Top 10 Book Series for Teens

There are thousands of story books to read. From Harry Potter to Hunger Games to Alex Rider. Wondering which to read? Here you'll find the top 10 story-books having everything from action to a beautiful story to a topping of romance. Suggested by a hardcore, dedicated book-worm these books are mainly for the teenage type...
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1 Harry Potter by J.K Rowling Harry Potter by J.K Rowling Product Image

It's flawed and overrated but still a pretty good series, enough to make 12 on my favorite book series
-Daughter of Athena, Gryffinclaw

Best book series ever. I love Rowling's world of magic and I love how logic and everything ties into the book magically. I'll admit PJO is more exciting but I feel like Rowling puts more thought into her plot and how everything ties together. Harry Potter is awesome.

Honestly, books are NOT my thing... But when I started reading Harry Potter out of boredom I couldn't stop reading it! I always used to sneakily read it during class and boring history lectures. It absolutely takes me into a different world and gets me imagining all sorts of things! Now I'm really sad the whole series ended and I already read the whole thing... But what the hell? I'm reading it again! BEST BOOK EVER! Love you miss Rowling!

Harry Potter is my life. I first read it when I was 9, and I didn't book the book down. You live and die with all of the characters, and it's amazingly plotted. I wouldn't change a thing about it. Except... (spoilers) rip Sirius. Harry, Ron, and Hermione are all relatable characters. Harry never backed down, and Snape never ceased to surprise us. I've lost count of the number of times I've read Harry Potter since that day 4 years ago, when I first picked up the book.

2 Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan  Product Image

This series is epic. Epic. E-P-I-C epic.
I love it so much.
It blends in, and the plot twists are unexpected and shocking for many people. It adds up in the end, and it really shows how the characters struggle.
Sure, Harry Potter is cool, I guess. But it's 12 on my favorite book series. This book series is funnier, more relatable, and more action-packed and saddening. I actually cried at deaths of Rick Riordan's characters.
Harry Potter is good, but it's flawed in many ways. Percy Jackson is like an upgraded version of it for me.
I prefer Percy over Harry.
I prefer Annabeth over Hermione.
I prefer Grover over Ron.
If you haven't read it yet, go on! I'm not stopping you. I'll leave you to savor this amazing book series.
By the way, Percy Jackson is my third favorite book series.
Thank you for reading my rant.
-Daughter of Athena

Harry Potter? It's good, terrible author, but good story.
But compared to Percy Jackson?
Harry or Percy? Percy
Annabeth or Hermione? Annabeth
Grover or Ron? Grover!
Plus, with characters like Leo and Nico, it just makes it better.

No offence to Harry Potter (it's a great series too) but this series was always more interesting. It gets the person interested in the first line and the style of writing is the best. The reader will never get bored by Percy's wit.

Bringing mythology to the modern world was a lot more interesting to read about than I thought. I was hesitant to begin this series but glad I did. Percy has an amazing way of narrating and is also very humorous. I loved the fights as well and how he never backed down, even when the situation seemed impossible. Annabeth was also a fun character to read about and I wish there was more Grover in this series! Thank goodness there was another series following this one because I needed more Percy to read!

3 Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins Product Image

This is my 6th favorite book series because of how everything blends in. Katniss is an amazing character and loving sister, and the books are powerfully amazing.
You should read it. I recommend it fiercely.
Well...unless you don't want to read about the death of kids.
-Daughter of Athena

The Hunger Games is awesome. Also a lot of the characters that died didn't deserve to die. Like Prim, Rue, Thresh, Madge, Cinna, President Coin (no just kidding), and Foxface to name a few. Anyway the Hunger Games is an amazing series full of action and a great plot. One thing, though: the romance is really tacky.

I think the Hunger games is the best series of all time! I have read so many books but none of them stick to me as the hunger games did. It had so many different idea's in one book it is my Favourite book series! I strongly regimen this series. Huger games is by far the best book EVER!

Mindblowing! An incredibly emotional story of brutal murder and life over humanity. With twists around every page forcing you to re-read everything you just read. A must read for anyone with a heart, a heart that will be ripped to pieces at every chapter.

4 Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan Product Image

This was even better than Percy Jackson for me. Read my Percy Jackson rant. You'll know this is saying a lot.
This blends in the Roman gods too, and House of Hades is the best book I've ever read.
So don't wait! Go read this book series right now!
-Daughter of Athena

Look I mean I'm nine, but seriously, if you don't read these books, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? Or read Percy Jackson first, then Heroes of Olympus, then Trials of Apollo, then Kane Chronicles, then Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard. Rick Riordan is the best with no doubt and you'll love the heroes: Leo, Piper, Jason, Annabeth, Percy, Hazel and Frank. READ IT! I really encourage you to vote for this.
Plus, it's WAY BETTER than that horrible Harry Potter stuff

This should so be higher up. If you saw the all caps explosion of fangirl above. That was me. These are perhaps even better than the original books. They are filled with great lovable characters who had great lovable flaws. They go through a lot and develop and change and live and die (maybe possibly, no spoilers here! ) together. They seven main characters include characters from the old books and some new ones as well. There is rarely a dull moment and are ABSOLUTELY worth the read.

This should be up with the original Percy Jackson series. I love both series with all of my heart and each one of the characters is SO unique and amazing in their own ways. I'd recommend the books to ANYONE. If you haven't read them, do it. You won't regret it.

5 The Lord of The Rings by J.R.R Tolkien The Lord of The Rings by J.R.R Tolkien Product Image

Beats all the book series all the way, yes, including Harry Potter. I'm avid reader since the age of 6 and I've read hundreds of books and all I can say is that, no books ever could best LOTR. I read Harry Potter when I was 16 and Lord of the Rings when I was 17, and I have to start telling people off for liking Harry Potter more after I finished reading both of the series. Yeah, Harry Potter is too a good series, no deny, but LOTR is just so awesome that... That it is indescribable in words, you know? Those beautifully written characters, suspension story and exciting adventures of Frodo keeps you going all the way! And may I demand, why is LoTR ranked 5? And Darren Shan series third and fourth? Must be the crazy fans... Percy Jackson is a great series too, guys. Percy is full of humor but he's a little dumb sometimes. Darren Shan books are like sleeping pills; I feel asleep reading them (no offense guys) because they're boring. Seriously no offense. Anyway, LoTR is the best series ...more

I love the Lord of the Rings books , I am a huge Lord of the Rings number one fan . I hoping to get other two books in the series for my birthday and I cannot wait to read them !

How the hell is this book #8. LOTR is a book that will be on shelves forever in my opinion. The book series has funny characters like Pippin and Merry and yet has a serious plot that isn't laughed about. This book is #1.

Greatly executed series, flawless. Tolkien created a book before it's time. Although I recommend it to those who have a higher reading level. I personally believe it should be #1.

6 The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis Product Image

The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S Lewis are wonderful books to read and I love them all including Horse and his Boy and the Lion , the witch and the wardrobe and the Magican's nephew . I really love these Books very much .

I have loved these since I learned to read. Even though the series is great for teens; it is also great for just about any age.

Ok, I haven't read the entire series, only bits and pieces, but the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is amazing!

I've read The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe and it's really good.

7 The Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer The Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer Product Image

Look, I respect it if you like this series. But it's about a 109 year old vampire who is in an abusive relationship with a 17 year old girl. So if you are under 14, don't read this. It is not appropriate for you.

The twilight Series from Stephenie Meyer are a must read My favorite book in the series is New Moon and I am team Jacob all the way through the book Series , Because Taylor Launter is so handsome , so adorable and has awesome good looks .

Bella Swan is an useless Mary Sue.
Edward and Jacob look like bald Rhesus Monkeys and are abusive and rude.

Twilight sucks.

Best novel series of all time, so low in the list because those poor potter fans feel insecure.

8 The Saga of Darren Shan by Darren Shan The Saga of Darren Shan by Darren Shan Product Image

This is the series of books that really got me hooked to reading! I got the first book as a Christmas present and was immediately hooked. By February, I had and read all of this series. This series of books is one of my favorites and I can honestly say I have read it about 5 times and can quote it! Because of this series, I have brought all of Mr. Shan's books and he has a section, a very large one I might add, on my book shelf! He is my favorite author and I have had the pleasure to meet him! I have to read this series again! It's full of action and very emotional and because of my excessive talking of these books, my friends know everything about them though they haven't read them! Love it so much!

This was the series that made me start reading. I am dyslexic and so found it difficult to read but since stumbled upon these books I haven't stopped. I have read everything Darren has written and I have to say these books are his best work. They have deep characters and an awesome plot, with great twists. The thing I like about this series is how easy it is to pick up and read; it has no over complicated plot and it is really easy to follow. Furthermore, the characters are believable, making you either cheer for them or hate them. There was also a few times when a tear was brought to my eye. I would recommend this series to anyone of any age.

Although I've loved reading my entire life, it was with this series that I understood the "couldn't put the book down" trope wasn't just a cliche. I missed trains because I was sitting in my room, one sock on, reading furiously.
I laughed out loud, I felt tension, excitement and fear- I cried openly several times, including one notable moment that involved throwing Killers of the Dawn across my room and shouting at it. Those who've read it, you know the chapter I mean. Dammit I felt some serious emotions in this series.
After I finished The Saga, I read Demonata, and the Saga of Larten Crepsley, and The Thin Executioner- and oh, goodness, if I could recommend just one author to a teenage reader, Darren would be it. (I assume every teen already knows about Ms Rowling. Who doesn't? )

I absolutely love the Saga of Darren Shan because it was the first ever horror series I read in my life and after reading it I have gotten so gripped with his books that I just can't get enough of them. All the series that he has wrote are amazing and mind blowing. So if you are ever bored with life just grab a Darren Shan book and you will enter an astonishing realm of all things demonic and dark. The Saga of Darren Shan is jaw dropping and will suck you into the world of Vampires. My favourite quote from the series is " Even In Death May You Be Triumphant ". Finally I would like to say a MASSIVE thanks to Darren Shan for being an awesome author

9 Divergent by Veronica Roth Divergent by Veronica Roth Product Image

Way to complicated. The characters took way too much time just trying to explain things, and it was SO boring. I VERY RARELY ever stop reading a book with out finishing it, especially dystopias, but I gave up on this one about half way through. So dull, so plain, I couldn't force myself to like it.

This series was not afraid to do things differently, throw in a curve ball here and there. I am an avid reader so I don't cry when reading, but this one did. It made me cry and hurt and I couldn't put it down.

This book series is Amazing! It is clearly the best. You will surly be disapointed when it ends. I want to read them over again. Veronica Roth dud a fantastic job. This should without a doubt be at the top of the list!

Amazing, this book had me hooked from the start and had me reading the rest nonstop. This was a compelling story of love compassion and the true meaning of bravery.

10 The Diary of the Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney The Diary of the Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney Product Image

Nooo! Not for teens, for babies.

This series has been going on way too long. Jeff Kinney is flogging a dead horse. They used to be semi-interesting but now the author keeps on farting out lame books that are supposed to make me pity the main character but just make me hate him. Just because you can publish more it doesn't mean you should.

Here's a shocker: popularity does not equal quality!

Teens should not be reading these, at least, they shouldn't still be on this reading level. If you are then I'm not hating or anything, reading is hard for some people, but these are not the best books for teens. I still read them for fun sometimes, just for a little trip down memory lane, but I wouldn't do a book report on these after fifth grade.

Greg is a horrible person, he manipulates his best friend and Rowley doesn't even know it. He's spoiled, thinks he's superior to everyone else and an all around bad person.

Go Greg, go! You are the awesome protagonist of my favourite book series which is ranked here on number...13?!? This low?!?

The Contenders
11 The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare Product Image

I absolutely ADORE this series! I just finished City of Fallen Angels (Book 4) and I am literally counting down the minutes until I can go get book 5. I have to say that my favorite series are Rick Riordan's books but this series is AMAZING and seriously deserved to be a lot higher.

I am obsessed with books. I have literally read all the books on this list plus more and this series seemed like the best. I started reading it and literally finished the series in a week. I know, nothing is better than Harry Potter but seriously...

I prefer Harry Potter definitely but these are my second favourite books I adore them and I'm obsessed with them! The characters and the plot and the whole world are so great they should be higher

Love this series! It will keep on the edge till the very end... Now I truly understand the meaning of "can't to stay away"... Why isn't this in the top 3?!?!? 5 STARS!

12 Fablehaven Series by Brandon Mull Fablehaven Series by Brandon Mull Product Image

I have to say, Brandon Mull easily became one of my favorite YA authors. I originally got his book, "The Candy Shop Wars", for a road trip with my two boys (6 and 8 at the time). We fell in love with the story and the sense of adventure that pulled us into the story and left us invested in the various characters. So for the next trip the boys requested more by Brandon Mull. that is when I found Fablehaven. Wow! The story was absolutely amazing, and had my husband and me on the edge of our seats as much as both the boys. The whole family binge listened to this series, and the boys have both listened to it at least twice more each in the last couple years. This series helped develop my kids love for books, adventures, and reading.

If you haven't read this series you need to stop reading and go NOW!

OK I see you need a little more convincing okay so first of all if you don't know who Brandon Mull is, he is a really creative author and writes many good series. I'm 13 and I read lots of series and Fablehaven is one of my most favorite series tied with, The Lunar Chronicles and the Percy Jackson/Hero of Olympus series.
This is one of my first series and it made me stay up at 3am in the morning just to finish one of the books and I've read it a couple hundred times but yeah its totally worth it! It kept me on edge every page and the story isn't slowpaced which is a big problem in most series I've read. I've suggested my whole lunch table to read this book and we are all really big fans of this series and the other series listed above. (we have like really big debates on which of them is better but yeah) I would rate this a 100 star if possible.


My older sister is still obsessed with this series, and she's a sophomore! She won't even let me look at her books.

13 The Demonata by Darren Shan The Demonata by Darren Shan Product Image

I got the first book when I was in a mental hospital. And I was hooked. I only laid it down, when I had to go to therapy and ordered the next books to be sent straight to the hospital. The story is just wonderful! After the German ones were done (they didn't translate them all) I straight without any hesitation bought the following books in English. Kernel is so much like me and Grubbs... Man, don't get me started on book 8! Darren Shan is an awesome Writer! I started to listen to the audiobooks and because I know what will happen, I start to cry before anything ever really happens! Those book have really caught me and will probably never release me again! ;D

One of the only books that have ever made me cry was in this series, which just goes to show how well Darren Shan can write. By the end of the series you have a strong emotional attachment to the charecters, and he knows how to write in suspense and how to knock the reader on their backside with twists and turns. He has done things that the likes of J.K. rowling would be proud of. Truly an amazing series.

This series got me truly hooked on books, Darren is also the only author I can read over and over again without getting bored. The feels in this book were ridiculous and as I read them again at an older age they are the books that got me into writing myself. Honestly some of the greatest books I've ever read.

Got me into reading books as I never really gave them a chance. After reading the first one I was hooked, brilliant plot which keeps you second guessing and sharing with my friends made the books that much better. Felt like an addict waiting for the next book to come out.

14 Parvana Series by Deborah Ellis Parvana Series by Deborah Ellis Product Image
15 I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore Product Image

I am 12 years old and I have read a fair amount of books for my age and this is hands down the best. I cannot believe that this is all the way up at 16 this should be #1. I just bought a ereader and this is the first book I bought. Bofore this I have just been buying hard copies and not one of the has come anywhere close to as good as this. It consists of 34 chapters and took me about a day and a half to read. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone. Rent it from the library, boy it, I don't care, just read it!

Dudes and dudesses, seriously, read this. The whole series is AWESOME.
If you're looking for a good sci-fi series to start reading filled with plot twist and excitement, this is the one. At first it may appear normal, but keep reading. You'll be surprised.

Badass teenage aliens with superpowers training to fight an army of genocidal xenoforms responsible for massacring their entire planet. As that one meme says, "still a better love-story than 'Twilight.'"

The lorien legacies series is very THRILLING! You just can't get enough of it. It is very action-packed as well.

16 War Guests Series by Kit Pearson War Guests Series by Kit Pearson Product Image
17 The Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan The Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan Product Image

I really feel like this series never gets enough credit. People are always saying that Percy Jackson is so much better and I do agree, but just because this is by Rick Riordan doesn't mean that it's automatically a Percy Jackson book- even if there are crossovers. It's a different series and a totally amazing one. I totally fell in love with the characters and the plot and devoured it like I would any other good book.

Ancient Egypt needs to be out there how many book series are about Greek or Roman Gods. These books were great but I recommend reading them in order it makes no sense otherwise.

I love how rick riorden broke the tradition of the main boy and and girl characters and had them be siblings... Really amazing book series...

I love this book and the characters! Sadie is probably one of my favorite book characters of all time

18 The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan Product Image
19 Bone by Jeff Smith Bone by Jeff Smith Product Image

Criminally underrated series... Amazing story

20 Maze Runner Series by James Dashner Maze Runner Series by James Dashner Product Image

This trilogy was one of the best I've ever read. James Dashner is an excellent writer and isn't afraid to add curve balls here and there. You will never put the books down, so don't expect a lot of sleep. I usually don't cry when I read, but reading this I was crying, laughing, getting freaked out, living, and dying with all of the characters. After finishing you won't know what to do with your life! This trilogy will make you forget that you even exist and you'll be transported to another world. Anyone looking for a good read should definitely go to the library and check out the Maze Runner trilogy!

Listen to the song "Flares" by the Script.
If you have read this book before you will know what I'm talking about.
Page 250 of Death Cure.
Get your tissues and ice cream ready.

Maze Runner was the reason I even enjoy reading. Without this series, I would still be refusing to read books. This book has a special part in my heart.

Thou shall not read this series alone without a heap of ice cream and a big box of tissues.

21 Alex Rider by Anthony Horowitz Alex Rider by Anthony Horowitz Product Image

Spectacular series. It's my favourite and once I started reading the series I couldn't stop! And what about this Darren Shan thing! I have never heard about it and I don't think it deserves to be in front of such sensational books like hunger games, Percy Jackson, and Alex rider! Who Agrees with me give me a thumbs up!

A wonderful and completely new story. Action-packed and ingenious. It never has a dull moment and is filled with action. Alex Rider is a reluctant teenage spy working for MI6 and is in my opinions the best series!

Theses books are great for adventure lovers. Such an original story line is always nice to see, especially one as exiting and well written as the Alex Rider series. I LOVE these book and have read every one.

I love this story because the plot is very well executed and realistic. The are almost no dull parts in it, and it's action-packed. Alex Rider is my all time favorite!

22 Warriors by Erin Hunter Warriors by Erin Hunter Product Image

I'm getting lazy so...
This is absolutely awesome. My 7th favorite book series, it's absolutely diverse and should read right now.
-Skycloud, aka Daughter of Athena by the way

I want revenge! Warriors is best! 19th? top 3! the charecters are well developed, the story blows my mind, if you want a long book with about 5 series following, about cats, mistery plots, relation ships, courage, battels? every one wants that, and so I prefur you to read it. I love its description and names so much My account name is copied off from the series! please, this is for your own good! read it and you will feel free for ever.

Warriors is an amazing series with many great plots. For one, the characters are all very well developed. Second of all, the overall story line is so creative and well developed. And the books are for, well, almost all ages! It is one of the longest series that I have ever read, which brings up another point: it is enjoyed by many people. It would have to be, or else the Hunters would have stopped writing at book five. Also, the quotes and words of these books are so true and can by applied to anything.
Finally, the authors' voice is strong and suspenseful, which enraptures and enganges the read and almost makes me (at least! ) feel like I am fighting beside Ivypool, laughing with Graystripe and feeling Briarlight's sadness as she was parelized from her hind legs down. This series can be applied to any time period from 2000 up and it is one of the best series I have ever read. I don't only read Warriors, I now live in a different world, a world of Warriors.

My sister and I are both obsessed with this series. The plot twists are insane! I'll admit it get a little duller as the series goes on, but I'll never stop loving Warriors. I have honestly lost track of how many Warriors books there, are, there are SO MANY. At LEAST 40, and that's not including the guides and super editions!

23 The Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard Trilogy by Rick Riordan The Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard Trilogy by Rick Riordan Product Image

Possibly my favourite book series of all time, and coming from me, who has read more books so far than most people do in a lifetime, that's a big compliment

I love these! Finally we get a hero who doesn't really fight, but who heals!

I think Alex and Magnus are a cute couple. Tell me if you ship them.

I LOVE ths book! It's so diverse, and I can relate with Magnus' personality so much!

24 Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer Product Image

Don't get me wrong I love Harry Potter, but I always have Artemis Fowl as number one, the criminal mastermind kept me captive in all of his 8 books, I began to love him with Holly, Butler, Juliet and Foaly.

LOTR is good but very long it makes you to watch the movies instead, Percy Jackson I got bored in mid series, Twilight Is very badly written, and the Hunger games has that little blip about being a copy of "Battle Royale" (Although I do like it a lot)

A very fast and exciting story. With its laugh out loud jokes and extremely modern technology, Artemis really hooks readers. A very new idea and a spectacular mix of myth, modernity, magic and crime.

I never got around to finishing this series, but I love the plot and characters in the books I did read.

This is a wonderful story about a criminal teen that at the end saved the world!

25 Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead Product Image

Love these books! Amazing vampire world.

The book should have seventh part...

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