Top Ten Best Books on Hunting

This list is about books of a "how to" nature, not fictional or anthology books about hunters or hunting experiences.

Ever wanted to learn more about hunting? How about just sharpen your skills where it comes to procuring your own meat or food? Hunting is an activity that has been a part of human history and the human species since we began walking upright.

I personally do not advocate sport hunting (hunting for the sole purpose of killing or gathering a trophy) but I do see the importance and benefit of subsistence hunting (hunting for one's own meat/food). Hunting allows a person to not rely on the Industrial Meat Complex - the industry responsible for inhumane treatment of animals, diluting the nutritional benefit of animal products, and generally contributing to the sickness and poor health of the population - and to instead provide quality nutrition for yourself.

Here are the most useful and user-friendly books on the how tos of hunting.
The Top Ten
1 The Complete Guide to Hunting, Butchering, and Cooking Wild Game: Volume 2: Small Game and Fowl - Steven Rinella

Full of diagrams, full-color pages, tips on technique and tools, Steve Rinella gives you a perfect starting point for hunting small game like rabbits and fowl, plus recipes to follow for your newly found protein.

I mean, it's the complete guide! What else is there to say?

2 The Complete Guide to Hunting, Butchering, and Cooking Wild Game: Volume 1: Big Game - Steven Rinella

Steve Rinella, of the TV show MeatEater, has a personable style of presenting information to anyone willing to learn. This book will give you all the information and skills knowledge you need to start planning your next big game hunt.

Oh, another complete guide! Wow!

3 Hunt High - Duncan Gilchrist

This is the quintessential book for anyone wanting to hunt above the tree line for big game.

If you want large animals as game, this book is a must, apparently.

4 Whitetail Access - Chris Eberhart

Both a recounting of hunting trips and a book full of low-budget strategies for hunting on public land, Chris Eberhart recounts his tales of hunting in places few would dare to tread.

5 Shooter's Bible - Jay Cassell

Anything and everything you ever needed to know about guns, their specifications, and how to shoot them. This book will go a long way in improving your firearm handling and usage.

6 The Total Deer Hunter Manual: 301 Hunting Skills You Need - Scott Bestul

From guns to bows, this book will tell you all the basic skills you need to hunt your own game and provide food for yourself and your loved ones.

7 The Total Bowhunting Manual - Scott Bestul

Specific to bow hunting and archery, this book will help you begin or improve your hunting skills.

8 The Trapper's Bible: The Most Complete Guide on Trapping and Hunting Tips Ever - Eustace Hazard Livingston

While not what you think of with traditional hunting, trapping is an important skill to learn when thinking of procuring your own meat.

9 Mammal Tracks & Sign: A Guide to North American Species - Mark Elbroch

What good is learning to shoot at an animal if you can't find them? Humans are not unique in their ability to track their prey, but it certainly helps to be one step ahead of your competitors.

10 1001 Hunting Tips: The Ultimate Guide: Deer, Upland Game and Birds, Waterfowl, Big Game - Lamar Underwood

There is always room for improvement when it comes to hunting. This book will help you gain valuable skills or just improve on those you already have.

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