Top 10 Best Tyler the Creator Songs

just some of my favorite tyler the creator songs in order.
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1 Yonkers

I admit, this is the first song that I listened to from OF. It got me into their music. But let me just say that this is overrated.

Awesome beat, kiler raps, and major dissing. All the qualities of an awesome song.

Killer disses, awesome beats and great stuff compared to the rest of that album...

2 Bastard

This song was what kicked of his career. Having the deepest meaning and expression of himself. What I respect of him is that he is open and doesn't hide much from the public. He simply does not care. GOLF WANG

Dark as Tyler can ever get with the occasional realism to accentuate it. Plus there's a dope ass piano riff matched with a good beat

Deep lyrics, catchy beat, and the deep voiced therapist. What's not to love?

3 Sandwitches

Contagious and honestly same with tron cat! Easily two of his best songs!

Hodgy just owns it

4 Rusty

This is probably one of my favorite verses of his, he gets into such detail about how everyone just wants him to put out songs, despite whatever he's feeling.

Amazing beat, amazing verses by Tyler, Earl and Domo. Easily one of his best songs.

This was just magic. Thank you this list... This song made me become a Tyler fan.


First things first, the lyrics and concept behind the song is almost complete nonsense, the only thing relating it to reality is it's speaking of a guy's personal struggle confused with deciding what his own feelings are for a girl, reaching nearly the point of insanity. I get it, but it's nonsense. But other than that, the beat is good. Tyler, the Creator is a crappy rapper (little complexity)(spits nonsense), but an above average composer (if that's what you want to call it), but this shows a different side of Tyler's producing where he actually looks to balance acoustics and sound affects and bass. It works in this song even though it's still pretty funky.

Best song ever. Not just by Tyler. The beat is amazing, the lyrics are just bizarre. I love it.

Lyrics and vocals in this song really felt to me,I don't even like yonkers to be honest it's one of my least favorites. This one deserves to be #1 I don't know why it's so under rated,it's really rare to me that I could relate to a song so much,definitely my favorite

6 911 / Mr. Lonely

One of my favorite songs of all time.

Such a good vibe

I am so lonely!

7 Domo 23

Tamale and Jamba should be up here too, but honestly the only reason that Yonkers is number one is because of people who don't actually listen to Tyler or odd future.

It's got a sick beat. Amazing rapping. Great lyrics. Got to be at 1. Tyler, The Creator best new rapper.

This song is one of the best I've heard from him. It's going hard and the beat is sick.

8 Gone, Gone / Thank You
9 Colossus

This may not be Tyler's best song, but it has lyrics that goes deep and is catchy!

Probably one of the most meaningful songs from Wolf, if not his whole career.

Sounds good and tells an escalating story about a fan being obsessed with him

10 Assmilk

This, Orange Juice and bastard are the best. Yonkers is over rated

The best song. The lyrics are amazing! Tyler and Earl created a masterpiece

Yonkers is way overrated. AssMilk is the sh**.

The Contenders
11 She

Everything about this song is amazing. It expresses the honest thoughts a lot of us have sometimes.

The combination of Frank and Tyler in this song is amazing. This is by far my favourite song of Tyler.

This was the first Tyler the creator song I listened to, so I think it was one of his best songs.

12 2seater

Should be way higher I'm my opinion even T says its one of his best songs he has ever made.

13 Who Dat Boy

Honestly I like the beat, the way his voice sounds, I think it could be number 1 this is probably my favorite song from him

Really good song, don't understand why it's 21!

Such a sick track

14 See You Again

This is one of Tyler's best songs of Flower Boy.

Beautiful, the pinnacle of his music for me.

Very mellow and catchy

15 Orange Juice

I don't think enough people have heard this song, but they should. One of the first Odd Future songs I heard, and still one of my favorites.

The piano is catchy and different from most hip hop. One of my all time favorites.

Crazy beat to to spit to

16 November
17 48

Brilliant track, one of the best on wolf.

My favorite by Tyler.

The beat is amazing

18 Boredom

Too relatable to be so low. Sounds beautiful, great Hook. Tyler sings. Amazing.

19 Seven

You have got to be kidding me!? This song was one of the BEST on bastard

Odd future some Nazis

Come on man this song is better than most of the songs on goblin

20 Tron Cat

Incredible, this was the first song that turned me onto Tyler. Tyler, truly is my idol.
He is sick and twisted, hurt and angry, and mostly devoted.
I love it.

No repetitive lyrics and perfectly captures the dark style of Goblin

21 Answer

You get a first hand view of how Tyler really feels. He fires heavy shots at his dad but at the end of the verse, he still has a pang of remorse, saying that if he ever calls, he hopes there will be an answer.

The lyrics are awesome and so is the video. Easily one of the most memorable lyrics and song from him. I love how stripped down this is and the emotion in his voice when he talks about his dad. Love it.

The lyrics are great, if you understand what he actually is talking about. And I can relate to it a lot. I really feel Tyler in this song.

22 New Magic Wand

This song is like a whole ass journey to listen to. So much to listen to, so many sensations. It's awesome.

His best song from his best album. Yonkers was overrated.

23 Golden

Pieces together the entire message of Goblin and is just insane rapping. When Tyler loses it in any song, I always get the chills.

Great way to end goblin, beat is incredible, lyrics on point, and also adds to the drama when it ties into the storyline of tyler and the therapist

Best of the best

24 Where This Flower Blooms

Literally gets me chills whenever the violin starts playing in the beginning.

This song has so much heart, from the lyrics to the instrumental. This song gives me the feels every time

This song is beautiful

25 Earfquake

A song that sees Tyler singing more than rapping and even Playboi Carti sounds alright for once(Usually PBC is trash). Tyler was slightly ahead of his time as when this came out in 2015, not many people were huge fans of it due to the distorted bass but fast forward to 2017 or 2018 and almost all mainstream rappers from then until today use distorted bass.

I like this song.. ever heard of him only by my son went is at his concert tonight in St. Louis..

The video is just bizarre. But the song is one of Tyler's best.

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