Full-fledged List Analysis: Top Ten Reasons Kids Hate School

NuMetalManiak Oh now this is a big one. Decided to do it after my last one too. Tons of reasons kids hate school.

1. Homework: Yup. No explanation necessary.
2. Bullies: Also yup. We would like to know why a certain kid becomes a bully too.
3. Getting Up In the Morning: Believe it or not I don't have a problem with this, but some others might.
4. It's Just So Boring: A whole lot of life is boring. Work, honestly, gets to be worse than school.
5. Grades: Of course. Good lord, they basically make this your main goal in school because your parents will ground you just because you do "poorly" on a test. Studying is hell at times, but only because you need to make sure you are up to snuff with what's being learned.
6. Annoying People: These people get into stupid trends and let everyone know whether or not they care. I wish I could avoid them too.
7. Physical Education: This separates the nerds from the jocks. The WORST bullies are always in your PE class too, and the instructor makes you play games you don't want to play.
8. Exams: Worth the most in grades, also the most stressful. Boy, there sure are a lot of things I can agree with here.
9. School Lunch: I brought my own lunch to school, thank god. Waiting in line for terrible food is bad.
10. Bitchy Popular Girls: They think the laws of the world don't apply to them.
11. Mean Teachers: Thankfully not as common, but these types blame the whole class for what one student does.
12. No Friends: I don't mind this, mostly because I suspect any sort of backstabbing.
13. Work: Hah, this item totally does not belong here.
14. Popularity: Should not exist in schools, the "coolest" kids usually grow up to be the worst role models too.
15. Teachers: Think of it this way. Sometimes the teachers don't feel like talking to us students all day though.
16. Pressure: Applies everywhere. They try to force things on us.
17. It's Boring: Not even past the 100th mark and we see duplicate items.
18. People Cheating On Their Work and Tests: They try to enforce it but it still happens regardless.
19. Favoritism Among Teachers: I'm pretty sure there's more favoritism amongst actual schools moreso than teachers. I can understand this item if it talks about mean teacher vs. good teacher.
20. Summer Math Packets: These shouldn't even exist.
21. Can't Use the Bathroom: See they think you'd skip class by sitting in a stall all the time. No, when someone needs to go, they need to go.
22. Hypocritical Teachers: Usually are the mean ones too. Or the politically correct ones, take your pick.
23. Stupid Students: A.k.a. annoying classmates.
24. Teachers think all kids are the same and that we all learn the same.: It is better than a teacher picking favorites out of the students though.
25. No Reward for Hard Work: No substantially awesome reward more likely.
26. Bitchy Teachers: How would they keep their job?
27. School Starts Too Early: Was glad to graduate when I did. I heard they extended my high school hours further than needed.
28. Getting In Trouble for No Reason: There HAS to be a reason for trouble, you know.
29. Test Taking: Already on here (exams).
30. Detentions: Actually, if you behave well enough, this shouldn't be something you experience.
31. Stalkers: I hated having one on me in 12th grade.
32. Length of the Day: TOO MUCH TIME.
33. Racism: The worst part about this is the white guys at my school are the least racist.
34. "Let's Introduce Ourselves": No, no we don't need to do this, teacher, you'll forget about us after we graduate anyways.
35. Report Cards: A.k.a. "here's how you are doing and if you are sucking your parents won't love you anymore".
36. Teacher's Pets: Shows the favoritism that some teachers have.
37. Getting an F On a Test: You had to try much better, hopefully.
38. School Takes Up Most of the Day: It's #32.
39. Weekend Homework: Either the worst or the best kind of homework depending on the situation.
40. Sexist Teachers: Oh DEFINITELY this.
41. Bus Rides: Too many problems with this. Too much traffic. Dumb bus laws. Sometimes your bus doesn't arrive and you are late home. If it breaks down. TOO MANY BAD THINGS ABOUT BUSES.
42. We Don't Have The Right of Free Speech: Well you aren't supposed to disrupt the class anyways.
43. It Lasts 8 Hours: This is on here three times.
44. Partners Who Don't Pull Their Weight: Group projects in a nutshell.
45. A Kid Does Something Bad to You, He Blames It On You: And then your the one in trouble for it.
46. Fire Drills: These things are loud as hell and you wonder if they are even trying to help the kids in case of an actual fire.
47. Discrimination: See Racism.
48. Dirty Toilets: No one flushes, no one apparently was taught how to be a normal person when using the bathroom.
49. Projects: This is the absolute worst. Hey, have hard, heavily-weighted work that you will postpone but still get extremely stressed about!
50. Useless Planner: I wonder who actually uses these.
51. Disorganization: If a teacher does this, it's bad.
52. Schools Take Your Rights Away: Very bad.
53. Students That Have Anger Issues: Probably because of one of the other reasons on the list.
54. End of the Year Exams: All exams are stressful.
55. Depression and stress due to homework: Duh.
56. Failing: If you are deliberately not doing well, that's on you, actually.
57. Staff/Teachers Stereotyping Students by Their Looks: I wish people would stop stereotyping too.
58. People Who Think They're Hard: The absolute worst type of annoying classmate.
59. The Whole Class In Detention When Only a Few Did Something: That is some awful logic.
60. Essays: Actually these can be worse than exams. Trying to get an A on one of these involves more knowledge than necessary, but also not too much. WHAT?
61. Stupid Popular Girls: We already saw this.
62. Heavy Books: Hey, at least in a grade school they don't make you actually pay for them.
63. Nasty Bathrooms: Goes side-to-side with dirty toilets. There need to be more janitors.
64. That One Kid Who Bosses People Around: These people should be expelled.
65. If You Don't Go, Your Parents Will Get Arrested: What a strange rule.
66. Stress: I've seen enough stress here.
67. Anxiety and Stress: What did I just say?
68. Car Line: Heh, this can be amusing. A bus line is worse though.
69. Mental Bullying: Can be considerably worse than physical bullying.
70. Bad Grades: According to parents, this is their big nightmare regardless of how well someone does anyways.
71. Distractions: That's easy enough. We get so bored at school we think of other things.
72. Mathematics: Depends. Easy math is easy. Hard math is discombobulated.
73. Everyone Ignores You: I don't have too much of a problem with this.
74. Cliques: A.k.a. makeshift gangs.
75. Getting In Trouble: For various reasons, the most lopsided are the ones involving grades.
76. You Get In Trouble for Nothing: #28.
77. The Mile Run: Running can be fun, if you do it in your spare time. Forcing children to run around the entire PE yard just is dumb and they GRADE you for that?
78. Stealing: One of the worst things at any place.
79. Fake Friends: A.k.a. backstabbers.
80. Homework Every Single Day: Because kids need to be busy with something that is not enjoyable.
81. Idiot Kids: Haven't we seen this item on here before.
82. Hectic Schedule: Combine that with the tardiness rule.
83. Backpacking: Needing everything for one class can take a toll on many poorly built kids.
84. Having to Give Presentations: Terrible. Having to speak in front of a class is bad enough, getting dumb questions is even worse.
85. Teachers who act like their class is the only class: Ahahahaha really?
86. Being Unnoticed: Sounds like a problem "popular" kids would have.
87. Kids Who Take Sports Too Seriously: Those who hate losing I presume. I used to be this.
88. They hate the sight of phones: But then again they are allowed to have THEIR OWN PHONES.
89. Boogers on Walls: Is this REALLY that problematic?
90. Expectations: Yup.
91. Chavs: So these are the ones who just follow trends blindly. Most likely to be annoying people.
92. People Blame On You for Doing Nothing: So doing nothing is wrong, according to this item. Wow.
93. Over-reliance on Computers: Depends. Computer classes with online grading are bad, but being away from a computer actually sickens me.
94. The New Generation Of Teens Make School Hell: Say this about every generation.
95. Boys That Think They're Stronger Than Girls: A sexist item. It can easily work the other way around too.
96. Perverted Kids: These people want to be porn stars.
97. Girls Who Make You Feel Bad About Yourself: Some girls know way too much.
98. They focus on the bad kids: The comments here talk more about disabled children, now I'm confused.
99. Getting Told Off for Nothing: Again, doing "nothing" is illegal there.
100. The Guys Who Think They Are Hard: We've already seen this item.
101. Cafeteria food: As I said earlier, I'm glad I bring my own lunch.
102. You Go Almost Every Weekday: That's basically every weekday, unless you count the weekends. That would be bad.
103. Rumors: These things lead to more drama and possibly more drama/trauma. Wow, I just realized those words rhyme.
104. Not 'Fitting In': One of the worst because friends end up betraying you just because you are completely different from them.
105. Listening to a Lot of Nonsense: It's only bad if it does not help you in your career choices.
106. You Have to Show Your Work: They think this is a good anti-cheat method.
107. Getting Banned from Seeing Your Favorite Teacher: This is a problem? Maybe if you suck up to that teacher or something.
108. Dress Code: The only issue with this is if people wear obscene things or come to school completely naked. And those that force a certain uniform are bad.
109. Teachers are unhelpful, yet they complain about us: Maybe understand the teacher's job is a living hell sometimes.
110. Transportation: Well there are multiple ways. Is this bad? Maybe on the bus, but this item is a bit broad.
111. Retarded Students and Teachers: Retarded teachers would be bad. Special ed kids should not be made fun of though.
112. You Stay 9-10 Months at School: It's nine for me, having three months of summer goes by fast.
113. Handwriting: Mine is considered bad by my own mother, but my teachers were able to read it. On the other hand, other students tend to have bad handwriting too.
114. The teacher that's mad at everybody: Okay then.
115. Getting Made Fun Of: A.k.a. mental bullying.
116. Detention: Again, if you behave properly it's okay. This exact same item was on here too.
117. Mean Girls: No not the movie, the really annoying ones. Already on here though (#10 and #61).
118. Boring Lessons: At least they try to get you interested in a potential career path.
119. Some Teachers Are Really Mean: How many times has this been on here?
120. People Who Fart Out Loud: This is such a weird item.
121. At Lunch, Students Are Not Allowed to Use Their Phones But the Teachers and Security Can: YES.
122. There's only 1 sporty class.: It's called P.E.
123. Getting Suspended or Expelled: If kids hate it so much, why is it so rare? Oh right, this only happens if you are always disobedient. This shouldn't be a reason because if it is it is your fault.
124. Drama: Pretty sure it coincides with other items above. But still, drama is bad. Unless it's an actual drama class (a.k.a. a theater class).
125. Having to Do What You're Told: Well, you would be in more trouble if you didn't.
126. Teachers scolding only one gender: This is definitely the worst.
127. False Alarms: This is pretty much every "drill". The odds of an actual emergency are super slim.
128. Favortisim: Spell this one correctly. Also it's on here and could mean many different things.
129. Repetitive Teaching: Not really, they at least advance up the currriculum.
130. Jealous classmates: Usually in case someone is a rich/know-it-all.
131. Summer School: You SHOULD NOT HAVE TO DEAL WITH THIS unless you were really bad in school. And if you were, it's on you.
132. Any Unfinished Classwork Becomes Homework: Well finish it faster then.
133. It Teaches You Nothing Related to Your Job: Most of the time, yep.
134. Students Copying Your Work: The ones who beg you to look at your work are the worst.
135. A Kid Does Something Bad, the Whole Class Gets In Trouble: This is #59.
136. Can't Get Water: You can at least get it in between classes.
137. Teachers always letting trouble makers get away with everything: So is it this, or one guy gets the whole class in trouble?
138. Teachers that made fun of you to other teachers: That's literally bullying.
139. Getting In Trouble for Defending Yourself from a Bully Who Is Punching You: If this happens, the people who do it to you are hypocrites.
140. It's Not Fun: A.k.a. it's just so boring.
141. Girls Who Think All Boys Are Gross: Rich, abusive ladies. They'll never change.
142. The Majority of Websites are Blocked: Because "no fun allowed" mantra is in effect. I hate this too.
143. People Gossiping and Spreading Rumors: Rumors was on here, but I think both that term and gossip are interchangable.
144. Unnecessary Amount of School Days: 183 freaking days out of 365.
145. Only Two Days Off Per Week: Depends on certain weeks. I'd be fine with having an off day in the MIDDLE more than an end.
146. Locks On Lockers That Don't Work Right: Yep, that's why I stopped using a locker.
147. The Teacher Pairs You Up With People: Because anti-social people are demons according to them.
148. Teachers who think mistakes don't exist: Oh wow, this is insanely stupid.
149. Teachers tell you things that are not real: By that logic they and everything else are not real either.
150. Tech Class: Not really unless something doesn't work.
151. First Day of School: They endorse it like crazy thinking you will need boatloads of supplies.
152. Assignments you don't understand: HATE THIS SO MUCH. Especially when given problems that don't appear in text.
153. Drills Like Lockdown, Tornado and Others: Most of which aren't useful at all.
154. Being the Older Kid in Your Class: They would think you failed a grade.
155. They force you to learn things your not interested in: Yes.
156. Teachers think they're better at everything than the pupils: All they do is study the curriculum.
157. Teachers that don't care about what's happening: This would be EXTREMELY bad in certain scenarios.
158. Oral Exams: This means oral presentations, just bad especially if asked questions or if you have a speech impediment.
159. History: At least it's easy, but most people don't care.
160. When a Math Problem says to "Explain": A.k.a. show work.
161. Kids Who Swear at You: And get away with it.
162. Tardies: If you know where your class is and get their on time. Not a problem. But it can be if your class is super far away and you have only five minutes to fight through the crowd to reach it.
163. No Individuality Allowed: Would probably apply to all those schools that are prestigious in dress code.
164. End Of Grade Tests: A.k.a. the final exam, the one where you are supposed to remember everything in a fortnight.
165. People Say It's Educational: That's literally the point of it.
166. School Is Far From Home: This shouldn't be a problem as most kids are supposed to live close to their public school.
167. There's No Music: Or no music that would appeal to you, really.
168. The Weekends are Too Short: Well, life's too short.
169. Reading: This shouldn't be something hateful. I read things all the time everywhere.
170. ISAT Testing: Never had this.
171. Half of the Things They Teach Us Won't Help Us In the Future: Yeah.
172. Field Days: Lots of activities to prove how much you suck at them. I hated these too.
173. School Starts Too Early In Life: Well you could go to college as a senior citizen.
174. Girl Mobs: Truly annoying if they are #10.
175. Super Perfect People: Why do these people even exist?
176. Girls Get Better Treatment Than Boys: Extreme sexism at its finest.
177. Mondays: This is everyone's problem.
178. They think that adults that haven't been to school in ages are better inspectors than the children who actually experience it: I cannot discern what this item is talking about.
179. School Plays: Well you don't have to see them, nor do you have to take a drama class.
180. Slow Walkers: Really, I was looking for this item. These are the same people who grow up and go under the speed limit.
181. You can only hang out with people in the same class as you: Well, most of the time. At lunch is a different story.
182. Teachers who think work is the only thing that matters: More like the ones who are trying to get their precious paychecks.
183. Too Many School Days: Even if this is a duplicate item, I love where this is placed, since I had a total of 183 school days.
184. Scream rooms: If these exist, hit me.
185. Ugly Teachers: Ugly people are everywhere.
186. Sports Fanatics: Worst in a pep rally. What if we don't care?
187. Teachers make mistakes when grading: And not correcting them.
188. Common Core: I, uh, I don't think I ever had this.
189. Teachers beating students: These teachers should be fired.
190. The teachers don't trust the good kids: Trust no one.
191. Confiscation of items in recess: You'd be lucky to have recess. Shouldn't that just be fun time. Why take electronics away?
192. Teachers with a strong political opinion: This is a problem with college professors moreso than grade school teachers.
193. Pop Quizzes: Just like what Mr. Crocker does in Fairly Odd Parents.
194. People Who Pull Their Pants Down All the Way at the Urinal: For the boys only. Who trained these people?
195. No Cussing: Because it's actually a hostile action most of the time. Justified, really.
196. Traffic When Going to School: Both this and getting out. Why do they have school hours during rush hour?
197. School Filters: Already on here as blocked websites or something.
198. Summer Break: The nerve of some people. This isn't even relevant to school.
199. Learning Useless Things: Why do I have to analyze useless duplicate items.
200. Dreading School on Sunday: Just be glad you don't have school on Sunday itself.
201. Online Homework: I had this issue.
202. Sluts at school: Evil people.
203. It doesn't help in the real world: True, unless it's a school about a certain business, most of the time it isn't.
204. Not Getting Paid to Do the Same Thing Our Parents Do (Work): That would be awesome if we could get paid for (doing good) in school.
205. Back to School advertisements: As if any advert is fun.
206. Fake People: There's more than enough people trying to live their own fantasies in a real world.
207. Snitches: Evil people.
208. Substitutes: Most substitutes are just lazy and let us finish homework without having to do it at home.
209. So Many Rules and No Freedom: Why do people hate freedom?
210. Teachers like girls more than boys: Was already on here and shows just the sexism.
211. Why Do We Need To Learn Hard Math?: For the incredibly difficult jobs in technology fields I believe. I should know this.
212. Parent Signature: One of the worst, having to have a note that needs to be returned. This is why kids decide to forge.
213. People Who Hate Sports: No.
214. Things Not Being "School Appropriate": This term can be both specific and broad at the same time, and still be annoying.
215. Doing Your Homework and the Teacher Doesn't Collect it: I'd rather have this than graded homework unless it's a hard class.
216. Drama Lessons: Then don't take that kind of class.
217. People Obsessed With Other People: Obsession is bad, whether to other people or fictional characters.
218. Having to Pay for School Clothes: Glad I didn't have this.
219. The Hours: Pretty sure Calvin has this one covered.
220. Hurts Your Hands When Writing for a While: This is what we call physical stress.
221. Winter/End of the Year Concerts: Well this one I know, since I was in Orchestra. Too much practice for me since I excelled at it, ends up being boring regardless of how well I performed.
222. You Cannot Talk: Well, you aren't supposed to disrupt class all the time.
223. Teachers erase the board even if you're not done: I don't think teachers even let students write on the board anymore.
224. You Get In Trouble Even Though You Did Nothing Wrong: How many times has this been on here?
225. The teachers work for the money and not for the students: I'd rather have students get paid.
226. Lunch Food: We've been over this one.
227. Teachers only care for girls and ignore boys: No they don't. Or they shouldn't.
228. Extremely depressed: Can you please elaborate?
229. It's Easier to Get Sick: Because you are around sick people, yes.
230. Weird Solutions to Problems: I want easy-to-follow solutions, not things that take more than two papers to explain.
231. Summer Homework: This really shouldn't even exist.
232. School Nurse Logic: Maybe they are trained to detect if illnesses are fake or not.
233. Laps: Coincides with the mile run.
234. Conceited Kids: They think they have everything in the world.
235. Playtime: Problem?
236. They're Expected To: These items are making less and less sense.
237. Some Teachers Like to Lie: They lie about what?
238. Test Corrections: Peer editing in other words. Hate it because they always unfairly grade you and their handwriting is bad.
239. Parent/Teacher Conferences: Shouldn't be a problem unless someone did something really bad.
240. Recess Watchers: They are there in case someone goes somewhere they shouldn't.
241. Waste of Time: Must've been a waste of time for you to add this item.
242. Justin Bieber Wannabes: This kid shouldn't even be relevant anymore.
243. Kids That Cry If They Are Not Done: These are the ones who want to win at everything.
244. Students With Mental Problems: It's bad to hate these kids
245. School Uniforms: These should be abolished. As long as you wear something that isn't provocative, no biggie.
246. Teachers that won't listen to reasonable excuses: This is definitely an issue if it happens.
247. Not Allowed to Bring Electronic Devices: In my last semester we were allowed to bring a device just as long as we used it for educational purposes.
248. Spelling: If this is a problem, wow.
249. Girls Who Show Their Cleavage In the School: And subsequently call men perverts because they stare at it. Why show it if that's the reaction you'll get?
250. It's Not Hogwarts: Good item, really good item
251. You Can't Punch the Bullies: They shouldn't punch you either.
252. Disgusting Bathrooms and Pokemon Freaks: I wonder why these two are grouped together.
253. Teacher ignores girls and always accepts what a boy says: This is the other side of sexism it looks like.
254. Stupid Rules: So why can't we chew gum at school?
255. The teacher picks a team with only 1 boy and all the rest girls: I just hate it when the teacher puts us in groups.
256. Kids Who Are Mean to You and Think You Didn't Feel a Thing: People, we have feelings, you know.
257. Kids Who Say Stupid Things: They somehow get popular over these kind of things too.
258. Teachers not understanding your skills: They only care if your skills have an "educational value" or something.
259. Its a Living Hell That Takes Up Most of Your Life: Yeah, sure, whatever. Work is objectively worse.
260. Girls Who Flirt at You: This is only something to hate if you are a gay male.
261. What Is Being Taught: Most of it is useless, too. What's really useful are work skills.
262. Time is so slow: I like my Calvin & Hobbes quote here.
263. Presentations: Either Powerpoint or oral is bad.
264. Mean Boys: These tend to get into trouble for good reason, actually.
265. The Pointless Work: These items are getting pointles.
266. You Have Nothing In Common With the Other Students: Uh, so what?
267. You Can't Defend Yourself or You Get In Trouble: This is supremely strange logic they have.
268. Immature kids: At least as we grow older, we realize our immaturity and grow out of it.
269. Field trips to see girlish plays: Most field trips end up incredibly boring.
270. You have to wake up early: Lots of duplicates and I'm only at the halfway mark of the list.
271. Little to No Privacy: They are using them cameras to spy on us.
272. Strict Yard Duties: Correct, can't go out if there's even a single drop of rain. Really dumb.
273. We don't get enough sleep: No, YOU decide how you sleep and it's your fault if you stay up all night.
274. Prefects: All I know about this term is from Harry Potter.
275. Kids Who Do Stupid Things: Do or say? Two really close items, this and #257, heck even the numbers are almost similar.
276. Controversial Things Schools/Teachers Do: I certainly wonder
277. People Get Made Fun Of: And just because they are different too.
278. School Fundraisers: Are absolutely BORING and don't accomplish anything.
279. Award Talks With Teacher: Most school awards are worthless.
280. Teachers who impersonate you & people in your class: What in the world? That's awful to even think about.
281. Crappy Tests: If tests were actually full of crap...well, for this item it means just tests that don't make sense or something.
282. Corridors: Are too thin, and slow people clog up the frickin' hallways. I hate them!
283. The Principal: Either prissy or strict most of the time. Both bad. I like having one that's a moderate.
284. Klutzes: If you are a klutz, then that's your problem, really.
285. Teachers get after the lives of good students: Sounds terrifying. Why would they do this?
286. You are not allowed to wear hats: Hats make people look cooler than usual. Why are they afraid of possible threats from under a hat?
287. Free Time: You call THIS something that kids hate about school?
288. People That Give Box Tops: A.k.a. a specific type of fundraiser that doesn't have a whole lot of use.
289. Nasty Language: Only if it is abused by your peers.
290. Freezing Swimming Pool: I don't even have a swimming pool at my school.
291. People Teasing You About Who You Like: So what if we like things we are not "supposed" to like?
292. No Fun: Blah blah already on here blah blah.
293. Teachers get sodas and students don't: What's the point of the vending machines in the halls if kids can't use them?
294. Multi-stage Fitness Test: This test always hurts every muscle in your body.
295. Anyone Who Dosn't Shower or Brush: Alright then.
296. Head Lice: Probably coincides with the above item.
297. No Personal Electronics: Because they think it is a waste of time while school always felt like that.
298. It's Mandatory: Yeah, just like living with income.
299. It Feels Like an Institution: That's the point.
300. You Can't Roleplay In School: They only let you do this in drama class.
301. Older Kids Who Roam The Halls When You're Trying To Learn: I can't make sense of this item.
302. The teacher with bad breath: Well someone other than the students needs to brush then!
303. Teachers get your toys and gadgets: Taking all the fun away.
304. Boyfriend/Girlfriends: If they treat you bad yes, otherwise this isn't a problem.
305. Going to New Schools: More anxiety than your body is prepared for.
306. Potterheads: Should not be annoying.
307. Gangsters: The majority are wannabes. Real gangsters stay out of school.
308. You Can't Chew Gum: I think I said something about this already.
309. You Get In Trouble for No Reason: This is like the sixth item about this already.
310. Having to Go Back to School Then Still Not Growing: Original item, too bad I know absolutely nothing about it.
311. Tattletale: Oh YES. The worst kinds of people, those get you in trouble for dumb things.
312. Length of the Term Compared to the Holidays: Enjoy the holidays as much as you can then.
313. Losing Friends: Because you move or they move or backstabbing occurs.
314. Makeup Days: They are so afraid that education is lost when snow happens.
315. Teachers that call on you when you don't raise your hand: I don't raise my hand when I don't know a question. Don't call on me unless I do.
316. The Toilets: Yeah, already on here.
317. Unnecessary Essays/Reports: Are bad, because every class that isn't a math class requires you to write something long.
318. Some Teachers Make You Study Your Multiplication Every Night: No they don't, at least after fourth grade.
319. People accusing you even though you never did anything: Worst kinds of tattletales.
320. Passing Between Classes: This counts as corridors.
321. There Are Gross Boys: These sexist items, seriously.
322. Too Much Dramatic Dating: I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR RELATIONSHIP.
323. Girls with short shorts: If someone hates them, they probably are the reason they are banned in schools.
324. Less Family Time More Boring School Time: I think school makes you hate family more than school.
325. Havinģ acquaintances, not friends: True
326. Cheap Schools: If they're so cheap as to not giving you textbooks and essentials, that's bad.
327. Dumb Students: Likewise, dumb item.
328. Liars: Can be annoying.
329. Teachers who pretend you don't exist: How do you get graded then?
330. Nowhere to Go During Lunch: Well that's bad. I don't think that happened to me though.
331. Exam Results: It's really bad if the teacher calls you up to receive it.
332. When your friend hangs out with your enemy: Fair enough.
333. Angry Teachers: More duplicate items.
334. Communications Class: This is public speaking class, correct?
335. Kids Who Get the Grade In Trouble: So if someone does something in the bathroom, everybody in the grade level gets in trouble. What school are you in?
336. Kids Who Don't Care About Other People's Safety: They don't even pay attention during safety lessons.
337. Staying in the classroom for recess: What about no recess? This is technically detention by the way.
338. No pets allowed: Why would kids want to bring their pets to school?
339. Rainy days and hot recess days: Agree with the comment for this item.
340. You Can't Skip Grades: Actually you could, but it would not work out in your favor sometimes.
341. When your birthday is on a school day: Too bad.
342. Studying: You either do this, and do good on a test, or not do it and fail and have to retake it. Pick one.
343. Smart Alecs: Unlike nerds, these bully you.
344. Getting Ready to Go: Almost every little thing is on this list.
345. Less Time With Family and Friends: But what if you hate your family now?
346. School Donations: They don't help anyone.
347. Confusing Timetables: These aren't hard.
348. Having to Wear a Bra All Day: I don't mind that.
349. Lazy Schools: You people are running out of ideas.
350. People Who Hate School: Wow, so meta, "I put this item because people hate school so much."
351. It Makes You Want to Rebel: You would see this as a good thing.
352. Nerds: *headdesk*
353. Folder Teachers: What even is this item?
354. Teachers tell them what to do all day long: Who is "them" in the context of this list?
355. Having to Sit at the Same Lunch Table All Quarter: Hate this? Seriously?
356. Grading Papers: More like a problem with the teachers.
357. Annoying Exes: Exes are people you were formerly married to. It's unlikely students get married before graduating.
358. Rules: CTRL-F says that we have Stupid Rules and So Many Rules and No Freedom already on the list.
359. In School Suspension: You do something bad, this happens. If you don't do something bad, it's not something to hate.
360. People Who Need to Know Everything About Everyone: Alright fine, I'll agree with this.
361. Mean School Monitors: The rude ones at lunch are the worst.
362. No Video Game Time: They try to use different kinds of "games" because to them other games are uneducational.
363. Thoughts and actions are controlled: Is your school set in the novel 1984?
364. French Teacher: Just one, huh.
365. Counselors: On most things, they are unhelpful. At least they try.
366. Teachers don't have fun: Well maybe the don't have fun because of you insipid kids complaining all the time.
367. Tough Teachers: Can be very harsh.
368. Mistakes: Oh, come on.
369. Droning Teachers: Yeah, these are some of the reasons why school is boring and kids hate it.
370. No Time to Go Outside: To be fair, staying outside will get you more prone to more dangerous things.
371. I'll Choose Your Partner: Already on here!
372. It's Stressful: What's really stressful is all these duplicate items.
373. Hot, Sweaty Summers (Stuck Inside a Humid Room Doing Math): They need air conditioning then.
374. No Recess In Middle and High School!: Big deal.
375. Having to Obey the Teachers: Clearly you people who add these items don't even read to see if they're on here.
376. Copying During a Test: Copying another item.
377. They swear, but the students can't.: No, they don't because it's informal and rude. THEY have rules too.
378. Teachers fail you if they don't like you: This is incredibly untrue.
379. Annoying Teachers: Can we please condense all these "teacher" items into one please.
380. Wearing the Wrong Shoes to Gym: Just wear sneakers, that's all you gotta do.
381. FanBoys and FanGirls: Nice grammar. As long as they're not obsessive, not even a problem.
382. Judgement: Must've went to a religious school.
383. Wannabees: These items are just, bad.
384. Wiggy Teachers: Like, seriously.
385. People Who Show Off: This is a problem everywhere, not just at school.
386. Special Ed: Shocking.
387. Hard Tests With No Grade Curves: Thankfully, college professors curve grades, cause they know many people fail tests.
388. Peer Pressure: They teach you against it.
389. Having to Clean the Cafeteria While In ISS: You can argue that this is actually work skills, better than what they would teach you.
390. Option Classes: As in electives I presume. This is fine because YOU choose them.
391. Over Protective: Please be specific.
392. No Costumes On Halloween: Why should you care?
393. Horny Principals: Have the people adding these items lost their collective minds.
394. Not Getting to Choose What Classes You Have: Did you read what I said for #390?
395. People Who Have Autism: Stop hating, it's a disorder.
396. Chorus: You shouldn't be required to take it, especially if you are a bad singer.
397. Nose Pickers: This is a reason kids hate school, really now.
398. Not Enough Urinals in The Bathroom: An issue for boys if there are no "walls" meaning people have to use every other urinal.
399. Force-Read Novels In English Class: Not really. They force you to interpret novels in many different and dumb ways.
400. No Talking About Guns, Zombies, and Violence: They are so afraid.
401. Working In a Team: Can be beneficial, IF you have a team willing to work.
402. Kids Get Held Hostage: Seriously, what kinds of schools are you all attending?
403. Conferences: How many do you kids have? You lot seem like a bunch of bad kids.
404. No Gun Talk: "For safety"
405. They check your Snapchats and Instagram: They shouldn't and we didn't have those in my school years anyways.
406. Ugly Uniforms: Okay then.
407. Principal and Vice Principal Are Mean: Yeah, yeah.
408. The teachers get mad when you bring your own lunch: This would be absolutely stupid.
409. Classmates Swear Too Much: Get over it, people swear all the time.
410. Picture Day: I'm pretty sure that Spongebob episode tells a lot about this one.
411. Emo Kids: This is something kids hate?
412. Schools don't allow hats or hoods: Their policy against "wannabe gangsters" and "cool kids" apparently.
413. Intolerance: Yep.
414. Fights: Are generally rare, and fun to watch as long as you aren't a part of it.
415. School Teaches You to Be a Suck Up: It sure does.
416. Kids That Brag a Lot: Yeah I stopped caring minutes ago.
417. People Who Don't Flush the Toilet: Who potty-trains these kids?
418. Perverts: They sure do exist.
419. School takes up 75% of your life: Wait till work. That will take up to 90%.
420. There's no point: There is no point to this item. Can we replace this with weed or something?
421. Adaline Falling Star book reports from Ms. Hafford: Now we apparently went to something WAY too specific. Who even knows about this?
422. The Silent Game During Lunch: This isn't even a game.
423. School Counselors: You know this is already on here.
424. Singing Performances: You know your school is actually lucky to have this, mine didn't and I didn't see a point anyways.
425. Teacher ignores boys and always accepts what a girl says: Here we go again with these sexist items.
426. Students Who Suck Up to the Teachers: Come to think of it, this is bad too.
427. Immature & Popular Kids: The worst part is the two are the opposite of mutually exclusive.
428. Blamers: Pretty much coincides with tattletales.
429. Cheaters: Whoever made the comment here, that certainly is a screwed-up scenario.
430. Abusing Teachers: This sounds like students are doing this to teachers.
431. Suspension: This reason to hate school is in place because YOU did something wrong when you aren't supposed to.
432. People Who Only Pretend to Be Your Friends: Backstabbers was WAY earlier in the list.
433. Singing Horrible Songs In Music Class: Annoying classmates will sing anything in any class.
434. Teachers try to get you new friends: They usually don't.
435. Goldfish Teachers: I have no idea what this refers to.
436. Time between class: This is certainly an issue. I think I outlined this in Tardies above.
437. Teachers who walk around like it's a fashion show: Never seen any teacher do this.
438. Standardized Testing: Oh that's what Common Core is about. Yeah, it's harsh, but most questions are easy.
439. Teachers who give the, "Soap is Our Friend Talk"/ Puberty Video: Never seen a teacher do this.
440. Recess is way too short: You don't even get recess, see #374.
441. All the Gaming Websites and Anime Websites Are Blocked: They don't want you all wasting time.
442. Popular Kids Gossiping About You: Anyone gossiping is bad.
443. Measuring Angles: It's seriously one of the EASIEST things to do in math. Whoever put this up is pathetic.
444. Indoctrination: I guess this only applies to history classes. When will the kids learn that the south DIDN'T fight for slavery?
445. Best Friend Stealers: If it gets you out of a friendzone.
446. Shallow Talkative People: They don't have a lot of basis.
447. Teams: Please be specific.
448. Technology: Depends.
449. The Blackboard: Barely even used anymore. What's with all these items anyways?
450. People That Think You're Shy: You have a problem with that?
451. It's Too Easy: Oh now this is a good item. Think it's easy? Take some college courses.
452. Only 1 Boy and All the Rest Girls In a Group: I read ahead.
453. Only 1 Girl and All the Rest Boys In a Group: You people SERIOUSLY think this is an issue with schools.
454. Borrowing In Math: I can't remember the last time this was even used in advanced math courses.
455. Getting Whipped: How? This can't possibly be true, especially in 2017.
456. Teachers laughing at everything: They don't.
457. It Makes People Suicidal: What makes kids suicidal is a number of factors. It can be any on this list for example.
458. Long Assemblies: Are honestly terrible and a waste of time, plus they get into your class time.
459. Popular Girls: We get it, your misogynistic.
460. Girls Who Try to Make You Feel Bad About Yourself: On the other hand, these girls are misandristic.
461. Immature People: Someone needs to filter this list by certain key words.
462. Gross School Pizza: You'd be lucky to get pizza.
463. Pet Day: Really now?
464. School Takes the Fun Out of Learning: At least SOME teachers try to make it fun.
465. Two Day Weekends: Freaking kids.
466. Performance Tasks: This sounds like a computer term.
467. In an older class when you have to watch a puberty video: Even in my last year I never saw one of these videos.
468. There Are Disgusting Bathrooms: Yes, yes there are.
469. Really Bad Food: Just, bring your own lunch for crying out loud.
470. Book Reports: They replace these with essays in higher grades.
471. Watching Movies: What an AWFUL item. Watching movies basically is fine, unless the teacher keeps pausing it for note-taking.
472. Can't Use Your Favorite Websites: We get it, you're unhappy.
473. Automotive Class: Do you not mean Drivers Ed?
474. It Is Not Inspiring: Neither are these items.
475. Parents Annoying You About It: You know what? Yes. They keep being obsessive over good grades and work ethic.
476. Germs: Learn how to wash your hands.
477. Assemblies: This is lower than Long Assemblies, okay then.
478. Unnecessary Fire Drills: There should only be one of these every year.
479. Not Hands On: I agree!
480. No Phones Allowed: And the adults can use them.
481. School Rules: The 4th rules item on this list. Or at least one that has the word rules in it.
482. Continuous Evaluation: They need to stop grading us so strictly.
483. Marks: What a story Mark.
484. Exams Right After Holidays: I hate this too. They should say well in advance for an upcoming exam if any at all.
485. Serious Teachers: So why don't you be serious too.
486. General Science: Be lucky it's general science. You can make it harder by picking a specific curriculum.
487. School During Weekends: This happens on makeup days.
488. Strict Correction: Yep.
489. They give you stuff you did not learn about: If they do this, that's bad.
490. Lunch and Learn: What even IS this?
491. Awesome Friends: Seriously now, some people are just drunk.
492. Large Projects: 100% agree.
493. Revengeful Teachers: Students are more likely to be this.
494. Exhibitions: Aren't these part of field trips?
495. Stupid Assignments: Blah blah I hate assignments blah blah.
496. The People: Yay, something broad that is actually agreeable.
497. They force you to do lunchtime clubs: No they don't.
498. Lazy Teachers: If anything, these are usually substitutes.
499. Geography: No way, this is easy.
500. Intruder Drills: There really is no easy way to protect students from these things.
501. School is Like a Prison: Except in reality, prison has a lot of benefits.
502. Revision: Too broad an item.
503. Seminary: Basically conferences.
504. Rude Kids: Yes.
505. You are not allowed to bring in your dog or other pets: I don't like dogs and I bet some don't either.
506. You have to eat your healthy snack first and you are not allowed to bring in candy or other junk food: These things are way too specific. No one is forcing this.
507. Track and Field: Should be an elective.
508. Useless Classes: Likewise, a useless item.
509. Gay People: Whoever put this here was homophobic.
510. Teachers that think we will all grow up to become teachers: Hah, but not really though.
511. No mechanical pencils, when the wooden pencil breaks every ten minutes: They let us use mechanical pencils.
512. Your best friend betraying you: We've been over the friend thing already.
513. Sexist people: With all the sexist items, yep.
514. People That Ask Annoying Questions: So true!
515. Forced to Do the Pledge of Allegiance: This was under debate, but is fine enough. Why disobey your nation?
516. Zero Tolerance Policies: Some of these are hypocritical, this one is about alcohol or drug use though.
517. Kindergarteners: You have a problem with the younger kids? Ignore them.
518. New Kids: Because you don't know what they're like.
519. Forcing You to Do Community Service: THIS IS ONLY IF YOU DO SOMETHING BAD.
520. The Other Kids are Annoying: And you aren't?
521. Disapproving a test without reason: No.
522. Teachers have their own laptops: You can use one in college.
523. Teachers and parents like school: Some don't, especially not some teachers, who have to deal with some of you kids.
524. Gets harder each year: Yup.
525. The lockers are too close which makes the student barely have any space: One of the reasons I stopped using them.
526. Can't wear a hood, hat, even caps: How many times has something like this been on here?
527. Crowds: Another duplicate.
528. Complex Math: Certainly a problem, you don't have to take it though.
529. Lack of Diversity: I think it's the opposite.
530. Assigned seats: What was the point of this?
531. Crappy Essays: More like bad essay topics. Bad essays are usually the student's fault.
532. School Computers are Slow: True.
533. Homophobia: "Cool" kids think all gays are bad it seems.
534. Nothing to Do at Recess: Are you that bored?
535. School Pictures: Yeah, I don't like picture day much either.
536. Health Class: An easy class, don't see what's wrong with it.

So overall, a whole lot of this list can be condensed. Way too many duplicate items, and just a lot of angst overall coming from students. Get over it. Only a few items are legit enough. Too many things about teachers, rules, annoying classmates, backstabbing, etc. This list should've ended by about the 20th item.


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