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1 I Can't Go for That (No Can Do) I Can't Go for That (No Can Do) Cover Art

Daryl Hall sketched out the basic song one evening at a music studio in New York City, in 1981, after a recording session for the Private Eyes album. Hall started the Rock 1 setting on Roland CompuRhythm then began playing a bass line on a Korg organ, and sound engineer Neil Kernon recorded the result. Hall then came up with a guitar riff, which he and Oates worked on together. The next day, Hall, Oates and Sara Allen worked on the lyrics.

Warden Lock called this song the best of all time. It's relaxing!

The Best Song I ever Heard. I would love to listen to it Over again! ;u;

I Can't leave this song in peace. It's great!

2 She's Gone She's Gone Cover Art

How this song is not over the Top of all this listings?

I also like this one very much!

3 Say It Isn't So Say It Isn't So Cover Art

Pure fast instrumental options, this song has everything to become into the Number #1 song off the list.

Should be in the Top 5. If you have never heard this song then listen to it!

Magic bass beat

4 Out of Touch Out of Touch Cover Art

In a 1985 interview with the New York City Tribune, John Oates, who came up with the original idea for the song and wrote the chorus, explained the importance of the line in the song, "We're soul alone and soul really matters to me": "'Don't lose your soul' is one of our central themes. Soul matters. Roots matter. They're the source of your power, your core, the energy that sets you apart from the molecules in the wallpaper."
This was the last of Hall & Oates' six American #1s - it remained at the top for two weeks (#48 in the UK). The rising sound at the beginning of the Big Bam Boom album is a metal gong struck with a hammer then played back in reverse with a keyboard sound layered under it.

Say It Isn't So didn't reach number one on the charts. This one DID! Plus it was their last really huge hit, which makes it a bit more special.

This is my favorite song of all time. Flawless in every way. I have no words for my affection.

You really can't go wrong with any of the top ten but I lean toward this one.

5 Private Eyes Private Eyes Cover Art

This is the best Hall & Oates song of all time in my opinion. It has everything. Great lyrics, a rare story, a catchy bass good vocals, and yes, is iconic.

when I sing along with this song I always have to clap my hands in the part when they clap there hands, does that make me a loser?

My third favorite H&O hit. A great pop song!

Maybe my favorite Hall And Oates song!

6 Kiss on My List Kiss on My List Cover Art

Are you serious? Private Eyes,Say It Isn't So and specially She's Gone above this one?
No offense but this song beat those three tracks so easily. This song needs to be numbered number 3 at least.

Daryl Hall's vocals in this song are so great. This song is also very catchy, but hell, all of their songs are.

This song has the perfect lyrics to describe any Hall & Oates song.

Some video games companies gotta' consider this song to ther most next video game to be realese. It's a cool one.

7 You Make My Dreams You Make My Dreams Cover Art

This is Hall and Oates' best song. As great as their other songs were, including 6 number one hits, this song is so amazing. It instantly makes you happy and want to sing it loud. It is so timeless you can't believe it's not a remake of some great old standard. It is Daryl's finest vocal performance and that is saying a lot given his unbelievable talent.

Private Eyes and Kiss on My List aren't enough to beat this song, come on. This is the definitely opener song of the whole damn Top 5

Like if we keeping it 100, this song is straight fire. Something you can play at Grandma's birthday party and when you selling crack on the corner.

This song makes me so happy. It's just so upbeat! The only one that might be even happier is Did It In a Minute, but this one is a much better song.

8 Maneater Maneater Cover Art

One of the best tracks ever, You Make My Dreams and this one are the most iconic Daryl & John tracks they had in its favorite time!

Oh my god! This is the son most classic from the 80's! I fell in love with this song since I heard for firts time! I listen heavy metal all the time but I love this son forever

Even I can't go for that isn't that great as Maneater, this song is number 1 for real my homie.

I Can't believe this ballad is not number 2 at least, oh my lord!

9 Rich Girl Rich Girl Cover Art

This is the one that put Hall and Oates on the map. A great funk rant against the uppity girl relying on Daddy's cash.

Not even a Rock song but stills a cool one from Daryl Hall and John Oates at their live performances!

This song is amazing. Should be in top 3

Pretty catchy, this is their best.

10 Sara Smile Sara Smile Cover Art

Should be No. 1... and by a wide margin

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11 Family Man Family Man Cover Art

This is one of their clearest best.

12 Method of Modern Love Method of Modern Love Cover Art

What a tune! It's one of the most memorable Hall & Oates songs to me-

Awesome song, very underrated yet.

13 Alone Too Long Alone Too Long Cover Art
14 Adult Education Adult Education Cover Art

"Adult Education" is in a virtual tie with "Out of Touch" for my favorite single.

14th is a joke. They have quite a few good songs, but this one should rank higher

15 Did It In a Minute Did It In a Minute Cover Art

Underrated classic. Such a groove.

Amazing song. So upbeat and catchy!

16 Possession Obsession Possession Obsession Cover Art

Better than at least the Whole Top 15 songs, it should be include on the Top 10, is a great song.

Great memorable video, and the song is great in general too.

17 Las Vegas Turnaround (The Stewardess Song) Las Vegas Turnaround (The Stewardess Song) Cover Art
18 You've Lost that Lovin' Feeling You've Lost that Lovin' Feeling Cover Art
19 One on One One on One Cover Art

How this song isn't at the top place? ... Not even I Can't Go For That's relaxing much effort as this one ...

I miss old school Disco

20 Back Together Again Back Together Again Cover Art
21 I Don't Wanna Lose You I Don't Wanna Lose You Cover Art
22 Your Imagination Your Imagination Cover Art
23 Everytime You Go Away Everytime You Go Away Cover Art
24 Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid Cover Art
25 It's a Laugh It's a Laugh Cover Art
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