RustyNail's Rock/Metal Album Reviews #2- Band/Artist: Skillet, Album: Collide

Band/ Artist - Skillet
Album -Collide
Genres - Christian Rock And Metal, Nu Metal, Alt Metal
Members -
John Cooper- Lead Vocals/ Bass Guitar
Korey Cooper- Keyboards/string/Programming / Rhythm Guitar/ backing vocals
Ben Kasica- Lead Guitar / backing vocals
Lori Peters- Drums/ backing vocals

Track Listing
1. Forsaken
2. Savior
3. Open Wounds
4. A Little More
5. My Obsession
6. Collide
7. Fingernails
8. Imperfection
9. Under My Skin
10. Energy
11. Cycle Down

This is the 5th album released from skillet. It was originally released in 2003. but after switching labels to lava records, it was given a bonus track ( Open Wounds) and re-released in 2004. Now yes it is Christian rock and metal, but it doesn't mean talking about god/Jesus or heaven or things like that. In any Christian band, usually the band members have strong Christian faith, and lyrics are very uplifting.

John and Korey are a husband and wife duo, fun fact I guess. Even though you may think since they are a Christian band that means they are soft and very peaceful music. Hahahaha!! WRONG!! This band sounds like modern rock bands like 3 days grace, just to name a example. I'll prove it.

Track Dissection

1. Forsaken- genres- Christian rock/metal/ alt metal
The opening guitar tells you these guys are ready to rock. The verses have a grunge-ish type sound. Deep bass. Very aggressive and rhythmic chorus, Johns vocals are somewhat gutteral. He has the somewhat same vocal style of Adam Gontier ( 3DG). Amazing guitar solo. Recommend

2. Savoir- genres- Christian rock/ metal/ nu metal
acoustic guitars in the first 10 seconds, then just explodes into a very deep/ aggressive, koRn type guitar riffs. Then slows down to grungeish verse, peaceful as well. The chorus shows nu metal type vocals ( no rapping though) and the same guitars in the beginning ( aggressive). Uplifting.scary bridge, with those koRnish riffs.

3. Open Wounds- genres- Christian rock/Metal/ alt metal / nu metal
A keyboard type acoustic guitar verses. Amazing rhythmic chorus. Has a pre-chorus. Great bridge. Lines like " I'm not giving up / giving in when will this war end?/ WHEN WILL IT END!!!?" is the best part of the bridge.

4. A Little More- Genres - Christian rock
Slower, less aggressive song. Almost a electric acoustic guitar in the verses. Johns peaceful yells in the chorus are actually better than it sounds. Nice drumming in the chorus and bridge, very rhythmic.

5. My Obsession- Christian rock/ metal/ nu metal / alt metal
Arguably the heaviest throughout the entire song. Combo of deep bass and guitar in the whole damn sounds very catchy. The guitar solo is very aggressive and deep, not like a typical bright AC/DC Angus Young solo. Heavy rhythmic drumming after the 2nd chorus. Johns screams after each chorus makes it for me. Favorite song right here.

6. Collide - genres- Christian rock and metal / post grunge
A violin into lasting for about 30 seconds, then guitars and keyboards come in. John has peaceful vocals in the verses. The chorus is very uplifting. The Chorus - " There's something deep inside, that keeps my faith alive. When all you can do is hide from the fear that's deep inside of you. Something x6 that keeps me close when i don't know." now that is a Christian band chorus. There's no guitar solo or bridge. But there is pianos, then violins lasting for a minute then to have a drum beat building up to the final chorus.

7. Fingernails - genres - Christian rock and metal / nu metal / alt metal
very creepy keyboard into, before an explosion of ruff bass and guitars. Great guitar in the verses. Nu metal type chorus. A catchy creepy bridge. And marching band type drumming.

8. Imperfection- genres - Christian rock/ metal
A peaceful drumming and bass intro. Peaceful verses. An aggressive catchy guitars and vocals. Awesome guitar solo. Semi peaceful bridge. Recommend song.

9. Under My Skin - Christian rock / alt rock
a harmonic chorus. Rhythmic bass and drums. The verses are led by an almost electric acoustic sounding guitar. A semi long guitar solo is followed by a piano part, then by acoustic guitar.

10. Energy - Christian rock/ metal / Alt metal / nu metal
Probably the most aggressive intro on the album, along with Johns scream. The song is driven by heavy bass and guitars throughout. Very metallic. The bridge is led by Johns bass and whispers. Then simply saying" I can't escape your energy" over and over makes it seem like something's can lead to a solo, but no.

11. Cycle Down - genres Christian rock and metal / alt metal
post grunge type song. Thick sounding drums. Harmonic sounding chorus. Pretty cheesy guitar in the verses. Another aggressive chorus. A light guitar solo in the background of the bridge.

look on the pre post information post for full and correct scoring guide
Track Scoring
1- ok/ sucky/ not good
2- good song
3- average / cool song/ I don't mind hearing it
4- Damn great Song
5- Favorite / turn it up and rock / strait up awesomeness

1. Forsaken - score - 4
2. Savior - score- 3
3. Open Wounds -score- 5
4. A little More - score - 2
5. My obsession -score- 5
6. Collide - score- 5
7. Fingernails - score- 3
8. Imperfection- score- 4
9. Under My Skin -score - 2
10. Energy -score-3
11. Cycle Down -score -2

Album Score

3.9 is my score ( 78 percent , a C+)

Just because you are a Christian band doesn't mean you can't sound like a hybrid of 3 Days grace, Deftones and have meaty, Metallica guitar riffs. Insanely aggressive guitars I promise. Slower songs are amazing and harmonic.

well, till the next episode



Good post, gotta love Skillet. They're the greatest Christian band of all time - Shake_n_Bake13

I absolutely loved this album. I liked Comatose, Alien Youth, Rise, and kind of liked Awake, but this is one of the best albums I've heard. Heard their coming out with another album early to mid 2016. I can't wait. Awesome review! - Alpha101

Skillet is an awesome band and Collide is an awesome album - bobbythebrony