Full-fledged List Analysis: Top Ten Stupidest Excuses for Not Doing Your Homework

NuMetalManiak Hey JaysTop10List, hope you don't mind, but your list has been randomly chosen to be roasted in a Full-fledged List Analysis! No actual rewards to reap here, just this post series for full-fledged comedic value! What are the stupidest excuses for something many students hate?

1. My dog ate my homework: The oldest excuse in the book. There's not much else to say, on "X" ate my homework, there actually is a slim chance it COULD happen, but it's not accountable.
2. My mom put it in a shredder because she thought my homework was too dumb to teach me anything: Your mom must be really stupid then. I would say it's a country mom, but then again, a country mom probably doesn't own a shredder.
3. Snoop Dogg smoked it: What are the odds Snoop would come to your house? There's no possible way a guy like him would help in homework anyways (not meant to be offensive, but I'm pretty sure Snoop's got other things on his mind besides homework).
4. I ran out of toilet paper so I used it to wipe my ass: Now THIS is a funny excuse. And then you realize it's possible to get paper cuts in a horrible spot.
5. I got distracted by Jimmy Kimmel Live: Getting distracted by things is the most frequent excuse for homework.
6. I flushed my spelling homework down the toilet: But does it HAVE to be spelling homework? Also flushing homework down the toilet is more of a deliberate act rather than something to make an excuse out of.
7. I rather twerk than do my homework: Now THIS is a downright stupid excuse. Unless the homework of course requires twerking, and if it does, maybe you need a better school or class.
8. I ate it: That's quite nasty, especially all the printer ink and possible lead marks on it.
9. Aliens took it: Only when they actually exist for that goal would it make sense.
10. Miley Cyrus said homework is for people who don't have taste in my music: hahaha.
11. My dad accidentally set it on fire: Through cooking? Through what? At least fire can be accidental, but if any fire-related homework excuse is anything, it's less of an accident.
12. I was drunk in love: OH MY GOSH.
13. My dog shoved it up another dog's anus: Is this logically even possible?
14. My big brother ate it: Is your big brother Sloth Fratelli?
15. The Fat Bottomed Girls rode their bicycles over it: I like this list. So many nonsensical items. That wasn't sarcasm by the way.
16. My religion forbade me to do it: Could be a legitimate excuse in your dream religion.
17. I drooled on my homework: Stupid and disgusting sure do go together a lot of times on this list. Genuinely surprised that saliva doesn't outright dissolve your homework paper as fast as you could think.
18. Deadmau5 said people don't do homework: Given Jay's reaction to this item, someone must've trolled him.
19. Terrorists came and attacked: There are odds that this can be a legitimate excuse.
20. Jesus told me not to hand it in: Probably only pertains to a religious school that is non-Christian.
21. The mafia scribbled bad words on it: Assuredly, the mafia would do more than simply that.
22. I got my homework wet in the pool: Yeah, but why would you bring your homework to a pool?
23. I shoved it up my horse's butt: How many kids even have horses?
24. I did it but I forgot it at home: Well this is actually a legitimate excuse.
25. I didn't want to: Admittingly, this is us, at some point in our lives. We don't like homework, face it teachers.
26. Nicki Minaj sat on my homework and I couldn't get it back: Just WOW.
27. It's up your bum: Up the teacher's? Okay then.
28. I traveled through time and it got wet in the Titanic: Now this is an amazing excuse.
29. My dad ate it and got smarter: Is your dad smarter than a Jeff Foxworthy-hosted game show then?
30. I was kissing Jinx from Teen Titans and lipstick got all over it: I actually don't remember the character Jinx.
31. I did the homework with invisible ink: At least with this one you can say you actually did your homework.
32. i was too busy watching Kpop music videos: Kpop is bad.
33. My house was abducted by aliens and they took it as a human writing sample: I flat out love this particular excuse. Wasn't there a South Park episode on this?
34. I didn't get any sleep last night: This is more of a work excuse, really.
35. I left my homework on the ground, I was too high: Quality joke material right here. Hey, homework is on ground zero, and I'm way high up on some skyscraper. "Do ya think you can skydive and grab it as you bungee your way back?"
36. My dog died: And you had to attend its own private funeral.
37. I died: Literally no one will say this.
38. My dad had a mental break down last night and cut my assignment into paper dolls: Very impressive. For that mental breakdown, your father shall receive an A+.
39. I fought the Joker and then he fell on it!: Not valid, unless he gets it wet.
40. The Ghostbusters crossed the streams on it: Kids have the strangest imaginations.
41. I went to Germany: And took German classes as opposed to elementary classes.
42. I put it in a safe and lost the combination: You can't lose a combination, instead you lose a combination NUMBER. Get it right, geez.
43. It's in the trash: On a Friday, yeah.
44. My best friend fell in the lake and I had to jump in and help him, my homework decided to follow me.: If your homework follows you, and gets out and dries off, it still counts.
45. I thought it was food: Another one of these, okay.
46. I was attacked by a group of street kids and they took everything: I can imagine that a kid bargains for their life from the street thugs by bribing them with this.
47. My grandma died: Can we not with the "died" options please.
48. I threw it in a black hole: A black hole would swallow EVERYTHING, so that means everything and everyone, not just the homework.
49. The real ghostbusters crossed the streams on it: Who are the real Ghostbusters anyways? We've got the oldies but goldies, and the ultra-feminist version that is an SJW's wet dream.
50. Goofy tripped on it: Define Goofy. If I recall, there's another character by that name besides the Disney one.
51. An arsonist set it on fire: Arsonists Get all the Girls. Heh, that's a band name. Though to be fair, this is one that can be legitimate, although tragically.
52. Windows Vista crashed my computer: Obviously for those pesky online assignments, where you can't connect to an internet or do anything printer-related.

There's not much else to say about this list, except that most of it is just pure comedy. Come on. Do you really think I will be serious in my comments about this list?


Good post, I would've made a series like this but I left it at home. - Skullkid755

I love this post so damn much

About 41 though, what If you already are in Germany... - TwilightKitsune

I've heard the "dog ate my homework" excuse, but I be you never heard of "my dog ate my phone". I'm literally typing this comment with teeth marks on my screen - visitor

I was kissing Jinx from Teen Titans and lipstick got all over it
Uhhh... alright? - BorisRule