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1 Severus Snape Severus Snape is a fictional character in J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series. He is characterised as a person of great complexity, whose coldly sarcastic and controlled exterior conceals deep emotions and anguish.

Severus Snape had the hardest life to the saddest death. He was bullied by James Potter and lost Lily Evans. He had a heart of gold. He was trying to save Harry Potter in the Philosopher's Stone. He cared for Harry and would never stop loving Lily Evans. He begged the Dark Lord to keep Lily alive. He was a double agent against the Dark Lord for revenge for him needing to kill Dumbledore. He used his Occlumency to hide the fact he was secretly betraying Voldemort. He had no choice to kill Albus Dumbledore especially because he had done the Unbreakable Vowel with Narcissa Malfoy. Severus Snape didn't deserve his death but more he half deserved his hate. He was at least 90% the bravest man in Harry Potter. He was one of the most important characters in Harry Potter.

Severus Snape was cruel, unfair, and rude to Harry Potter because of his dad. So Harry hated Snape the moment he arrived at Hogwarts. Harry hated Snape for nearly all his life. But when Snape's past was revealed, Harry forgave him. All the time Snape was a spy for Dumbledore. He only killed Dumbledore because Dumbledore asked him to. Snape used Occlumency to hide the truth from He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Snape was talented and smart. His death was most devastating. I nearly broke down into tears. The moment He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named killed Lily Potter, Severus changed sides. But He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named did not now this because Snape used Occlumency. Snape protected Harry as best as he could. So I agree with Harry that Severus Snape is the bravest man and has the most devastating death.

He was one of the best characters... James did not deserve Lily. Snape did, because unlike James, he didn't humiliate anyone, or hang people up by their ankles, or go around acting all cool. James disgusts me. Snape's life is so sad... RIP

Unarguably the bravest man in the entire series.

He was the epitome of everything everyone hated in the story; pretty much the invincible school bully seeing as they couldn't outright defy a teacher. He's flawed, he hated the Marauders with every fiber of his being and projected some of that hate onto Harry. And yet in spite of that, it was his love for Lily that drove him forward.

Yeah, he's no saint and he even admits to himself he's not a good man, but that's what made him even more likable and gave more impact to their lives.

And knowing that his efforts will only amount to dying a dog's death, as well as wanting to look into the eyes of that one person he'd sacrificed many things for, is what really made his passing a heart-wrenching event.
"Look at me..."

2 Dobby

Personally, I hate Dobby with a passion. All the times he was trying to "save" Harry, he ended up almost killing him, getting him in trouble or severely injuring him. It's like Harry can never relax with that house elf around. Let's face it people, Dobby is nothing but a nuisance and annoying. He deserved to die

The first time I watched Harry Potter and saw Dobby, I was like he needs to be here. He brightens up the mood and you feel so light. Well that's how I felt. He always wanted to do whats best for Harry Potter even if it put his life in danger and that's what it did. he put his life on the line to save Harry and his friends and no human can relate to that. Most people would not stand up and try and help out there friends, even if you die in the process because we are scared, but Dobby wasn't. at that moment when I saw the dagger fly into the transporter with them all. I was asking my family who it hit, we all waiting in tension waiting for the next scene. We found out that everyone was alright until everyone came across Dobby. He was just laying there saying that he done what he could and he was happy. When he said that I almost teared up but I didn't. Then when Dobby passed in Harry Potter arms, that was when I started to cry. Harry wanted to do it the proper way and berry him, when I ...more

How is Snape's death higher than this!?!? I know we find out that Snape is good but NOTHING is as sad as Dobby's death. So many people are commenting that Dobby was a great character and yes he was but the scene itself is not only sad in the book, it almost unbearable to watch in the movie. The saddest moment in the entire series

Before Dobby died, I cried what he said. "Dobby has no master. Dobby is a free elf! And Dobby has come to save Harry Potter and his friends! " He looked so brave. Bellatrix I want to rip your head off for torturing Hermione and killing a lot of people
*Molly Weasley kills Bellatrix*
Thank you Molly Weasley for killing Bellatrix

3 Sirius Black

Sirius didn't simply die, he fell through the veil. It was the most heart-wrenching death to go with his sorrowful story.

In adolescence, Sirius did not fit in at home, and his family life was seemingly miserable. That kid must've been messed up, yet he hung through it and made amazing friends. He unified the Marauders. After seven long years of Hogwarts, the Marauders all graduated and parted, yet Sirius' bonds remained.

Sirius' life was turned upside down when he found James' and Lily's dead bodies. His best friend, Pettigrew, betrayed them all, and his other best friend, Lupin, believed him to be guilty of murder.

For twelve years, Sirius was pent up in Azkaban, having the life sucked away from him by the Dementors. He should have been partying with friends, staying up late and having a laugh, when instead he was left to rot in a cell.

After twelve years, Sirius Black was finally free, only to be kept inside and under cover. He wasn't allowed to fight ...more

Agh! Where do I begin? First off, Sirius was the closest thing Harry had to a father, and his death seemed to have the most impact on him. Second, he has had a tough life. Between being disowned by his family, seeing two of his best friends dead, being blamed for that, being away from his godson for so long (and it seems to me that Sirius adores Harry) and spending 12 years in Azkaban his life seems pretty difficult. That seems like enough tragedy for 5 lifetimes. Also, Harry and Sirius both deserved to be happy. They needed each other. It's a shame that Sirius died before he could be happy for the first time in over 13 years.

I've honestly never liked Sirius. I'm not exactly sure why...he was an okay character. I just don't like that he never bothers to listen to anyone. It's his fault he died, he wasn't even supposed to go with them in the first place. It's good that he broke out of Azkaban, but did he really need to break into Hogwarts? He just made it worse for himself. I know that he was trying to protect Harry, but there couldn't be a safer way to do it? I don't know. Also, I can't get over the fact he used to be a bully...

This was one of the most devastating deaths for me next to Nagini's because first of all, Sirius lived a horrible life in Azkaban that he didn't deserve and second of all, he was a very loyal friend and nice godfather that was the closest thing to family Harry ever had and he was very protective over his godson, it was just so sad that he died fighting for his best friend's son and in the most chilling way possible.

4 Fred Weasley

I believe this has got to be the saddest death even though it was really, really, really hard choosing. Fred and George had a legacy. Remember when they rode off into the sunset together on brooms, leaving behind Umbridge's reign of tyranny? When Fred died, a part of George dies with him. The loss of a friend or family member is terrible but losing someone you've been with for quite literally all your life is devastating. Just look at the head canons fans have made about it! Fred also had a crush on Hermione but she never knew. And people say Snape's story is sad? At least he grew older. Fred never had the chance. He died laughing at a joke his brother made, and didn't even get to say goodbye to him or the twin he loved so dearly. How often do any of us ever tell our siblings we love them? I know this is long but Fred's death broke my heart because that's a loss that is irreparable. One half can never feel whole again.

I'm not emotional. At all. I'm not just saying that. I had never cried for any fictional character ever. Not even joking people. But then Fred died and I cried. Sure it was only two tears but Fred dying was super sad. Literally the only time I have cried for a character dying out of every book I have read and movies and shows I have watched the only person I ever cried for was Fred. He wasn't even one of my favorite characters! But I cried. And then told everyone I know who's read the Harry Potter books that I hate J.K. Rowling because she made Fred die. Fred is such an awesome character. He is funny, loyal, and reliable. So yeah only time I've ever cried from any book, movie, or show was because Fred died. That's saying something people!

Fred was only 20 when he died. He died fighting against evil. He was so brave, and he died laughing! Fred is my favourite character in the series. I absolutely love Fred, so much that after a year that he died, you could still find me reading that section in the book and shedding tears! He lived an amazing life, fulfilled his dream of opening a joke shop along with George and was a very successful businessman when he died. Oh my god! I never loved any character so much, and I will never forgive J K Rowling for killing Fred! Also, the fact that in losing Fred, George lost his brother, his best friend, his partner in crime, half of himself and that he will never be normal again makes the death sadder. If I was George, I would've been in a mental asylum or killed myself! Oh George, I'm so sorry. And Fred, I love you so much. You are my hero!

When Sirius died, I felt deeply sad cause he was an innocent character and he was the only family left for Harry.
But still, I was able to restrain myself from crying.
When Dobby died, I cried. A few tears were rolling down my cheeks.
When Fred died, I couldn't stop from crying.
I was literally sobbing.
To me, Fred's death was the most heartbreaking one.
As a kid I loved the Weasleys so much and Fred and George have always been my favourite Weasleys along with Ron.
Whenever there was a Fred and George, it would make me laugh.
Fred and George were always here to bright up the day.
Their jokes and tricks would make anyone forget about the danger that's persisting.
Besides, George is incomplete without his twin.
You can't separate twins. They sort of have a strong connection.
And Fred and George did everything together.
They made everyone laugh together.
They counted on each other.
So knowing that George was left alone makes me feel so ...more

5 Dumbledore Professor Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore is a fictional character in J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series.

I don't know what to say and where to start. He was amazing and he should be forever honored. I know if Dumbledore was here he would tell us not to pity the dead, but to pity the living who can not love, but I can't help but cry when I think about him. He was kind, loving, made sure he only put a little weight on Harry's shoulders at time, and most importantly, was the only parental figure Harry had left. It broke my heart to see him lying there, dead, half moon spectacles slightly crooked. RIP dumbledore, and I think I speak for all of us when I say we will never forget you and how you saved us all whether people noticed it or not.

I don't know how he isn't number 2 on this list. I can vividly picture the feeling of terror once the world hears of his death. The only one Voldemort ever feared, dead? The only one who knew how to defeat Voldemort (besides 3 teenagers), dead? The greatest wizard the Wizarding world had ever seen, dead? His death left Harry stranded. Left him with the impossible task of hunting down the rest of the Horcruxes without the great wizard that had been watching over him since day one. And to cap it all off, he died for nothing as the locket was a fake. That's the worst part...

I hate Snape because of this. Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore was so wise and spoke in the most beloved quotes, that helped everyone focus and know what to do. His wiseness was a wonderful part of him, and I believe he was the smartest and wisest character in the books. He was also amazingly friendly to Harry and Ron... who at first thought he was a funny man! Idiotic! And that ministry was stupid, because Albus Dumbledore was wise, friendly, and funny. He loved beans and joked around some times, not going into hysteria, but still being not too strict, funny and wise. Also fond of sherbert lemons! I highly respect him and he definitely should be honored greatly. And at his death... well, I cried, cried, cried, cried, cried, and cried some more. Just seeing him lying on his back, Snape looking slightly sour at him made he just cry harder. Snape! I hate snape! Albus is my favorite character!

He has a lot to contend with but puts a smile on his face and occasionally indulges in a sherbet lemon. He made Hogwarts a magical place and saw potential all. An amazing wizard and sad that he has few votes. Honestly, and you call yourselves Harry Potter fans. Well Dumbledore RIP. You were the saddest loss of the series.

6 Hedwig

Hedwig was honestly the saddest death for me. I do have a soft spot for animals, but its not just that. She was Harry's only link to the magical world while he was stuck with the Dursleys. She stuck by him through thick and thin. I think her death really symbolized the end of Harry's childhood. RIP Hedwig.

Big deal, she wasn't even in the story a lot. If J.K. Rowling didn't include Hedwig in the story, it wouldn't have made any difference. And anyway, she was totally useless.

Hedwig represents how the Wizarding world effect him. He was miserable before. I hate Hedwig dying. It like losing a dog but have everything that happened to Harry happen. I love the scene in the books were Harry's mad and takes some of his anger out on Hedwig where he instantly regrets when Hedwig mad and flys away. But Hedwig comes back. Hedwig always came back. Hedwig doings means Harry no longer a child. Harry childhood fell with Hedwig

She was so faithful, I honestly feel like she's Quill from The Mandalorian, not the biggest character, but still faithful/loyal, enduring, loving, and I love her so much I can't think of anything else to say.

7 Remus Lupin

Reasons why his (currently ranking 7) is the second saddest death:
#1 Snape's life was as sad as Lupin's and he was the same age, and he's still less likeable than Remus after the last book
#2 is Dobby, but Hedwig's death is sadder as Harry knew her from a younger age, and she didn't serve an evil family
#3 Sirius is #1 for me.
#4 Fred's death was sad, but (which really annoys me) his twin brother has the identical personality, so for me it feels like losing half a character.
#5 Dumbledore lived to very old age, he is above 100 in the first book, so we could assume he would die.
#6 is Hedwig on the list, who didn't seem to have as close relationship with Harry as one with a dog or a a cat, they didn't spend much time together

It's not fair that Remus Lupin is 7th on this list. It's not fair the way her died. It's not fair that he does at all, really. Lupin was my favorite character who died. I loved him since we met him, I was devastated when I found out he was a werewolf, I thought we'd never see him after he stopped teaching, and I was overjoyed when he came back in Order of the Phoenix. But when he died, I didn't cry at all. Why? Because it didn't register that he had died. It didn't hit me at all, because we didn't see it. Lupin was a great character, he deserved a great death scene. Sirius had one, Snape had one, Dumbledore, Dobby, Fred, and even Hedwig all had one. But not poor Lupin. We just walk in on his dead body, never getting to see him for what I'm sure, knowing Lupin, was a heroic death. It feels like a kind of disrespect to his memory that JK Rowling didn't take the time to give Lupin and Tons something, yet even still his death is "ridikulus"ly sad, to quote his first lesson. RIP to the ...more

I love all these characters. They all are a part of me when they die I die in the inside. When they cry I cry. When they are happy I am happy. When they are angry I am angry.

Why is Fred above him?
People say Fred makes us laugh.
In the Marauder era, Remus could make us laugh, if we saw more of him.
Because Fred left George alone?
James got left alone when in hiding, Sirius was alone is prison, Remus was alone when they died and was living mostly in poverty, and Peter, duh!
I admit Snape and Dobby should be above him.
People also say Teddy is overrated, and the 'godson thing' is useless.
Well, Teddy and Harry were both orphans, their mothers both died for love, their fathers were both Marauders.
Back to business.

8 Lily and James Potter

For me, it was James' death that was the saddest. Sadder than Sirius, sadder than Dobby, even sadder than Fred.

Reason #1. Lily Potter would have had to hear him die. Or just see a flash of green light and hear a sickening thump, her husband's body hitting the floor. She didn't even have time to grieve, she just had to understand that even if she survived that night, she would live the rest of her life without James. Without her best friend, her husband, her soulmate. She knew that her son would live his life fatherless.

Reason #2. Sirius Black found James' body. I feel like people always forget about that fact. Sirius had to walk inside that house, and see with his own eyes the dead body of his best friend. Probably the person who meant the most to him in his whole life. He probably knelt over James' body, tucked a bit of hair behind his ear, maybe kissed his cheek, and then had to step over his best friend to get to Lily, and save James' son.

Reason #3. James' ...more

This is a such a sad death! James was a funny, brave man, Lily was smart, kind, and feisty! I wish they hadn't died, but I'm sure J.K had her reasons...

Harry Potter wouldn't be as it is if lily and James wouldn't have died. They were the ones that made the series come to life.

You get me?

I'm more sad about Lilly than James. We don't know much about James only that he was a bully and his protronus was a stag. where as Lilly we know what happened with her and snape and about aunt pertunia.

9 Cedric Diggory

Although he didn't get much page time before GoF and wasn't as developed as many characters, this was the first non-villain death of someone we actually knew. So it hits you HARD, man. (Don't even remind me of his parent's reactions or I might cry). Harry was so traumatised by his death, more so than any of the other horrors he had experienced. Cedric was good and kind and brave, he deserved a long and happy life...instead he died at 17. What makes his death even worse is how unnecessary it was (seriously, Peter, you could have used stupefy) and how he would have lived if Harry hadn't tried to do something NICE. Remember what happened to a boy who was good, and kind, and brave, because he crossed the path of Lord Voldemort. Remember Cedric Diggory.

I don't think he was the saddest death, that still lies with dobby but it was extremely sad the main reason being his father. Its one thing to lose a parent it's another to lose a child. When I watch him scream " MY BOY " I always have tears it's just heartbreaking no other word for it.

If I could choose two I would choose Fred as well but Cedric, I'm in love with. He is my favourite character even though he was in one movie. In my fan fic I invent a spell that brings him back to life because every time I watch Goblet Of Fire I ball my eyes out.

This is so sad! Why you ask? Because I took the quiz and found out I'm a Hufflepuff! Every time I read that book, every time I watch that movie, I cry whenever they show him dying. Plus, It's even sadder with Amos yelling "My boy!" Heartbreaking.

10 Nymphadora Tonks

How many mothers have done something for their family, even if it's in vain?
Lily, Molly and Dora.
Dora and Lily both only got to spend a little time with their children.
But Dora only got to spend a little time with her husband. He even left her for a while.
And yet, even if he left her for a while, because of love, she tried to save him.
Her father died moments before.
Her mother was born in the Black family.
She died seeing her murderer's eyes.
Snape died seeing his love's eyes.
I absolutely LOVE Nymphy.
I want to say:
Remus: Hi, Dora.
Tonks: Ooh hello Moony!
Remus: I love you Dora.
Tonks: I love you too Moony.

I liked Tonks so much I teared up a bit when I found out she was dead. My two favourite characters dead in the same sentience. "As Ginny and Hermione moved closer to the rest of the family, Harry had a clear view of the bodies lying next to Fred: Remus and Tonks, pale and still and peaceful-looking, apparently asleep beneath the dark, enchanted ceiling." Anyone who reads this has to appreciate that I had to go to look for my copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, then find the sentence so that I could copy it word-for-word.

I think Tonks and Lupin were the saddest because they had just got married. And after what maybe 2 years Tonks liked Lupin and Lupin Tonks. And just now they get married! Then they have a little boy. And if my maths right they got to spend 18 days with their kid before they died. And that's if you count his birthday. Also not only did that's leave Teddy and orphan but it left Tonk's mother with no Family. Her husband dead her sister dead and the other doesn't care about her. Her daughter now dead and her son-in-law!

Nymphadora. Tonks. I love her. She was clumsy, brave, kind, and loyal. I cried so, so much when she died. She should be at least right under Lupin, who should be under Sirius. I don't think Cedric matters that much. I don't even really like him. And it was so sad because Lupin and Tonks had just married and had a little boy. They barely had enough time with their son. Tonks should not have died, because she was a wonderful person and a loyal Hufflepuff, and a talented Auror and metamorphagus.

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11 Alastor Moody

He was one of the best, bravest, coolest, characters. He had a likeable personality. When you think Moody you think of him always being on guard.

He looked like he had SO much potential to be an even greater character than he already is. Did he have to go and die before the stuff gets real?

This death came to me as a shock and I was devastated that he died. I was shocked that he COULD die, he was so strong

Sad death, greatest of most characters. I am glad they found his eye.

12 Colin Creevey

I think his death is one of the most saddest because he was just a Kid! he was just a little boy who hero worshipped Harry to the point of following him to a war. It feels so unfair, he didn't get to live his life. He didn't get to even finish school. You also have to think of his younger brother. It must have been taumitized to realize his brother was gone. When his brother came to Hogwarts, it never seemed to mention one without the other.

Ok he wasn't THAT young but out of all the hogwarts students with a name, he and Ginny were the youngest and therefore the closest thing to a child, especially Colin because we don't get enough development and still think of him as a child subconsciously. Nobody doesn't cry when the overly-curious camera boy dies. For no reason other than being unlucky enough to get caught in a war,

The most sad about Colin's Death is that it was kind og ignored, in the books its just said that Harry walks into Neville who Are holding a Death body and very Short mentioned that its Colin you knows nothing about his Death, in the movies her aren't egen mentioned at ALL. I liked Colin, her was so innocent and Brave. Like he was told not to fight but did anyway, he had been hiding because he was muggleborn the whole year Then he comes to fight but is told that he is top young. He Leaves but sneaks back and Then Dies... Just Dies and the only thing you know is that he was killed by a Death Eater unknown who. I like the theory he was killed by a Death Eater protecting Harry like a Death Eater casts a killing curse at Harry Potter's back Colin Then jumps in and died without Harry Knowing anything, I wish that theory was true. I liked Colin but he was just ignored </3

Colin Creevey was super underrated. But That is what made this kids death so sad. Colin was muggleborn, so he didn't have to go fight. But he did. He should have lived a long life, an the fact this brave, brave, kid isn't on the list saddens me. Colin will always be remembered in the hearts of all Harry Potter fans.

13 Harry Potter Harry James Potter is the title character of J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series. The majority of the books' plot covers seven years in the life of the orphan Potter, who, on his eleventh birthday, learns he is a wizard.

1. Harry didn't die. He was dead for about 10 minutes in the last book/movie, but he comes back. He was also dead in an alternate reality in the Cursed Child, but we all agree that the Cursed Child is not canon.
2. Even when he was dead, we never SAW him die, or his body so I don't know why people think he's dead.

I wish Harry didn't die in cursed child. It was so painful the way Rowling described the pain everyone felt when the boy who lived twice finally died.

Sad I didn't know he died in the cursed child until I read the death list.

He had to stay with the horrible Dursley's for so long!

14 Regulus Black

REGGIE! His brother didn't find out about his brave sacrifice. He didn't even need anybody to know he knew and he went through all that pain so that someone MIGHT be able to destroy the Dark Lord. He also took the potion and made Kreacher leave because he cared about a house elf which tons of wizards even the "Good" brother Sirius thought of as inferior more than his own life. Don't get me wrong I love Sirius too. But it gets on my nerves that know one ever remembers Reggie. Rant over.

Sirius died thinking Regulus was loyal to the Death Eaters.
Regulus died knowing his brother loathed him for it.

Finally found his redemption, but died with his brother hating him as he didn't know the truth.

Just when he turned good...

15 Peter Pettigrew

All marauders died protecting Harry, James sacrifice, Sirius's unexpected Lupin in the battle and Pettigrew he died chocking himself to own Harry. I personally think it was really sad. Voldy was very understood too. He was just a orphan in a orphanage with issues that made him feel insane(magic) then all of a sudden Dumbledore comes and Boom! He's a wizard get I. Slytherin (can't blame him) and well you know. Slytherin's are quite power hungry.

He didn't turn good. He was in debt with Harry, so when he was unable to kill him, Voldemort used the silver hands to strangle him.

He should've died sooner...I would've been happy if Harry let Lupin and Sirius kill him in the Prisoner of Azkaban

Why is this even 14 This guy was mean and nobody should feel remorse for the dude. I mean like PEOPLE

16 Ariana Dumbledore

I wish that she could actually be a character. Not just a name on paper. Otherwise I'm really SAD.

I wish I had seen more of her story.

I just feel really bad for her!

She was so sweet and kind she did not deserve that tragic death

17 Aragog

Even though he (and most scary bugs such as that butterfly closeup from Spongebob) traumatized me in my childhood, it brought a tear in my eye when Hagrid, Harry, and Slughorn had a little ceremony for him. It was both a sad and heartwarming moment. Especially when it lead to the duet between Hagrid and Slughorn.

I was just sad about this death because th saw Hagrid crying.

Mad Eye killed the spider he should go to azkaban for that.

I actually really liked Aragog. Sad upon death

18 Xenophilius Lovegood

He wasn't dead, his house just blew up because of the Erumpent horn.

He amazing and so not dead...!

He ain't dead people

He was not dead

19 Astoria Malfoy

She shouldn't have died...

20 Phoenix Fawkes

Wait, didn't Fawkes re...generate? or something? Yeah, he did, but then he flew away after Dumbledore... passed

21 Basilisk

The Basilisk was a beautiful creature. It loved life. In it's early life, the Basilisk sat in his room inventing neat gadgets. It's mom and dad did not support his creative side. He moved out at a young age, only 15, started a business. He sold neat little things. He unfortunately found out about the death of his mother, and fell into depression. The Basilisk fought through it though, and reopened his shop, and sold the best darn things he ever had! He invented the can opener, the toilet, and even invented a few spells. He was sleeping, and then was woken by an evil boy, who killed him with a sword. R.I.P., Basilisk. You will be missed.

Is this a joke? This was the monster in the Chamber of Secrets that was petrifying Mrs Norris, and Muggle-born Students. Hermione is one remember. They needed Mandrakes to bring people back to life. Mandrakes are dangerous plants but heal.
Salazar Slytherin put this in the Chamber of Secrets 50 years before.
Tom Riddle framed Hagrid.
Lucius Malfoy put a Horcrux, Voldemort's diary into Ginny's cauldron and she was possessed by Voldemort's soul.
Moaning Myrtle real name Myrtle Warren a 14 year old girl who was obviously emotional with puberty, periods. Was also being bullied and hid in the toilets and was killed by it when Tom Riddle was using it to kill.

The Basilisk was loved by all. He was just extremely misunderstood. All he wanted was a little reading material it's not his fault it was a horcrux. When Percy kills him in the 5th book the deathly hallows I wrote ms. JkR a strongly worded email. #JUSTICEFORBASY

A majestic creature with a sad end, they were just lonely, and slightly crazed from spending 50 years alone - and god knows how many before that!

22 Pandora Lovegood

I honestly feel dreadful for Luna, and her knowing that she was there and that if she just stopped her from casting that spell must be awful.

Must have been devastating for Luna...she was only nine, and I'm sure she was so heartbroken.

23 Moaning Myrtle

She was bullied all her life and died out of nowhere because she tried to tell a boy to get out of the girl's bathroom in some school. Not the saddest death, but definitely a undeserved, miserable one. And she didn't even get to tell the boy off.

Woah, she should not have died!

24 Crookshanks
25 Fang

Fang didn't die

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