Worst Things Done by Warrior Cats

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1 Thistleclaw - Making Tigerpaw evil Thistleclaw - Making Tigerpaw evil

Without Thistleclaw's ambition, Redtail wouldn't be dead, same for Swiftpaw, Brindleface and all the cats that Tigerstar directly and indirectly killed. There wouldn't be a battle with BloodClan and the Dark Forest. Without Thistleclaw, the story would have been different.

The reason Tigerpaw/star became evil was partly Thistleclaw's fault, but the other half was Pinestar, the mousebrained fool who decided to become a kitty-pet which made Tigerkit/star mad.

It was all his fault that five-star wanted power, and because five-star wanted power, he made SCOURGE evil, almost destroying the clans. This is why I love blue star.

Ok, I like Thistleclaw for acting as a Dad to Tigerpaw but he just released the most annoying beast in the entire forest on us. Screw you Thistleclaw -Cosmic Of StarClan

2 Rainflower - Rejecting Stormkit (Crookedstar) because she "thought" he was ugly Rainflower - Rejecting Stormkit (Crookedstar) because she

Okay, I hate this cat for NUMEROUS REASONS! She acted like such a brat before Crooked broke his jaw but afterwards she was just like "oh I disown you now." LIKE WHAT?! The only part of her I liked was her Prologue self, where she actually showed some sort of care for her children making it out alive. She truly doesn't deserve to even be called a mother at this point.-Fallen from before StarClan

That was a horrible thing. To rename her kit and to neglect him just because she was so mouse-brained to think her child was ugly. That was just terrible!

I know that this isn't the most evil thing a cat has done, but this is just heartbreaking. She admired her two sons very much, but when one breaks his jaw and looks different she rejects him and changes his name to Crookedkit! She admired Oak-kit and hated Crookedkit. This is horrible. Overall worst mother.

Wel, I agree this was a horrible thing to do, but I know how she felt. She renamed Stormkit so that if he died from his injury, Crookedkit, not her son Stormkit, would die and she thought she would not feel as much grief. But he lived, and she had to live with her heartlessness.

3 Mapleshade - Killing Spottedleaf the second time Mapleshade - Killing Spottedleaf the second time

The first time when spottedleaf died I wasn't too upset but the second time hit me she saved sandstorm for her loved one firestar..She died a noble med and a sweet and caring cat who will live on in all the cats hearts.

Tbh I'm not a big fan of Spottedleaf (I'm neutral to her) and I like Mapleshade a bit. But I'm VERY GLAD that Spottedleaf was so brave to save Sandstorm's life.

I know she had a hard life but I'll NEVER forgive her for killing sweet, beautiful Spottedleaf. She deserved to live in StarClan forever.

I understand why she was mad and did what she did earlier in life but killing spottedleaf for no reason?your better than that mapleshade

4 Tigerstar - Wanting to rule the Forest Tigerstar - Wanting to rule the Forest

I would understand wanting to be leader someday, because of course you would, but not leader of the forest, and you don't kill to get there, you work hard.

He's such a control freak! Being a leader of one clan wasn't good enough for him?

5 Mapleshade - Tricking poor Crookedstar Mapleshade - Tricking poor Crookedstar

He already had a bad life from his mother rainflower! He didn't need his life to fall apart!

He was just a kit and was already going through so much. She pretty much ruined his life!

Crookedstar has past many poor things all Mapleshade is doing is making his life worst! If she wanted to help him...


Argh. I hate Mapleshade. She should be called Revengeshade. Crookedstar is one of my favorite characters.

6 Hawkfrost - Killing Ferncloud and Hollyleaf Hawkfrost - Killing Ferncloud and Hollyleaf

He only killed Hollyleaf, but he also tried to kill Firestar.

I love Hollyleaf. But he killed her

Brokenstar killed Ferncloud. But I agree.
- Lindenheart proud deputy of ForestClan

7 Sharptooth - Killing tribe cats and Feathertail Sharptooth - Killing tribe cats and Feathertail

Sharptooth isn't a lion 'mountain lion' is just another term for for cougar or puma. Plus lions are the only social cats and don't live in the mountains.

Feathertail is my favorite cat! I hate him so bad. He is probably my least favorite cat! She died so bravely.

Feathertail is one of my favorite cats!

Did you know it was a she-lion cause female lions don't have manes

8 Clawface - Killing Spottedleaf the first time Clawface - Killing Spottedleaf the first time

I hate claw face, Spottedleaf didn't deserve to die.

HE stole kits too.

9 Millie - Stealing Graystripe and abusing her children Millie - Stealing Graystripe and abusing her children

While I don't agree with the first part I can't object to the second. While Millie should have defiantly showed love and care for Briar when she was injured she shouldn't have neglected to care for Blossom and Bumble. Blossom was literally BLEEDING and all she could say was, "She'll be fine, I have to go check on Briar." LIKE WHAT?! She also tries to put no discipline on Blossom when she tried to climb the meeting tree on the island. She literally yelled at Squirrel when she told Blossom to get off. While her relationship with Gray should not be called "stolen" from Silver as Silver approved of their relationship there was defiantly neglect hinted over her character.-Fallen from before StarClan

Oh.my gosh. Whoever added this- she does not deserve this list! Millie never stole graystripe, just because silverstram died does not make graystripe her property. Silverstram was dead. Yeah, I'll say it again, silverstream fangirls, DEAD. Millie did not abuse her kits! They were apprentices and warriors! They didn't need her anymore, briar light need her! It sickens me that she s higher than tigerstar, brokenstar, mapleshade, apple dusk, hawkfrost,ashfur, and a bunch of other cats!

I don't like millie because she stole graystripe and abused his children

Millie just went and stole graystripe and was a horrible mother to her kits

10 Brokenstar - Making kits apprentices early Brokenstar - Making kits apprentices early

Broken truly showed no care for the kits dying around him like rabbits in a fox's den. He defiantly didn't care who died as long as he got his way. The only good thing he did was get rid of Ragged, thanks Broken for that :)-Fallen from before StarClan

That made the kits feel so cool, but they were way too young!

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11 Dawnpelt - Wrongly accusing Jayfeather of killing Flametail and making him stop doing his outside the clan Medicine Cat duties Dawnpelt - Wrongly accusing Jayfeather of killing Flametail and making him stop doing his outside the clan Medicine Cat duties

Dawn was defiantly in the wrong for accusing Jay. She kinda just went overboard with it. While yes, she is allowed to grief for her lost littermate she went to far as to accuse Jay of KILLING him when in reality he was trying to save him.-Fallen from before StarClan

Jayfeather would never do such a thing.

I could kill Dawnpelt for that.

Dawnpelt is an idiot

12 Scourge - Trying to take the Forest Scourge - Trying to take the Forest

It isn't his fault. Tigerpaw (Tigerstar) attacked him and his brother and sister hated him so he wanted revenge.

Good thing Firestar killed him.

13 Bramblestar's Possessor - Abusing Squirrelflight and weaponizing religion Bramblestar's Possessor - Abusing Squirrelflight and weaponizing religion

Okay, both Bramble and his possessor abused Squirrel in multiple different ways. Bramble abused her mentally and emotionally while the impostor did it in all the ways possible! Both of them are horrid in my opinion.-Fallen from before StarClan

I disagree.Squirrelflight almost let Flurry kill Bramblestar. Squirreldope is a piece of Fox Dung

14 Bone - Killing Whitestorm Bone - Killing Whitestorm

When bone killed whitestorm I was so mad and upset, when I turned the page and saw that the apprentices killed bone, all I could think was GOOD

Scourge again is not dumb would if Bone had a past he needed to leave off to.

Yeah, and being with Scourge was so dumb.

15 Brokenstar - Almost leading Shadowclan to death Brokenstar - Almost leading Shadowclan to death

Broken almost lead ShadowClan to it's demise. If it wasn't for Night and even Tiger's leaderships the clan would have fallen apart for sure.-Fallen from before StarClan

I guess I agree with this, but I think that Sol from series 3 was more threatening than Brokenstar... he literally managed to stop ShadowClan from believing in the warrior code and their ancestors!

Yeah, and he was leader of dark forest, plus killing many innocent kits and killing Ferncloud.

16 Ivypool - For being a big brat and bully to Dovewing Ivypool - For being a big brat and bully to Dovewing

Wow. "Brat", "Bully". Seriously? Dovewing had so much attention. Ivypool wanted to be at least noticed, but she never was, because she never was in the picture. Besides, she had so much on her shoulders, and could never lift it off. Of course she was jealous! She was an apprentice, she also has feelings,

I like both Ivypool and Dovewing. And let's begin. Ivypool was jealous because she didn't have so much attention like Dovewing. How you will feel if your sister or brother has more attention from your parents? And then she was young so its normal to be jealous. Don't say that you wasn't jealous in your whole life!

YES! Ivypool is such a big bully! Divewing did NOT deserve that, it wasn't her fault that she had special powers and ivy didn't

I agree, Dovewing did deserve it. Ivypool I love you if I were a boy warrior cat I would want to mate with you!

17 Stormtail - Not loving Moonflower or Bluestar and Snowfur Stormtail - Not loving Moonflower or Bluestar and Snowfur

Storm was a horrid mate. He didn't care for Moon even after she died, just kept padding after Dapple! And when Blue was going through emotional struggles he didn't try and support her, just kept padding after his new gf who didn't even have children with him, had children with Running.-Fallen from before StarClan

If we have a bad mother in the series, so we will have and a bad father. And Stormtail is that bad father! He was in love with Dappletail but that doesn't make sense to ignore his own children (even if they are the kits of his ex-love, Moonflower). I just hate him!

18 Ashfur - Trying to kill four cats Ashfur - Trying to kill four cats

That was so terrible. Just because Ashfur was rejected by Squirrelflight, that doesn't make sense to try to kill four cats. He's so dramatic! He can't move on and to find his TRUE love!

Not only four cats, BUT CATS FROM HIS OWN CLAN. Ash nor Bramble are good mates to Squirrel, both are abusive when they don't get their ways. Honestly Storm or Shrew should have been her mate, not either of them.

He should have gone to Dark forest for sure.

19 Twolegs - Poisoning Riverclan's river Twolegs - Poisoning Riverclan's river

Irl, we, all Twolegs (or humans), poison the water all over the world.

20 Firestar - Joining Thunderclan Firestar - Joining Thunderclan

Ok, I know Firestar is a great warrior
I know that the cats need him
I know that without him warrior cats would have a horrible ending

But I just hate him. He is the most overrated cat in all of warriors. I hate all the characters that used to be kittypets. And Firestar is such a sue! My list of least favorite cats (That aren't evil)

1. Dovewing
2. Lionblaze
3. Firestar
4. Millie
5. Mothwing (Only because of her thing with Starclan)

Who added this?

21 Firestar & Princess - Brought Cloudtail to Thunder Clan Firestar & Princess - Brought Cloudtail to Thunder Clan

Seriously?! You send your first-born son out to live in a place that would teach him to hate your kind?! And a place that would be so dangerous for him?! I love Cloud, don't get me wrong, but Princess and Fire were mouse-brained for doing that.-Fallen from before StarClan

You feel ashamed, Firestar. You should have never done that, Firestar but I forgive you. Firestar was an loyal warrior, bringing cloudkit to the clan was not bad, So There! TIGERSTAR!

Well if they didn't bring him Brightheart would be miserable and he's Ivypool and Dovewing's grandpa along with Firestar's only memory of his sister!

I hate cloudtail he is so annoying especially when he was an apprentice! How did firestar take it all?!?! Go die in a hole cloudtail!

22 Hollyleaf - Killing Ashfur Hollyleaf - Killing Ashfur

Hollyleaf killed Ashfur for a GOOD REASON. How will you will let a cat like him to live? He tried to kill four innocent cats (including Hollyleaf).

He tried to kill her and her brothers, though. And he would spill secrets, though she didn't know this, he helped try to kill Firestar.

Hollyleaf is definitely one of my least favorite characters ever. She let her anger get the better of her!

23 Hawkheart - Killing Moonflower Hawkheart - Killing Moonflower

Hey! Hawkheart is NOT evil, there is A LOT of cats who killed, so what's wrong with Hawkheart killing Moonflower?

Evil! Moonflower was cool.

24 Hawkfrost - Trying to kill Firestar and Brambleclaw Hawkfrost - Trying to kill Firestar and Brambleclaw

First, Hawkfrost was manipulated by Tigerstar, his father, and second he did it because he wanted his brother to be leader.

He deserved to be leader of all 4 clans!

25 Appledusk - Betraying Mapleshade Appledusk - Betraying Mapleshade

Okay, I don't like either of them. Maple acted like the biggest brat and when things took a turn for her she didn't know what to do. But Apple also cheated on her soooooo-Fallen from before StarClan

Appledusk is one of my least favorite cats in the series. I just hate him!

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