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When it comes to home remodeling, we all try to be creative and with just a bit of an inspiration probably from magazines or television shows, we can create an all new look that suits our style.

However, home improvement and décor can be a very tough challenge, so we look for suggestions and helpful tips how to, not only get the look we want but also do it in a much practical and affordable ways in helping you redecorate your dream home. Either you're looking forward to battle bed bugs, find cheap mattresses, replace your kitchen tiles, or do a makeover for your living room, brainstorming alone isn't enough to get you on the right track.

In the world of television, most of the shows not only market ideas but also create a more realistic application of these ideas possible home design and even renovations. Here are the 10 watched home remodeling TV shows that can surely give you those excellent design ideas.
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1 Fixer Upper

When it comes to looking for ideas or new ideas, this is the show I come to. My dream home is a farm country home. Chip and JoAnn have my taste in style in all areas, except for goats. Sorry Chip. They are down to earth people, but most of all they have that special marriage that I admire of what it takes to work together. I not only learn the creativity, I learn how they learn each other to work together for there career and for their children.
Love them.

Absolutely love this show, Jo and Chip 'nail' it (so to speak) each time. Every home they have done, I'd move into tomorrow, and feel the people who now have these beautiful homes by Chip and Jo are so lucky.
The family feel and relaxed style is also a plus to see, managing a family and business can be so stressful but they have found the balance between each other. Hope this show never stops I see so many things and ideas I've not seen before and just love it.!

I am a huge fan of Fixer Upper! I love watching the ENTIRE process from choosing a home to the reveal of the newly fixed home. And also delightful moments sharing their family life. I will SO miss new weekly episodes. I am also hopeful that after taking time away to focus on new business & and their family, that their special bond and remodeling gifts will return. I for one would be thrilled!

Congradulations on your new baby.We watch all yaws shows. Yaw are so talented. We just got a house on the bayou in Deritter Louisiana. Have yaw ever thought off helping out here.
We are in serious need off yaws help.
I'm sure thus is crazy to asj. But this is our dream spot but it needs yaws skills. We are not rixh but have some. We are both retired and limited on out motor skills.
It's a great location.
But if yaw thought about trying something different for your show. Thus is the perfect location.
I thank yaw for you tume.
Roy & Olivia

2 Hidden Potential

Its just a classic, so inspiring and very helpful to give ideas for your own home.

Fantastic Show. Very Well Done.

3 Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

What can I say that hasn't been said? The fact that they help people who can barely help themselves speaks volumes! My friend tuned in once and I have been watching ever since.

Last but definitely not the least is the home remodeling American reality T.V. series, " Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (EM:HE), hosted by Ty Pennington. The show provides home remodeling and renovations for less fortunate families and community schools.

Deserving benefactors are chosen based on their problems and real life, and sometimes these include a family with an illness or a recent disaster. The fun in renovating begins when the family is sent home for a vacation, and when they come back, they could find their home already fully renovated - sometimes the house seems to be replaced entirely.

How do I apply for this for my mother? She gave up her life ten years ago to watch my gramma and grandpa who were terminally ill and both on oxygen, and also watched her grandmother who was 93! Now all three have passed and my mother took over guardianship of her fathers sister who has Down syndrome. She has given up so much of her life for others and she recently had hip replacement surgery and is overwhelmed with organizing the house she was left with. She has so many beautiful antiques and if the house was updated a little, it would look beautiful. She had the outside resided a few years back but ran out of money to complete the inside of the house. The house was built in 1867 and has had five generations of family live there. The downstairs has had new Sheetrock but the upstairs bedrooms need new Sheetrock. She almost got the house done, but ran out of funds and now it is hard for her because of her hip. The downstairs bathroom needs a shower for her aunt with Down syndrome ...more

My husband and I have moved from place to place always renting. We've always taken care of my son and grandson. We're the only family we have. My son is a single parent. I'm disabled with heart disease, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. The last place we have lived in was like living in a horror movie. I ended up having to keep my doors locked and a gun near me because of the landlord. We only lived her 5 months. I'm suing him for sexually harassment. I'm always home alone. We're moving now to a house that's been gutted. We're buying the house and we're doing everything we can to get the house going. My son and husband took money out of there 401K. Plus what my husband makes and my disability. We have only found 2 people that would help. We're both also veterans. Im55 years old and have always dreamed of me and my husband having a real home of our home. I wanted a bear claw tub. But we're not rich enough to buy one so we bought one at a flea market ...more

4 Property Brothers

Drew and Jonathan are the best. Their personalities make this program. I like to see the house hunting with Drew and the renovations and how these awesome brothers solve all the problems along the way. They are both professional caring and ENTERTAINING.

Pretty cool. They prefer the scorched earth policy of renovating older homes, but they are smart and likeable and occasionally have good taste. Sometimes they are a bit too cookie-cutter for me, but they still (mostly) have style.

I love this show. They do care for the happiness of their clients on the work they do. They try to save on every part of the renovation.

I love how they turn houses from ugly to beautiful

5 This Old House

A true remodeling show and of course one of the originals. This show is the perfect format, no drama just the actual techniques of the project. They walk you through the entire project showing just enough to motivate your imagination and demonstrate the latest techniques or best practice. This is by far the best home improvement show...

Been watching since I was a kid (with dad on the weekends) I've learned so much over the years.It's well detailed and documented fixes and renovations covering step by step, techniques, and new technologies on some projects, all without drama. May sound boring to some but the camera work is so fluid and active you have no time to be bored.

Getting the spot at top 10 is “This Old House”, which is hosted by Kevin O’Connor and Amy Matthews. It was first release as a 13-part series for a local Boston PBS affiliate back in 1979, but from there it eventually became the most watch show when it comes to altering your home for the better. Now also considered as the “Granddaddy” of the remodeling shows for it has set the standards for those that followed after it.

If you get to see their site, you can get varied ideas for remodeling your home by browsing through their navigation. The site also has some contents about how-to repairs, and the recommended products from the T.V. show to be used and at your home.

Love the show and the way they explain what they're doing and how they do it. Great information for thise that don't have expertise in that area.

6 Flip or Flop

The very best one yet, no comparison

Love it beautiful homes.

7 Rehab Addict

Simply one of the best. Curtis has integrity and puts love into her projects.

She has a great show. she shows many shortcuts that work to prep, refinish & use over in your remodel.

8 Hometime

Great directions for many fyi jobs. I enjoy the team 's friendly bantor and eye for detail. They also give some simple "how to" ideas to make a job easier.

Excellent Show especially when it was Dean and JoJo!

Great show and the explain everything with ease.

They actually know what they’re doing and are having fun. This makes it passion and not “just” a job.

9 The Block

I skip the episodes that cover all the drama among the contestants and just watch the room reveal episodes. Even then you get enough of a sense of the development of the contestants, interesting comments on style and function, and some great renos.

It is the best mix between reality T.V. and renovation. It is extremely addictive.

No where else have I learnt so much about style and interior decorating

A lot of drama but is so you become invested in the contestants.

10 Design on a Dime

Bring back great ideas for budget conscious people

I miss it, they had great ideas!

Bring back a modern version. 30 minute shows.

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11 Love It or List It

The best in remodeling, pricing and added value, with their final decision as to staying or putting it up on the Market!

Love this battle between the realtor and the designer!

12 Grand Designs UK

The show itself as well as the homes are a work of art. beautiful videography and very inspiring words spoken by the presenter throughout

I absolutely love this show!. The host is great and the homes they select are amazing!

Informative, original and well thought out. A show on a whole new level!

Easily the most amazing home makeover/build show on the planet!

13 Masters of Flip

Wonderful couple with great ideas for incorporating both modern and contemporary design.

Love this show! Adorable and fun couple with fantastic ideas and design. Love, love, love!

I love those two, super cute and loving!

Love it! When are they on?

14 Income Property

No nonsense show. He is a great designer and mixes is just the right amount of humor without going overboard. I wish it was on more.

I loved watching this show. But now I can't find it on T.V.. Where did it go?

Love this show, and he tries to remodel without breaking the bank

The best with Scott! Watch it faithfully

15 Renovation Nation
16 Color Splash

Love this show!

17 First Time Flippers

Watching these novices who often don't know which end of a hammer to hold gives those of us who have some skills the feeling that "if they can do it, I can do it." I would like to see a program that shows follow-up. Did the house sell/close? Did they decide to try it again? Are they still together or friends?

Very Interesting And Good Training.

18 Home Town

Love this show. Ben and Aaron are a joy to watch with their realistic approach to making over a home. A lot of common sense and style without all the unnecessary glitz. We binge watch this one. Love their personalities and how they interact with each other and those around them. I hope this program continues. I live in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Love their realistic, simple projects and down to earth personalities. They just seem very real. These are the people I would love living next door to me in a small, southern town.

My husbsand loves this couple and their work ethic.
As do I. Am so tired of friction and snarkiness on other shows. stopped watching Fixer upper because Jo became really rude to her husband.
Hope Erin takes better care of her husband!

Great couple

19 Bought and Sold
20 The Real Estate Pros
21 Buy Me
22 Texas Flip N Move

America's Auctioneers Myers Jackson brings the show to a close with 10 minutes left...

Quite Humorous And Funny.

23 House Rules AU
24 Design Star

The show that launched David Bromstad's career! It was fascinating to watch the elimination process!

25 The High Low Project
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