Rocking With Regret: Illud Divinum Insanus By Morbid Angel

christangrant AWell now you know what i'm reviewing since i reached 1,000 member score you get read my pain of listening to this album so i hope you enjoy me torturing myself for the sake of others entertainment but anyway lets get on to the review.

Illud Divinium Insanus is 8th studio album by American death metal band Morbid Angel. It was released on June 7th, 2011 by Season of Mist a French independent record label. this album is the only album to feature the bassist and vocalist David Vincent after he rejoined the band in 2004. This album is a experiment because it combines death metal with industrial metal.
But now let's this review over with and lets review Illud Divinium Insanus.

Omni Potens

Well this is a intro track and not a very good but the sad thing is that this is probably the best track on the album yeah that's how bad this album is.

Rating: 6/10

Too Extreme!

Oh my this track is really bad it's very repetitive and the worst part is that its's 6 minutes of the same drum beat which if you heard for long enough it will hurt your ears. After about two minutes this track gets old and it feels like the disc got stuck on repeat and kept repeating. If you can't already tell i hate this track and it's a very bad start to a awful album and if you let a old school Morbid Angel fan hear this they probably wouldn't guess that this was Morbid Angel and probably think that this song is some awful song from a awful Industrial band because this is not how you should experiment and this is only the 2nd track on the album.

Rating: 4/10

Existo Vulgoré

After a really awful track that starts off sounding like a little bit death metal but then after the start the song just gets awful and the drums sound like the St. Anger drums except even faster and a lot worse. At least this track isn't as long as the last one was but its still a really bad track. At least the guitar solo is decent but that doesn't help it much.

Rating: 5/10

Blades for Baal

Yet again another awful track on this album and the bad drums from the last track are still present here. It's such a shame that this album was made by the same people who made Altars of Madness that album is a absolute masterpiece but this album is the polar opposite. But i'm getting off topic this track at least has some death metal in it although its not very good its better than what the last two tracks were but not by much.

Rating 5/10

I Am Morbid

Well this track is interesting because unlike the first two tracks it starts in a different way almost something like well Morbid Angel would do. and this track isn't that bad yeah i guess after hearing so many bad tracks this one is like a pot of gold while it's no masterpiece its way better than most of the tracks on this album.

Rating 7/10

10 More Dead

Hey you know something this track is also decent i mean it's not that great but after hearing all those other bad tracks this track seems like a breath of fresh air mainly because this track sounds the most death metal out of all of them however the second half of the song isn't as good as the first half but it's still better than most of the stuff that came before it and if i had to chose one track to listen to from this album i think i would chose this one.

Rating: 7/10

Destructos vs. the Earth

Just when the album starts to get decent this track comes by and ruins it because this track is not very good. While it's not the worst of the album its not that great either and this track has more elements of industrial rather than death metal bu overall this track is not the best but also not the worst.

Rating: 5/10


When you reach this part of the album you start to wonder if what you are listening to is a Morbid Angel album because most of the songs on this album sound almost nothing like Morbid Angel's usual songs which you should be listening to not this album.
But anyway this track is not good its pretty bad it has most of the problems from the other tracks mainly the awful drumming which is worse than the drumming from St. Anger, yes its that bad.

Rating: 5/10

Beauty Meets Beast

Another awful track from this album not much to really say about this other than if you didn't like the other tracks from this album you won't like this one.

Rating: 5/10


Oh my i thought Too Extreme! was the worst song of this album well this beats it because this song is absolute trash. This song is basically what you would get if you combined the awful drumming from St. Anger with Marilyn Manson and throw in a little bit of death metal and then you would get this horrible abomination seriously this track sounds nothing like Morbid Angel at all. This track is one of the worst metal songs i have ever heard this track is so bad that when i showed it to cjWriter1997 he almost had a gag reflex because of how awful this song is, yeah its that bad never listen to this track ever of if you are curious and want to go through the torture i went through go right ahead nothing is stopping you but you will regret ever wanting to hear this song. Oh yeah and this song is 7 minutes long so yeah that makes it even worse.

Rating: 4/10

Profundis - Mea Culpa

Thank god this is the last track on this album but its really bad its just like Too Extreme! but even faster combined with another song from this album seriously this is what ends the album well i'm not really surprised because what do i expect at this point this is a awful ending to a awful album.

Rating 4/10

Thank god i'm finally done with this album seriously this album was so bad i couldn't listen to it in one sitting i had to take a break after the first 3 tracks because of how bad they were. But lets add up the scores to see what rating this album gets

Album Rating: 47/100

This album is very bad and people call this the "St. Anger of Death Metal" well they are right because this album is even worse than St. Anger ever will be i would not recommend this album for any one not death metal fans not industrial fans and not any fan of music in general avoid this album at all costs.

Well now you just read through how painful my experience was this album but i did this for reaching 1,000 member score and i wanted to give my followers some entertainment so i would like to thank you for reading this post and have a nice day.


Congrats on 1000 member score. You've come a long way. Hope it continues to grow as time goes on. And thanks for the semi-shoutout too.

Also if Radikult gets a 4/10, I am deeply afraid of what songs are 3/10 or 2/10 or, even worse, a 1/10. - cjWriter1997

3/10 would basically be so bad to the point where you would want to turn of the music device

2/10 would just be My World by Guns N' Roses bad with basically little to no redeeming qualities

1/10 Would Be where the song nearly fails on every level but maybe have 1 positive

0/10 means its fails on every level

But yeah as bad as Radikult is there is worse (i'm not just talking about Pop and Rap songs I have found rock and metal that are somehow even worse) - christangrant

Congrats Christan :D - Ananya

Congrats. - zxm

Good job bruh. Stay awesome! - AlphaQ

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