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Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends is a 2004 animated television series about the adventures of a boy named Mac and his imaginary friend Bloo at an orphanage housing abandoned imaginary friends.

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1 Frankie My Dear

Orlando Bloo:
My lady? Waits a few seconds My lady?
Don't mind if I do! Don't mind if I do pick up the fork and eat whats in front of me!
Dear Fosters crew:
Best show ever, that was the best part of this episode. The Orlando Bloo scene.

The first episode I watches and happened to but the most hilarious!

Yes call me by my first name orlando!
Orlando Bloo

I died of laughter when I saw the Orlando Bloo scene.

2 Mac Daddy

I haven't seen Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends but this song is also the title of a song written by TobyMac's son.

This episode literally makes me laugh out loud to the point where my abs hurt. I can never get enough of it!

While I don't hate Cheese I hate the stupid Mac and Cheese joke.

God I love this episode! I have it on DVD! Yeah!

3 Store Wars

Boo: Rip-off artist! *Kicks clerk in the shins and runs*
Clerk: Ow! My shin!
This episode makes me laugh!

Rip-off artist! Absolutely hilarious

4 House of Bloo's

The amazing pilot episode and only time where Bloo is serious and shows affection for Mac

5 The Big Cheese

This is my personal favorite episode! It's so funny. Mr Heriman installing the key pad and misinterpreting the instructions, everyone locked out and trying to get the code from cheese, the house getting destroyed, and Frankie's freak out, it's HILARIOUS!

I just finished watching this one.

6 World Wide Wabbit

The comedic. Relief provided was by far subpar.

7 Bloooo

This one was my favourite episode! Bloo get's really ill. Infact, he was so ill that he turned white. Meanwhile his friends where watching a scary horror film about a ghost. Because Bloo turned white he looked just like the ghost in the movie. No more spoilers, You need to watch this episode, its hilarious!

I thought Slenderman was coming to get Frankie. I was laughing.

I already watched it.

8 Destination Imagination

A wonderful episode

9 Good Wilt Hunting

Wilt is my favorite character, and this episode is the reason why. This episode shows the best of Wilt, and also shows that no matter what, he can and will do the right thing despite the fact that doing good deeds will set him off course on his task. Then we see his backstory, which is heartbreaking to watch such a nice character get broken like Wilt did. Speaking of heartbreaking, this is the first and only episode of Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends to get me to tear up the way I did. Not only does this episode deserve to be in the top 10, but in my opinion, it deserves the number 1 spot.

So fantastic! I love wilt so I love this episode

Best episode of the show.Wilt is my favorite character and I love how helpful he is.The thing with his arm was really sad.

10 Setting a President
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11 One False Movie

And a little boy without a father learns an important lesson..
Hi friends this is Lauren is exploring! Ha ha

I just love Craig Mccracken's cameo in this.

A hilarious satire of modern film production, overuse of special effects, and gratuitous writing

One true movie

12 Squeeze the Day

The peek of the writing on this show. There are so many hilarious jokes in this episode that I lost count. Cheese sucks and Mac daddy is a sub average episode. This is the best one.

Cheese the day

13 Infernal Slumber
14 Berry Scary

Blood my mind

15 Cheese a Go-Go

This has a "that was close" moment for Frankie. Cheese nearly got ran over, and technically, Frankie saved Cheese's life, she's a hero.

16 The Bloo Superdude and the Magic Potato of Power!
17 Beat with a Schtick
18 The Little Peas
19 Duchess of Wails
20 The Big Lablooski
21 Bloo's Brothers
22 Bloo's the Boss

You should really see this episode, the first time I saw it, my sides hurt so bad from laughing! The episode starts out with a nameless imaginary friend hanging for his life over a rushing river. When Frankie and crew hear about this from Bloo, they rush over to try and rescue him. It seems like the friend is in luck because they have a plan but due to Bloo wanting to help, he ruins everything and all hope seems lost. Until Madame Foster pulls a daring stunt and saves his life. Later, the event is broadcasted on T.V. and respectfully, Madame Foster gets all the praise. Feeling unappreciated for his good deeds, Bloo hatches a hair-brain scheme by waxing the floor, which unintentionally results in injuries of several friends. This also gets broadcasted but with a different reaction. After Frankie explains to Bloo what a good deed is, Bloo tries to redeem himself by setting up "his" own fosters. He uses cardboard boxes and toys as This results in one of the funniest conversations in ...more

23 Cookie Dough

This episode is very iconic because it ended with Frankie eating so many cookies that she got fat, igniting the fat Frankie Foster fetish, I have nothing against that by the way.

This episode ended with Frankie eating so many cookies that she just got fat.

Frankie got fat

24 Sweet Stench of Success

Oh lord, I love this episode. It's heartwarming and funny at the same time, seeing Bloo actually show affection for Mac the first time since House of Bloos. 10/10, even if Bloo is a little bit of a jerk,

25 Phone Home
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