, 2032, Dipper decides to return to Gravity Falls to study it. In order to get there, he time travels to 1982 (the mysterious, important date we see plastered everywhere), or 1976, 6 years earlier, as the book stated it had been 6 years since he'd begun studying Gravity Falls. So Dipper from 2032 is in 1976/1982.  It's likely he wrote the journals and put them where he knew he'd discover them. Also, while we don't know what the portal does yet, Dipper is most likely the creator as well. I think the idea's viability speaks for itself, but in case you need proof...


Dipper is the most curious person in Gravity Falls. He is the one most concerned about all the secrets. It makes sense that a character like him would return, write the journals, and put them where his younger, future self would find them. Even the invisible ink might've been put there because he knew he would discover it. His curiousity has proven to have bad outcomes, like when he rose the dead in "Scary-Oke". Dipper is morbidly curious, and intelligent. The author is very handy, and does so many scary things for the sake of science, like house all those crazy things in his bunker. One can see the similarities between the characters and their tendencies. 

It doesn't matter how many fingers Dipper has. All of the children (except for Gideon), has 4 fingers. When asked about this interesting design choice at a Comic-Con panel, Alex pulled out "The World's Most Distracting Object", as a humorous way to deter the audience. He said that it would all be revealed with time, but that he couldn't say so right now. Obviously, they don't all just happen to have 1 less finger than everyone. For all we know, they all have 32 fingers! Dipper may have 6 fingers, but we can't tell because this design choice obscures it, and why would Hirsch withold information as seemingly meaningless as this, from us, if it wasn't important? 

We've known Dipper the longest. It's lame to bring out a random character from nobody-ville and reveal him to be the author (something I'm constantly worried they'll do with "A" in Pretty Little Liars), and I have full confidence that Alex knows this too. We care about Dipper, we've known him since the beginning. Since Alex said that the entire storyline has been plotted out, even before production, we can assume the author is someone we've met really early into the series.

Dipper seems to know the author. We see Dipper writing in the journals towards the end of the last episode, suggesting he has a similar writing style, and from further examination of the book, similar handwriting too. Dipper appears to have some sort of connection with the author of the journals, and that would make a lot of sense...if he was the author! 

It doesn't kill the Stanley theory. I strongly believe in the existence of Stanley, but I don't think he's the author. This is a way to believe in both theories, so one doesn't have to choose between them. Dipper is the author, but Stanley is still in the picture. These theories can coexist. Also, Stanley doesn't fit the "visiting researcher" McGucket described, as he definitely lived there for quite some time. It was in fact, probably Dipper who lived in that mysterious room in "Carpet Diem".

Dipper's Guide To The Unexplained. This is going to be a bit difficult to explain, but in "Under The Bunker", we see a page that reads: "Experiment #210 the ShapeShifter". Sounds a little familiar to "Anomoly #__", right? This may be hard to believe, but one can see the similarities between the numbering and writing style. It also looks hauntingly similar to "Experiment #78" (electron carpet), meaning the author probably stayed at the Mystery Shack, probably in the room. 

The 6-fingered glove. This glove is owned and worn once by Grunkle Stan in the portal room, it was stated above that Dipper may have 6 fingers, and probably stayed at the Mystery Shack, and built the portal there. He may have left his glove. Dipper already has a connection to the Mystery Shack, it makes sense that he would stay there during his time-travel visit.

It's pretty original. I wouldn't say it's never been done, everything's been done. But it's far more original and complex than the original McGucket theory. The completely overwhelming evidence for the McGucket theory was just to mislead us, yet this theory has just the right amount of evidence, complexity, and unpredictability I would expect from Alex. The evidence is all stuff most people wouldn't take into much consideration, a much more real "aha!" moment on the writers behalf. 

Was that convincing enough? I know I probably forgot something important, but I just hope this was enough to make you believe in my theory! 


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