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1 Umbrella

while Russian roulette is extremely beautiful, "Umbrella" is her signature song i. e when people think of rihanna they think "Umbrella ela ela eh eh eh"

Hi guys I think this song is the best that she had sing it deserve the number one is super good!

The first time I heard it I simply fell in love with the song... Best song ever!

I never get tired of this song

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2 Love the Way You Lie

Rihanna's voice is the essence of the song.
It might be her past, or just the amazing quality of her voice, but it really sounds like she knows the pain and anger and frustration that the song conveys. The rap by eminem is invincible. Hope we get to here such divinity forever

Awesome music, great voice, beautiful lyrics, superb video - perfect song!

This is awesome! Love her voice! And the rap is by Eminem, also cheering! I think this song should be listed as number one!

This is my favourite song ever

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3 Disturbia

This is the best of rihanna undoubtedly with some fantastic music and her characteristic voice,
And so it should be rated above all - MTG

This is absolutely her best song ever. Extremely catchy with some unique lyrical content

I love this song so much and I love rihanna shes an awesome singer you people should love her too like if you don't you have a damage in your face

Seriously Why Is This At 70 It's My Favorite Rihanna Song!

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4 We Found Love

Collaboration here with Calvin Harris makes for a great dance track resembling something of an epic piece for those party-goers and dancers on the dance floors all over. I would love to be at the Concert to hear this one live - and watch the crowd live!

What, 13th? You kidding me?
It's amazing
Yellow diamonds in the light and we're standing side by side!
We found love in a hopeless place!

A very good song from the album 'Talk That Talk' and a must listen song for all rihanna fans. A great song with a wonderful beat and music. It should at least be in top 10

Despite Umbrella is the best, We Found Love deserves 2nd! Love The Way You Lie is not really a good song, but Disturbia stays at 3rd. Also, this is the best song of Rihanna's 2011 album!

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5 Diamonds

The latest and the best song of rihanna... No idea why the hell its on number 58... People where are you... Please VOTE!
It needs a one!

Her new song is one of her best songs! I can't wait to hear her album Unapologetic!

Come on guys this is one of her best new song :D

I had a really tough choice between Diamonds and Umbrella. But I found that Umbrella got my vote!

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6 Russian Roulette

Amazing song really shows vocal range and passion. Favorite rihanna song.

This is such a great song.. Rihanna is so talented and her voice sounds really beautiful. The rhythm, the lyrics, the video are simply perfect.

This song is just beautiful... Rihanna has a great voice and her music and lyrics are simply beautiful
I also like unfaithful and love the way you lie

May be one day Rihanna will be remembered for Russian Roulette. As according to my notion this is a legendary song. If anybody wanna know about her singing, this song is gonna tell them... Rihanna was created to sing this song and there is no doubt about this song being a legend.

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7 Love the Way You Lie, Pt. II

This song is just beautiful, isn't it? It's a shame that it has been used as an album bonus track only as it probably not get recognized as a single. It hasn't been recognized enough and I think it's fantastic. Eminem's rap is brilliant as well but Rihanna's voice is just stunning in this. So Just VOTE!

This song is the best! Its way better than part 1. Her voice has so much emotion! Especially the part where she sings "But you'll always be my hero even though you've lost your mind"... I am so in love with the lyrics! Awesome singer world's best rapper= MIND BLOWING SONG!
I can listen to this all day... All year... Every time! It's amazing!

Good song with catchy high pitch...
Can become number one no doubt for sure... This song is wonderful

Part 2 is better than Part 1! It's my favorite Rihanna song!

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8 S&M

This song no 2 on the billboard so deserves at least no 5 on this chart this song is damn cool

Can't get this song off my head it's the most wonderful song keep going on Riri. I hope she will make another in few days.

This is her best song by far, I love the beat, voice and video there is actually nothing wrong with this song espically the catchy chorus

I love it too dang much, absolutely one of her most iconic songs.

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9 Only Girl (In the World)

It has a really catchy tune (and in the music video shes hot!

This should have been in the top 10. This song is like amazing and the beat is so catchy. While umbrella is a nice song, this song is so rihanna some how. The beat is catchy and sexier then any of the songs above!

This song is my childhood! This should be in the top three, it's so good! I remember, my first pop album was Loud! I'm not a huge fan of her now, I'm definitely a Little Monster (Lady Gaga fan), but I love this song!

Although I am a TOTAL Little Monster, my first pop album was Loud. This was my favorite song off the album! - PandasNGaga

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10 Stay

Should be her #2 song

WHY IS THIS NOT TOP 5! This is rihanna singing from her heart. And it sound amazing!

I love this song its definitely one of the best!

Definitely the best Rhianna song!

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The Contenders

11 What's My Name?

Can't get this song off my head it's the most wonderful rihanna song keep going on RIRI

What a great outstanding awesome song. Her voice is so good on this song. Would say it's her best performance. Like that of an angel!

I'm in love with this song! THIS IS AMAZING SONG! One of my all time top favourites!

I think this should be higher - ParkerFang

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12 Don't Stop the Music

This song was Written by Michael Jackson, that's why it hit #1 - SmoothCriminal

Has anybody notice that "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'" - Michael Jackson is in the background during the song? - SpinelliFan

This is the best of rihanna according to me it should be in best of ten. This is.

This song is even better when you clap your hands along with the singing
That way the song is number one

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13 Unfaithful

This is her best song by FAR! This song is filled with so much of feeling... Awesome, touching as well! Hats off!

This is a heart touching song
I this song the most and it is the only song which relates it to my life the closest...

Feels like cold breeze hit on your face when hear this song. Hear this song when you are on beach an feel its soul. Amazing.. Hearts of

This song is the best song of rihanna... It is exactly similar to my running life... I love this song... It has a true feeling of pain.

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14 Take a Bow

These song is awesome, as it combines a lot of elements in it, it's sad but has a very great and entertaining tune which makes it so fun to listen to, it's supposed to be number 1 in this poll, because in my opinion its one of the best songs rihanna ever made, if not the best

How is this song all the way down here? Her new stuff is just horrid - that pop mainstream style - this is the true rihanna

This should be higher than number 12

this song is the best I love this song and good girl gone bad they are very beautiful an sad

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15 Rude Boy


very energizing song :-))))) lyrics awesome too... rihanna voice keeps ringing in my ears

This song is good. I love it! - LapisBob

Its just awesome she has done absolutely good in this song
5/5 hats off cool lyrics too

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16 California King Bed

Amazing Song.. Rihanna Shows her skills in a slow song not her favourite genre.. but she does an amazing job.. and the tune is also amazing.. - anuragjain

This song is EXTREMELY underrated. This song is unique unlike the other songs she has had recently that makes it so good. Also the lyrics of this song is genius. This is the BEST song from her album Loud hands down

Come on people, this is the best ballads she had. She should make more this kind of song rather than a rubbish S&M.

Come on! This song portrays such touching emotions! How can it be this far down? Rihanna is an amazing singer, and this is one of the best songs that she's ever created. The lyrics are unique and amazing... This song should be way up higher

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17 Where Have You Been

Vote Vote! Better than all of these songs!

This should be No. 5 at least!

NEEDS to be higher

This is best

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18 Shut Up and Drive

Shut up and drive out of here haters of this song and let the song take control! It was in a movie and is good. So shut up and drive out of here haters. Shut up and drive.

WHAT!? Are you serious!? This is BY FAR her best song on her album album. GOOD GIRL GONE BAD!

This list is absolute crap. This should be in the top 5 as should Rehab and Take A Bow. Good Girl Gone Bad is easily her best album.

This here is the best song I EVER HEARD! Good girl gone bad is simply her Best album! TRUE!

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19 Love On the Brain

This should be number 1,if not 2. Lets get this song where it should be.

ess - malekjones42

One of the best
Thanks Rihanna
your voice is magnific

Great song - 23MACCAja

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20 SOS

The best song ever! Its funky, stylish, and original I'm surprised it isn't number 1! In my opinion it's the best songrihanna ever made! This is th rihanna everybody wants back! SOS!

This was her first number one hit and for a reason this was Rihanna!

Easily her best song. SO CATCHY AND AWESOME! SOS deserves at least top 10 on this list

Oh my god! In my opinion even though love cell's tainted love is a good song this is better than that song!

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21 Man Down

I love this song! –°ool music! Everything is perfect, Thanks Rihanna and you nice girl... - teleroy

I think man down is the most beautiful song.. It's new idea unusual and to me.. It should be in the top 10

What can I say she strong and not even chris can take her down and Man Down man that's good keep putting the awe in awesome


This song is perfect. Her voice in it is unparalleled. I LOVE narrative lyrics, let alone being combined with Reggae and a magical voice like Rihanna's. Definitely my favorite Rihanna song.

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22 Rehab

The best song of rihanna... I'm totally confused and surprised that it is not even in the top 3... Unbelievable lyrics, absolutely spellbound after hearing it... One of my best songs which I have heard till date

Definitely this. It's much better than her new generic crap.

This is her best song by far, Umbrella 2nd, Take A Bow 3rd, Russian Rhulette 4rd, Rude Boy or Shut Up And Drive 5th.

I don't understand why only one song of her 3 first album is in the top ten. The last 3 albums she did was a crap and nobody really know her really good song like rehab, unfaithful, break it off ft sean paul... I miss the old rihanna

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23 Te Amo

very very low place for such a beautiful track. Personally, I don't like Rihanna but I became more tolerant to her when this masterpiece came out - Irina2932

This song is the first song that I heard in radio and I fell love with rihanna... It is very low song and totally amazing song... Rihanna always rocked... And this song should be in atlest top ten so please vote... And waiting another rihannas mesmerising song... Go roc it

How cm this be so down... It is far better and worth listening than UMBRELLA Te Amo Rihanna

One of the best by Rihanna.. Something unique and a masterpiece from rihanna.. Love the song

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24 Take Care

This song is amazing and has deep meaning, why is it 37!

This song is beyond amazing. The lyrics are so intense and I love the tune. Quite melancholic. Love it.

The song is kinda good, video is stupid. I don't like it when she's hugging drake. Like theirs not dating. They had a on again and off again relationship.

AmaZing is all I can say bout this song. AND to all the bad reviews!

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25 Pon de Replay

Great song! Cheers to the fans who know this song and who loved Riri since the very beginning! I still remember how in love I was with her then!

I can't stop listening to this song it's catchy and her first hit so it should be number 1 this song never gets old


You rock gal keep it up

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26 Desperado

Best song of the anti


One of the best songs from ANTI, such a good base and soft lyrics also if I'm not wrong is one of the few nox-explicit songs from that album.
Her live performance if thus songs sounded better than the acutal song, this is an honour that only few songs by her can have. - DaisyandRosalina

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27 You Da One

People you have got to vote for this song! It is so ' awesome.! Love it when she ti-i-i-i-me..! And of course.. Her voice! Addictive!

Love this song guys! This cannot be down here!
It Is one of the best songs of all time!
Rihanna.. "You the one.. That makes me love you! "
So... COOL!

The music video is not that good but the lyrics are awesome

Catchy tune... N awesome music n lyric... Definitely in top ten...

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28 Kiss It Better

Has an old school infectious beat and the way she rides this beat is beautiful. Best track easily & one of my favorites from the album

One of the best songs from her in the last few years and my favorite off of Anti...

How can this song be this low? It's her best song and top 5 easily!

Greatest song of her entire career

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29 Can't Remember to Forget You

Rihanna and shakira are a great team please vote I love this song it is greater than the greatest great thing in the whole wide world - bubblegumboy37

I love it love it love it love it more than any other song! - bubblegumboy37

The best song ever move up. This is new and awesome - bubblegumboy37

Best song ever. I wish I could listen to it every day. Why won't you VOTE. All you have to do is press the vote button. Is that so much trouble - BFF

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30 Princess of China

Come on, it's a great collaboration with Coldplay. Should've been higher on the list. The music and the bass tunes are real good. Chris martin's and rihanna's vocals in this one make a great masterpiece

Though it's often forgotten about now, this is a fantastic performance from Rihanna that complements Coldplay's performance very very well. Definitely her best collab, if not song.

Great lyrics, great collaboration with Coldplay. Definitely deserves a top ten spot!

Its a great callboration so glad I got to hear these two together. Should have been higher on the list.

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31 What Now

And the most underrated song of all time award goes to...

I love this song, she sounds a bit different but its lovely I think everybody must listen to it...

I don't like Rihanna, but this song came on the radio and I actually really like it. I'm surprised it isn't more popular, and it's definitely strange to see it so low... it's a very good song. - philhenshaw

It's so deep and I can actually feel something in her voice that is so tempting, I can connect with what she exactly wants to say, that's how expressive the song is and her voice stands out.

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32 The Monster

No. 1 easy

So I scroll down to place 61 just to see the BEST Eminem & Rihanna song there is, and it should be way on the top of the list. Wow... just wow.

Great collab with Eminem. Better than Love the way you lie parts 1 and 2. Just listen to it.

This is the best duet with Eminem. She killed it during he chorus and this shoukd at least be in the top 2

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33 All of the Lights

I LOVE THIS SONG! She sounds so pretty in it and its really good I love this song also listen to the song "Raining men" by her and Nicki Minaj!

She is a featured artist on this song but she makes it 10x better. Kanye and Riri are both awesome in this song. It should be higher even if it's not her song. After all love the way you lie is top 5 then this should definitely be at least top ten.

Most the best songs on this list aren't Rihanna songs but just feature her and this is one of them. Best song on the list and she is brilliant in the video.

Very very god so thank you rihanna and I love you rihanna very love you

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34 Wait Your Turn

AMAZING SONG... Should BE AT top 10... One of the most underrated... Rihanna rocks in the song... For me its the number 1. Song of rihanna,

Easily her most underrated song, especially from the Rated ARE album. Should be in the top 10 along with Rehab, Take A Bow, Shut Up And Drive etc. Pathetic list at the moment.

My favorite Rihanna song point, blank, period.

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35 Live Your Life

It is as good as rude boy

This song should be higher on this list, it's really nice.

Rihanna's own website rank #2. Here #97! This is messed up!

I like it because it sampled "Dragostea Din Tei"

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36 Needed Me

So much feeling in there

The best track on Anti - Bayano1

Men this song rocks

The beat, the flow.

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37 Hard

Awesome song! What is it doing so way down here? People you guys need to know that her new songs have no match with the old ones!

Gotta be the best, combine Rihanna's voice, some empowering lyrics and multisyllabic rhymes, and young jeezy has a pretty good verse at the end. "Brilliant, resilient, fan mail from 27 million"

Another proof to Rihanna's ability to make us dance for a number while she can touch our heart with songs like Love the way you lie...

Mesmerizing voice of Rihanna, coupled with some awesome music makes this song so appealing... ! Should definitely be among the top 10's.

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38 Run This Town

I think this is a horrible rank for this fantastic song

This song was the best I've heard from her. It should be higher legendary song. - Crysis

Good song rated way too down..

Best rihanna song I liked

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39 Fire Bomb

The best one on Rated R! Firebomb was the essence of the whole album and it was a truely amazing song. Rihs voice was perfect for this song and she Killed it! This is my favorite, and this should be in the top 3!

Very nice vocals and lyrics

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40 We All Want Love

Such a great song

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41 Sledgehammer (From "Star Trek Beyond")

Her first good song in a while. Some of the most underrated songs are in soundtracks. - NicholasYellow

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42 Farewell

32 for such a beautiful and addictive track! What had happened to all those rihanna fans who haven't voted for this excellent song? This is such aa beautiful song that I just can't stop listening it over and over again! One of the best songs of Talk that Talk.

This is an amazing song about goodbye, one of the best!
Should be top 10 easily!

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43 Hate that I Love You

This is a really good song! why 126?

One of her best songs by far, this has much more meaning than some of her recent ones, please vote for this!

One of her best...

A vry good songz... makes me remember of my baby..
Just love the way both have song the song... the video is also awesome... just love the song...!

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44 Love Without Tragedy

This Song Should Be In The Rihanna,s Top 5 Songs.This Song Should Be way At The Top Of Her List Are You,s Listening To This Song Correctly Because This Is One Of Rhianna,s Best Art.!

Love this song

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45 If I Never See Your Face Again

Without a doubt the best song Rihanna has sung

Also don't mind Rockstar 101, Umbrella and S.O.S.

But I'm very tired of listening to Love the way you lie

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46 Higher

73? Really!?

This one really gets me! I don't know why the hell its 132, people everywhere please vote!

72? Are you kidding me? This song is so beautiful.

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47 This is What You Came for

Love it

This song is good!

Second the best!

When Rihanna and Calvin Harris team up,Magic happens!

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48 Lost In Paradise

Great song. Top 20 at least

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49 Phresh Out the Runway

With David Guetta.. Its too good...

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50 Fly

Best Nicki Minaj song.. Rihanna is awesome in this son.

Such a good and emotional song, deserves to be way higher on this list.

This should be at least in the 30's - spodermanfan1000

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