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1 White & Nerdy White & Nerdy Cover Art

Although Amish Paradise was the 1st song I heard of Weird Al's music, White and Nerdy (with the music video) is the best one he has done.
He who's tired of Weird Al is tired of life!

They see me mowing, my front lawn, I know that they're all thinking I'm so white and nerdy. Haha gotta love Weird Al.

My all time favorite. The music video is highly brilliant, the lyrics as well, this is Weird Al's BEST work.

I had previously rewritten it as White & Girly 2.0 (the "Justice Just for Girls" Anthem Song).

2 Amish Paradise Amish Paradise Cover Art

As I walk through the fields where I harvest my grain, I took a look at my wife and think she's very plain, but that's just perfect for an Amish like me. We don't need things like electricity... Ha ha. This awesome song will get you churning lots of butter.

Even though Coolio wasn't happy about Al doing' a parody of his "Gansta's Paradise", I thought this was one of the greater parodies Al has done!

Despite that Weird Al made this without Coolio's permission, it is still one of the greatest parody songs ever.

A really funny parody song of "Gangsta's Paradise" with a really dark tone to it with much more funnier lyrics.

3 Eat It Eat It Cover Art

This playoff of Michael Jackson's Beat It is so AWESOME! Eat It is really funny and I believe its probably a close 2nd behind Whit and Nerdy... But this song is still flippin awesome dudes!

Plus any MJ Parody IS AWESOME Fat is also good cause it's a parody of Bad by MJ

This is just great. It is the definition of parody. Taking something as serious as Michael Jackson's beat it, and replacing it with something a stupid as food.

This song has a good message to teach kids to be grateful that they aren't a starving kid and they have food.

Grab a banana, grab a whole bunch!

4 Fat Fat Cover Art

Very funny, they even used the same subway set as Michael Jackson's original. Legendary!

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The best weird al parody of all time in my opinion. White and nerdy is good too but this one is better.

Why on earth is fat 8

You ain't nothing!

5 Smells Like Nirvana Smells Like Nirvana Cover Art

There is a possibility that Kurt Cobain enjoyed this song. It's a much more funnier version of "Smells like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana.

The original is 50 times beter this one, but even this is stil yankovic material. This should be number 0ne because nirvana ROCKS!

Good and it's really funny how they show that if you put the right music behind it, anything sounds like nirvana

This should have a better rank.

6 The Saga Begins The Saga Begins Cover Art

The funniest thing about the song? When my son was little, he used to sing the lyrics to this along with the song "American Pie". It actually made the original song better when Weird Al's lyrics got mixed in.

Funny thing about this song is now people get it mixed up with the original to the point where Don Mclean is actually requested to play this song at his concerts. And you know what? He plays it anyways.

Why is Perform this way higher then the saga begins?

It's now my favorite Weird Al song.

7 Albuquerque Albuquerque Cover Art

My favourite Weird Al song! It's so long, at 11 minutes, but it's still very fast-paced and makes you laugh, giggle and snort nonstop. There are even lots of interesting plot twists along the way between the great jokes. Should be #1 on the list!

This song is just brilliant. Just like that one guy at the family reunion that always brings those long, rambling stories that are just too ridiculous to be true, this song is hilarious and unbelievable, but UNLIKE those stories, this one is alright to laugh at. A lot. For all 11 minutes. At no point does it get old, and at no point do you think to yourself, "My god, when will this end? " Simply amazing all of the way through.

It is unlike any Weird Al, not only is it his longest piece, but it is just one big masterpiece. The stories could be broken up and make into it's own album and still be epic.

Eleven minutes of hilarity! I simply didn't know humour before I heard this awesome song, and now I cannot tire of its awesome hilarity!

8 Like a Surgeon Like a Surgeon Cover Art

One of my favorites

9 Trapped In the Drive-Thru Trapped In the Drive-Thru Cover Art

Don't let the 10:50 running time scare you; this song flows perfectly and leaves you wanting it to go on. Hilarious!

In my opion, this on is totally hilarious. My dad plays it evrytime we go to the drive thru, and we always laugh really hard.

I force my mom to endure this song almost every night. Good times.

They forgot the onions...

10 Another One Rides the Bus Another One Rides the Bus Cover Art

This song is so hilarious, and makes me laugh every time I watch it.

This, surprisingly, could be in the top 10s for the best '80s song ever!

I know all the words for this song.

Just hilarious.

No other comment.

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11 Ebay Ebay Cover Art

This is a pretty good one. I already liked I Want It That Way, but this one completely outdoes it. It's just so funny. Lines like "Why did I buy that Alf alarm clock?" will go down in parody-music history.

Pretty good satire of eBay and even internet culture of the time in general: the Alf alarm clock line is immortal.

I was the highest bidder for a hot wheels "Bully Goat" car on eBay and now it's time to celebrate with this song. (Note to self get alpocalypse on eBay as well)

Amazing parody..
Just listen to it

12 I'll Sue Ya I'll Sue Ya Cover Art

"I sued Delta Airlines: they sold me a plane ticket to New Jersey--I went there, and it sucked!"

Best line of the song. Phenomenal and with a great animatedmusic video that beats all his other animated music videos by a long way.

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Sometimes, lawsuits can be stupid. I mean, REALLY stupid. The saddest thing is though, people actually have sued for reasons a lot like these, and they won!

Anybody else want to see Zack de la Rocha himself do a cover of this song?

Love this song! Haha!

13 Dare to Be Stupid Dare to Be Stupid Cover Art

Put down that chainsaw and listen to this song! It's the best Weird Al song. If I was the king of a country, this would be the national anthem.

One of his best songs. It just flows so well and is so funny and original!
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A better Devo song than Devo did. My favourite Weird Al song!

'Dare to Be Stupid' sounds better now than it did then!

14 Couch Potato Couch Potato Cover Art

Weird Al Has always been great at taking serious songs and making them completely laughable. I mean, think about it. He took "Lose Yourself" by Eminem, and made it about some guy who watches too much T.V.. Really. Just... awesome.

Pure genius. Great parody.

15 Canadian Idiot Canadian Idiot Cover Art

A hilarious parody of an incredible, already great song. He makes lots of hilarious jabs at Canadians and their culture, while also making many jokes at the expense of yanks.

A great song from an already legendary album in Straight Outta Lynwood!
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This may be a little bit offensive to you Canadians, but the most previous voter decided against it. I am not a fan of Green Day at all, and this version is the perfect parody no swear words and it has more insults. However, it is probably the most hilarious thing I have ever heard!

This is my favorite "Weird Al" Yankovic song. Ever. It's hilarious. I feel like they're getting back at Green Day about being so rude to America.

A great parody of Green Day and the Canadian jokes are well thought out.

16 Gump Gump Cover Art

A catchy, hilarious song about one of my all-time favorite films! I've gone through several "favorite Weird Al songs", and while this wasn't always my MOST favorite, it is now. I love you Weird Al!

17 A Complicated Song A Complicated Song Cover Art

This is the best song, it has 3 stories. Here's 2:
1. Him and his friend having pizza
2. Weird Al loses his head

A complicated song is so hilarious!

18 The Night Santa Went Crazy The Night Santa Went Crazy Cover Art

Greatest Christmas song and his best original song ever.

I'm playing this on christmas.

This is so dark. I love it.

19 You Don't Love Me Anymore You Don't Love Me Anymore Cover Art

The wonderful contrast between the touching tone of the music and the absurdity of the lyrics.

20 Yoda Yoda Cover Art

I met him in a swamp down in degoba where it bubbles all the time like a giant carbonates soda. S-O-D-A soda. I saw the little runt sitting there on a log I asked him his name and in a raspy voice he said Yoda. Y-O-D-A Yoda.

This song should be in the top 10. It's one of the best!

21 Perform This Way Perform This Way Cover Art

Haha love this one

I pissed my pants

22 Party in the C.I.A.

I think I liked this one better than the original!

23 Bedrock Anthem Bedrock Anthem Cover Art
24 Tacky Tacky Cover Art

Just when you thought the song was dead, Weird Al parodies it.

Better than "Happy" by Pharrell Williams.

Hilarious social critiques, top notch stuff.

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New but still good

25 Don't Download This Song Don't Download This Song Cover Art

It's funny how he was being sarcastic by allowing people to download "Don't Download This Song" for free on MySpace.

Doesn't matter if you're a grandma, or a 7 year old girl; they'll treat you like the evil hardbitten criminal mind you are... Don't download...

How else can I afford another solid-gold Humvee?!

I bet a lot of people downloaded this song!

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