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1 Budweiser

When I turned 21 I explored all sorts of beers & I do dig a variety of brands & styles. But, I always come back around to Budweiser... It is hands down my favorite. It's just very tasty to me... Even has lil sweet kick to it. And, sorry beer snobs, bud's all natural beechwood age brewing process & recipe has not changed since it was introduced in 1876. No chemicals! Look it up. And, I actually prefer it in a can!

I like to smell it before I drink cause it makes me feel like I am in heaven. Parties are incomplete without Budweiser, it feels complete and refreshing when it touches the belly. It takes me to the empire state of mind...
I would prefer Budweiser at any of the life event.
Budweiser really deserves to be said as the 'KING OF BEERS'...

Budweiser is the best ever. I love it, just fresh and refreshing, the greatest combination of all ingredients I ever tasted. They make it with a very secret and magic recipe. Once tasted it you never forget, unless you haven't a good tooth for Gods nectar. Bud or Budweiser, "10/10".

Budweiser's magnum is the best beer I have ever tasted! Even though it's little expensive, and we had a plan to drink whiskey in the next few hours, we drank two cans in 5 minutes, without taking a break! My friends don't drink any other beer, since the day we tasted Magnum!

2 Heineken

I drank Budweiser everyday. I drank every beer on the list. They're all good in their own unique way, and whatever fits your taste. None of them have anything on Heineken, other than a cheaper price. You can drink Heineken all day. Literally, you can drink massive amounts and you just get that perfect beer high everybody wants. They put so much time and effort into producing it, they're the real deal. Now I know the rest of you beer drinkers probably won't listen to all that. Listen to this though. You can continue to drink your beer whatever it may be. You can continue to fund your beer company while they pocket millions. You can continue to stay stubborn and stick to what you know. I can tell you. I literally tried on a regular basis every beer on this list, they're all good beers, and any beer will taste good, it's beer. It's like saying there's no good vodka. All vodka is good. It's vodka. And it's not about the price. Yeah, Heineken is expensive. That sucks, is it worth it? ...more

I'll never understand why Budweiser has been put above this. The quality, refreshing taste from the trapped co2 beneath the foam and 'A' yeast used since the factory opened in Amsterdam back in the 1800 are all factors which contribute to the sheer quality of this beer. They will never be hyped with money fueled advertising for what is a cheap beer. Heineken will and always have stuck to their roots. I recommend ice cold bottle. You'll never go back. A slightly more pricey beer but what's an extra 50p, like Peroni, it's expensive but you pay for what you get, and that's sheer quality, passion and tradition into what is the most refreshing and tastiest beer in the world

It's Great Beer, tastes better than most out there including bud, Corona, dos equis, a little on the expensive side but it's a good feeling knowing that you are not drinking the same stuff as everybody else you definitely stand out in a bar with heinekens.

Heineken is one of the best Beer's in Canada. And Canada is a major beer drinking land. We are 5th on the list of "Top Beer Production Countries" and Heineken is number 2 in Canada. Number 1 is Alexander Keith.

3 Corona Extra

It's the best beer on the world! No one can say that it's not because it's Italian! Italy is the best place on earth where are made the most good things. I remember all the asses who think bad thinks about Italy that this country has done more than all the other putted together, you just have to go to see all the inventions that Italian people have done!

There is a reason one puts a lime into this brew--it tastes ' awful without the lime. When you have to put a lime in the beer to drink it---that tells everything about the beer. They should take some of the money they use on marketing and try to improve the quality of the beer.

Best Beer Ever! Only beer I drink.. Nothing like a nice chilling corona on a very hot summer day.. Or even just to be chilling in your couch with a corona by your side.. Ohh and don't forget the wedge of lemon..

Corona is by far the best beer in the world. Went to Costa Rica, tried out some good cerveza but nothing came close to corona extra. Same in Mexico and the USA. So that's the reason that I am going for corona extra all the way.

4 Carlsberg

This is by far the most excellent beer made. It's taste is so smooth, you have to be careful not to drink it too fast, or you'll catch yourself half drunk by surprise. I don't understand people who like the American domestic beers that are fast-brewed and bitey. Especially, lite beers really suck.

Should be in top five. When I was in Prague, I drank Carlsberg the whole time there. Was great tasting and was nice to sit and shoot the s*#! with the locals. Love it!

Brilliant beer always. Beats Bud, Corona, Heineken, all of them! Perfect for Summer parties!

This is definitely one of the best beers, it gets my vote. This beer anyone can drink, and its good quality. GO!

5 Sam Adams

Never drank one of any flavor. American made... so, I voted for it. Has to be stronger tasting than Coors, which I like. Looks about as strong as
Michelob which I like and Miller High Life Dark, which I also like.

Drank a dozen Busch lights on the weekends finally gave up the crap piss. Tried Sam Adams. Cherry wheat and maple pecan.. 1 per evening.. Never going back again. Excellent beer.. I guess I finally grew up.

With a meal, Boston Lager is the best beer in the world. If you are drinking and not eating, Guinness might be as good. But, for all around greatness Sam Adams Boston Lager cannot be beat.

After a 4 year dry spell, I tried a dark beer and was hooked on the spot. I really love Sam Adams Boston lauger and various Ale's. There are a lot of good bier's out there and I look forward to meeting a few of them!

6 Efes Pilsen

If you like good Pilsner then this is the beer for you! Have it cold, and have it often. Turkish beer quality is always good, from your first beer to the last beer. I also find that this beer does not give me indigestion which I get from other Pilsner like beers. Enjoy and share.

I first drank this fantastic beer in Turkey back in 1982. I loved the fact that it's alcohol content was not controlled. You have one beer that was like water and another that after that would knock you on your posterior. It was great.

It is sad to see the best beer brand at 2nd place. It obviously deserves the first place. There is only one probability not to like Efes Pilsen, and it's simple, "You never tasted it before", wink.

Beer is under this cap... Crown cap... Try once and you will miss it. Turkey brand and you can find it all Europe if you really look for. Or it would be better to try it in Somewhere in Turkey.

7 Guinness

If you can't drink a Guinness draught, then your just a little boy drinking 4/5 water-beer. Guinness draught gives you the perfect head every time these guys from Dublin are the real deal. If you can only drink a light beer, at least leave bud light out of the question.. Its nothing but a huge marketing gimmick. Every blind taste test I have seen between light beers, miller light wins for the overall favorite every time. Budweiser is good.. But bud light is nothing but water. You can almost watch T.V. looking at it through a glass of it. Try doing that with a guinness

I'm not much of a drinker, mainly due to the fact that most alcoholic drinks repulse me, so to say that I've developed a taste for Guinness says something. It says that there's something special about this stuff. It's smooth, it's frothy, it's rich, and it's a taste that reminds me of the greatest vacation I ever took (that's Ireland, kids). I was actually fortunate enough to have my first ever drink of Guinness in the Temple Bar district of Dublin (fewer than a mile away from the brewery). It's good stuff, guys. When you're old enough to try it, try it.

My goodness my Guinness! Your not a man until you drink it! Surely the best drink money can buy! Guinness is the best! Cheers and Guinness from Dublin! Guinnes at its best. If you can't drink a Guinness draught, then your just a little boy drinking 4/5 water-beer. Guinness draught gives you the perfect head every time :-) these guys from Dublin are the real deal. If you can only drink a light beer, at least leave bud light out of the question.. Its nothing but a huge marketing gimmick. Every blind taste test I have seen between light beers, miller light wins for the overall favorite every time. Budweiser is good.. But bud light is nothing but water. You can almost watch T.V. looking at it through a glass of it. Try doing that with a guinness

Awesome, the best beer in the world. After a couple of trips to Ireland this has been cemented in my mind as the worlds perfect beer. I do believe it runs through my veins. 3 pulls and it is gone down the gullet. Repeat this and enjoy the taste.

8 Stella Artois

Really? Some of the 13 that are higher than this aren't worth a top 10.
It is known that Belgium is the country of beer.
Do the test: First drink Heineken, then Corona, then Budweiser and then drink Stella Artois. You will wonder yourself why you wasted money on the previous 3 "beers".

Definitely in the top 5 of the world. Taste is very subjective, but Stella is liked by a very large number of people, unlike some specialty beers liked by a few.

Bud 1st and Stella Artois 18th... The one we drink in Belgium is different than the pint of Stella you will drink in the UK. Belgian one is definitely the best "pils/lager" you can find (with Jupiler).

What do non-Belgian people know about brewing beer? Please. Budweiser? Heineken? No Belgian beer in the top 10?

9 Coors Light

Coors Light is a light beer produced by the Coors Brewing Company. It was first produced in 1978.
The beer has a "Cold Certified" label which turns the mountains on the label from white to blue when the beer's temperature is lowered to 4 degrees Celsius

Coors Light is a drink that reaches into your brain and trigger any orgasmic hormones you have to unleash. Coors Light and Connor Harris is just like Romeo and Juliet, they just love each other.

This beer has no taste what so ever. If you like plain, watery beer then look no further. Its funny how Coors alway advertise ttheir new "hi-tech" can design scenes their the beer itself is less then okay.

This is good beer indeed this is. It's light, refreashing, but not the best I ever had. It does the trick though. I drank so much of this in my highschool days for sure.

10 Yuengling

THIS should be at the top.

Bud is hype. A perfect example of throwing millions into advertising to buy popularity with an inferior product.

Heineken in North America is crap but I give the original a solid top 5.

Any Corona = more hype and I challenge anyone "loving" this beer to leave it out, overnight and take a sniff. Smells like it was brewed in a sewage treatment plant. That's why you need a lime to drink it.

Guinness? Try 'Black Wych' from Wychwood. Unlike Guinness, it's a great dark stout without the bitter tones. Far superior!

Coors of any style: even more hype. There was a mystique in the east (US) when you could not get this beer. Rocky Mountain water my ass. They wanted a brewery in Asheville, N.C. but the city wouldn't cut them a break on their water usage.

Sam Adams. Very good, simple, clean lager. Just not quite as good as Yuengling, In my opinion.

Don't be sheeple!

Yuengling... From a woman who drank pale beers for almost 30 years... Absolutely the best. I started with Lager, then moved to Black and Tan, now I purchase Porter whenever I can find it. Wonderful flavor. Smooth. Simply the best beer I have ever had the pleasure to drink. Once you switch to Yuengling, the others taste like horse pee!

Yuengling proves why its America's oldest brewery, craftsmanship unparalleled in the United States. They have the experience backing the wonderful selections they offer, but Yuengling Ale is my personal favorite.

America's Oldest Brewery operating since 1829! A Pottsville favorite, and now Tampa. Lord Chesterfield Ale (a bottom lager) is my favorite, but Black and Tan and Porter are worthy competitors. A great buy if you can find it in the Eastern half of the country,

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11 San Miguel Pale Pilsen

San Miguel Pale Pilsen is so good that you can drink a lot of it. Cases after cases. Taste and texture is the same bottle after bottle. Taste will not be yucky on the 2nd, 3rd,...bottles like with other beers. It is a very consistent beer. You will get buzzed immediately right on the first bottle. So eat a lot of food before drinking and eat during drinking because you will be drinking San Miguel for a lifetime

Tasty, refreshing, satisfying and stimulating beer. It will cool your body and San Miguel beers will always give you a very good buzz in the tropical heat and humidity in the Philippines, Southeast Asia and anywhere around the world. Very good for enjoying life. Very good for hanging out with family, relatives, friends, etc. Very good for a nap and sleeping too hehe. It is also very good with food.

I can think of a lot of beers that should be on this list. But when I see Budweiser at the top, I realise that the people voting on this topic know absolutely nothing about a good beer. Budweiser is about as crappy a beer as it comes.

San Miguel is great for the flavour and the price.

Big fan of this iconic beer - super refreshing when drinking with friends with some pica pica! Less well known as a Filipino brand in Europe where the brand (owned by the Mahou San Miguel Group) is very much Spanish. Personally I prefer the Filipino version!

12 Heady Topper

So far I have 3500 lables under my belt. Heady topper kicks them right in the can! The cans are coated inside. You won't find it on line or in a store. You must go to vt to get it. Am on long island and some bars go to get it. Best ipa and
Once you try it you. Will understand!

Very good beer love it

13 Kingfisher Premium Lager

The great Indian beer... A perfect blend of taste and power. Just try once and you will fall in love with it. Beer of Indians. Don't dare.

He great Indian beer... A perfect blend of taste and power. Just try once and you will fall in love with it. Beer of Indians. Don't dare.

KF beer is real premimum for all categories to compare with... Having perfect 5.5%V/v. Taste / Colour/ blend is perfect compared to any Euoropian beers which are very mild or strong mind hitting ones especially Asian ones which you cannot gulp more than 3. KF can be enjoyed all the night unlimited at least 8 for sure. Cheers thanks VB. Shail

Kingfisher is one of the best beer I ever drink... The great Indian beer... A perfect blend of taste and power. Just try once and you will fall in love with it. Beer of Indians. Don't dare

14 Kronenbourg 1664

Wow... The best refreshing beer after BECKs. This French beer has its own style of brewing from the year 1664...

Really fresh beer with this typical bitterness and flavor typical of Alsatian beers
The main brand is Kronenbourg 1664 (date of foundation), a 5.0% abv pale lager.

Best beer I have ever had the pleasure of drinking.

Love the taste and love the serving glass.

15 Becks

Smooth as hell. Great choice when feeling fancy and want to get away from the Keystone.

In my opinion the best beer on the market and even the world. Very nice taste

Try Beck's Gold. Takes you to heaven.

A great German beer

16 Miller Lite

Ever notice, for the most part, the only people that you see drinking Coors, Bud products or any kind of beer that you have to put a piece of fruit in are either women, or men who want to be seen as beer drinkers? Very few of these people are seen with a Miller in their hand.

In my opinion, Miller Lite has a great taste unlike the so-called #1 that has a watered down flavor and has very little color compared to Miller Lite.

Miller Lite, best of the Domestic light beers. Best tasting. I work at Circle K and it sells way faster than all the other light domestic beers.

This is my second favorite beer! It goes down so pleasantly, but there is no question corona extra is my first choice above all beers!

17 Old Hooky

When I drink old hooky beer... then I fell I m king of India... and all peopal are chutiya

18 Foster's

This beer is not liked where it comes from in Australia - yet the world seem to love it! To piss weak for Aussies, but anything would be better than that crap they serve in America - it is like a glass of mineral water with a twist of light beer!

Come to Australia and drink the real stuff. Made in Melbourne using the best water in the world. All mountain filtered water. Boy do I need one now.

You're crazy. Australian stopped drinking this when they changed it for the foreign market, and if you're in the US, your 'imports' are brewed in Canada.

Had 2 guys ask me to get Fosters beer when I owned a bar in the USA. Liked the extra large cans it came in.

19 Dogfish Head

Dogfish knows how to brew a real beer, not just an American light lager like almost every beer on the list. People should know that beer is more than what they're told to drink from advertising!

Brewer from Delaware, I especially like his 22% beer. 1 is more alcohol than 4 Coors lights.

Wow what a snazzy beer just every time I drink it my feet practically explode!

20 Theakston

What can I say Theakstons make ales that are rich dark and hoppy. That is beers. The insipid lagers that dominate this list are so different it would be fairer to have two lists. Lagers & ales

21 Mikkeller

Mikkeller beer is really tasty,we like to drink it and sharing with friends.

22 Henry Weinhard's Private Reserve
23 Bell's Hopslam Ale

Huge IPA, a real celebration of hops in a bottle! I also love their "Oracle".
Bell's has been brewing world class beers for a long long time, and this one is a real treasure.

24 Modelo Especial

One of the finest lager beer not only in Mexico, but in the world, along with Corona Beer is now know around the globe.

Excellent beer, but I wish they would get rid of the stupid foil on each bottle. Very smooth drink with good flavor.

American beers suck, drink modelo. Viva Mexico

Best ever, favorite beer!

25 Miller High Life

I've drank Miller High Life for 35 Years. And yes many people look down on this beer but it is one of the best tasting beers out there. Maybe not the coolest beer out there but drank by real beer drinkers.

The Best Then and Now! The beer of chose in 1977 till today! All the hype and advertising in the world can not change this! Oh by the way, who wants a beer you have to put a lime in to be able to drink that swill!?

It's a really good beer that doesn't hurt the wallet. I'm not sure why some people look down on it. It's not called the "Champagne of Beers" for nothing.

Surprisingly one of the better American mass produced beers, it is often over looked by image conscious fools who only drink what is "cool" I.e. Bud Lite.

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