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1 Lateralus

Ptahly says it best:

I believe it to be a alchemetical explaination into the divinity of the whole human condition. Especially, when he uses the four basiic colours of humanity and how we think we're all so different, but in reality we are all the same being looking at life at different angles. "As below so above and beyond I imagine"? That my friends is basic alchemy. Simply the equation that makes One out of three(Mental Spiritual Physical = The Perfected One). The spiral being our very same gentic code (which are the same for gold and the rest of this universe we happen to live in at this present time). Gnostic, in its terminology about embracing the Random. Its the over thinking over analyzing that really separates the body(the base)from the mind(the collective Godhood) until we are nothing more that lead trying to be turned into the Golden Age of Human Perfection that would be ushered in, once we accept our collective Godship instead of our individual ...more - BlindFremen

Honestly? This song is deeper and better in every way than Schism. Amazing musicianship. Amazing lyrics and meaning. One of the greatest song I've ever heard in my life.

This whole list has just been usurped by the new album

This album as a whole is amazing.

2 Schism

I could listen to this song for days on end. It's heavy handed musical qualities mixed with the inspirational lyrics and deeper meaning allow me to listen to this song no matter what mood I am in. I find my self in awe how great this song actually is.

This and The Pot were my introduction to Tool. Schism, being one of the most well known Tool songs despite the fact that it changes time signatures 47 different times throughout the entire song, makes it a great way to introduce someone to Tool. - DarkBoi-X

This was my introduction to Tool, I loved the song then and it made me listen to more and now Tool is my favourite band. I still listen to this song on a regular basis

Lyrically one of my favorite songs of all time. Tempo is great, and one of the greatest baselines of all time. Definitely the easiest Tool song to get into making it the best song to introduce to new Tool listeners.

3 Vicarious

This song is in different Level.

Better than Schism. - Userguy44

I can listen to this song all day has been my number one song by any band since I heard it... It gives me chills and dannys drumming is godly... Vicarious is perfection

Tool could not use any words in that song, yet it would still express more than any other casual one. The music itself is like pure, sublimed emotions, not to mention profound lyrics that can definitely touch everyone. Listening to Vicarious gives you unusual opportunity to experience what Catharsis really is. Just close your eyes and let the sound fill your heart and mind. Personaly speaking, this song changed my way of understanding what music really is.

4 Parabola

The best song ever, of all time, by any band in the history of the world, I don't know if everyone just says it, but this song truly changed my life, it lifted me out of a deep dark hole I had been in for about 4 years and changed me back to the old me, someone who lives everyday to be enlightened and expand on intelligence, living each day as it comes and never worrying about the illusion that is pain. You need this song in your life no matter who you are, but it needs to come after parabol, as this truly allows you to feel the message in parabola, if you start in a dark place as Parabol does, the song carries you to the climax of light at the end of Parabola, life changing visual music at it's best.

One of the best from Latralus. - DarkBoi-X

So many great songs how can you rate the best but this is up there

Parabol/Parabola is nothing short of a masterpiece. In fact, calling it a masterpiece would be an understatement. This song not only talks about the philosophy of life and existence, but it also taught me how to live. After listening to this song and truly understanding the meaning, it gave me an inner sense of peace that is unparalleled to anything I have ever felt before. Thank you Tool, you saved my life.

5 Sober

When I was trying to get into tool, I found myself struggling. And then I heard sober. Listening to this song makes me feel like I just kicked an army of tanks in the face with my fist.

First song by them I ever heard. No idea how this is not rated #1 by a landslide. I love it so damn much I could play it all day on repeat.

Absolute Masterpiece

One of my favorites - DenyYourMaker

6 Forty Six & 2

I truly admire each of the songs but I do have to say 46 and 2 is beyond just great lyrics and musical talent. It speaks to me as if the song was made for me. It describes my emotions and thoughts that I have not been able to put words to. I get lost in awe the more I think about the concepts the lyrics are referring to. This is a very complex song. The main idea is a sort of change into a higher state of being. Right now, humans have 46 chromosomes. It is estimated and presumed that the next stage of evolution will add 2 chromosomes to our DNA, hence the title Forty Six & 2.

There are many references to a shadow in the song. This is a reference to Carl Jung's work and theory. The shadow is everything in us that is unconscious, repressed, undeveloped and denied. These are dark, rejected aspects of our being. There is supposedly good in our shadow, as well. However, since it is only our unconscious, we are unaware of what that good is.

The song talks about stepping ...more

It sounds very tragic, also sounds like a great soundtrack to a horror movie to be honest. - DarkBoi-X

Not just a song... not a song at all. It is all about tension, which never fades! I've been crawling on my belly, clearin out what could have been - these lyrics are stuck in my mind. Awesome.

This is the best one by far. I can't believe it's 7 in this list.

7 The Pot

Best tool song ever

This is an amazing song. Can wake up the dead. What powerful riffs! I have discovered Tool a bit too late but better late than never!


My favourite Tool song, it’s certainly the easiest Tool song to move to. I never get sick of this song

8 Aenima

Awe this song is badass!

Aenima is the best. This song is how I used to think in early high school.. It has more meaning then any other song I have ever heard in my entire life

Just wanted to say that there arent many Tool songs I dislike they are probably my favorite band and that is sayin somethin because like my name states Iam a MusicManiac, but I think I have to go with Aenima its crazy good don't get me wrong The Pot, Stinkfist, Sober, Schism and many more are great but my decision goes to Aenima... and why isn't Swamp Song on this list it beats out some of these others... - MusicManiac69

I love every Tool song ever written to death, but this song... This song is so damn good, that it was one of my favorite songs when I was too young to even understand Tool, and it may not be fair because I still don't like Stinkfist, but all I know is, this song is amazing, even more than vicarious.

9 10,000 Days (Wings, Pt 2)

Wow, I can't believe how this voting is going. People, just because a song is popular doesn't make it the bands best song. Vicarious is a good song but it doesn't even belong in the top 5. Listen to 10000days, Rosetta Stoned, and Third Eye, look up the lyrics. And don't vote on this page if you've only heard a few songs, because I guarentee that if everyone on this board actually listened, understood, and looked up the lyrics to 10,000 days it would easily be top 5.

Great lyrics about Maynard's mom and her condition that she got when Maynard was a kid, that allowed her to live for only 10,000 more days - DarkBoi-X

10,000 Days in the fire is long enough...

Best tool song ever. I don't know why they give 9th spot deserve top 3,

10 Stinkfist

I love the explosive chorus of this song

Choosing my favorite Tool song is like choosing my favorite pile of money. They're all amazing. It was a tough choice between Sober, Vicarious, and this song. I ultimately chose this song because when I think of the unique sound and experience that is a Tool song, I think this song really exemplifies those qualities that make the band so great. Best band ever and one of the most important in the last 20 years of rock music certainly and possibly beyond.

Best song Tool ever wrote!

Not enough I need more, nothing seems to satisfy. I said I don't want it, I just need it, to breathe to feel to know I'm alive.

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11 Eulogy

Love how it gets evil as it goes.

This song, more than other Tool songs, will actually be a part of music history. I feel that it is best example of what Tool means to the music world. It is something that all music fans can listen to and be influenced by.

It may not be now, but it will be recognized as their best piece of work.

This song just switches me off and reminds me when I had no hope of living, it scream inside me reminding me that am not the only one with problems, lines like "we wish you well, you told us that you weren't afraid to die"i can remember still remember those days and this song just takes me to exact time of my hollow...

One of the first tool songs I heard and has always been a favourite

12 Right in Two

One of the best anti war songs and overall, one of the best from 10,000 Days. - DarkBoi-X

The guitar party gets stuck in your head in the best way possible.

Criminal that its not top ten.

Love the meaning of this song, the angels watching us evolve from monkeys into a voilent society is how I look at it, vicarious is a good song with a great message, but I think this song is the best! - dragon13304

13 Prison Sex

Really great song. Unfortunately gets overshadowed by Sober on undertow. Sober is the superior song but this song still deserves recognition

Second best tool song - AngusCash

AT LEAST top 5 material

The top 10 has like 3 good songs. 10-20 is better

14 The Grudge

Dude! Come on, any drummer should pick this song! This song and Forty-Six & 2 have the greatest drum solos ever put on a song. Daney Carey does the best he can on these songs and he does it all with just TWO of his hands! And it's not just the drums, the guitars on this song show thick, riffing patterns that contrast and make a really cool beat with the drums. The build to the end is so intense! These guys no how to play! They are my all time favorite band and that makes choosing that much harder. However, I came to a conclusion over years of them being my favorite that this song tops it all. This is my absolute favorite song ever! The meaning to lyrics melded into this song make everything almost over the top by how good they are together. This song needs to be in the top ten. Yes, I realize some songs, Schism, Sober, and Forty-Six & 2 are classics to any Tool fan, but The Grudge has to be put in the top ten for the sheer instrumental powers these guys have. It is the heart and soul ...more

My personal number one. Nothing comes close to the build up throughout the song, the hypnotic rhythm and drumming beyond what I expected to ever hear from a drummer!

In my opinion, The Grudge has the greatest display of all of the band's individual talents.

The best Tool Song, can't believe this is as low as it is.

15 Jambi

Greatest song ever written

Top 10 please - unknown-soldier

This should be in top 3

I love every Tool song. Jambi is just my personal favorite.

16 Rosetta Stoned

My favourite Tool song of all time. - DarkBoi-X

Amazing lyrics. Also my favorite Tool song as of now. - Userguy44

Careys Doing Swiss Army Triplets in 6/4 and has a 5/4 bass pattern with right foot and quarter Notes on his left that ties at all together.

Come on, it's not a most popular song list, this is easily one of their best, why is it ranked 16.

17 Third Eye

Just listen to it once

This is easily the best song Tool has ever composed. It's not the easiest Tool song to get into, but once you get familiar with it you just can't stop listening to it. It's quite an unic song withing Tool's catalog, it sounds like nothing else they've made.

Great song people easily overlook it could have a variety of meanings doesn't matter because people can relate to this song however they want. For me it opened up the door for me to look into meditation as a way to calm my mind and try to experience something different and has worked real well for me so far. My grades used to be D's and F's and I was at a continuation school, now I'm in a regular high school graduating this year with A's and B's, I can't say for sure the meditation brought me here (after meditation sessions I have a hard time remembering what happened, but always feel enlightened like I learned something) but it has defiantly helped pave the path of small steps to help me deal with life thank you Tool for producing such a good song even if it had no deeper meaning when he wrote it. I don't care because it helped me with life

Third Eye isn't my favorite Tool song ever, (that would be Vicarious) but it is my favorite song from AEnima.

18 Ticks & Leeches

This is what you wanted... this is what you had in mind.

One of the greatest drum parts of all time caps off this magnificent song by one of metal's most original, powerful, and technical groups. Really, everything about this song is perfect, but as a drummer I have to give extra props to Carrey on this track. And not Jim Carrey. Danny Carrey, the drummer. Not the comedian. And if you needed that reminder, please don't vote. You obviously don't know Tool well enough.

What the? I have no idea why this song is so low! It's one of the more aggressive ones on the Lateralus album and altogether a great piece of music

This song is absolutely nuts! Especially on the drums. Danny does a ridiculously good job on the drums. The main groove especially, it is so good! If I could learn to play that my life would be complete. This song deserves more credit as it should easily be top 5. Lateralus should be #1 no argument there, but Ticks and Leeches is just so agressive, there isn't a Tool song quite like it!

This really should be higher... It has one of the best drum beats ever! Come on people listen to this song, if you haven't already!

19 H

This song Has one of Tool’s most underrated and catchy choruses

This song and 46&2 are interchangable to me as the 'best'. I give this song a slight edge. I am apparently in the minority that likes older Tool better than newer Tool.

This song should be #1 in all categories, have the people voting here ever even listen to all there songs. Seriously need to re-tally votes and quit talking to people that have no musical talent.

Awesome song and one of Tools best. This is easily in my top 5 for tool songs. I guess I am part of the crowd that prefers their older work. Also this song performed live is phenomenal.

20 Pushit

Let me just start off by saying I love what all you guys have said about this wonderful epic, I completely agree on all points. For me, Tool is the one band that's basically impossible to make a top list about, generally speaking. Cause I literally love ALL their stuff. But having been this severely obsessed with 'em now for a few years (and even though I've almost had every single one of their songs as a favorite at one point or another) I am finally pretty confident that Pushit and Third Eye are at the very top of the list. And so, I can't urge new fans enough to be patient with these songs, it took me a long time before I started to truly appreciate these complicated themes, but once you do, it'll be some of the most beautiful experiences you'll ever have.

This is my favorite song by tool, it is one of those songs that you start listening to once you start getting sick of the album and start experimenting with the longer songs that take a little discipline to sit threw, but once you do you realize how amazing this song is and how epic the climax is. Maynard does some of his best vocals at the end of this song. Because this song is a little less popular then most of their songs I think it is missed a lot, but you just have to give it a try. One of tools great compasitions.

It's insane this isn't number one. Fantastic song here, the whole build up and then the very end when Maynard hits that last note, "I must persuade you another way, " is beautiful. It gives me chills every time. This is a truly touching song. Yes, it's long, but that is what gives it the emotional buildup. Absolutely beautiful work, no other band could come up with something this stellar.

Sad to see this at only 17 but I understand why. This song took me a while to appreciate but when I heard it the third or fourth time it emediately clicked to me. This song probably has the best opening guitar riff ever recorded, amazing vocals (Maynard's best for sure), flawless drumming, and great bass work. Prior to this song I was true believer that Lateralus was clearly the best tool song, but once Maynard sings the line "I'm pushing back into the gap again" the song starts to turn into a beautiful but hard rock anthem that has stuck with me ever since. Please listen to the song, and give it time. Then come back and get this song in the top 5!

21 Opiate

26? Really?! This is like one of the very best Tool songs EVER MADE! Takes me back to '92 when I was first introduced to Tool. I heard the Opiate album and could not stop listening to it. This is the last song on the album; not counting the "secret" song :) But you listen to the whole awe-inspiring album, and then end it with Opiate... It's just a song you can "feel" and always play on full blast and not get sick of it... Completely amazing.

So many awesome tool songs to choose from. At the moment this is my favorite. Awesome lyrics, I love the meaning of this song. Surprised this isn't higher on the list.

Should be in top 5, if not 1! My dad learned that he could sing from this song! He has a very successful band now. True story. :P

Should be higher. Probably one of the most sustaining tool songs ever.

22 Four Degrees

It's like concentrated bomb, trying to explode and set it free you know. Is it really so hard to get rid of all the stupid habbits, fears and make radical changes in our lives? -Should try harder perhaps...

Recently heard this for the first time, it needs to be higher than this. The main guitar riff has a kind of sweeping, epic sound. Though I did just read the meaning.

Honestly deserves more. Not sure why I didn't give this a listen when I first got Undertow. - AdamDestructorJr.

The intro is so sick!

23 Hooker with a Penis

This song starts off with some strong energy

Superb lyrics and a great riff... what more do you need from a Tool song?

One of their best

This song should be higher up in the list! It's a really great song to just get pumped up to for either gym or any other sport.

I know the name of the song might throw some people off but, you should never judge a song by its title and any tool fans wil know its classic tool.

24 7empest

My new favourite Tool song! It has everything: a classic Tool lead-in, fantastic guitars from Adam and classic angry Maynard lyrics (A tempest must be just that! ). 7empest is 15 minutes in duration, yet does not feel like it's one second too long.

Adam Jones' defining moment. It takes 25 years of Adams established sound and style then showcases all facets of it in a 15 minute masterpiece. A massive song.

Best song from Fear Inoculum. - DarkBoi-X

Instant classic first time I heard it, will go down as one of tools best songs once the dust settles, all hail Adam Jones.

25 Pneuma

The album Fear Inoculum as a whole is great and this song is one the best.

Beautiful amazing and one of their best


Quite the masterpiece I must say - beb

26 The Patient

Underrated song from beginning to end period.

It deserves to be at least in the top 10


This is probably one of the most epic tool songs ever if you listen to it enough to understand its meaning. The opening is intense and the interludes kick your ass. The song evolves into an epic climax near the end and it easily makes my top 5 tool songs of all time. It is a crime that this song is number 34 on this list.

27 Jimmy

Probably my favorite song from AEnima - Ljubo1950

Amazing song- such strong lyrical content and powerful rhythms are no new bout for Maynard and the boys. I would say it should be higher but only real tool fans know this.

After listening to all of Tool's discography this has got to be the single greatest tool song. Lyrical value is amazing. You Lied doesn't qualify since it's a Peach song

I don't think that I have ever listened to this song and intermission separately. intermission is the intro to this song.

28 Flood

Holy crap! why are all the undertow songs so low? if you think that this album is bad then you either have no taste in music or you have just clearly never heard it before.

Most underrated song they ever made. Once you get past the long intro you'll find one of the best songs in their career.

22 years old and it is still one of my favorite tracks ever

This is easily my favorite track off undertow - ryanrimmel

29 Disgustipated

Truly one of the most hypnotizing songs of all time! And without a doubt, one of, if not THE GREATEST ALBUM ENDING IN THE HISTORY OF MUSIC EVER!

I'd like to think of this song as a message to all the vegans out there that think it's wrong to eat animals. Disgustipated puts the purpose of human life into a different perspective that we are accustomed to. The sermom about the carrots is a huge testament to that, we are all alive, everything on this planet has a capacity to "feel" and "know". We all live, we all die and life feeds on life.

Even though its not a SONG song, like one that has a tune that you sing to, it is a great and meaning ful song. sure the seven minutes of cricket sounds in the end can get on your nerves a little by the end, but believe me it is worth listening to.

Two words: Truly creative.

30 Hush

Don't tell me what to say man

31 Reflection

Should be in the top 3!

Why is this too low on the list? It should be Top 20!


So underrated, with a meaning deeper than any other song I have ever heard, multiple build ups and pay offs, gets better every time I hear it

32 Part of Me

Y’all are uncultured

43er is ridiculous this should be top ten awesome song great drums and bass. - SVGPLAGUE

33 Undertow

For me, hands down the best tool song ever!

Indeed, I'm a little baffled by this placing as well. This song is worthy of top 5 for certain. I can tell most of you came into this scene during "10,000 Days, " well it's time to start listening to the older stuff!

How the hell are you guys leaving this at number 29 on the list. This has to get put higher up on the list ASAP.

Currently my favorite song by Tool. Everything about it is great, especially the drum line. I agree, this should be higher up on the list.

34 Invincible

Absolute masterpiece.

Number 67?!?!?! what. this is the best

35 Maynard's D***

Like it or suck it

This is such a catchy song by the way. that isn't usually what I look for in a tool song, but it is good!

Awesome song. (suck the D if you hate it) <=8

Does anyone else wish this song was like 20 minutes long?
(minutes... not inches :P)

36 Crawl Away

This is criminally low what, people must think only the slow, long, psychedelic Tool songs are the best when that doesn’t fully encapsulate their overall sound

Holy crap! this whole second page are my favorite tool songs I've heard! these are the real good ones

37 Fear Inoculum

I personally think this song is very bland, but I dig all the other tracks on the album especially Pneumonia.

13 -- number of times I yawned whilst listening to this obnoxiously repetitive, overbloated, unremarkable, and a hollow piece of crap; sounds like a leftover and stale piece from 10,000 Days. I'm pretty sure 85 % of this album would be laden with unmusical and pretentious fillers like this. The only good thing about this song is that it can act as a harmless and significantly more effective substitute for sleeping pills - say goodbye to insomnia, and somnambulism. - Vip3r

I respectfully disagree. It's a good song. Unique from everything they've done before, and yet still has that epic Tool vibe and more! - liberalsaredumb

Getting better every time I listen to this song. Can't wait for the full album to come out!

This song should be in the top ten. The instrumental part is amazing and the vocals are hypnotic. This is a masterpiece

38 Parabol

Amazing lead in to a amazing song

I love the buildup to Parabola (Parabol) even more than Parabola itself.

39 No Quarter

Ok there are obviously way too many good Tool songs to decide that one is the absolute best. We all have our personal opinions, but my opinion of the best song has changed countless times over the years. But this song is in top 5. Incredible.

Clearly at least top 5. I understand a cover shouldn't be one of the top songs of a band but I consider it more like a remake. It creates a completely different atmosphere if you compare it to the original version. Everything is just so good about this song...

Listen to this song and tell me it doesn't belong in the top 5. It's not a very well-known song, but it's really good.

This is better than the Led Zeppelin version and that is saying something! Brilliant played live

40 Jerk-Off

I know the only real version is live, but come one, higher please.

Killer double bass. I used to jam this before going out on Friday night with the boys.

Deserves to be a lot higher then 27


41 Culling Voices
42 Cold and Ugly

40 really this should be up there with Jambi,H the grudge

40? Really

There is no talking before cold and ugly and you need to go see a therapist.

43 Intension

It takes me back to the birth of the world

Really relaxing and if you play the intro backwards, theres a hidden message - redbluedeath

Love the drums in the second half of this song. listen to this song with right in two and it will give the illusion of being one song.

44 Descending

I think Descending is the best Tool song. I just get chills when Maynard sings "One Drive, to stay alive".

My favourite Tool song

Might be the best song off the new album. 7empest is great, don't get me wrong...but the build up in Descending is epic.

Hell yeah! I love this song! I heard it live and I'm dying to hear it again!

45 Bottom

Can't believe this song is so low it is underrated and one of the best from their debut in my opinion - Ljubo1950

It's hard to pick the best Tool song, but I have to say that "Bottom" belongs in the top 10! The lyrics are powerful: "if I let you, you would make me destroy myself
in order to survive you
i must first survive myself

Henry Rollins' spoken part on this track is amazing... Why isn't this song in the top 10?!

Sick. Sick sick SICK song.This song is so riff-tastic. Any true tool fan knows this song belongs in the TOP TEN.

Bottom definitely belongs on the top 10.

46 Sweat

44? This one is criminally underrated and should be higher on this list - Ljubo1950

Great start to tools career

Come on. This is one of the best tracks off Opiate - ryanrimmel

Slipping into a dream within a dream

47 Wings for Marie, Pt. 1

1000 Days is better but this song is still great in its own right and the fact that it’s so low on the list is the reason it gets my vote

I love that part near the end of this one with that amazing guitar and drums. After listening to both songs I realized that both songs end the exact same way, but on wings for marie it is more out of place if ya know what I'm saying

Are you kidding me?! Number 46 under Mantra, this song is fantastic and it's crazy how this is only at 46 - Quart

This is a good song. but why so low?

48 Swamp Song

Another great but underrated song - Ljubo1950

That bass line, can't say more. I hope it sucks you down..

How is this song not higher? It's so relates to the world and is so angry and powerful, especially with Maynard's sick vocals.

Wow this is really odd I thought it would be much higher than this!

49 Die Eier von Satan

It's not really a song I just thinks is smart to talk in I. German and make it sound like a Nazi hate speech when really he's talking about baking cookies x3

It' a song by a metal band about baking cookies without eggs in German. Can't get better than that.

50 Triad

Great instrumental! It should be higher - Ljubo1950

So primal... Just as you think the song is over it just comes back with the same brutality and takes you away, once again

This is my absolute FAVORITE SONG ever from tool. I can headbang to this song until I get permanent brain damage. this is just a perfect song for when you want to ROCK!

Very underrated song. this should be at least the top 20. this is a great song, great guitar, probably one of my favorite songs off of lateralus, besides parabola and of course the title track.

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