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1 Jughead Jones

First of all he is the narrator, second of all if he wasn't in Riverdale, the audience would go way down, like farther down than hell, third of all, he is one of the most relatable people around. I understand why Cheryl is #1, like queen, but I LOVE Jughead, he is my favorite character. His overall structure has just amazed and put me in wonder for theories about his past and his sister/mother. He also has a caring side for Betty, like he SACRAFICES to save her. <3 I just love that badass ok?

Jughead Jones is my all time favorite Riverdale character. He made his very first impression on me since intro of series. He never pretends to be someone & that's what makes him a true person. He has a very rough past since childhood but he never shows any remorse about it. Even though his father has not good personality he never disrespects him. And very most of all Betty can't get any better boyfriend than Jughead. Most of the audience got nervous because Betty & Archie never happened. But I think it's ''GODS PLAN'' for Betty to have Jughead in her life than a playboy jerk. And for last...''J & B FOREVER''

I absolutely love Jughead. He is my favorite character. He is smart, sarcastic, knows how to defend himself and those he loves. He is also very brave, loyal and passionate and not to mention romantic. And of course he is a writer he has his way with words. His mysterious vibe attracts a lot. He is so awesome that his list can go on and on.

He's awesome. I love his personality, his story, and his nigh-unlimited knowledge of what happens in Riverdale. Also, Cole Sprouse does an excellent job portraying Jughead. I also want to see the Suite Life series because he also starred in them before Riverdale.

2 Betty Cooper

She almost killed Chuck at the beginning of the show. She threatened to kill Cheryl just because she insulted her at the beginning of the show. Then, she threw a party for Jughead when she knew that wasn't his style. She threatened to Cheryl to release a video of her brother being shot by her dad after she attempted suicide. She constantly insults Veronica in front of people and Veronica usually takes it. She lied to Jughead about kissing Archie. She only wanted to join the Serpents just because of Jughead. And she acts like she's so innocent and amazing

Betty is my second favorite character.
If she wasn't in riverdale this mystery wouldn't be solved she is gorgeous, heather, smart, and awesome I love this girl she gave me the inspiration of watching riverdale I mean I may be jealous she's with jug but they are the cutest couple ever created. #BUGHEAD we find some true love between them.
She is so caring she always encourages her mom and makes me feel loved by everyone .

She's the "perfect girl next door" but she really isn't. That's what's so great about her, she has so much that's wrong but still manages to be strong for Jughead and her mom. Also, even though it'll probably happen, her and Jughead are the cutest and I hate Betty with Archie.

Betty is by far the best character, not only because she is sweet and clever but because she is one of the only characters who have shown her darker side. Betty is not just the sweet girl next door, she is a complex enigma.

3 Cheryl Blossom

I watched this show just for Cheryl Marjorie Blossom aka Cheryl bombshell. She is beyond amazing, she is the cherry on top and Riverdale is boring without her I mean she is the heart of this show. The show should give her more screentime. And yes she should have her own show about Cheryl Blossom would love to watch her more and more in such amazing character

Now we know Cheryl is that definition of a mean girl! But she cares about everybody around her and especially the people she love unless that person hurt her. And her true love Toni topaz. #CHONI
She made the cheerleaders Vixens.
She did the right choice she loves her brother Jason blossom.

Of all the characters, Cheryl actually defies her archetype the most. She's a "mean girl" who proves herself to be capable of courage, heroism, and selfless love. I love Riverdale, but Cheryl seriously deserves her own show.

The definition of a mean girl! Until you get to know her. Once you know her you will learn that she has the kindest heart and will do anything to protect the people she cares about! Unless that person hurt her. (Toni's true soulmate)

4 Veronica Lodge

Veronica has such a complex, dynamic personality and she is an intelligent, powerful woman. She's gorgeously sexy, classy and glamorous with her dark clothes wardrobe and knocks people who mess with her down flat with her sarcastic insults and dark humor. A total dominatrix babe.

Veronica deserves to be number one, there's no doubt about that! She's sexy, gorgeous, beautiful and classy in all ways. She is extremely intelligent, powerful, passionate and a strong independent woman but she looks out for her friends too. She's the boss babe with her dark, sexy charm.

No one has this lodge personality. No no not Hermione or Hiram. I'm saying VERONICA!
She's a bad a**. She is a women that proves people wrong. She loves her friends and boyfriend. She protected Archie from her dad.

! Veronica... She is just AMAZING! Funny, sarcastic and loyal. Passionate, independent and strong! I could go on for hours! Veronica is clearly the best!

5 Kevin Keller

The kindest, most purest charecter on Riverdale. I also ship Kevin and Fangs because like Choni and Bughead opposites attract.

Honestly the best character in the show. Adds some relief. I'm happy he will be a regular in season 2!

To be honest in season 1 I don't think he really was good gay representation, he was literally only there to be the gay best friend and didn't really add anything to the plot, but I think he will be more of a strong character in season 2

He's pretty underrated

6 F.P. Jones

He is the second best dad! Sorry but Fred is number one but FP is pretty close!

Best upbringing in the series, hated the guy in season 1,love him now

7 Archie Andrews

Now we know Archie is a simp. But he is building the relationship and keeping his loved ones always safe I love Archie he is so hot, handsome, sexy and way more. He saved his dad he saved everyone and he got arrested :(. But Betty his best friend released him. Some people think he's bad but deep down he has an amazing heart he should be treated in a better way with people.

I am a jughead fan, but I do feel like archie is underrated/overhated. He can be a jerk for his own reasons, and does act like a playboy/jock. But deep down, you can tell that he is an all around good person. I mean I don't see anyone else in the gang running that fast to save cheryl by punching the ice, and also saving the life of his fathers.

He can get on my nerves but I love him anyway! Although honestly I'm always mad at Archie for some reason. I've got no idea why put him on this list! Maybe I felt bad for him. He's had such a hard time since his dad died!

He has been tought hell multiple times, he is disoriented, abandoned by the love of his teen life, for that jock Reggie, Archie deserves better, would have loved to see him and Cheryl together at some point, for real.

8 Alice Cooper

I love this woman

Best mom in the show

9 Joaquin DeSantos

I feel like many people seem to hate Joaquin, main reason because he "used Kevin." Yeah, at first he was, he was ordered to get information out of him, but you could tell through out the episodes that Joaquin was starting to develop actual feelings for Kevin. When Joaquin was forced to leave town, he even said "I'm gonna miss you, Preppy" to Kevin. To me, I feel like Joaquin doesn't want to be the bad guy. He seems like deep down he has a big heart, but he's just doing what he has to do survive. I really hope him and Kevin get back together, they had such a good chemistry. Overall, I think Joaquin is the greatest, ( and hottest ) character on the show, he indeed deserves more screen time.

He is the cutest and hottest thing ever and should definitely be higher on this list

10 Toni Topaz

So loving towards Cheryl and honestly her determination to get Jughead into the serpents and Cheryl out of the sisters of quiet mercy, had me in tears.

No like Toni is so underrated I love her.She is such a good girlfriend but I kinda feel like Cheryl gets like all the attention don't get me wrong I love Cheryl too but tony is hot,beautiful,her hair is just like danggg and I love her grunge badass style.

I LOVE TONI TOPAZ! She is the true queen! At first I hated her because she was trying to fat jughead to like her, but after she quit that I fell in love with her! She's awesome

I'm bi and a female like Toni and feel that it's great they finally are supporting woman that aren't straight on T.V. in general

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11 Fred Andrews

The kindest, most best father in the world.

When the actor died and the episode of him was there my heart was almost died

12 Josie McCoy

Hope she heals Archie

13 Pop Tate

Obviously he is the best charecter in Riverdale. He is just so damn pure and kind.

Purest soul in Riverdale. Period.

14 Valerie Brown
15 Reggie Mantle

They barely mention him and even he's better than all the main characters.

He is Archie's best friend so why not!

16 Tabitha Tate
17 Polly Cooper
18 Fangs Fogarty

He is a precious bean.

19 Sweet Pea

He is amazing how could you not love him? And he is the only one who could be a "Bad Boy" without being cringey and he deserved better than Josie.

He's just so cool. I mean he cares about his best friend (Fangs Fogarty) but yet he is so dark and moody but awsomely cool at the same time. I say he should be #1

We love and appreciate this bean that cares about his friends and is so frickin loyal.

He's just hot man

20 Hiram Lodge

I personally think Hiram lodge is a big bad a**. I love how he would do anything to protect Veronica but I don't like how he tried to kill Jughead.

21 Nana Rose Blossom

I mean how could you forget about her. She tried so hard to save Cheryl from the sisters and the core four from Penelope. I love Cheryl and Nana Roses bond.

She must be loved and protected at all costs!

22 Jellybean Jones
23 Moose Mason
24 Vegas

Such a cute dog

25 Sheriff Keller
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