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1 Witchcraft

I love this song! I saw Pendulum live when they came to Texas for Lights All Night, and I couldn't have enjoyed the show more than I did. I'm obsessed with the Rob Swire remix of it.

It's amazing, and the drop is even bigger! Pendulum is just amazing in general and gets my blood pumping and my face melting.

At first, it was Propane Nightmares and Watercolour that I loved. Then I heard Witchcraft, and I knew it was my favorite song I had heard in a very long time. In fact, it was not only my favorite, but all of my friends loved it too.

Without doubt, the best of the best.

2 Propane Nightmares

This song is AMAZING. I listen to it often when I'm gaming. It just sets the mood!

It is just the right mix of everything I look for in a song.

You just don't get bored of it. You could listen to it all day and still be rocking your head to the bass. Greatest Pendulum song.

Great to listen to while working at a computer. The best song by Pendulum.

It also has a heap of remixes that are really nice as well!

3 Crush

A man is over-possessive of his girlfriend and beats the hell out of anyone who tries to flirt with her, then eventually kills her. Then a revelation - She never existed.

I've been listening to this song for 5 months and it's not boring at all. I really love Pendulum, which is my favorite band EVER.

Yup, this should be number 1. Amazing vocals on this compared to the rest of the songs.

Damn, the first time I heard this, I was like "BOOM".

4 Watercolour

I love the drumming and background keyboard, or something, but it's really cool. Best song. Great on Call of Duty 4 btd14zombies.

It's get-moving music, adrenaline pumping, great.

Epic song! I cannot stop replaying it! Not only my favorite Pendulum song but my favorite song ever!

Every time I hear it, I want to get up and rave!

Recognizable straight from the get-go and has so much energy.

I saw Pendulum live in concert, and when this came on, the mosh-pit grew to an immense size.

5 The Island Pt 1

I thought that this was an amazing song from the first time I heard it. This was the second song I've ever heard by Pendulum and probably my favorite.

It was a great album, and I love all the songs on it.

The atmosphere this song gives off is amazing. It cheers me up and makes me want to party whenever I hear it. This song is one of the reasons why I love Pendulum!

This is like the best song I think, besides The Vulture. I have been really attracted to Immersion compared to the other albums.

6 Hold Your Colour

I love most, if not all, of Pendulum's songs, but in my opinion, this has to be the number one and is one of my favorite songs of all time (and I listen to a wide range of music!).

The song is powerful, soulful, and very uplifting. It's one of those songs you can feel as much as you can hear. I love music that has that kind of powerful vibe. Although I love a lot of Pendulum's stuff, this song is the one that really hits that nail on the head.

Truly a brilliant song.

Great message, really relevant in today's world. Too many things out there are trying to kill your individuality, and it's important to know that no matter what, you always need to be yourself.

The bassline is great, but that's to be expected. It's really catchy, and I often find it playing in my head at random times. Definitely the best song off of the album of the same name, along with "Girl in the Fire."

7 Granite

The melody at the end of the song is the reverse of the melody at the start of the song. That's neat. Also, it's the best song in my opinion.

8 The Tempest

Starts subtly, builds to an intense rock section with powerful vocals. Not much in the way of D&B at all, but a very solid song throughout.

As it seems to die out past the 5-minute mark, you're suddenly introduced to a mind-blowing mix of synths, drums, and progressive D&B that detracts so heavily from the earlier song. This may be the single most intense, incredible listening experience for any ending of any song.

Truly my favorite Pendulum tune and favorite album, especially since it's the first physical album I ever bought back in 2008.

9 Voodoo People

Pendulum's remix of Prodigy's "Voodoo People" is a great song. It was actually one of the first few songs that got me into Pendulum, and even if you're not into Pendulum, by the time you hear this song, you definitely will be!

Seriously, not even in the top ten?

10 Self vs. Self

First, Rob and Anders' voices used in the same song is something I adore. They contrast yet complement each other so well, which, artistically, is the theme of the song - conflict between two sides of the same person.

A blend between the styles of the two bands leads to an interesting mix. The song has notable elements from both bands, yet the final product is still distinguishable as something entirely separate from other music of its genre. Somehow, it manages to capture the essence of what makes each band so unique while being its own, one-off experience.

One of my favorites from both Pendulum and In Flames.

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11 Blood Sugar

Blood Sugar is one of those upbeat songs that you can't help but listen to every day. I would especially vote this one up as it was the first song I ever heard from them.

This is what defined Pendulum at their finest.

Easily the best song I've come across by Pendulum. The drum and bass balance out the lack of vocals and create a great tune to party to. Blood Sugar all the way!

Pendulum's most iconic sound, and the atmosphere is unbelievable live!

It should be number 1. It's creative genius!

12 Tarantula

Awesome! Always listening to this. It's a little different, but that's what makes it so good.

This song has a lot of energy. The bass is just amazing.

13 Encoder

Very different from Pendulum's usual style, but still great. Beautiful melodies and great mixing.

This isn't actually my favorite (1. Crush 2. Island Pt I 3. Set Me on Fire), but I feel it deserves more of a chance than it's been given.

A different style, but I like it. The vocals are amazing, and I can't stop listening to the guitar solo at the end.

My favorite song, quite close to The Tempest. It's amazing and deserves more love from the fanbase.

14 Showdown

Showdown is just too damn catchy, with a great beat and basslines. It's a proper club song. It should easily be in the top 10.

It's my favorite song of Pendulum!

15 Set Me on Fire

If not the best song by them, it is definitely up there. I had a hard choice between this and Witchcraft, but I actually find this one a little better.

I hope this great song finds its way into the top 10!

This song has an amazing mysterious flavor. It has something very special, and I could hear it multiple times and never get bored of it!

I think this should be #1 or at least under the top ten.

A bit discouraging at the beginning, but you won't regret listening to the rest.

What is more, you won't turn it off ever!

16 Slam

Pendulum will never be able to create something like this ever again! In Immersion, it started with Genesis, then Salt in the Wounds. They seemed to be trying to start the album like Hold Your Colour, but they failed to capture that same power.

This is one of their best for sure!

Why is this not in the top 10 yet? This is one of their greatest songs. It has the best melody, great drums, and an even better music video. Slam is really deserving of a higher placement than it has.

Anyone with me?

The most intense song by Pendulum is definitely SLAM! This song is amazing to pump up to!

17 The Island Pt 2

This song is quite different as it is extremely electronic but still retains some of that great Pendulum sound that everyone loves!

I love how they seem to be trying to destroy the song in the second part. Very underrated.

18 Streamline
19 Different

Very good song, but I think it deserves to be higher up.

Without a doubt, my favorite song from In Silico along with Visions and Propane Nightmares.

I love how Pendulum has been venturing into rock music. Great lyrics, as well as music.

Extremely unique, heavy, and only gets better the more you listen to it.

20 The Other Side

My favorite song of all time. I listen to this song literally 20 times a day.

A great song that deserves to be higher on this list.

21 Midnight Runner

Awesome, and the sample is nowhere near the best bit at the end. Crazy ending.

22 Axle Grinder

Why so low? Damn, it's pure awesomeness.

23 Comprachicos
24 The Fountain

At first, I thought it was okay, not the best Pendulum has ever done. Then, I started getting really into Porcupine Tree. I don't know if that's the reason I got into it or not. Nowadays, I always skip over Encoder.

The Fountain should have been the final track. It's so powerful, emotional, and always gives me the chills. It also has a similar darkness to Porcupine Tree. I still can't decide on a favorite Pendulum song, but The Fountain is definitely up there.

A great ending to the album before Encoder. Love the off-beat snare and the vocal/synth harmonies in the chorus, not to mention a classic lead line.

It's a simple one that's not thrown in your face but is still a massive track!

25 The Terminal
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