Best Ouran High School Host Club Episodes

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1 The Fujioka Household's Daily Life
2 The Twins Fight
3 The Sun, the Beach, and the Host Club

I was just wondering why you can't fight 'because you're a girl'. I understand that Tamaki was worried for Haruhi but I think that generalises girls as 'being weak'. It also gives the impression that you shouldn't fight if you're a girl, and it really shocked me how angry Tamaki became just because Haruhi stood up for what she believed was right.

Haruhi learns a lot in this episode on how the boys think, kyo stands up for tamaki and tamiki helps haruhi with her fear of thunder storms but gets found out and the other guy's think he's pulling some 4-play trick on her.

4 This Is Our Ouran Festival

This episode made me ball my eyes out! It was so romantically sad!

5 Until the Day It Becomes a Pumpkin

This episode is the one that solidified Kaoru as my favorite character, a position he's kept to this day. It may seem like a silly Halloween episode on the surface, but viewers come to realize that it's much more than that as Kaoru's prediction becomes more fleshed-out and we see that he's right: things are changing, for better or worse. We get one last appearance of Nekozawa, and he goes out with a bang, let me tell you. The class rep's side romance was a nice touch as well, making it an enjoyable episode.

6 Haruhi and Hikaru's First Date Battle Plan

It's a good episode, but I think Hikaru belongs with someone else...

7 Kyoya's Reluctant Day Off
8 And Kyoya Met

Just so perfect. Oh my god. I wasn't expecting this episode to hit so hard. I still tear up when I see the splash of red paint hit and watch as Kyouya's canvas of life open up in the most wondrous way

Most poetic and sweet episode in the whole show between my two favorite character. Best episode hands down.

So sweet when Kyoya met Tamaki. It made me laugh a lot when Tamaki showed Kyoya some weird things on his T.V.. Although there were some roasting moments, I love the fact that this anime is made! Bravo! Kyoya! Mon ami! Mon ami! =^~^=

A true friendship is blooming wonderfully!

9 Honey's Three Unsweetened Days

The premise: Honey gets a cavity and can't eat the one thing he values most, sweets. This is the definition of the term "simple yet effective." Tamaki and the twin's terror after spilling tea on Usa-chan is still one of my favorite moments. We also get elaboration on possibly the two characters that have the least development, so it was nice to see a Honey-Mori centric episode.

10 The Door The Twins Opened

The twin's backstory was something we only ever had pieces of, but their full origins finally come to light in this episode, and it was well worth the wait. The maid was a big surprise to me, and their cruel antics masking their sadness as well as Tamaki's determination made it very endearing to me as well. Kaoru's animation is en-pointe as always, and overall one of the best backstory episodes I've ever seen.

Truly my favourite episode. Has so much meaning. The twins are not as mean as you think, and they have a backstory like everyone else. The twins are pure awesome. Watching this makes people see that.

The Contenders
11 Haruhi in Wonderland

I just think this was a brilliant episode that gave some important character development to Haruhi. Plus the end where they switch from her dream to real life and she sees how similar it is and comes to realize her host club activities are like a dream, is absolutely brilliant and just incredible direction.

12 Tamaki’s Unwitting Depression!
13 Jungle Pool SOS
14 Starting Today, You Are a Host!
15 Covering the Famous Host Club!

The plot-line for this was something I thought was going to be a waste of time, and perhaps filler at best, Lobellia-quality at worst. Boy, was I wrong. Even though the first 10 minutes are essentially just he usual host antics, seeing them stand up for Tamaki was probably one of my favorite moments in the series. We also got some TamaHaru and rose symbolism with a sprinkle of character info that makes for one of the best episodes here.

16 Mori-senpai Has an Apprentice Candidate!
17 The Refreshing Battle in Karuizawa

Whenever I think of well-balanced episodes, this one always comes to mind. It's got plenty of comedy, what with Misuzo (REFRESHING!) and the twin's rivalry with Tamaki. However, there are definitely more serious moments too, such as when Tamaki panics about Haruhi's respect for him being on the line and the various twin moments that solidify Hikaru and Kaoru having a closer bond, something that begins to change next episode. Overall, at least 9/10.

18 The Host Club Declares Dissolution

The first part of the two-parter finale, everything comes to a head here. We have Eclair, Kyoya and Tamaki's family drama, and Haruhi's debt being paid off in the middle of a cultural fair. Add in an arranged marriage and fantastic character development, and you've got yourself one heck of a finale starter!

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