The Evolution of Video Game Consoles #2 Doublevision, Magnavox Odyssey 2, & Atari 5200

htoutlaws2012 Today's set of consoles are all dated back in the 2nd generation of consoles some of them obscure, while others are very notorious for their significance. A somewhat dead period of gaming, but how about we dive in right now.

Magnavox Odyssey 2

Released: 1978
Discontinued: 1984
Generation: 2nd
Units Sold: 2,000,000 (T-35th)
Initial Price: $170.00
IGN Rank: 21st

While not as successful as the first odyssey... yet I prefer the controller of 2 then 1 by a mile only because the default controller you get with you're purchase is odd compared to that massive improvement joystick. While technically it was out in 78' in Europe countries the U.S didn't have a chance to crack it until 79' the very next year. While it didn't produce a single notable game there really wasn't a game in its library that was considered sub-par bad just average at best for its time. Yet like the first it was very okay at best it didn't exactly felt revolutionary, but interesting for historical significants. 6 out of 10


Released: 1980
Discontinued: 1990
Generation: 2nd
Units Sold: 3,000,000 (32th)
Initial Price: $299.00
IGN Ranking: 14th

Taking second in the console race, and it wasn't by much was Intellivision with its notoriously complicated controller. I'm sorry if this seems different for the time, but in 1978 why use a remote control as you're controller i'll never know, and this wasn't the last company to try and attempt this. I do see though why they are where there are, but I wouldn't say they are the 14th best console of all time (IGN). It is back with some pretty memorable arcade titles like Snafu with its addicting beat song, Frog Bog it even made a cameo in freaking Grandma's Boy shows how much respect it gets, & Astrosmash which was the answer to Atari's Asteroids, and Midway's Defender. There is a great selection of variety with a console that was a little higher priced than many, but one killer of it all is that controller is way too difficult to use. 5.5 out of 10


Released: 1982
Discontinued: 1985
Generation: 2nd
Units Sold: 2,000,000 (T-35th)
Initial Price: $175.00
IGN Ranking: 12th

Tied in 3rd with the Odyssey two we have the ColecoVision which had rights to Donkey Kong which is rare to see. Unlike the Intell, coleco has a much better controller, but the irony is that Intellvision sole more which I find surprising. In a way its underrated, but not necessarily when its placed in the top 15 that's quite the stretch. What I can say that maybe it could of had a chance, but nothing could compare to how well done the 2600 was... until well 1983 where all of these companies pretty much fizzled out of the bloom for a Japanese company that would save the gaming world as it still stands today. 6.5 out of 10

Atari 5200

Released: 1982
Discontinued: 1984
Generation: 2nd
Units Sold: 1,000,000 (40th)
Initial Price: $269.00
IGN Ranking: 23rd

We end with perhaps the worst one of the bunch, and the 5200 is just so bad that it was not only a let down, but this would become the beginning of the end for Atari. You can literally buy games over and over. I mean if you already own it then why do this to yourself. The real reason why. The 5200 was an abomination was quite simply two things, the hookup insanity, and yes the controller is to this day the worst of them all. Nothing functions with the exclusive title I mean you were given only 4 years alone you may argue back then was due to fail. Funny it hangs in with the units cause I feel bad for those who were screwed purchasing an incomplete disaster that needed more tests than anything else. 1 out of 10

This pretty much wraps up this generation of consoles, but what happens when newcomers step up to the plate to save the way we play today, tune in next time.


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