Best Arcs from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

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1 Stardust Crusaders

Not a huge fan, but I like Polnareff and Avdol. the fight with Dio was also good. I wasn't a fan of the idea of stands when I started to watch this, but I slowly got into them as the arc went on.

I think you can just tell how good this Arc was just by seeing his opening names STAND PROUD and END OF THE WORLD.. had a lot of sadly deaths and good designed characters that gave us good story, and of course we don't forget about the main villan of the story DIO.. who was a reason of avdol and iggy deaths.. and HE himself killed kakyoin.. that Japanese boy who was killed in Egypt trying to find "THE WORLD" ability.. I just always wonder how did they even explained his death to his parents if they care.. AND of course we don't forget about the main character jotaro kujo who was a huge part of being this arc in the top.. are you wondering how he defeated dio? yeah all I know that we heard a ORA ORA ORA and a MUDA MUDA MUDA

2 Battle Tendency

After a dull and too serious first arc, Battle Tendency stablished the whole series tone and introduced Joseph, the best character in the series by far. It also has one of the best plots on the Jojo series and great characters with a lot of development. And fun. It has a lot of fun.

Didn't like Joseph too much, but the pillar men were great! Also, Lisa Lisa is a really strong female character.

3 Steel Ball Run

Best part ever. I must have been D4Ced to a universe where any part beats Steel Ball Run.

4 Diamond is Unbreakable

I haven't yet finished it, but I adore it so far! Stands which seemed like bad guys but ended up being good, the best music, lack of a specific goal from what I can see but just trying to survive daily life with a stand... I love it!

Only thing that I don't like about this part is the fact that they changed the graphics in the op.

5 Vento Aureo
6 Stone Ocean
7 JoJolion
8 Phantom Blood

It's the arc that started it all, and I actually liked the seriousness. Jonathan is really likeable, too.

9 Jorge Joestar
10 Part 9

Best part amazing story and characters

Best part, great characters, best plot

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