Top 10 Best Call of Duty Games

Call of Duty is one of the most popular and influential video game franchises of all time. It has been around since 2003 and has spawned numerous titles, each with its own unique gameplay, storyline, and multiplayer modes. Over the years, the series has evolved and expanded, offering fans a wide variety of experiences, from gritty and realistic military shooters to fast-paced arcade-style games.

In this top ten list, let's rank the best Call of Duty games of all time, taking into account their critical reception, commercial success, and lasting impact on the gaming industry. From classic titles like Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare to recent releases like Call of Duty: Warzone, let's look at the games that have defined the franchise and left a lasting impression on gamers around the world. So, whether you're a long-time fan or a newcomer to the series, get ready to discover some of the greatest Call of Duty games ever made.
The Top Ten
1 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is a first-person shooter video game developed by Infinity Ward and published by Activision. It was released in 2009 as the sixth installment in the Call of Duty series and the direct sequel to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. The game is set in a fictional near-future in which Russia has invaded the United States, and the player takes on the role of several different characters as they fight to stop the Russian invasion. Modern Warfare 2 features a single-player campaign, as well as multiplayer modes that allow players to compete against each other online. The game received critical acclaim upon its release for its intense gameplay, well-written storyline, and impressive graphics and sound design. It was a commercial success, breaking records for the most successful launch in entertainment history at the time of its release.

Modern Warfare 2 has that just right type of feel. It doesn't push DLC and feel like a copy and paste like modern Call of Duty games, however it's new enough to have the best graphics and best updates (such as having multiple kill streaks). The campaign story might be weak but the gameplay is the most exhilarating and intense in the series without trying to be over the top like most modern Call of Duty games. And the multiplayer is fantastic. All of the great modes are included with some of the best maps with the disk. Despite there being some hackers, this is without a doubt the best Call of Duty.

Anything and everything goes in this game! Shotguns as secondary weapons, a javelin rocket launcher, danger close grenade launchers, quickscoping intervention, commando pro, one man army, chopper gunner, long range shotguns... I could go on.
The truth is that basically everything is overpowered. Stopping power on pretty much any gun was a pretty guaranteed kill. Players could get good at what they want and abuse it online. There was no attempt to hide the unbalanced gameplay like in later cods that stopped you using red dot sights with any underbarrel attachment, no deathstreaks etc.
Because everything was unbalanced it kind of made everything balanced in such a strange way.
Now when I play this game I have detailed strategies on each and every map. People might kill me in ways that are unfair but I don't care because I'm killing people by exploiting certain things too.
The game had no rules when it came to getting kills. Every single Call of Duty since has tried to limit ...more

The Call of Duty that started Spec Ops. It was so fun, especially two player. The campaign was my favorite in the entire series, with action packed fights, amazing and realistic characters, tear jerking chapters, and amazing music thanks to the amazing composer Hans Zimmer. Everything was right. The multiplayer wasn't perfect, like the powerful shotguns, the UMP45, and One Man Army + Grenade launchers + Danger Close, Commando, etc, (especially since the game is infested with hackers now, along with Black Ops 1 and any Call of Duty younger than it) but the things they did right greatly outdid what they did wrong. The multiplayer maps! Nothing describes them better than perfect. No other Call of Duty game compared to MW2 when it came to maps, especially the newer ones like BO2 and Ghosts. Yuck. Honestly, the multiplayer could be frustrating, but I had the most fun playing this game than any other Call of Duty game, and I've played them all. This wasn't even the one I started with. I ...more

By far the greatest Call of Duty of all time, right next to Call of Duty 4. If Cod4 didn't hook me, this game certainly did. The campaign was flawless; when the plot twist took place I was left in awe, which has never happened before. The multiplayer was balanced; you could do great with any gun. The feel for the game was amazing. I don't play Call of Duty for graphics, I play it for how intense it can get. You outsmart other players in a matter of seconds, win gun fights, and much more. I can see why people rate bo2 over this game but we need to keep in mind that bo2 was made after mw2, and treyarch had plenty of time to improve from previous cods. For a game with the resources it had, mw2 was amazing.

2 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is a first-person shooter video game developed by Infinity Ward and published by Activision. It was released in 2007 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. The game is set in a contemporary fictional world, where players assume the roles of soldiers from the United States and United Kingdom, fighting against Russian ultranationalists and Middle Eastern terrorists. The single-player campaign consists of various missions, while the multiplayer mode features a variety of game modes and maps. The game received critical acclaim for its cinematic graphics, immersive gameplay, and realistic depiction of modern warfare. It was a commercial success, selling over 16 million copies worldwide and spawning multiple sequels.

Call of duty 4 is by far the best call of duty of all time. It was one of my first call of duties and I absolutely loved it. The campaign is full of suspense unlike mw2. For a game that came out in 2007 it is truly AMAZING there is not much difference in graphics between the new one and this one so I think that infinity ward did a outstanding job. In multiplayer there is not much weapon selection so I guess the other games win in that aspect. This game is truly the best Call of Duty ever it will always be my favorite!

They say war is hell. Infinity Ward's Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare takes you to the very depths of Hades. The long-awaited COD4, IW's follow-up to the excellent Call of Duty 2, is a jarring, intense, and gripping take on war in the new millennia. The enemies are smarter, the weapons are deadlier, and the grenades all too plentiful. COD4 will shake loose your fillings and have you begging for more.

Infinity Ward was born out of the success of retelling some of the greatest battles in World War II. The company has become synonymous with the virtual beach at Normandy. So it was quite a gamble to break from the comfort zone of Nazi-occupied Europe and leap into present day. The gamble paid off. Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six, and every other military-based shooter has been put on notice. There is a new standard to judge this sub-genre and it is Call of Duty 4.

I feel as though the newer games had some really nice features such as further weapon customization and more guns that really could have improved gameplay if they simply added them to this game.
The maps and environments are vastly superior to those of the other games. They had a wide variety of small, medium and large maps that allowed the purposeful use of all the classes of guns. I find the new games are impossible to snipe in effectively and most heavily favor the use of SMG's. I found that camping was harder as the player was easier to spot even when motionless. The game also had a feeling of more realism that I find lacks in the other games.
I feel that the maps were so much more fun to play that if they simply added the new guns, and maybe the gun leveling system of MW3 this game would be hands down the best game multiplayer wise. If they re-launched a vamped up version of this game with the same maps and environments I none of the other games would even be worth ...more

This is the best game ever. Sure it has hackers but who cares about that the when is has full on awesome gameplay. The single player campaign just keep me wondering what's going to happen next so I would stay up to play the next mission. The multiplayer is the best multiplayer out of all the Call of Duty games because, when it comes to playing multiplayer, you just have to keep leveling up, leveling up. It will go like that for hours and hours until your mom comes in and shuts it off or until you decide you've had enough (but we all know that's not going to happen. ) So if you want to have a really good gameplay with some good graphics (but who cares about the graphics) then you should try and get a copy of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. It will have you non-stop gaming because of the suspense in the missions and the wanting to level up in multiplayer. Have fun trying to stop playing this game because you won't be able to stop. This game is one of the best games for FPS. Now run ...more

3 Call of Duty: Black Ops Call of Duty: Black Ops is a first-person shooter video game developed by Treyarch and published by Activision. It was released in 2010 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Wii consoles. The game is set during the Cold War and follows CIA operative Alex Mason as he attempts to recall his memories of a mission to assassinate a defector, while also uncovering a conspiracy by an unknown enemy known as "Perseus". The game features a variety of gameplay modes, including a single-player campaign, cooperative "Zombies" mode, and competitive multiplayer modes. Call of Duty: Black Ops received critical acclaim for its engaging storyline, polished gameplay, and multiplayer modes, and has been recognized as one of the best entries in the Call of Duty franchise.

It's better than its terrible sequel. That's for sure.

It was exciting at first, and I really love the 60s based missions, but compared to World at War, it just felt short.

The plot wasn't too bad, but the 1960s were a very interesting time on its own. Just the whole Cuban missile crisis was a lot more interesting and stressful than Dragovich's deadly nova gas plot.

Also there's quite a bit of historical inaccuracies. There are weapons that wouldn't be around for decades, and then there's the music. For example Quimbara didn't come out until the 70s and it was playing during the Bay of Pigs? That's like Gangnam Style or whatever popular pop song now playing in 1998.

Also there's a lot of missed opportunities with the Vietnam War. Part of the reason I was so excited for this game was because after four WWII games and two Modern Warfares, there was finally going to be a Call of Duty set during the Vietnam War. Unfortunately, the campaign only had a few not so ...more

This was honestly the last good Call of Duty game ever released. Multiplayer was astounding. Zombies was unique. The maps were creative. The storyline was one of the best in the Call of Duty series. The weapons were really great and I love the killstreaks, perks, and attachments. Any Call of Duty after this masterpiece went downhill.

Black Ops 2 was one of the worst storyline ever. It's just boring and stupid. The plot twists were predictable. Zombies have the most boring maps and it's easy to get lost in them. The multiplayer sucked.

The new Call of Duty; "Advance Warfare" looks like a Titanfall ripoff. It just looks boring

Unlike modern warfare two, where if you join even 39 seconds late, you are already being constantly bombarded by kill streaks, and the multiplayer is Turkey awful, Black Ops has a fun multiplayer where you have a chance even if you aren't the first to join. You can join in a game and completely turn the tides and enjoy the game.

Have you even read the comments for the "number one" game, MW2? They are completely ignorant and honestly idiotic. The number one comment points out a huge problem with the game, and is still the "most loved" Call of Duty, the second comment is also showing flaws in the game with there being gaps in the game itself, he next one even admits that the game is unbalanced. Yet it is somehow still people's favorite Call of Duty, according to this survey, best Call of Duty goes hands down to black ops. Sorry Call of Duty 4, unlike your younger brother, mw2, you do actually have some good gameplay, black ops just trumps you a bit,

The campain for this game was nothing but a cinematic experience with great pacing and one of the series biggest plot twists which left me glued to my seat from beginning to end, the likeable characters and the Vietnam War setting was a great experience that left me wanting more. The multiplayer was enjoyable and added many new additions to the long-running franchise such as RC-'s, a new perk Second Chance and the first Call of Duty to have the inclusion of Bots, and finally, Zombies, the zombies in this installment were honestly, some of the best I've seen, Treyarch really experimented with this zombies, like putting them in a jungle, to cinematic legends to on the moon. This Call of Duty is one I won't soon or ever forget!

4 Call of Duty: World at War

I am surprised that this is not in the top 3 best Call of Duty games. I had never experienced such a serious, breath-taking WWII game. In the previous WWII Call of Duty games, I enjoyed the campaigns, but they all seems bland, and generic WWII theme. However, the campaign of World at War was like no other. The graphics were superior to any WWII themed game I had ever played, and the spine-chilling music really exhibited the brutality, and the dark times during a horrid war. The enemy AI were generally smarter than in previous Call of Duty games, so the game wasn't exactly a cake walk and I do enjoy when enemies are a bit of a challenge. The voice acting was spectacular and the inclusion of Nazi Zombies was just adding icing to the top of the cake.

This game has a realistic and emotional single player with a reverence for the experiences of the soldiers in WWII. The multiplayer retains the enjoyable matches of the previous installments of the series with the addition of a bayonet and the newly satisfying Nazi Zombies. The later games retained the multiplayer quality of World at War with varying weapons, perks, and kill streak perks. However, the later games fail to achieve the same level of innovation as World at War. The level of drama experienced in World at War in the single player campaign is simply not felt in the later games. The later games feel less like a struggle for survival (which is what war is) and more like an interactive version of The Expendables.

This was one of the greatest Call of Duty I've ever played for the past 11 years. It is still on my number one list, I liked how this game was the introduction to Zombies. Zombies was much more scarier to play than the maps and styles in Black ops and Black ops II. The campaign was outstanding, there were Japanese soldiers who would snipe you from trees. You actually had to cooperate with you team mates in multi-player and plus the tanks in that one map was awesome. Lastly, cooperative mode made it more fun to explore a campaign map with your friends. This was probably the last great game Call of Duty made, and I hope they put Call of Duty back into the World War Era because they are still missing some battles that weren't in the game!

The most though-provoking, realistic and original Call of Duty ever made. Everything about WaW works so well and is presented in a stunning visual manner. The un-glorification and realism (of the war that the game is based on) is incredible and makes the combat seem realistic and "entertaining". The campaign is the richest I've played so far, you really connect with the personalities of the other characters and the music score is brilliant. The multiplayer is beautifully balanced and the weapons available are very well portrayed and all work so well. Zombies was a revolution which changed Call of Duty forever! #BackToTheGoodDays.

5 Call of Duty: Black Ops II

For me it's the best COD until this day.
The maps were just so much fun to play and it was still simple without operators with their abilities and such.
Zombies is without a doubt the best zombie experience without any competition in sight.
While the fire cracks on the ground ruined Tranzit the concept with the bus was amazing. And all the base zombie maps have an incredible atmosphere.
The DLC maps took zombies to another level with the best and most fun zombie maps ever. They also have the perfect balance of features and content with still keeping the basic concept.
Nowadays zombies is overloaded with perks and attachments and all that.

One of the best campaigns of all the Call of Duty's with well developed characters and one of the most evil villain in Call of Duty history, not only that but what ever you do in the campaign affects the ending. Zombies is better than ever with 3 different modes you can play, the multiplayer is one of the best too, cause it requires you to play the objective to win the game. But what I really like about black ops 2 is that it is different from the other Call of Duty's, all the other Call of Duty's were usually re-hashes of previous ones, but this one is much more different and more fun than most of the others

This is the best Call of Duty, if not this then it's Black Ops 1. This game has good graphics and a good story. The original Zombie maps were too small and not that great, apart from Tranzit, but the DLC maps are better than any zombie maps in the whole franchise. Mob of the Dead is the best zombie map out of all the games and Origins is the second best in my opinion. Moon is pretty good too in Black Ops 1 but not as good as these. The multiplayer had lots of game modes (as expected) and weapons (as expected), the weapons were easy to use and the gameplay was amazing. The maps were also great along with the party modes.

I have not got the game but it looks fun to play and the graphics are really cool. The reason I like it is because you can protect your country and kill SOME people if you really want. When I get this if there are some people from Russia or Japan I would kill them till they become the DEAD SEA! And my team should be proud of me I hope you can drive things like tanks planes helicopters automobiles. If COULD become sergeant that will be awesome to just like flying the things that I listed up top. I would like to get this game and get MW3they both sound cool. I like it because you can get a lot of weapons in this game to thanks for your time.

6 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

What is this crap doing so high on the list?!?! Any sensible human being that has had experience with Call of Duty knows that this ranks far, far, FAR behind Black Ops 2. If I had to rate this game on a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate it a 5. The developers tried too hard on the campaign. What I think they were thinking: "Aw, yeah! We're gonna make this game even better than Modern Warfare 2! Hell yeah! " The campaign should not be brought up in an in-depth, best Call of Duty game ever conversation. The multiplayer is basically Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer, but about three times as worse. That crap called "Survival" is worse than any other "Survival" I have ever seen. Despicable developers! It's as if they were given a week to make the multiplayer part of this game, three days to make the Survival part of this game, and a week to make the campaign part of this game. Ranking this so high is a mistake that only young kids, maybe ten years old, could make.

At first I enjoyed the game, but after a few months, the game got really nooby. The only 2 Assault rifles people used were th type 95 and Acr, and on occasion, the mk14. Plus, assassin was basically the only perk ever used, so all survailence kill streaks were borderline useless. Also, they only added one new attachment in the entire game, the hybrid scope, which wasn't even that good. The new strike packages were a good idea, but they screwed it up by adding leathal streaks to the support package. Like I said, I used to enjoy the game, but it got sour WAY faster than a Call of Duty game should.

Great conclusion to the modern ware fare story. Survival mode makes the game much larger and much more fun. All of the campaign missions and suspenseful and exiting. Spec ops is way more improved than modern warfare 2's. The only thing I would fix is the main menu. Great maps and all of the guns are excellent. Graphics aren't that different from Modern warfare 2's but still really great. The thing I like the most is that on spec ops and survival mode the enemy isn't too easy. Vast Call of Duty game.

An absolutely spectacular finish to the Modern Warfare story arc with plenty of amazing set pieces and a fast paced, tense campaign. A buffed up Spec Ops mode which is an absolute joy to play with a mate online and lasts for hour wether it's global missions or survival mode. Lastly, multiplayer. Hours anf hours andd hours of fun wiht or without mates which takes the best of the multiplayer and adds more, taking out the worst of the multiplayer. The definitive title for any Call of Duty fan.

7 Call of Duty 2

This took me way longer to beat than Call of Duty. 22 hours of awesomeness. The graphics were quite amazing back in 2005, but nowadays are quite disappointing. Let me say that this game is my third favorite Call of Duty game. My favorite is Call of Duty 4, second favorite is Call of Duty Black Ops, and this is my third favorite. The campaign is one of the best shooter campaigns I have ever seen. About nine full missions, each one with three or four parts. The multiplayer back in the day was great, even better than the original Call of Duty's multiplayer. In 2016, this game's multiplayer is not very good at all, unless you enjoy shooting people who are moving side to side at point-blank range. If I had to rate this game on a scale of 1 to 10, I would give it a 7, in modern day. But back in the day when I bought it in 2006, I would have rated it a 10.

This is the Call of Duty that set the standard for every sequel made after.
The campaign, though short, is made with enough detail to completely engross you on both the glory and the horror of war.
The multiplayer on the other hand, is fun and challenging. There are no level ups or perks, but that's exactly what made it good. Here you rely on your skills to actually win, not some random power-up you get after getting a lucky streak.

Definitely the best game in the series.
It improved over the first game in many ways. The combat felt more polished and intense, and it felt like you were really fighting in the battles. The combat was perfect, the guns were great, the missions were all memorable, and the level design was fantastic.
Call of Duty 2 is the greatest of all WWII shooters. None of the later Call of Duty games have matched the greatness of this one.

This game should've been number one or number two in this list. This game can easily beat all the modern war game in the series. The storyline and game play is just absolutely great. This game also shows that British soldiers and Russian soldiers can be bad ass too. This is just my favorite first person shooter in the world, and nothing can beat this game in my opinion.

8 Call of Duty 3

This game took me 18 hours to beat, and let me tell you this, I had one heck of a time. Let me start off and say that the graphics in this game are about four times better than the graphics in the original Call of Duty. The campaign is not very good, as Call of Duty campaigns go. The campaign is basically a copy of the original's campaign, but with better graphics and more guns added. Not many people play the campaign, so I'll move onto the multiplayer aspects. The multiplayer is about as good as Call of Duty 2's multiplayer, except of course, there are more guns! Everybody knows that the more guns the better, so the multiplayer is pretty good! I enjoyed this game beginning to end and I will remember it as a good time waster when I should have been working on my eighth grade project for school. If I had to rate this game on a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate it a 5. If I rated it on a scale of 1 to 10 back in the day, I would probably give it an 8.

Hi I'm Jerry. This game is in a square box. It says the #3 on it. There are also two dudes with helmets and guns. They want a play date with the enemies. They want to play war. So the go to Afganistan. One dies. 2 hours later, his mom calls him for dinner. But he's not there. So the mom cries for about 3-4 years. After that tragic moment, the dude is in the basement. He says " Mom, is dinner ready? ' His mom says "Where were you? " "Afganistan" he replies. Then a black hawk gets him on board to fight the Soviet Union. "Bye mom," he says, "I'll be home in 7 years."

First Call od Duty, and still my favorite. I loved the history behind the game, being WW2, but also the simplicity. There was buying the game for online to level up and prestige. It was all about the campaign. It was a fairly long campaign, not the short crap like today's Call of Duty. With a fairly long campaign, there was also a lot of focus and effort into it, which made it worth your while.

The hours of fun I've had on the still active online community are insane. This game was always under rated, and should go higher on the list. Also, it had vehicles. A great cheap game to pick up now, because it's under $5 at some stores.

9 Call of Duty

The only good Call of Duty game in my humble opinion. This is the pinnacle of Call of Duty. I personally like knowing that there is going to be a set number of enemies in a level. I liked how that when your team mates were killed they were dead, not just some endless wave of useless men. I liked how you had health and didn't just need to sit behind cover for a couple of seconds, you had to think carefully before running through a firefight. No. Knife. Now most prats won't know this. But they had a thing called a rifle butt, and a bayonet. Strangely enough they wouldn't whip out a knife, they would beat someone down with a rifle butt, or stab them with the bayonet at the end of their rifle. The only problem I have with this is that it spawned so many bastard children that should have been aborted not born and raised.

And one last things ladies and gents. Call of Duty didn't revolutionize the lone wolf run and gun style gameplay that has become synonymous with Call of Duty. That ...more

I loved this game. It took me eight hours to beat. This was the start to a legendary shooter series. The graphics were mind-blowing back in 2003, but nowadays they are very bad. The campaign is good and has a few amazingly hard missions, even today. One mission I remember in particular is called Stalingrad. I know, it is a historical event and I guess I should be acknowledging that, but I'm talking about the mission in a game from 2003. Stalingrad took me two hours to beat, which is a fourth of what I spent beating the entire game. Multiplayer was a great experience back in 2003. Not many people play the original Call of Duty anymore, but when people did, it was amazing how you could get five kills within one minute of sniping people with a scoped Mosin Nagant. No guns were too overpowered, but they all felt like they were. This game is important history in people's lives.

This one is absolutely the best. You cannot compare it with these newer CoDs which are set in damn future. Those ones are boring and unfair. You just cannot die in them. This game was very, very different. You had to scavenge to find health packs instead of waiting in a cover to regenerate health. And in the Veteran there isn't any way to regenerate health. Graphics are bad, but in that era they were amazing. You only had a handful of weapons to choose and all teams that exist are balanced. If you are the sniper you must control the recoil and the sway of the scope - there was no Sniper Steadying. You need to have skill for that. And in 2004 an expansion pack called United Offensive added a lot of
new weapons, maps, ranks, etc. that made this game even better and improved MP. I still play this game with the expansion pack and I am happy to see a lot of people playing this game and its expansion pack even today.

I've played all Call of Duty games for pc. This was the first, and the most influential one. On second place comes either Call of Duty 2 of Call of Duty 4 for these have both made great steps forward in gameplay. Call of Duty 2 for making the game the fast action/movie style singleplayer and multiplayer it is now and Call of Duty 4 for improving this concept and its innovative multiplayer. The other games don't really bring much improvement, mostly just well sold gimmicks such as new killstreaks/perks and modes which aren't of big significance. Modern warfare 2 was a game I had MUCH fun with, weapon design and characteristics were just fantastic, something they ruined in the games that followed. Multiplayer balance has really just degraded with every title, which also mostly doesn't get patched, which is very sad to see. Also, I miss the faction specific guns... Now you don't really care on whose side your on in MP.

10 Call of Duty: Black Ops III

This game redefines the Call of Duty games with the new travel system, which includes swimming, wall running and jetpacks ( advanced warfare has jetpacks). This is the turning point in the Call of Duty series. It went from a world war 2 shooter to science fiction. Now I must say, not all people will like this change. Most people will just miss the classics. Classic, classic, classic. They will always be "better" than the originals. In a way, the will be. The classics bring back memories, and give you that feeling of happiness inside you. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't give it a try. If you don't like it, that's fine. Everyone has their own interests and opinions. This top 10 is just a matter of opinion.

I don't get it, Black Ops 3 is amazing, it brought us the end to the amazing zombie story and led us to that point with 4 amazing DLC maps (even zetsubou). The multiplayer was a fast, but fun moving shooter with the addition of being able to choose and customize your wide variety of specialists. It brought us a load of new weapons and bringing back the old nostalgia of weapons from previous game so like black ops and black ops 2. The multiplayer maps are all very different. instead of being too bright or too dark, it has maps like a closed water park to a dark cryogenic prison. The campaign gives us a deep look into the future and flashbacks to previous wars. Instead of the story ending with the war ending and you country winning, it gives a twist that no one was expecting. The game itself is a great game and deserves to be way up in the top 10's

This game is very cheesy and is for raging ten-year-olds who don't understand the concept of war one little bit. Cheap bull, which all started in 2013, when that catastrophic abomination called Call of Duty Ghosts came out. Ghosts ruined everything. It gave those developers of Treyarch ideas, and those people should never have IDEAS. 2014 was another disaster, just not as bad. People who would actually devote time to playing this game are either very young, very desperate for video games, or absolutely crazy when it comes to picking entertaining games. Treyarch definitely screwed us over with this game. This game is almost as bad as Ghosts, which takes a lot of drugs and not paying attention to achieve. What is wrong with Treyarch thinking futuristic bull is what mature gamers want to play. They must have been brainwashed or some, because they are making a new game with the worst trailer of all human history. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is going to be astorm, and I can already see ...more

This game is very different from the others in a good way with a new experience, everything in Multiplayer, Campaign and Zombied are great. This game is so well balanced and fine, this is the most closest to perfect Call of Duty game I've ever seen in the many years of playing. If you could think of all the bad things that are possible in Multiplayer, there would be 2 things. Which is Spawns and Lag/Connection Issues, but that rarely happens, this game deserves to be top ten, I would say at place #7 or #6.

The Contenders
11 Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

As a long time fan of the franchise, I can only say that this one right here is the best game in the series. After getting used to the exo, (this takes Call of Duty to a whole new level in terms of enjoyment) the game becomes much easier to get around, a lot faster, and a lot more fun, at least in my opinion, one of the reasons we play these games is because we like fast paced games! We don't like waiting around or being patient, we want quick gameplay! And that's what this game provides for the community. Weapon variants, online multiplayer character customization, and supply drops are really cool additions to this franchise and just make the game more addicting in my opinion. As much as I love the other Call of Duties, it was difficult to go back and play the other ones after I experienced Advanced Warfare and honestly... I don't even want to go back! It's that fun of a game!

The best Call of Duty ever. The elk things take it to a whole new level and it works brilliantly even though we weren't sure if it would work, but it does. The maps, campaign, options, modes, guns and overall layout are 10/10. The graphics are incredible, even on Xbox 360! My favourite gun is the atlas 20mm, it is huge and I think they did really well making a completely new series set way in the future, it works great and it is so icy better than all the other call of duties!

Easily the worst Call of Duty, even worse than ghosts. Not because of the exos, not because its different, but it was just an absolutely terribly put together game. The weapons were balanced like they didn't test the game once, so many glitches everywhere, terrible spawns due to the exos allowing people to get from spawn to spawn very quickly, animations were terrible, they kept adding more and more effortless/lazily built bull in the game so they could keep getting money without having to focus on making the game better, exo zombies was an absolute joke, campaign was slightly disappointing for how good it could have been, and overall just an absolutely abysmal game. And yes, I also do hate the exos on top of all that because they drastically decreased the skill gap. When all you have to do to avoid getting shot is jump in the air and dash to the side at 30mph its pretty easy for just about anyone to buy themselves enough time to land a few shots and win the gunfight. All it will take ...more

Best Call of Duty ever people that says this game sucks is just not good at it. This is the only Call of Duty I enjoyed in along time because of the flanks, variants, exos, and supply drops.Its really amazing because the multiplayer mode never gets boring and that's because even when the campaign mode is over you dtill have the things to achieve in multiplayer like elite variants, legendarys variants etc especially the outfits.Its awesome when you get something good out of supply drop and you have a epic reaction. So that's all I have to say about this game and yeah Call of Duty is advancing it can't go back! Soon everyone will be playing this when bo3 gets boring (AW2) will be amazing peace

12 Call of Duty: Finest Hour

Rarely do you see or find anyone who played this game. A damn shame it is.

This game makes you cry every time you're in the main menu because of the music. Characters are amazingly done and the choice in music was superb!

If you haven't played this, then you CANNOT call yourself a veteran of the Call of Duty series...

This one of the first Call of Duty's I played and it's very underrated. This one had some of the best characters and level design of the series and is certainly one of the hardest. This is one I would recommend to anyone who's curious of the older titles.

This made Call of Duty a console game, with one of the best campaigns (including the best intro ever) and hands down my favorite multiplayer out of all them (no aim-assist). Hardcore Call of Duty fans (and hardcore fps fans) will agree.

With one of the best campaigns (including the best intro ever) and hands down my favorite multiplayer out of all them (no aim-assist). Hardcore Call of Duty fans (and hardcore fps fans) will agree.

13 Call of Duty: Big Red One

This was my first video game, I had so many memories of it. From the times of piloting a tank to the first squad member dying. When it took you into the B-24, I had my breath taken away. It went so much more in depth than the Call of Duty of today, making you search for ammo and health at the most desperate of times.

By far the best, it had a meaningful campaign with interesting characters and scenarios. Plus the multiplayer was fun. Easily logged in close to 500 hours with this one.

This is among the most underrated games of all time. The missions were great, and the gameplay was improved over Finest Hour. Every call of duty/fps fan has to play it at least once

Brooklyn will always be the best Call of Duty character.
Big red one is the best Call of Duty game out their along with finest hour

14 Call of Duty: WWII

This is such a great came, although it could have improved on the multiplayer aspect. Don't get me wrong, it had a great multiplayer, but I feel like if the developers spent more time making a few more maps and weapons in the base game (pushing back the release date, but that would be fine considering the quality would be boosted in terms of consumer happiness), This would have been a much better all around game/. I say all around instead of just multiplayer because if guns were added, this could easily transfer to the game's campaign and zombies modes. I understand that Activision was looking for quality over quantity, I get that, but the Call Of Duty franchise has been more of a quantity over quality thing in the past, so it seemed a bit awkward to have a change like this in my gaming experience. Hopefully as time goes on we can see a greater game with free dlc maps. Good game, not great.

It's the perfect combination of simplicity, skill and history. I know it's not exactly an "original story" like some of the other Call of Duty's but for Activision to go back to good old Boots on the Ground warfare is amazing. I just wish I could play as much I used to before having kids. The campaign is fun and surprising different from your average WW2 FPS. They do a good job of trying to make the player care about the other characters and feel for the joy and pain. The feel of the weapons are remembrance of WaW as well, which was personally my favorite Call of Duty game.

WWII is an amazing game and I can't believe it wasn't ranked higher smh, I play every day on xbox with my sniping clan (TOGx Clan) And I have never had more fun with the game. They found a way to make an extremely serious game have some parts that are funny, without taking away from the realistic experience. I play it on an old xbox one on my 1920x1080 monitor, and looking at the graphics of the game, It's unbelievable. I've honestly never seen more detail on all the maps and every part of the game.

Latest Call of Duty games. Real amazing graphics. It is like the remastered version of Call of Duty : Roads to Victory, a game good for its own lifetime. This one is made by Sledgehammer, the newest developer.It has a multiplayer lobby unlike any Call of Duty game ever released.

15 Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Even though I grind daily on this game... I can still tell it was a HUGE disappointment, with its broken reserve crate system, lackluster updates, and many other things.

The worst game I've ever played by a long shot. Bo3 has a better campaign multiplayer and zombies. Actually did I forget to say it has no campaign!

This game is good black out is the best BR, the multiplayer is also good but the zombies is not the best I think bo1 and 2 had the best zombies.

I know this isn't out yet, but get ready, coming out in October 18 2018, look on Infinity Ward's Home Page.

16 Call of Duty: Ghosts

It's the best Call of Duty because it has a finally brand-new definitive multiplayer, an exciting campaign... Not to mention the ending, the brand-new real teamwork mode Extinction. The DLC's have already been the best addition experience to Call of Duty Ghosts than any other. Now you have to buy everything instead of ranking up... Which I like. In one map you can be the legendary horror icon, Michael Myers, with an axe and just destroy your enemies and make them rage and maybe even rage quit out of the match. It's the best. Just take out the Ripper for season pass holders and make them wait like the rest of the Ghosts players and everything is going to go smoothly.

If people actually got down to it and played Ghosts properly they would realize just how good this game really is, the graphics are so much better then every other Call of Duty, leaning is great, Extinction mode is just amazing! The campaign is really fun which is a relief after BO2's campaign, and most of all, the maps are actually really fun, and the addition of Field Orders is amazing! But I don't think anything beats a good game on Strike Zone when you are losing then you get a K.E.M. strike and suddenly you find yourself winning by a mile.

I have been Call of Duty for years now, and I own all Call of Duty's. This is my favourite. Want to know why? Because, other then CoD4 this is the only Call of Duty ever where the developers really tried to mix things up in the multiplayer.

Zombies is really fun, and beats Extinction mode, even though Extinction still is fun, but in every other aspect, Call of Duty Ghosts is the superior Call of Duty. End of.

Honestly, this game is underrated (and to the 4th grader: you are too young to play this game, your parents need to take more care of you). Campaign was memorable, with every step giving me something to think about and feel emotions for. Multiplayer made me want to play, with a rank up feeling like a technological leap, a prestige a triumph over all odds, the maps fluid and fast, and the weapons were balanced to the point of perfection. And I commemorate Extinction. What a game mode. It's story is perfect, the strategy was here and there, but overall, it was great, the maps kept their variety, but they kept the main point: destroying nests with a drill, and the weapons in it gave one many choices on how they might want to play.
I love this game and put it at my number 1 Call of Duty game. If you wish to hate on it, so be it, by I can point out a lot of problems with your favorites, as well. If you take that as a challenge, then try it.

The campaign is one of the best I have played with a compelling story line. I do however believe that its campaign is weaker than the modern warfare story line but I found that it was stronger than say Black ops 1 & 2.
The multiplayer is fast paced most of the time and has a real sense on competition in it. But I feel as though it could be improved by taking notes out of modern warfares book.
Extinction was never expected to be that good as zombies set the bench mark. However it actually felt quite fun as it can get chaotic however it is best playing with friends as you will need a strategy.
This game overall is in my opinion the 3rd best Call of Duty of all time. But that's my opinion

17 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered

This game is absolutely nostalgic in every way. Everything is so memorable, the spawn nades, the bouncing in and out of head glitches, the one bursting kills, the juggernaut on my P90 silencer class, the martyrdom and last stand that I didn't care for but many used, the 3x frag and stuns. Everything is just so pure and simple that everyone loves it!

I can already tell you that this game will be amazing. I love remastered games so much, but I swear if they add those, those supply drops! I don't know what I'm gunna do because adding them would be ruining the game.But I would still get it anyway along with infinite warfare because hey infinite warfare is worth a try! Right?

Possibly the best remaster of all time, and such an amazing game to begin with. The additions improve the experience, and the graphics are amazing, even on lower settings on PC!

The original game is, in my opinion, the most fun game of them all. The original Call of Duty MW doesn't have the best graphics, so it is not SUPER realistic, which is what makes it fun. But the Remastered Modern Warfare improves this slightly in every way, so it seems to be even better than the original. MODERN WARFARE FOR THE WIN!

18 Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Okay, let me explain why I favor this game. First of all, the multiplayer and zombies suck. The campaign on the other hand... That has got to be one of the best COD Campaigns. I don't give a flying hoot if it takes place in 69,420 , it's still an amazing campaign. It's fun, emotional, and the graphics are stunning. I think this game would've been very successful if it wasn't under the Call of Duty title. As a matter of fact, it would've had a sequel by now if it was its own series. Anyways, 8/10, better than Ghosts, and god speed.

I know this game isn't the best of the best, however it shouldn't be considered the worst. People hate on this game because, A) They see Battlefield go back into the past B) They are bad at the game and don't like the exo jumping and wall running C) They hate the new idea of space and think it's just like Halo, Star Wars, and Destiny. Personally at the beginning I thought the whole space idea was stupid. I then played the beta after one of my friends gave me a code and right after that, I instantly fell in love with the game. It just felt so good in the hands. To me it was a game that played like any infinity ward game just that it had the same game mechanics as advanced warfare and bo3 and had some space maps. By the way people shouldn't be hating on a game that they never played as well (such as the battlefield fan boys). To conclude, many people said that the Call of Duty franchise has never changed since MW (prior to Advanced Warfare). There was many people who hated on Ghosts ...more

I won't really like this game a lot, but I will still play it and play BOTH Call of Duty 4 and Infinite Warfare. And to all those people that say they are ONLY getting it for Call of Duty 4 remastered, I would put ALL of my money on a table that you will play infinite warfare rather than throw it in the trash like y'all say you are

This game is garbage you have jimmy flying 10,000 ft over your head and the maps have no flow, I recommend buying it for modern warfare remastered a game that was and still is an fps revolution.

19 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

One of my top favorites. Campaign is great, with it being a prequel to all of the modern warfare games. Multiplayer is very slow paced and boring at times. Spec ops: please NERF DIFFICULTY

It's a fantastic multiplayer offering for men, women, and children.

Why is Black ops 4 ahead of this masterpiece.

Best cod game yet

20 Call of Duty: Classic
21 Call of Duty: World at War - Final Fronts

This game has what everyone loves about World at War with some extras so the lovers of the previous one will like to see more of it a very good one to me and I'm sure many other will agree!

World at war really gives you a great experience of not only the Call of Duty series but of life. Why my cat just said well because if you shoot someone in life they will die. and if you ever want to press circle you will crouch so yeh... willy

Although it didn't include zombies or even multiplayer, the campaign was amazing.

The starter of zombies love this game.

22 Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

I just got this game as a Christmas present for my PS5 and will test it out soon!

23 Call of Duty 2: Big Red One
24 Call of Duty: Warzone
25 Call of Duty: Heroes

The game is on iOS or android. Just came out and has all of the favorites from modern warfare and black ops series.

It is by far the best game for the phone. Sad that they are getting rid of it

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