Top 10 Best Michael Rosen Poems

Michael Rosen is a poet/living meme and we are here to present to you the best of the best Michael Rosen Poems. So settle down...a nd that includes YOU David Alexander! This list showcases the most entertaining, funny, memorable and memeable poems Michael has to offer.
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1 No Breathing In Class

A classic tale of betrayal, redemption, and the horror that is our education. Michael really expresses his hatred for this teacher in the video and sorrow for his classmates who didn't make it through this tragic experience. Except for Dave, he was weak.

Very funny. Good for young kids.

2 Chocolate Cake

A really interesting, funny, and creative poem! Michael's facial expressions and hand formations of objects really helped me to picture everything as if I was there to see it happen. It is really an interesting story, and it has a good lesson about how you should resist your hardest temptations. Great poem. I love it!

Even though Rosen's cake fetish had left him long ago, there are still tiny hints that he may still be after more cake as he makes odd noises throughout the video, displaying his love for the food item. This is a comedic video and is very entertaining because of the over-the-top expressions.

3 Hot Food

Another well-known story. Most notable for the inclusion of the word 'Noice!' This is a very educational video too as it teaches young children to blow on the potato until it's cool.

4 We're Going On a Bear Hunt
5 The Car Trip

This shows the struggle of a mother taking her two whiny, bratty kids out for a car trip.

"Can I have a drink?"

It is a powerful video and really hits close to home for mothers like me.

The best! I love this so much. My daughter thinks so too.

6 Holland

Really hilarious video in my eyes. Good build-up to the big hilarious moment. Also shows that stupid stuff sometimes helps you remember things.

7 The Michael Rosen Rap
8 Babysitter

Life of Brian.

He is babysitting Michael, poor Brian, he tries lots of ways to get him to bed but he fails every time.

9 Harrybo

Helps kids like me deal with the death of a carer, think about shoehorns, and Velcro or things that you miss about them.

10 Trousers Down
The Contenders
11 The Outing

You really get to feel sympathy for Class 6's teacher as the class seems to ignore his every order.

12 London Airport
13 They Said, I Say
14 The Skyfoogle

I always found this one quite intriguing as we never get to find out what the Skyfoogle is like or what it did to that man. Also, something I noticed, at the end, Michael stares across the room as if he noticed something. Maybe it's the Skyfoogle? We'll never truly know.

15 Strict
16 The Big Book of Bad Things
17 The Hypnotizer
18 The Torch
19 Useless Information
20 Chivvy
21 Washing Up
22 Presents
23 Top Board
24 Go Kart Poem
25 Alligator Problem
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