My thoughts on Tyler the Creator

So, I've been surfing on this sight for awhile and I've noticed a lot a hate for "Who Dat Boy". Heck, I've seen a lot of a hate toward Tyle run general. Let's to a breakdown in his skills as an MC.

Flow: Probably Tyler's worst aspect. It can be great at times, as seen in "Yonkers", but it does fall flat sometimes, despite it normally being decent. So 5/10

Delivery: Tyler's delivery always suits the tone he attempts to achieve in the song. For example, in "Who Dat Boy" it's gritty and aggressive, in "Boredom its introspective and revealing. So he gets a 7/10 in this celategory.

Creativity: Tyler is easily one of if not the most creative rapper of all time. He's constantly doing new things and changing his style, constantly pushing hip hop to its limits. 10/10

Lyrics: This is probably is easily going to be quite controversial, but Tyler is an objectively good lyricist. His rhymes are great, with hard hitting punchlines and some good wordplay. His lyrics are just so different and out there it doesn't appeal to most people. 8/10

Discography: Tyler's first mixtape was excellent. His 2011 release, Goblin was loathed by music fans but praised by most critics, holding a 75 on metacritic. While it did contain some phenomal songs (Goblin, Yonkers, She, Her, Nightmare), there was also a lot of garbage on it. While some of them were parodies and satires of similar song (namely Radicals), they weren't great. They same can't be said for his 2013 release Wolf. That album had MUCH improved production, excellent lyrical content, and it was overall a very cohesive project. 2015's Cherry Bomb was a simulator case as Goblin, but the good outweighed the bad. His recent LP, Flower Boy, was a masterpiece. Fantastic production, variety etc. it was just a phenomenal album. Who dat boy has been hated immensely, but the beat was hard hitting and unique, and any hate towards that aspect is bias alone. The rhymes are great once again with some very witty punchlines, and while Tyler's flow was pretty bad, A$ap's was great. In my opinion they really make up for each other's weaknesses. Overall a 7/10.

So the average score is 9.25. Tyler's a great MC. Plus, I think he really is what the rap industry needs right now. In an age where music is dominated by repetitive drivel, Tyler is pushing boundaries. In conclusion, if you don't like him, you have to respect him.