Will Black Ops 2 Kill COD?

Alpha101 Hey. I saw the first level of Black Ops 2 on youtube and well, how can I put it, it's too futureistic! There's no frag grenades that I know of. They have a gun that shoots grenades out of it. There's a sniper rifle that can see through walls. That's cool, but I mean come on! Where's the challenge? That's pretty much giving you the game win! And there's this plane that goes really fast that I like but you can take out like five planes in one shot! Where's the challenge?

But here's something else. There is lot's of evidence on youtube about Ghost being alive. Even the person who does Ghost's voice said and quote, "Ghost isn't exactly dead, but you'll see what I mean." So he might be in Black Ops 2!

And people are saying that he will be a villian. Because on the trailer of Modern Warfare, you saw a man talking to Makarove. You coulden't see his face comepletly but he has a headset like Ghost and part of the face that I could see was white. And on the Modern Warfare 3 trailer Makarove is talking about this villian and this man is creeping in the shadows. Headset just like Ghost and saw his white face. This is why Ghost will probably be back in Black Ops 2 and will be a villian like Makarove or Zackheave.

If this is true, since pretty much everyone in the USA loves Ghost, if he is in it, I don't think that Black Ops 2 will kill the Call of Duty. In fact, I think it will be a big hit and the Call of Duty indrusty will make lots of money. I actually don't think it will be good as any of the Modern Warfare games or the originall Black Ops but it will be awesome! I'm going to buy it first chance I get! So no, Call of Duty will not die because of Black Ops 2. I think the'll make like two more games like Modern Warfare 4 and 5 and then the'll either make a new group of Call of Duty games instead of Modern Warfare or they will start loosing money.

Okay. I hope this helped. Alpha101 out!


I'm saving up for this! - Alpha101

I'm buying hardened edition so I can get nuketown zombies! - Alpha101

Obviously you haven't played the game. BO2 is, to put it in words, the best Call of Duty since COD4. Balance, fun, customizablity, it has it all, while not ruining the game. Campaign is great, since you can choose your own ending. - visitor

Yea this game was epic fail sequal I have played this game it's pretty bad although Call of Duty is starting to go downhill when MW3 came out it was not as great as the other two this is not good in anyway if I were all of you who reading this to avoid that game it sucks epicly - htoutlaws2012

ya - visitor

Modern Warfare and Black Ops are two different Call of Duty series. Plus, why the bloody hell would Simon Riley be a villain anyways? If you don't know already, Simon Riley is Ghost's real name. The villain is a Nicaraguan arms dealer, not a British SAS operative wearing a skull balclava. - visitor

Modern Warfare and Black Ops are 2 different series. Ghost is in MW, not BO. Why in hell would a British SAS operative try to kill millions of innocents? - visitor

Yes, BLACKOPS WAS AWESOME! Call of Duty BO2 what? - visitor

This game is a lot better than I thought, it has been out over a year and still get's more people playing online than any other Call Of Duty game. And it's got a good balance of everything. Good SMG'S for rushers and players who like to play offensively, good rifle's for... Well... Anything! The sniper's on Black Ops 2 are great. Well DSR.50 and Ballista mostly. So people who snipe and trickshot (me) can have fun as well. Best Call Of Duty to-date! Not too far ahead from the original Black Ops, which was, in it's prime, AMAZING! - visitor

Call of Duty BO2 is the father of BO3 and Advanced Warfare which caused Infinite Warfare... so BO2 killed Call of Duty! - visitor