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Some of my classmates who was still new on this Vocaloid thing keeps asking me what are the Vocaloid pairings and I keep telling them they can pair anyone but then the questions transforms into what pairing I like and find the cutest. Though I included gender-bents and UTAUs here.

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1 Rin and Len Kagamine

Rin and Len are one of my favorite pairings. I know its just an opinion but I truly love this pairing, it was my first ship. People complain about the ship because they are 'twins' but technically all the vocaloids are related as family so any other ships would also count as incest. But I ship this strongly because of their relationship. Len's shy personality just goes perfectly with Rin's bubbly and fun personality. In my opinion it extremely cute when there is a cheerful girl pulling her shy boyfriend around and embarrassing him. Its just my opinion but yes, I think it's the ultimate ship.

They're perfect for each other. They are always reincarnated together, they look alike (some people believe that soulmates are supposed to look similar to each other because they were once one soul or something I don't know but len and rin are also supposed to share one soul between the two of them so it makes sense), they are willing to sacrifice themselves for the other, etc. They're just adorable okay. To be honest the thought of miku and len together is gross to me.

Rin and Len are absolutely perfect for each other! I don't approve of Miku x Len, sorry, that couple just disturbs me. I don't know why, but Miku x Len looks wrong to me. But it's my opinion. Anyway, Len x Rin is probably the cutest couple out there. They suit each other perfectly! I was against "twincest" at first, but soon I realized that they sound amazing together, I love hearing their songs, and their personalities suit each other perfectly. And they could just be mirror images of each other. Love this couple!

the best!

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2 Miku Hatsune and Len Kagamine

For me mikuxlen is the best couple ever so much cuter than mikux kaito (sorry) and much much cuter than lenxneru I mean what the heck neru isn't even a vocaloid so why partner her with Le n!? T o me they were meant to be and who cares if Len is 14 and miku is 16 what about those mikuxkaito fans miku is 16 and KAITO is 20 age gap can't you se e!? W ell I have a friend who ships mikuxlen why? Cause her mother is 35 and her father is 33 just like Len and miku that's why she also ships those too, I hate it when people are saying mikuxkaito is much better well its because you haven't heard them sing together people before you judge someone else's opinion go first to the computer shop a SEE IT FOR YOURSELF! Now mikuxlen is the greatest couple for me they make a great sound together and I've been searching for original songs by miku and len forever and now I found them I was so excited here are the songs:

Himitsu~kuro no chikai~ by Kagamine Rin/Len
(Alluring secret~ Black ...more

To me, Miku x Len is a wonderfully adorable ship. They have crawled their way into my heart and have become my OTP. So it saddens me when I see pointless arguments being made against them.Age gap? Well I don't see a problem with it, Miku is only 2 years older than Len, how in the world is that gross? She's not 20 years older than him is she? And I've heard some really irrelevant things like, their colors don't match, or their personalities don't suit each other. That's why I like Vocaloids, they don't have personalities. You get to imagine and fabricate what they are like, and it wouldn't be wrong at all. For example, I chose to think of Rin and Len as siblings, but that's only me, other people could ship them, and I wouldn't care because we're all just trying to support our ship, right? Also, while I may have chosen to ship Len and Miku romantically, you can choose to see them only as platonic. That's the beauty of Vocaloids. And to argue that their colors don't match is pretty ...more

I think this the most adorable ship and people don't ship this cause Miku is older then Len. It doesn't really matter since the age gap is only two years apart. Another thing is that people is like: No! Miku is better for Kaito cause their hair is blue! And: Len is for Rin cause their hair is yellow! People really need to stop shipping vocaloids by their colour cause it's stupid.

I can see this happening! I would love for people to choose this ship. but hey, you do you, boo.

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3 Meiko and Kaito

I think Kaito and Meiko are foils in a sense, Meiko being somewhat of a tsundere who can let Kaito know when he becomes too doting, and Kaito being very affectionate all the time but knows when Meiko's had one too many glasses of sake. As for Kaito and Miku... I mean, I've found some actual reasoning for it (how the release of Miku saved Kaito from obscurity), so I can't say I don't respect it, but I think they work better as friends because I see Miku as an innocent sweet person who is nice to everyone and needs someone to protect her from being taken advantage of (this is why I ship Mikupo). I really can't see Kaito as someone who could take up that responsibility. Of course, this is all based on how I characterize the Vocaloids; don't take this as official.

Miku and Kaito can't work because of the huge age gap. I can't see them as anything but brother and sister (especially because of Brother Is Worried. But Meiko and Kaito works perfectly. No age gap, they sound awesome together, the red and the blue, it's just wonderful.

Well, they are cute together.

They may look older but when I think about Meiko liking Sake whereas Kaito liking Ice Cream, their personality clashes.

I could just picture Meiko having a childish argument with Kaito! - samputen

They sound awesome together and are pretty much made for each other they were also the first Japanese vocaloids

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4 Oliver and Rin

Have you heard their voices together? So adorable. They are absolutely perfect together. Me like,

I love this shipping!

AAH YES I LOVE THIS SHIP SO MUCH THEY LOOK ADORABLE TOGETHER! I can imagine Rin as being extremely tsundere and OLIVER kind of depressed cause he thinks she hates him... and once they FINALLY start dating Rin's the dominant one.


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5 Lily and Gumi

And also puta and maachuda - Nobody101

Lily and Gumi are similar ages and green and yellow look cute together. ALSO THE VOICES
This ship is just so perfect, I'm out

Lily' s husky, somewhat masculine voice sounds absolutely beautiful with Gumi's gorgeous raspy realistic one
I ship it
These two are pretty much perfect together - SueDonom

6 Luka Megurine and Kamui Gakupo

They look super together! They give off a similar vibe, they both sound good as altos, and god, their long pink and purple hair combination is perfect. Luka looks the most mature and beautiful among the girls and Gakupo the sexiest (in my opinion) among the guys. We need more content for this ship!

'Go Google It' was a really fun song and I fins this pairing cute on that song. - samputen

Love the ship! I don't see Luka as tsundere- if anything I see Gakupo as- but I imagine them as both being bookish and reserved and meeting at a book club or something- anyway the voices mix, and purple and pink is just mmm. Plus, how cute would it be if Gakupo, Luka, Kaito, and Meiko were childhood friends? - SueDonom

I love dis ship! Both of them looks super mature enough for love relationship, unlike most of the couple,

..which sometimes the pairing is like having a very obviously huge gap (like Miku - Kaito and Kiyoteru - Yuki)

..and I'm not fond on yuris, like the popular pairing Miku - Luka, Lily - GUMI and whatever.

I don't care about the sexiness of Gakupo and the alluring Luka, it's just that they're very suitable to be together.
Oh, and the blend of purple and pink is aesthetically tempting

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7 Piko and Len

They're like eric and dylan but except no dylan - eggric

This was already on here... - SueDonom

8 Miku Hatsune and Luka Megurine

I fell in love with pairing the moment I saw it really. Luka is my favorite Vocaloid (Blasphemy! ) so I constantly try to find songs and duets with her and one constant(Miku) is there right by her that almost always guarantees a good song(World's end Dancehall, Magnet, Ai dee, One Step Layered, Reflection..The list goes on)..

Miku just looks amazing with her.She doesn't need the help but Luka just makes everything Miku does even better.

These two are the reason I even got into the Yuri fandom and by extension I started my support for the LGBT. These two are my current OTP and it's influenced me so much I can't bear to ship them off with anything else(except MEIKO and Lily for Luka cause for me Luka is love and those two need it).

There's really nothing wrong about it either.. The only complaint I hear is that 20 yr old Luka's too old for 16 yr old Miku and to that I say...nothing. It doesn't deserve acknowledgement. And they DO in fact sing well together..there's ...more

They are absolutely adorable, their voices sound amazing together, and it's a yuri ship. Best. Combination. Ever. Instead of asking why to ship it, ask why not? Not many answers there.

My favourite pairing for Luka and for Miku! It is also my fave yuri pair. I don't see a problem with age, and their voices are so good toghther. In my opinion, I can't stand Miku's voice, and Luka is a bit quiet but when they are together they destroy each other's weaknesses and strengthen their qualities!


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9 Miku Hatsune and Kaito

This has always been the original ship in my eyes. I think that Miku and Len wouldn't do too well together because of the age difference. Their voices do go together don't get me wrong, but as a couple it just won't work. Len and Rin can't be a couple because they are way to similar in physical appearance. Once again their voices do sound good together, in fact their voices together make probably the best duets out of all Vocaloids, but as a couple, it just can't work. Both Miku and Kaito look great together, plus with Miku's high voice and Kaito's low voice, I think it adds just the right amount of difference to make their song sound great.

Kaito and Miku is the ship that goes the best together. Rin and Len are cute but they're siblings. More closer than siblings-twins. I can't see Meiko and Kaito together. It doesn't look good when they stand together. They have different colour taste and Keiko is just unpopular compared to Kaito. It just seems like Kaito will steal the spotlight and Meiko's just a shadow. But Miku and Kaito? Miku is the most popular vocaloid out there! And Kaito is one of the most popular males! Forget about someone being in someone else's shadow, these two are outstanding together. We don't have Kaito stealing the spotlight, they both are!

This ship is so overused. People ship it because their hair matches, or they are the most popular Vocaloid of their gender. First of all, Kaito is about 25 based on his height and weight, and physical appearance. Miku is 16. That is a huge age gap. Their voices don't clash. Miku's is WAY too high for Kaito's. The couple itself looks kind of weird to be honest. I'm sorry but this ship is so overrated and cringe worthy. If Miku has to be shipped with anyone, why not pair her with Luka? Or Len? And Kaito with Meiko? Their voices go well, their ages are close, so yea.

Why does everyone not realize they are meant to be! Screw Meiko and Len! They both are annoying! Len doesn’t even have a male voice bank! And Meiko sounds like Miku! Screw them! KAIMIKU FOR EVER!

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10 IA and Yuzuki Yukari

I think of them as best friends

AND they've done it
They've named my OTP
Yukari's design looks insanely adorable with IA's and they sound amazing together and they actually have a few original songs together and the fanart's adorable and you get the feeling that they're best friends who are also girlfriends at the same time and THIS IS MY OTP

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11 Kasane Teto and Hatsune Miku

Teto isn't a Vocaloid, but this is still really cute.

This ship is just too cute><

This is cute if you ship Miku with Teto's fan age (15.5)

Me like this ship!
Their fanon personalities are pretty cute together to

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12 Miku Hatsune and Rin Kagamine

I literally just voted on this to piss off Miku x Len shippers.

This ship is so much cuter than Rin and Len

They're so adorable, and their voices sound great together! Plus, I just can't help myself from shipping these two. I just really like yuri, ok?

I love them :v - RusiusMalger

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13 Kasane Ted and Rook

I can't. Ted's 31 and Rook's 13. I just can't.

Well this is an UTAU couple, not a VOCALOID, but I'M ADDICTED TO THE SHIP AND I DON'T KNOW WHY
DON'T ASK WHY - SueDonom

14 Len Kagamine and Kaito

I know the age gap may be a little disturbing, but VOCALOID is versatile, and it's to make a character older or younger by adjusting pitch. Besides, they sound really good together, with Len's voice complementing Kaito's, and they look cute as a couple. Some people say their personalities don't match, but with even if there are base personalities most people use, the rest of the character is mainly up to your imagination. To sum this up, I ship it.

I find these too super cute together, I know there is an age difference but come on these people aren't real so lets not get ass hurt due to the fact we ship something that in reality is not right. Personally I think Kaito looks 16 so I feel in pictures the age difference isn't noticeable, I also would like to bring up that many people ship Levi and Eren from Attack on Titan and they have a similar age difference and yet no too many people go off saying it is wrong cause like Kaito Levi looks younger than he really is.

What huge age difference? Kaito has NO official age people, so we don't know for sure if he's in his late teens or his early twenties.

Yes yes yes! This is one of the only yaoi couples I like! And that includes anime as well as the Vocaloid fandom 😉

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15 Rinto and Lenka Kagamine

I don't really know but I really find this pairing cute! - samputen

Well, I don't think anyone's going to go ship one of these two with anyone else other than each other. I wouldn't either, but I don't particularly like them.

This in better than Rin and Len together for some reason

As cute as Rin and Len to me for the same reasons..

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16 Mayu x Tei

I love this!

Hmm, it'd be really interesting seeing a double Yandere relationship... - SueDonom

*Starts singing yandere parody of Double Rainbow*

This ship is so cute
Until ne or the other stabs someone
But hey, a double yandere relationship basically means that they'd always be faithful to each other! The voices are not too bad together either.

17 Kiyoteru and SF-A2 Miki

Miki can't be a mum. She's only fifteen. T_T

Come on, guys! They're the mommy and daddy of AH-S for crying out loud! Not to mention it's like they have a cute little family with Kiyoteru as the daddy, Miki as the mommy, and Yuki as their daughter!

18 Mikuo Hatsune and Luki Megurine

I love Miku x Luka, so I love this too by default.

No way

I ship Luka x Miku, but as a fudanshi, I ship Luki x Mikuo more

19 Gakupo and Kaito

Their voices sound wonderful together and they also look wonderful together

Almost all of their covers sound better than the original songs. Best pairing ever. Also Gakupo is way too gay for Luka.

I like it but one question... Who's the seme?

SO CUTE! It was the pictures that won me over

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20 Miku and Mikuo Hatsune

I like to think they have a brother-sister relationship too because of the looks but there was just this one fan fic that changed my mind and I was squealing. - samputen

It's a really cute ship. Seeing as they look alike people think they are sibling, which is quite sad,

I personally really love this couple. There's just something about them that surpassed my other shippings like; LukaxGakupo and before, KaitoxMiku. And just to let those people know, it's not because of their hair and stuff, it's their personalities. I view Miku as a sweet, quiet girl and I view Mikuo as a serious, gentle guy, I don't usually find this personality pair cute but with them...

It's not like they're siblings anyways, the makers didn't say anything, just like Rin and Len (I don't ship them though). (I blame An, the pixiv illustrator, because of this)

I guess its ok but not a big fan :/

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