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1 Not What He Seems

After just less than a month of Gravity Falls episode marathons I have finally reached one of the biggest and arguably most important episodes in the series. It wraps a lot of plot points into one episode. The reveal of Stan's long lost brother as the Author and Stan's troubled past, the agents and the government's operations kicked the episode and the entire series into high gear, as well as the revelations that unfold as the trust no one mantra extended even to the family, in this case, Stan himself despite all he had done for the Pines the whole summer. For me, this will the most memorable episode I've ever watched up to this point. 9 to go

This series just get's more suspenseful with every episode. This one reveals the greatest mystery of all; the identity of the author, and even a famous fan theory that proved to be true after all. The overall episode only has very few funny parts, making it one of the most serious episodes of the series so far. The final three minutes will have you at the edge of your seat. I don't think I have watched a finale this intense in a long time. It will shock you big time, and even though it has a satisfying ending, that cliffhanger will definitely let you wanting more.

This is definitely the height of all Gravity Falls episodes. Everything you love about the show (the mystery, the suspense, the deep themes about family), rolled into one. And the big reveal to a season and a half worth of mysteries as the author of the journal was absolutely stunning. Not to mention the voice acting was so genuine and real (Mabel when she says "I don't even know if you're my grunkle, and Stan's speech that follows), and the animation was so smooth and slick, especially towards the end when everyone is floating and Mabel decides not to press the button. This episode really is a work of art.

O.M.G easily the best episode. It was brilliant. First off: Animation beautiful, like every episode. Second: The action and suspense in this episode was crazily good. Third: Very fun and entertaining to watch. Had many times where you didn't know whether or not you could trust Stan, a character that you thought you have known for a season and a half. And the writing was also spot-on. I was on the edge of my seat starting from when Soos said, "It's the final countdown," and from that point til the end of the episode, I honestly think this was the best animated part in animation history. Yes I loved it that much. Brilliant episode.

2 Northwest Mansion Noir

Probably the best Gravity Falls episode since Into the Bunker. The amount of suspense and the huge character development in this episode was simply perfect. Sure, it had a subplot like many other episodes, but it was enjoyable as well and it never got in the way at wrong times as a few tend to do in the rest. I can just see this getting higher on the list as more people see it. Seriously, the first season of Gravity Falls was great, but this second season is proving to be way too fantastic, and this episode clearly proves it. Just be warned though, this episode is very dark, and has a great amount of blood in one scene, but other than that, it's an episode you cannot miss, wether you like Gravity Falls or not.

This episode involves a huge character development step, especially with Pacifica and her relationship with Dipper and her family. Gravity Falls is all about family relationships, and this episode tied in nicely with the message the show's constantly putting forth. Seriously, I'd recommend this episode to anyone who's looking for a cute yet dark toned cartoon to watch. Whether or not Pacifica would pull the lever, that scene had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. This episode definitely has one of the top suspenseful scenes in the whole series, and even the cliffhanger at the end is enough to get you hooked.

Great Episode. The character development in this episode was AMAZING. This episode made Pacifica into a likable character. I find it really cool how she is trying to be who she wants to be instead of being who her parents are trying to make her. She is also a self-conscious character as you can definitely see inside the 4 mini comic book adventures where *mini spoilers* she is self-conscious in the mini adventure. She ended up not going for what her parents always told her was the most important thing, which was looks, and at the end, she gave up her looks to save Dipper and Mabel. I think this is also an amazing mini story that also shows her character development, and how she is still growing as a character. Great episode(and also great mini episode)

The episode keeps you on your toes, and the story is always one step ahead of what you think is going to happen - you never see anything coming in this doozy of an episode! From some of the scariest imagery in the entire series (Mabel and her friends frozen in wood, anyone? Mother of all that is holy! ) to the lumberjack's backstory to Pacifica's fall and subsequent redemption, you're always captivated by what's going on the screen. 10/10 in my book.

Also, now that Wendy and Dipper are probably not happening, there was a hole in my heart that is now filled. Pacifica and Dipper all the way.

3 Weirdmageddon Part 1

Good twists, good storyline, and woah, the suspension. All the twists and turns along with the suspension was just great, and I just liked how Wendy and Dipper tried to go through the bubble ending up with Gideon and Soos to team up getting Mabel back to Gravity Falls, which is in havoc by Bill, so they can get Gravity Falls back to normal instead of weird chaos.

I loved every part of this episode, Bill's demented humor was on point, he was legitimately scary, Dipper and Wendy working together non-awkwardly was amazing, and Gideon. Oh my god, Gideon was amazing, he was a full blown mini-bill, and his turnaround was undoubtedly the best I've seen, they made a full blown maniac becoming good (ish) believable!

Very great storyline. Even though it isn't in my top 5, I think it is still an amazing episode. There is not a single bad episode of gravity falls. Dipper was also an amazing character in this episode. Probably 6th favorite episode for me.

This is the greatest gravity falls episode off all time. I'm paciently waiting for the series finale but this is the best so far; it felt like a MOVIE that's how good it was! Any way yes this should be on here and is definitely the best in my opinion I recommend.

4 Weirdmageddon 3: Take Back the Falls

This Gravity Falls finale meets all of the expectations of what a Gravity Falls finale should have. It has a strong supernatural element with Weirdmageddon and Bill Cipher. It also is very touching what Stan did. It is both happy and sad in a lot of ways. It was made longer than the average Gravity Falls episode and it deserves it. It was the perfect way to the end the series.

This was an amazing ending to an amazing show! This episode made me feel a mix of emotions, especially happy and sad. The part where Stan lost his memory made me feel sad, and almost made me cry, but when his memory returned, it made me happy. I hope that this show will return one day, but for now, this was the perfect ending.

I loved how all of the characters fit on the chalk outline Ford drew to defeat Bill it showed that everyone in the story fit in. Also the story was so sad in the end but then Mabel and Dipper fixed it! I was like crying when Stan lost his memory!

Unbelievable is all I can say. For the first time bill felt very threatening, especially since he almost killed the twins, and the episode had amazing action, was very sad, and even funny! What a way to end the show.

5 The Inconveniencing

This was the first episode of Gravity Falls I've ever seen. I have to give it my vote here, it helped pull me into the series and make me the faller I am today.
Back in 2012, I never got attached to cartoons, but there was something about these characters that got me so fascinated. It was the first time I cracked a smile in a while, since most cartoons back then we're completely mindless.
I knew I'd love this show the minute I layed eyes on it, and I'd never regretted it.

I loved the creepiness when Mabel was being controlled by the ghosts "Ma and Pa" as I like to call them. Other than that the next creepy thing was the body markings on the floor and the skeletons of each person in the group along with dipper.

The Inconveniencing is an awesome episode! Dipper's lamby lamby dance is so adorable, the teenagers being trapped in parts of the store was funny yet nerve wracking, but what sealed the deal for me was the Smile Dip. ONWARDS AOSHIMA!

"The Inconveniencing" is a great enjoyable throw back to horror films. It works great as a parody but also embraces the horror genre to make a fantastic episode.

6 Dreamscaperers

I never said it was one of my favorites, but after watching it today, it was really good! I like how it reveals why stan is mean to dipper, some of Stan's past, bill is seen, Gideon is back, lots of action, really funny, and fairly creative too. That episode was one of my favorites. 1. Gideon Rises 2. The Inconveniencing 3. Double Dipper. I would say this is in the 4 to 6 range

This episode does a fantastic job at developing Stans character without the need of much dialogue from him. In addition, there are actually parts in this and Gideon Rises that are really emotional and have so much soul in them; this is most evident when Stan is talking about his backstory and how he is proud of how Dipper is growing stronger.

For a little kid it would be scary, but this is the best! I mean dipper saved the day once again! And the best part was the kitten fists! The only disappointment in this episode is what happened at the end.

Dreamscapers has to be my favorite episode if only for Bill Cipher. I love villains like him who have so much fun being evil and twisted-it makes it easier for me to enjoy them. Also, that fight was epic! Kitten Fists forever!

7 Into the Bunker

I always have mixed feeling for this show. While it is an exceptional show, I always felt that there were a few details, although minor, that made the show lose some spotlight. For example, almost each episode has two subplots, usually involving Dipper and Mabel individually, one subplot would feel too underwhelming when compared to the other. Into the Bunker, however, made me love Gravity Falls even more, as every second of the episode was enjoyable. From funny, to mysterious, to absolutely terrifying, this episode had it all, not to mention that there is much more character development. The Shapeshifter was one awesome villain, and the pace was perfect. The way Dipper's crush on Wendy was resolved couldn't have been better. There was some genuine mature feeling to it, and was truly heartfelt. The way that subplot was handled was simply amazing.

Without a doubt, this episode is the best. It manages to give more hints about the main plotline, have an awesome monster (voiced by Mark Hamill), be extremely funny, develop Wendy further, and deal with the Wendy/Dipper situation well. First of all, we get several clues and leads while in the bunker about the history of the author. The shapeshifter was extremely cool, and was not defeated easily. There were tons of great lines, such as "Not as scary as Dipper's internet history", "Dude, you think I can't hear that stuff you whisper under your breath? " "No. It's a fun hazard." "You know Dipper's jokes are terrible", just to name a few. This episode also really develops Wendy for the first time outside of being Dipper's crush. It also takes focus off of Dipper's crush for now, but does not close out the plotline for the future. This is honestly one of the best episodes of T.V. ever. I have watched it so many times, thinking it isn't as good as I remember, but it is. Absolutely ...more

No idea how this is at number 13. Arguably the best episode in the entire series. Perfect blend of comedy gold, mystery, suspense, character development, etc. An episode that hits the viewer on all levels. The Shape-shifter is easily the greatest villain/foe in the series. Such a cool story-line; well-paced and creative. Simply amazing for a cartoon on Disney.

This one got so creepy in a great way. It was a fun way to get more information on the author, and the shapeshifter was a truly frightening villain. All that paired with the bittersweet ending where Wendy talks to Dipper ties it all off beautifully.

8 The Tale of Two Stans

How is this 31st?! It's a great episode that reveals the entire backstory of Stan and Ford and introduces an amazing new character into the show (Grunkle Ford) plus explains so much! It shows everything from the origin of the mystery shack to why Grunkle Stan is obsessed with money. Great episode and my second favorite behind not what he seems.

I don't understand why this episode is so lowly ranked on this list. It was mature, informative, entertaining, opportunistic, and excellent in every way.

This should definitely be in the top ten. This story reveals a lot about Stan's past with Ford. This was a great episode and I loved the bond between Stan and Ford as kids

Yep, Gravity Falls Orgins as I like to call it. It shows so much into the past and stuff like "Why Lazy Susan has one eye closed", "Why do Ford and Stan hate eachother", "Why Stan has a ton of fake IDs" It really was a great episode.

9 Dipper and Mabel vs. the Future

This was an episode that changed the show forever, it beat the current first place episode and was the first time since that Futurama episode that an apocalypse of an actual kind happened in a cartoon episode, and that is shocking and impossible to describe, there are no words to ever describe this episode period.

This episode was a real hit, it even showed us how the valley of Gravity Falls was formed and gave us clues about what led to the anomalies taking place, and the apocalypse caused by Bill Cipher was totally impossible to even describe with even the best words, what a major episode, again, no words to describe it.

This episode brilliantly plays on the audiences emotions. Mabel and Dipper come to the realization that their summer in Gravity Falls is almost over and soon they will have to leave their friends behind. The audience has a similar realization, as it becomes apparent that the show is winding to a close.

I absolutely loved this episode. The whole episode, I just thought it was gonna be a humorous one like usual, but when Wendlin showed up I knew some was gonna go down. The end credits scene left me with chills. Seeing the paper blowing with the sounds in the background...THAT is a cliffhanger.

10 The Time Traveler's Pig

My personal favorite episode of the series. Sure, it may not be as "epic" as "Not What He Seems" or "Weirdmageddon Part 1." However, this episode has everything I could ask for in a Gravity Falls episode: 1. Interesting twist on a beloved plot (Groundhog Day plot.) 2. Stellar comedy. 3. A Sweet Ending. 4. Subtle foreshadowing for the series ongoing plot. Not to mention that this episode gave us Blendin Blandin, who is probably my favorite reoccurring character on this show (besides Bill Cipher).

I like this episode because every time I see the pines twins there fighting, making each other's fun but I have never seen them get along as much as in this episode.

Always been my favorite ever since I was younger. I used to watch it before school to calm me down. I still don't understand why I love it so much.

What was sad about this episode was the part when Dipper made Wendy happy, but Mabel lost waddles to her arch nemesis, Pacifica.

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11 Sock Opera

This episode is in the top 10 and I completely understand why! This is my favorite episode of gravity falls, and one of the best episodes of cartoons! Bill Cipher and Dipper are my favoite characters (besides Ford), and I adore the concept of Bill becoming Dipper and Dipper having to put up with all his antics. Also, "Race ya to the bottom of the stairs! " I literally had to pause the episode to laugh. Also the animation and shading in this episode is PHENOMENAL. Overall, this episode is hilarious, has great animation, and gives some great character development to Mabel. 12.3/10!

This is my all time favorite because it actually dives a bit deeper in what Alex Hirsch really wanted. Alex really wanted to add more things but Disney stopped him. This episode will give you the chills, just look at the fan art.

*SPOILERS* Very dark episode. I never expected Bill, in other words the illuminati would possess Dipper... It just surprised me. There was also really good character development in it and we FINALLY got to learn more about Bill.

I don't like this episode. The worst in the show! Why do so many people put it in their top 10?! My main issue with this episode is Mabel. I'm not a big fan of Mabels character, she has her moments, but she's mostly selfish and boy-crazy, and not in a fun way. And this is her worst appearance! She is so obsessed with the boy that she doesn't care about Dippers chance to UNCOVER THE BIGGEST MYSTERIES IN THE PLANET! This kinda feels like an INSULT to kids who have fallen madly in love at some people! And the rest of the ep isn't much better. Dipper shakes hands with Bill because... WHY NOT?! There are good things about this episode (Bill is really entertaining, most of the jokes are alright, etc), and there isn't TOO much bad stuff for me to say I HATE the episode, but the bad stuff is just too bad for me to enjoy it. The worst/ most overrated of the entire series. 4/10

12 Gideon Rises

I really felt that the shack was in danger. It was broken and Gideon had stolen the deed. I liked that it was funny at some parts, but more action packed than any episode. Season 2 is airing and I'm waiting for a new episode to come out, but this is so far the best. Dipper ACTUALLY fought with Gideon. Not where they slapped each other in episode 4, but an actual fistfight. Serves him right! I guess this is kinda un exciting for those who are where I am because we have known it for so long, but stan has a number 1 journal, and underground room, and a portal that sucks things in! Also in Rick and Morty, some of Stan's sucked objects fly out of a portal! Rick and Morty and gravity falls may be in the same world! My bro LOVES Rick and Morty and gravity falls, so that's great for him.

This finale will quickly move up this list and will be right with the best of them. (Double Dipper, Dreamscapers, and The Time Traveler's Pig. ) Some of the viewer's questions were answered but then even more are being asked after the episode. Dipper saying "Leave her alone! " instead of Leave Us Alone when Mabel and him are grabbed by Gideon's robot will be one of my favorite scenes from this show for a long time.

Not to mention when he was punching Gideon (especially when he grabbed Gideon's fist). Now we need to wonder what Grunkle Stan is going to do with the books and that machine!

Best episode of any show I have seen in a long time. Pure Perfection.

Best episode ever! I also love it for the cliff hangers it leaves and the questions that it brings up. What was Stan up to this whole time? Now that Gideon is gone, who will be the new antagonist? Is Dipper really that powerful on his own? AMAZING episode, deserves to be at least #2, behind double dipper... :3

The fight just raised this episode to number 1. Everything was great, but the fight was the best part.

13 Double Dipper

I don't know why, but this is, together with The Inconveniencing, one of my favorite episodes. It's just the combination of action, madness and romance that makes it good! Maybe it sounds weird, but just like Dipper I had this plan to ask my crush out for a dance BEFORE I saw this episode. And just like in the episode, I shredded the plan, burned the pieces and the next week I just asked it when a slow song came on. And it worked. Hoorah!

Pretty good one! I like the action, and how no matter how many dippers dipper makes, he still loses because they betray him! Not very funny, and minimum action, but I still love it for some reason!

I love this episode! Too bad it's underrated. I miss the spark and fun of the first season. I mean, Ford shows up, big deal. Getting to see Dipper clone himself to impress Wendy was WAY more fun.

I like the way how Alex Hirsch led everyone to thinking Tyrone was dippers real name! Alex you big old bear! (No offense tri-bear or whatever your name is)

14 Carpet Diem

An awesome episode. I was going to vote Double Dipper, but then I realized that I really do like Carpet Diem better. Carpet Diem isn't stuck in the middle of the whole 'Dipper pining (pun somewhat unintended) after Wendy' thing. Instead, it solely focuses on the mystery and magic aspects of the show. Plus there are some nicely added hints to the overall mythology of the series, such as those strange glasses Stan picks up and that "Experiment 78". Plus, Candy and Grenda appear in this episode. My favorite joke in the series is in this episode, too. You know, the whole part where Stan tells Mabel about the 'birds and the bees'?

I couldn't decide which was better, this or Dreamscapers. Dreamscapers seemed short. Carpet Diem felt long and every part was new! It was funny how they tried to get out of each other's bodies! And how Old Man McGucket wanted to eat Soos even when he was human again? Seriously best episode ever!

Meh. It was pretty decent. It was better than boyz crazy that came after it, but these were kind of low for gravity falls compared to the one before it about mermando. I'm joking! It was really good and the one after it was good too! Not as good a the deep end, but still really awesome!

The emotions and actions shown are realistic compared to all the other classic "body swap" T.V. episodes. This episode is also incredibly hilarious, with different kinds of jokes for whatever type of humor you have. I always show this to friends as a first episode because it's just so great.

15 Summerween

This episode was really disturbing and creepy, which was awesome. The fact of a child being eaten alive on screen is disturbing enough but being forced to trick or treat all because a monster threatens to eat you is just as creepy. Don't forget the trapped in the store scene.

I liked the creepiness factor in this episode. It's one thing you don't normally see in children's shows, and it's something to be preserved when it happens. Also, the Summerween Trickster is a very cool antagonist!

"I love the creepiness factor in this episode. It's something you don't see much in kid shows, and it's something to be treasured when it happens. Plus, the Summerween Trickster is a really awesome villain!

Really I loved this one because of the creepiness factor. Also, the summerween trickster reminded me of the movie "Spirited Away"; he was a stunning antagonist

16 Society of the Blind Eye

The reveal that McGucket wasn't the author is either the best or worst moment of the show. On the one hand it falsified an intensely popular theory and keeps the intensely dedicated fanbase guessing. On the other, McGucket was one of the best developed and most popular character outside the Pines family; if the author turns out to be some unknown and not an already established character, it'll lose a lot of the oomph a good plot twist needs. It's all in the hands of Alex now, and where he goes from these events.

Illuminati that runs Gravity Falls by brainwashing people who become aware of the mysteriousness around them. Amazing episode. Kind of wish the antagonist wasn't such a pushover but nonetheless one of the best episodes. Needs to be in the top 5 easily. How McGucket ties in with the kids is an amazing discovery.

Lowest on the list?! That's INSANE! One of my favorites in my opinion. The plot was so good. Kidnapping, mcgucket, that plot twist where he really didn't write the journals, his memory, the members of the society, what the society did, watching dipper erase the societys memory was BOSS. Of course, that ENDING! So muc to like about this episode, the only thing I hated was the parts about mabel being upset over her ex-boyfriends. should AT LEAST be #10!

More plot is revealed in this one episode than any other. Which is awesome.

17 Soos and the Real Girl

While it doesn't further the plot, or give huge character development, or have a cleaver storyline, the jokes in this episode actually had me laughing which is something I usually can't do in television shows. The jokes were so dark, and the contrast was excellent.

It gives us a nice look at Soos, along with one of the best Gravity Falls villains. Plus, the timing of this episode's release was perfect.

This is by far in my top ten, what is wrong with all of you?!

Best Gravity Falls episode, plain and simple.

18 Blendin's Game

I loved the part where Dipper and Mabel decided to make up for their past mistakes against Blendin in "The Time Traveler's Pig" by ensuring that Blendin got his job back along with some "pretty hair". One of the series most heartwarming moments for sure!

I just love this show! This episode I thought was one of my favourites!

19 Weirdmageddon Part 2: Escape From Reality

This was the best episode ever! It captured the true nature of dipper and Mabel's bond, and even gave us flashbacks of their past. I also loved how dipper showed us how they resolved their problems in the past, that was awesome. This episode also had an aspect of scariness as well, when the fake wendy turned to bugs and the tree turned all creepy. It just goes to show that sometimes fantasy are nightmares in disguise. Can't wait to see what happens next!

This is an incredible underrated episode. Mabel is faced with one of the scariest things: that his new life is a lie. Dipper is the only one who can get her to break free from her fake world

That's a lesson to learn. Dipper's speech was incredible.

Dipper's speech was one of the best I've ever heard.

20 Tourist Trapped

The very first episode I've watched. I first watched it 4 years ago but I've only recently got into it so I have to thank Tourist Trapped for hooking me in this awesome and memorable adventure

I thought the premiere could have been better, it's not bad though. I guess it's just because they weren't deep in the mysteries of gravity falls and dipper didn't know all about Gideon and monsters or anything. It's a slow start, but it would have to be for a show this complex.

I liked how the introduce each character and got you 2 love them! By the way mabel = waddles + epicness.

Funny episode. It has some really good jokes.

21 Fight Fighters

By far the funniest episode of any show I've ever seen.

This episode sucks, its like a dipper torture porn.

Should be on the top!

22 The Last Mabelcorn

This episode is great because it has a lot more character development than anyone realizes and really gives us an inside look at thoughts, secrets, and emotions of our favorite characters. We got to see more of Ford and his relationship with Bill. We also witness just how paranoid Dipper can be and how much he has taken his Great Uncle's words to heart after carrying around Ford's journal for so long. This is blatantly shown when Dipper almost erases Stanford's mind as he shouts "Trust no one! " over and over. Yikes.

But that's not all. What's more interesting (from a psychological standpoint) is the vulnerability and hurt that we see from Mabel when she is told by the unicorn that she isn't a good person. Everyone that watches the show knows that Mabel is the heart and Dipper is the brains. They both define themselves by either their intelligence or their goodness. That insight is a huge part of what makes this episode a great episode (though it isn't my absolute favorite).

The title might not make it sound like the episode is above average, because it's mainly about Mabel and her friends going on a quest to find a unicorn to get it's hair and tears, but it actually is, by an EXTREME amount, It was one of Gravity Falls' most dramatic and darkest episodes EVER! Along with Not What It Seems, possibly the most as a matter of fact, This could've made a good season finale, but the season is still not over, but Bill Cipher made it awesome, yet it showed something new about him, and the soundtrack when Bill's thoughts were revealed was INDESCRIBABLE! But not only that, but so was the PLOT! Stan Pines and Bill Cipher united and took over him when Stan's thoughts were exposed, coupled with everything together, even I almost crapped my pants and was about to scream like it was the end of the world, It shows you and everyone else that T.V. and everyone can still be creative and push the limits, yet T.V. isn't totally dead yet, with some remaining seeds, including ...more

This episode was awesome! I loved hearing Dipper's thoughts! "Wendy! Wendy! Wendy! Wendy! Wendy! " But this isn't my favorite because I didn't really like Mabel's part. I thought it was kind of taking time out of the episodes for the really interesting parts with Ford and Dipper. I love knowing Dipper really is taking the whole "Trust no one" thing to heart. And I feel this episode helped strengthen the bond between Dipper and Ford. That was really cool to me. Dipper and his hero becoming closer with each episode. But... What about Mabel? I feel like this episode was filled with foreshadowing. I mean, trust no one?! This is going to mess with his head. And if anything, it's going to ruin his relationship with Mabel. There have been theories that Dipper's going to burn the journals by the end of the summer and if he was going to, it would be because the journals are messing up his friendship with Mabel. Still, Northwest mansion would still be my favorite episode. (PADIPPICA! )

The use of drug referencing was used so much, and it was great. The jokes are absoulutly hilarious and there's lots of great quotes that come from this. It also was a real thriller on Dipper and Ford's part. When Dipper sees into Ford's mind and sees Bill I was like "Whatt?!?! " It was a total twist.

23 Irrational Treasure

A little shifty in terms of how no one else found out about this really easy conspiracy but otherwise great. The development of Mabel and the Police was spectacular.

This was the worst episode ever made!

I liked the depancimation proclamation. That was pretty clever. I liked the humor in this one

One of the best

24 Dungeons, Dungeons And More Dungeons

I just love knowing that there's at least ONE family member that doesn't treat Dipper like garbage and actually give's him some respect instead of teasing him.

Needs to be higher in the list! It's funny and has really smart jokes in it. Also, it shows that Stan trusts his brother AND that it's okay to be nerdy.

This episode was just okay to me, but most of the other ones are definitely gems!

This was such a fun episode! And it gave Ford some development, yay!

25 Scary-Oke

This one is one of the best because it's a turning point in the show when Dipper discovers the invisible ink in the journal and when the FBI agents are introduced.

Friday night, and we're gonna party 'til dawn, don't worry Daddy, I've got my favorite dress on!

Best episode ever! And Chris Offerman plays agent powers! And it makes stan complex!

Great start to season 2!

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