Top 10 Best Brass Instruments

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1 Euphonium

The euphonium is the most mellow sounding brass instrument commonly found in concert and marching bands. Some people would disagree and say the French Horn is has a mellow sound, but that's because they've never heard a professional euphonium player. There are typically two in a concert band, so your section mate can end up being one of your closest friends. Another feature is the fact that they are so versatile. Having piston valves and a range of up to five and a half octaves (if you develop a professional level range), they can play very virtuosically. Trombones and French horns simply lack the potential playing speed of a euphonium because rotary valves and a slide can't move as fast as pistons. A final reason to love the euphonium is for the parts. You can be playing a slow, exposed, sonorous melody, a loud low brass feature, runs with the woodwinds, or a bass part with the tubas.

2 Tuba

Okay so, I play clarinet (best instrument ever! ) But I do think that tuba is the best brass instrument. What do we all release to? The tuba. What are we supposed to listen for when playing fermatas? The tuba! Tubas are like the concrete for the whole band. We rely on you, tubas! Without you in the band, we're basically nothing.

It is the most beautiful instrument it can play melody and sound amazing, but they get the bass because the high brass can't. They are the foundation of the band, and music sounds off when it's not there.

3 French Horn

The French horn is byfar the most beautiful, rich brass you will encounter. When I first played the horn in an instrument tryout at a school, I immediately loved it because of its golden tone. It has a mellow personality that holds the band together. It's so compatible with other instruments that it's a member of the woodwind quintet! Although it has a unique sound, It is hard to play and the tone cracks if you're not careful. If you practice hard and don't give up, you can definitely play beautifully on it. Also, not many people play it, so I find it an honor to be one of the rare few who do. I will say that I like Euphonium as my 2nd favorite brass, but the horn has that bright, magical sound that even Euphonium can't replicate. Euphonium is my 2nd favorite brass, as I already said, but French horn is my favorite instrument of ALL instruments! GO FRENCH HORN!

4 Trombone

A trombone offers a strong steady voice for a lead and also a soothing background noise for others.
That's where I believe it hits it off. A French horn is a good background, but even after years, it's very difficult to play a solo. A trumpet is a great lead instrument, but many trumpeters have 'treble' playing quietly on backups. A baritone is a great accompany to the trombone, but is not very well-known. The trombone is able to execute stellar solos as well as background music in many different styles, be it jazz, concert, or even marching on a field.

5 Sousaphone
6 Trumpet A trumpet is a blown musical instrument commonly used in classical and jazz ensembles. The trumpet group contains the instruments with the highest register in the brass family.

I think that trumpets can have amazing solos but also go along with the band. They are also very nice for beginners. It also just has a jazzy sound to it. It can go high and low if you'd like. If you play brass or are a beginner I definitely recommend a trumpet. They sound nice, they can go high, most our affordable, can stand out but also play together in a way that no other instrument can. Trumpets our the best! In my opinion.

This instrument can play many types of music because of its capability to
Play various pitches. It can be very high in pitch or low in pitch. It makes such amazing sounds. It is also much easier to master a trumpet than most brass instruments.

7 Cornet

Love the sound of a cornet, can give you sweet romantic sounds and then you can jazz it up, helps my 8 year old son plays the cornet.

The warm sounding trumpet... It gives any band that mellow, sweet sounding lead vocals that it requires!

8 Baritone Horn

It has more skill and it sounds awesome. This instrument can play many types of music because of its capability to
Play various pitches. It can be very high in pitch or low in pitch. It makes such amazing sounds.

Lovely range in notes, love watching and listening to my 12 year old play his baritone horn.

I've been playing this for 13 years, I highly recommend this instrument this should be in the top 5

9 Bass Trombone

Cannot argue it is a great instrument! I mean, playing low notes makes you cool. Simple as!

What else needs to be said? The best brass instrument (trombone) plus bass

Bass Trombone has a strong and unique low tone, but when played higher it tends to sound like a euphonium

10 Flugelhorn

Have you ever tried a flugelhorn? No? Go try one. The beauty of the sound you can achieve with a flugelhorn is unmatched by any other brass instrument in my opinion.

By far the most civilised of sounds in the brass family - silky smooth and worth a try if you've never played one and like brass.

Flugelhorn has a smooth, flowing song, and it sounds prettier than the trumpet. Sorry, trumpets.

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11 Tube Trumpet
12 Bugle
13 Mellophone

Best instrument in the whole band. Without them the band would most definitely fall apart. People may not know about us now but after seeing and drum corps show they'll go home wondering "what was that sexy sound in the background"

Lovely name and lovely sound part of brass family, love it!

Phantom Regiment mello section for the win!

14 Tenor Horn

Has a great sound, but, in my opinion, can't compete with the French Horn in an orchestral setting. I voted for it because it is the main instrument I play and I couldn't bare for it to be beaten by the Tube Trumpet.

15 Fiscon
16 Tubax
17 Cimbasso

Most under estimated instrument on the world.

An interesting and very capable instrument.

18 Tromboon

A trombone with a bassoon mouthpiece. I'd love to find a VSTi of this instrument.

19 Piccolo Trumpet

All the art of a trumpet, played classically higher!

20 Saxhorn
21 Bass Trumpet
22 Alto Trombone
23 Alto Horn
24 King 3B
25 Jazzophone

Awesome! Sounds like a sax but has 2 bells and 1 bell uses a mute. It is really cool!

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