RalphBob's Top 5 Worst Comparison Lists

A few very terrible comparisons lists were made in this site, and these are the worst. I don't mean to ripoff TurkeyAsylum's post, but I just thought it was a cool post, and I wanted to do a version of it.
5. Reasons Why Cartoon Network is Better Than Nickelodeon: I like both networks a lot, but some items are completely inaccurate. For example, it says that Cartoon Network's good shows didn't die. A lot of it's new shows are okay, but aren't nearly as good as the old ones that they cancelled. Also, one of the reasons is Steven Universe. How can one show make an entire network better than a competitor!
4. Reasons Why Sanjay and Craig is Better Than Survivor: First of all, Sanjay and Craig is the worst show ever, but that isn't even the worst thing about this list. One reason why it is terrible is because it is comparing two shows with nothing in common. A reality show being compared with an unfunny comedy show isn't even a good comparison no matter what side you are on. Also, it acts like Survivor is supposed to be funny by saying that one of the Survivor contestants isn't funny, when they aren't even supposed to be funny. And then, yet again, the list is completely false.
3. Reasons Why Uncle Grandpa is Better Than The Simpsons: The list is completely false, and the items are just sickening. For example, it calls The Simpsons offensive. The creator of that list must have never saw the show, or does not know the definition of that word. Though The Simpsons is an adult cartoon, it isn't very offensive. It is hard to believe that the user who made the list finds The Simpsons offensive, but not Family Guy. Also, one of the reasons is that Bart is fat, and that is really offensive to fat people for that to be considered bad. It is more offensive then anything ever shown on The Simpsons.
2. Reasons Why Barbie is Better Than Spongebob Squarepants: Barbie is not better than Spongebob, and some items on this list are completely false. For example, it says nobody hates Barbie, though there are millions of people that hate Barbie. Even a Barbie fan said on that list that that item is false. Also, it says Barbie is a good role model. How is a girl that cares about her looks more than people, and would rather spend her money on a giant hamster wheel then spend it on food for dying people a good role model. Also, they have nothing in common.
1. Reasons Why Clarence is Better Than Spongebob Squarepants, The Fairly Odd Parents, and Regular Show: First of all, this list was made by a fake account. MLPYes_PawPatrolNo has never came back to TheTopTens. Admin told us that this account was fake already, so people should stop believing that she came back. Also, this list is terrible! All of those shows are better then that dumb Clarence, and the items are yet again completely false. It says that Spongebob, FOP, and Regular Show characters are ugly, even though Clarence characters are one million times uglier. Also, Clarence isn't funny. It is just dumb in my opinion.


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