Top Ten Dumbest Comparisons In "Reasons Why This Is Better Than That" Lists On TheTopTens

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1 Adventure Time > Ebola

They do not correspond with each other in any way. What's next? Ceiling fans and waffles? Lamps and siblings? Swimming pools and grandmas? Gosh, some lists can be really pointless.

That one takes stupidity to another level. What's next? Mariah Carey with Onions? Pretty Little Liars with toothpaste? By the way, I started a petition to delete that list

Adventure Time has nothing to do with Ebola. Why would you compare a show to a serious disease. That makes no sense.

2 Justin Bieber > Jackie Evancho

We all know which of these sucks between the two, the other (while I may have never listened to a song of Evancho) probably has a much better appealing voice.

Guess who made this joke of a list? I actually dare you to look at it without laughing.

Jackie is not so popular but she is great. Justin is popular but he is sucks.
Jackie is one billion better than Justin.

Basically, the title of this list screams Self Destruct. The best way to describe him is in SuperHyperdude's Self Descruct In a Nutshell.

3 Marilyn Manson > Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj

Okay I would rather listen to somebody who actually has memorable songs then the two who are below him in comparison. (Still pointless)

Seriously? Might as well compare computers to volcanoes, bricks to palm trees, Canada to eggs, and Steven Seagal to microwaves.

I wonder what's next. Toothpaste to shoelaces? Fridges to Asia? Gloves to lemonade?

4 Facebook > TheTopTens

You can find your friends on Facebook but TheTopTens has sane users. Any irrational user on this site is eliminated. The people here are also nice. TheTopTens has a better community.

Actually, TheTopTens is a social media site, so comparing it to Facebook makes sense.

There are some elements that they may think that, but overall the total ideal no.

I'm not even allowed to go on Facebook. TheTopTens is my online home.

5 Justin Bieber > The Beatles

This list is really, really stupid. I respect her opinion, though reasons like "He Has Great Abs, and "The Beatles are Bad" are hardly justifiable, and for some of them, quite shallow and superficial.

Seriously, that is like saying the school bathrooms are better than actually nice toilets at your house, nothing is worse than Justin Bieber

He has great abs. Bruh, you can Be fat and still make good music and you can have abs but still be trash.

Most of the reasons are opinions and are stupidly obvious.

6 Luigi > TheTopTens

They're both awesome, but you can't use Luigi to create lists or posts and message your friends. If you could, that would be odd...

Luigi wins by a mile (of course, that's coming from someone who has Luigi as their profile picture)

Seriously? Who Compares A Animated Video Game Character To A Website?

You can't compare them, they're both legendary

7 Michael Jackson > The Beatles

My Opinion:
I never liked Michael Jackson. I've always found him strange, annoying, and EXTREMELY overrated.
The Beatles, on the other hand, are the legend. I mean, anybody can dance, but it takes true talent to play instruments. I hate to break it to you, but the Beatles are 1,000,000,000x better than MJ. I know I'm going to get lots of thumbs-downs, but I really don't care. Deal with it. It's just my opinion.

Heh, I just looked back at this list and found my very first comment, from last September. I was a bit obsessed. Thanks for the memories, Pos.

But really, it's a ridiculous list.

Michael Jackson is better than Beatles (no offense to any Beatles fan), but hey, Beatles is also awesome.

It's unfair to compare 4 person to 1 person. They are from different decades and have different style

8 Adolf Hitler > Justin Bieber Adolf Hitler (April 20, 1889 - April 30, 1945) was a German politician of Austrian descent who served as the leader of the Nazi Party since 1921, Chancellor of Germany since 1933, and Führer of Nazi Germany since 1934. As dictator of Nazi Germany, he reversed the Treaty of Versailles, initiated World War II in Europe with the invasion of Poland in September 1939, and was a central figure of the Holocaust. He committed suicide two days before Soviet soldiers stormed his underground shelter in Berlin.

At least JB hasn't killed anyone (I don't think he has.) However, Hitler killed thousands of innocent people. Yet still, you consider THAT better than just some crappy music and stupid singer?! Come on guys! We get it, you hate him. I do too, but that's taking it too far. Just move on and stop being so immature!

How is this not #1, Hitler is MUCH worse than Bieber, Bieber's horrible thing is singing, but Hitler did much worse... Bieber can get away with bad singing, but Hitler can't get away with the fact he killed innocent people...

Hey. That's Godwin's law. Making average pop music is much worser than killing 6 million Jews. Oh mean. Why this list exists?

This is why I am sick and tired of Seeing Justin Bieber In every worst list imaginable.

9 Justin Bieber > Gravity Falls

O.K. I read the list name and I was like "...I wanna throw my laptop at you." I mean, gravity falls is like my favorite show in the whole world and she just compared it to a PERSON! (And P.S. dipper can sing. HE JUST HASN'T DEVELOPED HIS VOCAL CORDS YET! *Sobs*)

The reasons are so flimsy. I mean, who cares if Dipper can't sing or dance? JB and Gravity Falls are two completely separate entities.

A reason on this list was "Dipper can't sing". WHAT? Gravity Falls isn't about singing!

Yeah A solo artist compared to a Disney show nothing wrong with this. (Not! )

10 Instagram > TheTopTens

It was made by Comparisans, who specialises in comparison lists, only he says on this list that there are too many comparison lists. What furthers this irony is that he can't even spell comparisons, hence his name.

I really hoped that this list was just some stupid joke, but no, I guess Comparisans was crazy enough to make such a thing. A lot of the items on here were really ironic. It was hard not to laugh.

I dare you to look at this list without dying laughing about how bad and hypocritical this list is.

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11 Nintendo > Microsoft, Sony

I know Microsoft and Sony are more than game companies, but the list in question was most likely targeting the video games of the companies. In which case, I prefer Nintendo to both of them.

People who vote on this list are forgetting that Microsoft and Sony are not just video game companies.

The act of console wars, to me it should be Nintendo > Microsoft > Sony. Combine two companies and its invalid.

I like Nintendo and Sony. I hate Microsoft gaming consoles but I like their computers!

12 Big Brother > Linkin Park

I would rather listen to 10 hours of Linkin Park than to watch one minute of Big brother, because Linkin Park is actually good

Linkin Park is much better. That, and Big Brother is a show, Linkin Park is a band.

What's next? Air vents to golf balls?

They both suck! End of story

13 Nicki Minaj > Jackie Evancho

I don't like Jackie that much but sheaves definitely better than Nicki Minaj.

The same applies to number 2 pretty much one is a lot better than the other.

Laugh out loud, Jackie is so so much better than this butt crap (Nicki).

Jackie Evancho is much better, and no, she doesn't drink underage!

14 Victoria Justice < Ariana Grande

Ariana is better. Victoria doesn't sing and Ariana is actually nice and that donut incident was a joke.

I personnaly prefer Victoria because she's a better person and she is a better actress (no offense to ariana fans).

To be honest this is actually kind of right.

15 K-Pop > American Music

K-Rap is far better than K-Pop (yes yes don't make fun of it and call it krap cause it's weird) but American rap is still better. got a diet-Nicki Minaj called Iggy Azalea. Ugh she's just awful on all grounds. Not even half as fun as Nicki.

First of all, that's a sub-genre versus an entire country's music industry. Second, the items on this list are more relevant to why American music is better than K-Pop. Which, in my opinion, it is.

Not to offend Koreans (a certain leader), but to American music just not even that level yet.

American Music is better than K-Pop which I find too cheesy.

16 Skillet > Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj

Agreed, Skillet are better, for obvious reasons, but this is still a ridiculous comparison.

Christian Rock music is much better as a genre to what is compared with that. (laughs hysterically)

Is Skillet a fish? Then no, it's can't make music cause fishes can't sing.

Skillet is better in my opinion. Still a ridiculous comparison.

17 USA > Canada

Of course, some intelligent foreigner probably told the idiotic American who made this list the sad truths of their awful nation. But of course, being the butthurt person he or she was, that American probably made this list to take his anger out on Canada after his daily trip to McDonalds. He is probably in denial; he cannot comprehend that maybe, just maybe, that his country isn't so great after all.

See, this is why countless people hate the USA. It's because of lists like these, their constant and pointless wars with other countries. Their horrible government and people for sheep. If the USA was really better than Canada, then it'd be richer, have free healthcare, a less corrupt government, and maybe better, less idiotic, people. But alas, those Americans will never change their backwards and nationalists ways. They are too damn stubborn to admit that they are NOT the greatest country in the world. If they open their eyes and see their trillions upon trillions of dollars in ...more

Gotta love those Americans. Of course they were probably told by an intelligent and well-educated foreigner that their country is not as good as the patriotic folks would like to think. So, one decided to take his or her anger out on a far better country, Canada! And so, like any smart person would do, they either told the person that he was being retarded, or avoided the list entirely. See, this is why I and many others wouldn't mind if one day, all the fatass Americans suddenly “disappeared. ” :D

And on that note, I actually do like the much better alternative: the list of why Canada is BETTER than the pathetic US!

The funny thing is, "Top Ten Reasons Canada Is Better Than the United States" is a much better list and has more items. Think we've settled that debate.

I never been to Canada, but I like both countries! Americans these days...

18 Using The Bathroom At Home > Using The Bathroom At School

Really? Its not dumb who ever made that list was right, bathrooms at school are gross, whoever put this on the list is a homeless rat who actually enjoys being dirty and catching viruses from sitting on someone else's pee or poop

My school bathroom is so stinky. The 1-4 graders never flush the toilet. At least it's clean at home.

The user Meagansayshi made this list. It was so nice! I added about ten comments on it.

I agree with this list though

19 South Park > Dora The Explorer

The idea makes perfect sense, but items like "Cartman is nicer to his mum" aren't valid reasons.

A quality cartoon show, and a kid show whom seems quite off mate (not Australian)

South Lark is always a zillion times better than stupid Dora.

Honestly, the age groups targeted couldn't be more different...

20 Tom and Jerry > Star vs. the Forces of Evil

Tom and Nerry is so inappropriate. Cats are being beat ip and a poor mouse keeps being traumatised by a lunatic cat. Oh goodness!

Star vs the forces of evil is the world's best show
Tom and jerry is inappropriate it has cat aduse classic cartoon is trash poop

21 Gravity Falls > Teen Titans Go!
22 Miley > Selena

Miley sold more records got more money Miley broke Guinness of. records 5x Miley racked #8 Queen of poo rolling stone 2best selling singles of all time Miley more party in the USA and wrecking ball

Miley is better in my opinion. Her songs are more bearable and I really enjoyed her show Hannah Montana however Wizards Of Waverly Place got boring after series 2.

Miley is better. Has a real voice. This isn't a bad comparison actually, it's comparing two pop singers.

Miley is better. Miley is more tolerable but Selena ain't that bad but she hell and quiet.

23 The Amazing World Of Gumball > Total Drama

Gumball is the most overrated cartoon ever (truly not the worst) and Total Drama is the best cartoon ever, so I don't guess why someone would compare it.

I would go as far and so amazing, but maybe replace those words with cringe, Total Drama early on was much better, and a great parody to Survivor.

I agree that Gumball is better although I like TD.

I can't decide which one is better. I like both.

24 Britgirl > Justin Bieber

Oh come on! Now you people are being mean! I mean, this is coming from people who KNOW Britgirl. They don't know JB. Doesn't he get bashed ENOUGH online? Come on people. You guys are being jerks. Again, Britgirl's and angel but don't compare her to people you haven't even met!

Do you know JB personally? No. I know he can't possibly be as wonderful as Britgirl, but stop acting like he's Satan. Find something better to do than bashing this singer every 5 seconds, people. Grow up already...

Justin Bieber is better *running for cover*

This made me laugh out loud

25 Dora The Explorer > The Fairly Oddparents

Hmm... A Nick Jr. show, and a Nickelodeon show I mean other they were on the same channel one is slightly different than the other. (Premise difference)

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