Top 10 Worst Things Done by Warrior Cats

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1 Brokenstar - Made kits apprentices early

Honestly, this cat should be number one. Crookedstar was dumb anyway. Kits are supposed to become apprentices at six moons old, as stated very clearly by the Warrior Code that people nowadays keep breaking. It's kind of scary to think there would be injured kits limping across the battlefield, then falling down and dying. I understand why Yellowfang felt she had to kill her son. I feel sorry for her that she had to give birth and create this awful monster. However, it was actually more Raggedstar's fault that his son turned out this way. I blame Raggedstar and some other cats that teased him about having kittypet blood.

- Moonstar of ThunderClan

2 Bone - Killed Whitestorm

Scourge again is not dumb. What if Bone had a past he needed to leave behind?

Annoying Bone! I hate you. I love Whitestorm!

When Bone killed Whitestorm, I was so mad and upset. When I turned the page and saw that the apprentices killed Bone, all I could think was, GOOD.

3 Brokenstar - Almost led ShadowClan to death

I guess I agree with this, but I think that Sol from series 3 was more threatening than Brokenstar. He literally managed to stop ShadowClan from believing in the warrior code and their ancestors!

Brokenstar almost led ShadowClan to its demise. If it wasn't for Night and even Tiger's leadership, the clan would have fallen apart for sure. - Fallen from before StarClan

Yeah, and he was leader of the Dark Forest, plus killing many innocent kits and killing Ferncloud.

4 Hawkfrost - Tried to kill Firestar and Brambleclaw

Honestly, Firestar and Brambleclaw are both goody-too shoes and boring. I would of had an entire ceremony to celebrate there death.

First, Hawkfrost was manipulated by Tigerstar, his father, and second, he did it because he wanted his brother to be the leader.

Think about it. He was just trying to help his brother become the leader.

5 Brokenstar - Trained innocent cats in the Dark Forest

Yea, he tricked them all into going against the clans!

6 Appledusk - Betrayed Mapleshade

Okay, I don't like either of them. Maple acted like the biggest brat, and when things took a turn for her, she didn't know what to do. But Apple also cheated on her.

-Fallen from before StarClan

He made Mapleshade kill him and other cats because he betrayed her, and made her evil. And I love Mapleshade, so...

Appledusk is one of my least favorite cats in the series. I just hate him!

7 Thistleclaw - Turned Tigerpaw evil

Just wait for this list. Bluestar, Tigerstar's two kits, Yellowfang, and many, many others wouldn't die if Thistleclaw wasn't around. Sorry if this doesn't make sense, but I don't think if Tigerstar wasn't evil, he would ever mate with Goldenflower and have his two kits. If his two kits weren't even a thing, then Firestar never would've picked Bramblekit (star) over Yellowfang (which is why she died in the first place)! I wish I could just catch him in a net, stab him, and eat him for dinner! UGHHHHH!

- Flamesoul from WindClan

8 Rainflower - Rejected Stormkit (Crookedstar) because she thought he was ugly

Ok, well... At the beginning of the book we saw Rainflower being kind to Storm/Crookedkit. Very soon later though after his accident she treated him like he was some kind of leech that she just couldn't shake from her fur. When he first woke up she didn't seem to be to bad except for the fact she literally couldn't look at him. SAD. But it soon turned from what seemed like unbearable sadness to pure hatred and neglect. It soon drove her to rename Stormkit into Crookedkit. As if he already didn't have enough guilt and embarrassment on himself from tripping on the stepping stones, but now he'll carry it everywhere for the rest of his life. In fact it lead Mapleshade toward him which basically also ruined his life in a way. So yeah. Rainflower is also my third least fav warrior cats character and what she did to storm/Crookedkit/star was unforgivable.

9 Tigerstar - Wanted to rule the Forest

This is kind of dumb. This is the antagonist's goal every single time: "Take over the world/forest/city/etc." It's just disappointing that the Erins couldn't come up with something better. However, taking over all the Clans is a much better plot than taking over the world. The Erins did a better job of presenting it than most action books or movies.

- Moonstar of ThunderClan

Now, this was bad. I mean, he did it so he could drive out Scourge (my favorite villain, who's amazing), but he didn't realize that he would die. Tigerstar is kind of dumb, but you can't blame him!

- Frostheart from ShadowClan

10 Tigerstar - Tried to kill many cats and control all the Clans

Tigerstar is just a lil kitty who thinks that he can control everything! And I'm really annoyed at the fact that he punished half-clan cats when he mated with a rouge (former kittypet) and had kits with that cat. HALF-CLAN KITS!

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11 Mapleshade - Killed Spottedleaf the second time

I don't know what to say about it. I like Spottedleaf a lot. Having her killed a second time is completely cruel. Why would the Erin Hunter group do such a wretched thing?

I honestly feel so bad for Mapleshade. I will tell you how much I hate Appledusk later on the Appledusk post. Look for the name Cougar Shadow.

- Cougar Shadow, daughter of the rogue Cheetah Stripe and the ThunderClan deputy Coalstorm

I hate Spottedleaf. Also, Mapleshade deserved better. But Spottedleaf is just a know-it-all medicine cat who is always trying to get Firestar to mate with her instead of Sandstorm. At least Sandstorm stopped worrying about Firestar not loving her.

12 Millie - Stole Graystripe and abused her children

I totally agree with this, once in the books Blossomfall was bleeding, and Millie was like: "I'll go check on Briarlight" like, buddy treat your children equally! And Millie turned Blossomfall evil because she was treated unfairly, she was in the correct position, but Ivypool was not (just sayin') and she didn't check on Bumblestripe, her stalker child that had no attention. I just think that she should have given all of her children respect. And Briarlight also plays a big role in this too because she was born and she shouldn't have been born because that caused all the problems, like Honeyfern dying, Blossomfall being treated unfairly and training in the Dark Forest for Millie to recognize her, and Bumblestripe not being taught that stalking is BAD! - Blacktuft of ThunderClan

13 Clawface - Killed Spottedleaf the first time

Although he killed her, which was bad, he was just being loyal to his leader and was forced to do it. Brokenstar was the problem, and he was just trying to follow the code (loyalty to clan leader) but ended up following Brokenstar, who broke the warrior code! It made no sense, but he broke the code while following it at the same time. You know what I mean? Following a leader who made him break the code. I'm sad Spottedleaf died, but she loved Firestar and I'm on the Sandstorm x Firestar ship. She also was breaking the code by loving him as a medicine cat! - Frostheart from Shadowclan

14 Sharptooth - Killed Tribe cats and Feathertail

Now, this is just completely unfair. I really hate Feathertail, but this isn't the reason why. How do you think Sharptooth is going to eat? Sharptooth killing Tribe cats is just a way to feed himself - something people do all the time to survive. The same goes for the characters, including Feathertail. Don't tell me Feathertail has never fished before. Fish have lives too. They feel extreme pain when they die, and they have personalities as well as families and friends. But cats need to eat, as does Sharptooth. If this is number 7, it could easily be replaced with any warrior cat killing prey.

15 Hawkfrost - Killed Ferncloud and Hollyleaf

He didn't kill Ferncloud. Brokenstar did. But he killed Hollyleaf, who was brave. Some people may think I'm evil for liking Ashfur, but Squirrelflight dumped him just like that! She picked a cat who mistreated her! Ashfur was so good to her. Although he tried to kill Hollyleaf, Hollyleaf killed him back but ended up being killed by Hawkfrost, who would have done anything for power. R.I.P. Hollyleaf! At least she went to StarClan! - Frostheart from ShadowClan

Hawkfrost had the choice of whether they wanted to be evil or good. Their siblings chose to be good, but he chose to be evil and cruel, just like his mouse-brain of a father! Plus, he killed my second-favorite cat, Hollyleaf! She didn't deserve it!

16 Dawnpelt - Wrongly accused Jayfeather of killing Flametail and made him cease his outside-the-clan medicine cat duties

To be honest, I understand why she accused him. Jayfeather was in the water with Flametail, but Jayfeather tried to save him. However, she can't just blame Jayfeather when he actually tried to save Flametail!

She had no evidence to back it up! She was just mad! I like Dawnpelt overall, but in this moment, I despised her.
-Gingerflame of SkyClan

How dare she? She had no right! For StarClan's sake, Jayfeather was trying to save Flametail, not kill him!

Also, did you know that Dawn, the mother to Sleekwhisker, Juniperclaw, and what's his name, Strikestone or something, gave birth to some bad kitties? It's not her fault, though. Definitely not.

Feather Frost of SkyClan

17 Bramblestar's Possessor - Abused Squirrelflight and weaponized religion

I actually kind of feel bad for him, but I don't really like him.

-Cougar Shadow, daughter of the rogue Cheetah Stripe and the ThunderClan deputy Coalstorm

OK, just because Ashfur was heartbroken and went insane, he abused Squirrelflight multiple times. He trapped her in a horrible place, forcing her to be his mate. But then there's Bramblestar - he does not deserve Squirrelflight. He abused her mentally so many times! And they fought a lot. Why didn't Squirrelflight get any better options?

He didn't really abuse her, though. He did all that because he got rejected by Squirrelflight. If villains have a good backstory, then I love them. Like Scourge, Tigerstar, Sol, especially Mapleshade.

18 Mapleshade - Tricked Crookedstar

He didn't deserve that, but she is at least better than that rat named Rainflower. She shouldn't have tricked him, though. If anything, she should have been honest that she is from the Dark Forest.

He already had a bad life because of his mother, Rainflower. He didn't need his life to fall apart!

He was just a kit and was already going through so much. She pretty much ruined his life!

19 Scourge - Tried to take the Forest

It isn't his fault. Tigerpaw (Tigerstar) attacked him, and his brother and sister hated him, so he wanted revenge.

Scourge is my favorite cat in Warriors. If he hadn't been bullied by Socks and Ruby, the whole story would be different.

Good thing Firestar killed him.

20 Ivypool - Was a brat and bully to Dovewing

I don't care whether she "saved" the Clans. Dovewing did much more than train in the Dark Forest. Dovewing fought beavers so deadly that one cat died. Dovewing is one of my favorite cats. Ivypool was a brat when she was an apprentice but then kind of grew out of it when she became a warrior. So, I don't really think she should be on this list, but I do understand the feeling. And when my sibling gets more attention, I just ignore it. Ivypool was a brat for a bit but then she grew out of it.

- Moonstar of ThunderClan

21 Firestar - Joined ThunderClan

Okay, I know Firestar is a great warrior. I know that the cats need him. I know that without him, the Warrior Cats series would have a horrible ending.

But I just hate him. He is the most overrated cat in all of Warriors. I hate all the characters that used to be kittypets, and Firestar is such a Mary Sue! My list of least favorite cats (that aren't evil):

1. Dovewing
2. Lionblaze
3. Firestar
4. Millie
5. Mothwing (only because of her thing with StarClan)

I don't think that's bad. For example, Silverstream and Graystripe mated, but no one hates them, so it's just my opinion. - Petaldawn from FlowerClan.

22 Ashfur - Tried to kill four cats

That was so terrible. Just because Ashfur was rejected by Squirrelflight, it doesn't make sense to try to kill four cats. He's so dramatic! He can't move on and find his TRUE love!

He should have gone to the Dark Forest for sure.

Not only four cats, but cats from his own clan. Ash and Bramble are not good mates for Squirrel. Both are abusive when they don't get their way. Honestly, Storm or Shrew should have been her mate, not either of them.

23 Stormtail - Didn't love Moonflower, Bluestar, or Snowfur

Fox-hearted Stormtail, ugh. I think he really did love Moonflower (annoying), but he was so cruel to Goosefeather and wasn't the best dad either to Bluestar and Snowfur. Overall, I think Moon, Snow, and Blue deserved better.

-Featherfrost of SkyClan

If we have a bad mother in the series, then we will also have a bad father. And Stormtail is that bad father! He was in love with Dappletail, but that doesn't make sense to ignore his own children (even if they are the kits of his ex-love, Moonflower). I just hate him!

Storm was a horrid mate. He didn't care for Moon even after she died, just kept padding after Dapple! And when Blue was going through emotional struggles he didn't try and support her, just kept padding after his new gf who didn't even have children with him, had children with Running.-Fallen from before StarClan

24 Hawkheart - Killed Moonflower

He's a medicine cat, first of all. Second of all, it's against the warrior code! Bluepaw/Fur/Star didn't deserve to suffer and grieve her death so early on.

It was not Hawkheart's or Moonflower's fault that she died. It was Goosefeather who said, "We need to destroy WindClan's herbs." I hate Goosefeather, even if he said that, because he has a curse. - Petaldawn from FlowerClan.

He isn't necessarily evil, but he is definitely not good. Okay, she was attacking your clan. Did your clan's warriors kill anyone? No! So why in all of StarClan would he? He shouldn't be a medicine cat. Medicine cats shouldn't be killing cats, especially since she wasn't even attacking him. He could have attacked, but why kill? There was no logical reason. I've changed my mind. He is evil. He deserves to be in the Dark Forest or described as a dark-hearted, impulsive mouse-brain. So there - he (sorry for the caps) is a fox-hearted villain!

25 Firestar and Princess - Brought Cloudtail to ThunderClan

Well, it was about time they had an apprentice with an actual personality. And also, Brightheart would have been depressed without him.

Seriously?! You send your first-born son out to live in a place that would teach him to hate your kind? And a place that would be so dangerous for him? I love Cloud, don't get me wrong, but Princess and Firestar were mouse-brained for doing that. - Fallen from before StarClan

You should feel ashamed, Firestar. You should have never done that, but I forgive you. Firestar was a loyal warrior. Bringing Cloudkit to the clan was not bad. So there! TIGERSTAR!

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