Top 10 Characters in Erin Hunter's Survivors Book Series

Survivors is a thrilling series that takes you into the wild, mysterious world of dogs, where their survival instincts, friendships, betrayals, and extraordinary adventures come to life.

But what truly breathes life into these tales are the characters. From brave leaders to cunning traitors, each dog has a unique personality and role that contributes to the enthralling narrative. These characters' lives are filled with challenges, triumphs, and heartaches that mirror our own human experiences.

Maybe you've cheered for the wise and patient dogs, felt a pang of sadness for those who've faced tragic fates, or even found yourself frustrated with the sneaky and mischievous ones. These emotions are what connect readers to the series and make the world of Survivors so engaging.
The Top Ten
1 Lucky

Lucky is amazing. I have only read the first book and he is already my favorite, even if he wanted to be a leash dog! He is way stronger and braver than any survivor dog. Best survivor dog ever! He cared for the leashed dogs and his sister so well, and what do they repay him with? Nothing. Bella and Sweet are so bossy! If I were him, I would have just left the leashed dogs because all of them were being so mean and proud. And after all he did for them! It is not fair!

My #5 favorite Survivors character! I mean, come on, you gotta love the OG boy! Unlike Firestar from Warriors, the OG character stayed the same throughout the series and didn't become the worst leader in history. It's been a while since I read Survivors, but I still LOVE Lucky. He's one of the best dogs in the series! He has such a sweet relationship with Storm and Bella, and I hardcore ship him with Sweet. I don't care that he was a bit bossy to the leashed dogs in the first arc. He's still an amazing character! I love how he started out as a loner and then became a headstrong beta in Sweet's Pack! I don't see how you couldn't love him. He's the best! I absolutely adore Lucky. He's just the sweetest thing! -FierceheartOfThunderClan

2 Bella

(Point where I am in books: Arc 1, Book 3, Chapter 4)


I have mixed feelings about Bella. In the first book, she was very nice to Lucky and overall a good dog even though they had arguments. Her speech at the end of The Empty City was very heartwarming, and what has made me love her to the point where she became my favorite character. In the second book, when Lucky left for the pack to spy for Bella and the rest of the Leashed Pack, I loved the fact that they were sharing a secret and it made them bond. But later, when Bella met up with Lucky for the last time, and it seemed like she had a secret of her own, my heart dropped, and then everything escalated. The foxes came... Mulch and poor Fuzz died... and it was all because of Bella. I have no idea how to feel about her right now even though she apologized, and some dogs in the Wild Pack stood up for her. But she was a very well-thought character, and Bella really has a lot of depth to her, and lots of things have happened to her in her life. For some reason, I still like her and will vote for her because she is a good character even though dogs died because of her doings. Poor Lucky just wanted a loyal sister.

3 Martha

My number 2! She's so sweet and loving, and I love how much that she likes swimming (a lot like me!) Second only to Daisy, in my opinion.

I found my old opinions on here. Lol. I think Martha was very sweet and caring! She helped the three pups grow up, even without their mother, and I ship her with Bruno (and possibly Mickey). This series is very underrated, and I hope more people read it!
- North Tailz (2024)

Martha has been a Mother dog to all of the dogs! We were probably all emotional when she died in the Storm of Dogs. I will miss Martha very much when I read The Gathering Darkness. I think she has been one of the kindest dogs in Survivors and cares about Storm so much. She is like the mother dog to Storm. I think that she deserves to be in more books. Now Martha is with the spirit dogs. We will all miss Martha for a long time, and sorry for the spoiler!

4 Mickey

He was so loyal to his longpaws, and absolutely loved his owners. He was very devoted and reminds me of my Border Collie. - North Tailz (2024)

(Point where I am in books: Arc 1, Book 3, Chapter 4)


I really wish I had appreciated Mickey more while I was reading The Empty City and A Hidden Enemy. It was so sad and surprising at the beginning of Darkness Falls when he left to find his longpaws. Even in the first book, I still loved him because he missed his longpaws, especially the little one whom he protected from having nightmares. That was too cute. And the way he guarded his longpaw's glove from Alpha... it just shows how loyal a pet he really is. In real life, I would love him as a real dog. He's so sweet and such an amazing character. I will miss him so much, and I hope he comes back to the books.

5 Sunshine

I just love Sunshine! She is very sweet and doesn't mind being Omega! Sure, I agree she deserves better but the role fits her and she enjoys it! -North Tailz (2024)

I love Sunshine. She deserves a long rant and more votes! She used to be a leashed dog, and had a hard time adapting to the new wild dog way of life. But she still tried her best, and still kept her cheer! She is such a sweet omega, and never complained about her job, unlike most omegas who are upset about their place in the pack's social class. Sunshine doesn't even mind having to eat last since she is a tiny dog and doesn't need too much food. She is so sweet to the pups, and truly cares for them. Sunshine was also one of the only dogs who trusted Storm and believed her story after the bad dog incident with Breeze. I adore Sunshine. She is definitely my favorite character, and I hope she gets higher on the list!

6 Bruno

My favorite. He reminds me of Longtail from warriors. Character development along with realistic flaws is key to my heart, and Bruno has it! - North Tailz (2024)

We don't talk about Bruno no no no"
Sorry, this is funny that a Disney character and a dog character have the Same name "we don't about Bruno no no no, we don't talk about Bruno" sorrryyyyyyyyy, I can't stop myself "It was our wedding day, it was our wedding day" *Snap myself* stop singing! "Grew to live in fear Bruno stuttering or stumbling" STOP THIS NOW! I better stop before I " hey sis, I d" stop talking! I gotta sto "Why did I" STOP SINGING!

7 Storm

This was sad for me, because a really liked her as Lick. I thought she would grow up to be interesting. But, no. She got increasingly worse, and kills all the villains somehow? I just think she's overpowered.

Storm didn't even get to choose her name! Instead, Alpha was dumb and gave her such a bad name! I am surprised she didn't rip out his throat. In the last few books, Storm was just so calm! The only thing she did when the pack kicked her out was walk away. Although she was super mad at her friends turning on her, she mostly hated Sunshine for spilling out secrets.

8 Daisy

I love Daisy! When I first started Survivors, I knew she was my favorite. Then I wondered if it was Martha (who I sorta think should be in love with Lucky because of how they both raised Storm). Then, when I read Book 3, I thought maybe my favorite was Lick (Storm). But eventually, I just realized that my favorite really was Daisy. Also, this picture is very cute.

Yes! I absolutely love this character! She is so cool, friendly, and nice, and yet not completely flawless or perfect. Also, one of my best friends' #1 character is Daisy.
-North Tailz/Wolfsong

9 Sweet

Sweet is such a loyal, friendly, and swift dog. How she is loyal is she respects Alpha and does what he does and shares his voice and command. Sweet is a friendly dog because she is always willing to talk with a packmate and give help to those who need it. Another way I love her is she's so swift, fast, and graceful too. She's brave to fight the leashed dogs and stand with her pack. Sweet really does bring out her sweet name.

Sweet is caring, brave, smart, and loyal. She has been a good Alpha and is loyal to the pack. She has been a main character in the book, and she is very brave. She has always been on Lucky's side.

10 Alfie

Pig-headed, stubborn, and aggressive. But kind, brave, and loyal to a fault. - North Tailz (2024)

The Contenders
11 Fiery

Fiery was so nice to storm and when he challenged Alpha he did it for storm and in the fight with terror he died protecting Moon he was so loving and caring.

Go Fiery! He was very loyal to his pack and father (Alpha), although not afraid to step up to him now and then (as much as I love Alpha). I think Fiery is underrated and deserves more love!

- North Tailz/Wolfsong

Fiery has been a loyal dog to all of us! He was very brave when the longpaws killed him. Sadly, Beetle and Thorn have no father. I think we all were sad in the end. Farewell, Fiery!

12 Moon

I loved Moon's novella. I think her story is super good, and I really ship Moon x Fiery, and I hated it when he died, and I think he could have been a decent alpha if he had challenged the wolf alpha. Moon really cares for her pack and refuses to give in to being driven out by the wild pack. She is also strong and knows when to suck in her pride and accept that joining the wild pack is the best solution. She and Fiery really care for each other, and it was so sad when he died. Moon is a great character!

Moon has a big heart! She cares about her packmates! Although things got pretty rough after Fiery died. Moon is caring and helpful and has always been there. She knows many things as a former wild dog.

13 Twitch

Twitch has lost one leg, but he is still strong and brave! Usually, Twitch is one of the #1 favorites. He is very kind and helpful. He helped on the mission to save Fiery! Poor Twitch does not have Spring anymore as a litter-sister.

Twitch was so brave when he got glass in his mouth and it was sad when he found out his sister drowned.

He's really wise and patient. I admire him for coping so well on three legs.

14 Whisper

Whisper was such a sweet dog in the time he lived. He was so loyal to Storm after she defeated Terror, only for him to die. It's so sad.

He was nothing but loyal to Storm and did not deserve to be killed.

He liked Storm so much and then died. RIP Whisper...

15 Arrow

He's my favorite. I love how he was able to realize that Blade was wrong and join a pack that he didn't even know. He was very brave to do that. His relationship with Bella is very sweet.

16 Alpha

Honestly, I feel bad for Alpha, and I think he's a little underrated. He struggled through so much in the wolf pack, and remember, he could've been worse after his backstory.

Alpha's backstory is very sad, and no wonder why he turned out the way he is. Also, he makes a very interesting antagonist.

17 Wiggle

(Spoiler) Wiggle is ADORABLE! He might have died sadly, but everyone will still love him.

18 Spring

Poor Spring died in the Endless Lake. It was too late for Martha to save her. She was always on Twitch's side. She was a great addition to the pack, don't you think?

I loved her name from the start. It was REALLY sad when she drowned.

19 Breeze

I think Breeze is the traitor in the pack. Anyone on board? Tell me when the new book comes out. I have to know.

Traitor is right! But she is really good at acting nice. She is very sneaky, and I think she is a very bad dog.

I love Breeze. I thought that it really didn't make sense that she would intentionally be the traitor.

20 Thorn

I think it was sad that he grew up without a dad, but he still was happy. Go Thorn!

21 Snap
22 Whine
23 Morningstar

Yeah, there is a Morningstar in Survivors.

24 Bettle
25 Dart
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