LightningStrike Album Review: Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd

Album Review Number 2

Best album of all time according to TheTopTens? You guessed it. And if you didn't like this album, you're probably not listening to it right. Here, let me show you the beauty of Pink Floyd.

This is Pink Floyd's 8th album and also their most successful one too. Released in March 1st of 1973, Recorded in Abbey Road Studios (London, UK) 42:31 is the full length of the album, Labeled by Harvest, and is the genre of Progressive Rock. It even sold over 45,000,000 copies worldwide at that time making it one of the highest selling albums of all time as well! All of that information is according to Wikipedia. Anyways, here's the review:


Speak to me:

Now this is a very good start, the first 30 seconds is just a very quiet heartbeat noise and I can't barely hear it. Or maybe I can, It after that are sound effects that are supposed to be well built for an introduction and some quiet quotes that people say: "I've been mad for f****ng years, absolutely years, I've been crazy for yonks... I always have been mad, I know I have been mad, Like the most of us are... It's really hard to say that you're mad, Even if you're not mad." You know that quote right there gives a good point. Have you been mad? How long? And after that is laughing just so that you could get into the mood to hear some rough stuff in music. And sounds, and more louder laughing and sounds. Very nice start there, nice sounds, nice laughs, and nice F bomb.


That intro made us thrilled and after that is a nice calm and cheery song. I gotta say, Pink Floyd really does know what they're doing, calm after thrilled, awesome way to experience a unique work of an album. Anyways, that instrumental break at the beginning is over 1 minute long with relaxing tunes and very unique production. And the lyrics are meaningful too. It says to not care about the bad stuff and calm down. Now this is one of the best starts of an album I have ever heard. Very powerful and positive, it's like there's already peace on Earth or something like that. It also has no chorus too. There's also a second verse about a bunny rabbit? Digging a hole and another hole? What's the meaning of this? Maybe it's kind of like not worrying about bad stuff again and keep doing your business kind of stuff. Nicely done there Pink Floyd. Love the relaxing tune and the cheerful lyrics.

On the run:

Ok now things are getting thrilling again with a song that's millions of times better than Revolution 9. The sounds from stereo to stereo really does sound futuristic especially for it's time. I also like the sound that sounds like my face is getting shaved or something. And it also includes a female airport announcer and running footsteps with hard breathing. And that keyboard is like WOAH! It's going awesome and as the sounds keep on playing with different effects, there's a few more sounds from stereo to stereo to go. The keyboard tune is awesome and catchy as we all know as well. I like this. And there is another quote from a man saying: "Live for today, gone tomorrow, that's me... HAHAHAHA!!!" And the effects keep on going stereo to stereo with different awesome sounds. TAKE THAT REVOLUTION 9! >:D There's also more laughing. And at the end, it plays a louder sound with a loud guitar note or something? And probably an explosion too. Now THIS is art right here. Done just right.


The beginning features ticking sounds then clock chine sounds. Was I dreaming? Was Speak to me/Breathe/On the run really a dream? Well we're up and awake after that noise. And i'm ready for some music. And there's also ticking with some synth sounds which I gotta say is very cool. Very relaxing too and it features... Bongos? After that 2 minute intro, we finally get some lyrics with great vocals. The lyrics are basically describing what a full day is like and compared to my usual life. This one is a bit of a unique Saturday. And oh yeah, lady vocals? Guitar solos? Yes and yes. They there and they're lined up just right for anyone to enjoy. Second verse is about the sunset and it's just describing what it's like in a beautiful way. And the lyrics also describes an end of a day and after that brings back the tune of the song breathe. Are we at sleep again? I think so. And the lyrics are different this time. It's about being in our home sweet home feeling relaxed. It's also describing what it's like far away just to keep is tuned for the next song. Very nicely done and probably the best song here so far.

The Great Gig in the sky:

Oh, the breathe song is back except this time, it's a lot more relaxing than it used to be this time! It also includes another quote with another message: "And I am not frightened of dying. Any time will do, I don't mind. Why should I be frightened of dying. There's no reason for it, you've gotta go sometime." Very good quote there. After that is drum ratting and lady singing. You would love this song a lot more if you think of something trippy. It also has organ sounds with small effects. And from what I remembered from the intro, One of the parts of the lady vocal solo is the screaming that I heard back when we heard the first song. Makes me think. You also get to listen to this for 4 minutes. Fairly long for a vocal solo. And very trippy. And then it gets softer and then a very quiet quote appears very quiet "If you can hear this whispering you are dying" wow... What a joke! I can hear that whispering and I don't feel hurt that much. It's just music. Duh. And the vocal lady keeps on singing very softly in a beautiful and unique way. And gets softer at the end. Again, very trippy.


Ok now we're hearing cash sounds making a beat including with one of the best baselines ever created in the history of music. Very catchy and fun. Overrated? I don't care. It's fun and catchy. The lyrics are just about money and how people use it. Now I know what you're thinking, are we still sleeping or did we just woke up. Anyways, the riffs are catchy and awesome especially putting it at a 7/8 beat. And the second verse is just greediness and how you earn so much and stuff. The beat stills goes including with a sax solo. And this solo is one of the most unique ones I get to ever hear in my life. I wanna see a man play this right in front of me so that you could get the idea. After that is a guitar solo which is kind of in the tune of the sax solo. Very nice instrumental and still very catchy. It plays for... A very long time until the third verse comes. It's talking about it being a crime! Uh oh. The greediness is going to far. And it ends with the Pink Floyd members talking to each other.

Us and them:

The conversation fades as the synth sound starts playing. The tone is calm and not really in the most cheery tune but it's still good. There's also that same sax, it's also in the Instrumental too. And the lyrics are satisfying and also the most satisfying lyrics at that time including with echo effects too. The lyrics are telling us that we are ordinary people and we're making life go just fine. The tune gets a bit louder after that including with the lyrics talking about a general and a map which in my mind is like Jesus and the earth. And second verse contains topic about who cares which person is who. Including with satisfying echoes like up and down. Still has that calm tone of music that came back to a bit loud again. And the lyrics this time is telling is that's there's room for everyone in life. It's said by a man with a gun so I have to think of it like it's the police or something. After that is a piano solo and a few people talking about situations like this. Innocence? I think there's a lot of those. And sax solo again. Third verse is telling us to don't worry about people's opinions. Now this is something that TheTopTens need to know about. It's the website everybody! And after that talks about trying to stop worrying about bad things happening like you're busy. And I guess we know what's next after that long stuff.

Any colour you like:

That's right, another trippy song, this one has very good echoing synths that hit in each stereo differently. And it's just beautiful to think of things that are trippy when it comes to songs like this. Oh yes, very nice indeed. It's just an instrumental song and after that includes a guitar solo with another unique effect. All it is is just and instrumental song with keyboard effects and guitar solo effects. And it goes for 3 and a Half minutes.

Brain Damage:

Love that soft riff as well. The tune is very relaxing and nice and very dark side of the moon like. Well this is that album so of course it's that way. First verse is talking you in through the stuff we went through in this album and explain about newspaper that keeps on piling up on our front yard from the newspaper man. The chorus explains that if there's something that effects you, they would see you on the dark side of the moon! Just like the title of the entire album. The second verse contains that laughing again including with the lyrics explaining trying to get away from that laughing guy or something. Locking the door, throwing away the key. And the second chorus is talking about different effects. And I think that singing lady is back too. Including with other singing people. After that are a few synths and a quote. And laughing after that. And again.


This right here is the finale of the album, it tells that everything is just the way it is and is eclipsed by the moon. It even has that singing lady singing a few of the lyrics as well and the vocals. The ending of this album is in really good tune with a see ya later tone as well as the finishing fade away organ sound as the last thing especially with a 30 second sound break at the very end. Nice poetry and nice ending... and oh yeah, who cares of this is a dream or not anymore.


Overall, this album is like you're going on an adventure to see some pretty epic experiences. The messages they give you, the tones are fitting, the production is spectacular and flawless, and this masterpiece right here is just what I'd like to call the best album of all time. It even appears on number 1 on the list of best albums of all time in this website. All because of the unique experiences we had and how great they entertained us through. My God this album is mind blowing! It's actually best to listen to this if you're listening to it with earbuds while relaxing. Now tell me if this review is not accurate.


The conclusion was the best part
Now, talk about things like the production, tone and messages more. - iliekpiez