Top 10 Best Candy Bars

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1 Twix

The gods were angry at mankind. They saw the corruption, the evil, and the tyranny in our world. There was no good in our race, so they planned to eradicate us from the planet. The future was bleak, and as the black clouds of a raging tempest gathered overhead, one man knew he must prove our worth.

This man worked tirelessly to show the good in humanity. He urged his people to assist in the production of something to symbolize good, but no one cared. They laughed and ignored his cries while eating their bland chocolate bars.

However, this one man saw the only items worth living for: caramel, chocolate, and cookies. He quickly produced a symbol of purity and love, named it "Twix," and offered it to the gods.

As they tasted his creation, they smiled and decided mankind was not all bad. They allowed us to live so that Twix might continue. So, do not forget the work our ancestor did to ensure our survival. Eat a Twix, and you will be reminded of the inherent good in this world. Life is good. Twix. It's all in the mix.

2 Kit-Kat

I love Kit Kat. It's the best. I love the cookie inside. Just enough chocolate to hit the spot. I highly recommend it to everyone.

It's not too sweet, and it's not bad in calories either. I really love the commercials for Kit Kat. They make me run out and get it. It catches my eye all the time.

I really do refuse to buy any other brand. Bite-size is awesome too. I think Kit Kat should be number one, not three. I love you, Kit Kat.

Kit Kats are absolutely amazing. If we're being honest, I've never tasted a better chocolate bar. It's just layers and layers of chocolate, and inside it's biscuit, then caramel, then biscuit - well, you get the idea.

3 Snickers

Snickers Satisfies!

I love Snickers because it combines all my favorite ingredients. That makes it very special. Snickers also reminds me of special moments, such as when my fiancé and I were on a bus going back home and eating Snickers together. Good moments.

I love Snickers because it combines all my favorite ingredients, making it very special. Snickers also reminds me of special moments. For example, my fiancé and I were on a bus going back home and eating Snickers together. Good moments.


4 Milky Way

Who knows what they actually are, but Milky Way has multiple - yes, multiple - other flavors and textures without sacrificing the core chocolate flavor and predominance. Everything else above this in the current Top Ten doesn't qualify. Kit Kat and Twix are dominated by the core biscuit, while Snickers is dominated by salt and peanuts. Sorry, Milky Way is #1.

It's clearly way better than Kit-Kat and Butterfinger. Get it to the top! Milky Way should be much higher on this list. Caramel, nougat, and chocolate is the best combination ever. Peanut butter candy bars are good, but mixing peanut butter into a Milky Way sounds gross. Bottom line: Milky Way is the best!

5 Butterfinger

With most candy bars, I have to be in the mood for them. But with Butterfingers, I never find myself in that dilemma! They are by far the best candy ever, and I am constantly in the mood to greedily devour them.

This should certainly be number one on the list!

This is the best-tasting candy bar ever. It always satisfies my craving for a sweet rush. It brings back a lot of old memories from when I was a little kid growing up.

My father used to bring them home for me after he got off work as a reward for doing all my chores.

6 Hershey Bar

If Hershey were the only kind of chocolate on Earth, I'd be perfectly happy. Although, Crunch and Reese's are really good, too. Hershey Milk Chocolate is so delectable, I'll punch you if I shove it into your mouth and you say, "Um, no thanks, personally Twix is all the fad, and I'm trying to get to class before I get a late slip here, so bye whoever-you-are." Seriously, some people are SO MADDENING!

I love Hershey's because of its amazing flavor. When it's fresh and cold, you can feel the little pieces of milk chocolate on your tongue, giving you that rich, refreshing taste of hardened chocolate. This should be #1. It is also the largest chocolate manufacturer in the United States, so that's another reason why it should be #1.

7 Reese's

My favorite since I was a child. I'm also a peanut butter aholic. I love the seasonal ones the best, especially the Christmas trees. I think the trees have the best peanut butter-to-chocolate ratio. You can't go wrong with milk chocolate, peanut butter, and powdered sugar. I don't have one in front of me right now, but I can smell it in my brain.

Maybe people don't think this is a candy bar. That is the only reasonable explanation for why Reese's are so low. I love this sweet treat so much that my oldest son is named after it.

My biggest problem when I go to pick out candy is deciding whether it's going to be cups or pieces, but it's always Reese's.

8 3 Musketeers

I love 3 Musketeers, and the comment about the teacher taking them from you is horrible. I hope you told your mom every time this happened - I would if that were me.

I'm eating one right now. I went to the store for gum but came home with a 3 Musketeers instead. Laugh out loud.

We are Musketeers, Yum Ba Dum Dum Yum Yum Yum! I love 3 Musketeers! They are light and delicious, so eating more than one isn't a problem! They should totally be number one!

Well, if you don't like caramel, for example, in Milky Ways and Snickers, and also don't like crunchy stuff, which eliminates Kit Kats and Crunch bars, then try this if you're looking for something that isn't as plain as a Hershey bar.

9 Crunch

What?! How are Crunch bars in 7th place? Crunch bars are the best! I just love the crunchiness and the chocolatey goodness! This should be number 1! If not, then this is going to be number 1 to me!

The best chocolate ever. Pure deliciousness. Awesome sauce. What more can I say about this? So much that I'll explode.

Crisp rice with chocolate goodness. A crunchy chocolate bar. How the heck is this not being voted for?

10 Mars Bar

At the end of the day, after school, my mother would usually drive my best friend and me to the swimming pool (we were competitive swimmers). On our way, we would always get a little hungry, yet we always seemed to forget to bring a light snack with us.

Then, my mother decided to buy us a huge stock of KitKat, from which we would retrieve two every day (one for me and one for my friend) that we would eat on the way. It wasn't much, but it made us a whole lot happier. It quickly became our favorite candy bar, and there was nothing else we would rather have. Even if my mother suggested a change, it was the only snack we were having. It's been nearly 5 years, and we still joke about it.

The Contenders
11 Hershey's Cookies and Cream Bar

THIS IS SO GOOD! If I could have a million at one time, I would eat them nonstop. They are amazing, and no candy beats it no matter what people say! This voting is crap unless you vote for Hershey's Cookies and Cream!

I love this bar because when I want Hershey's and want some cookies, I eat this! My uncle showed me this candy bar, and I fell in love with it as soon as I put my teeth in it!

I used to LOVE them when I was a kid. I would get one every time I went to the store and was very sad when they weren't at the counter anymore. I switched to the milk Hershey's, but they are still my favorite. Mm, creamy.

12 100 Grand

I first ate these in my kindergarten class. We were taking an accelerated reader (AR) test. After we finished the AR test, if we did well, we would get a 100 Grand bar. They put a little percent sign after the 100. It was like they were telling us we were 100% grand. It's one of my fondest memories that have to do with chocolate.

100 Grand bars should be number one! I mean, come on! Who doesn't like them? They taste so good when you bite into one, and frankly, the bar is actually worth 100 grand!

The caramel center mixed with the chocolate creates a taste that you can't possibly find in any other candy bar.

13 Toblerone

My grandpa always used to buy me this. I felt dead inside when he passed away. Now I swear that I will always love this, and it will always be my favorite chocolate ever.

It might be one of the most expensive, but at the same time, it's one of the finest and therefore the greatest chocolate you could ever taste!

Toblerone makes all these other candy bars look like trash. Push the Toblerone to the top of the candy summit where it belongs!

14 Baby Ruth

The Baby Ruth bar should be the first on your list because it is the best candy bar ever invented. I can't even believe that you would rank the Baby Ruth bar 17th on your list. You should be ashamed of yourself. This website shouldn't even exist if you don't know what good candy bars are. Go home and do your homework. Research about candy bars!

Hands down, the greatest candy bar ever created! Nothing can match its flavor when it hits your mouth. Snickers may give it a run for the money, but no way can it touch this candy in any way, shape, or form!

15 Take 5

How have I not discovered this candy bar sooner? Mere words are not enough to describe how delicious this candy is. And I'm not even a big candy bar fan.

I had heard of the candy before but assumed it was one of those nasty candy bars no one wants in their Halloween bag. I should be mad at the person who introduced me to how awesome and underrated these are because this realization will certainly add 2-5 lbs.

It is definitely underrated. I wish they sold it in every store in the whole world. Unlike Snickers or Reese's and others, they're not as popular, so they mainly have them at pharmacies and some grocery stores. Whoever says they don't like them has horrible taste. Vote for Take 5!

16 Heath

I'm pretty sure this candy bar was sent from the gods. It's so delicious and yummy! It melts right in your mouth and has the awesome crunchy toffee. I think I'm going to eat a Heath bar now.

Best candy bar ever, and it is even better in ice cream. If I am going to get diabetes, it will be because of this candy bar. To add to its greatness, it also has a long shelf life.

Amazing bar. The English toffee and creamy milk chocolate just blend together and create a heaven-like feeling in your mouth. By far, the BEST tasting candy bar ever.

17 Aero

Aero is number one. It should be the best, even though I enjoy most sweets more. But it tastes minty and is better than any chocolate bar I've ever tried or even had.

All the other chocolate bars are old favorites.

Tell me about it. It rocks, baby! So bubbly and refreshing, and no one can tell because you smell so minty afterwards.

And how do they get it so gorgeously green, man? It should be on top, not stupid Twix. They should replace the x with a t, and it would make more sense.

This is a great chocolate bar. The only reason it won't be number one is because I don't think it's available in the USA.

18 Whatchamacallit

The best bar out there for fans of the crispy-chewy texture combo. Plus, I loved the cheesy '80s commercials they ran for it.

No idea why this is at 31. It's the perfect blend of peanut flavor, caramel, and crisps. No other candy bar can compete.

Pure awesomeness. A thingamajig is a perfect combination of chocolate and nuts. Want a chocolate bar? Get a Whatchamacallit.

19 Cadburys Dairy Milk

Should be rated higher than American chocolate. Let's bring back Cadbury Fuze Bar. Hello, how about bringing back even older bars? I found out there used to be a Milk Tray Bar! The Creme Eggs taste the same, but they do look different inside. Also, what happened to the little bird on the wrapping? Oh, maybe also Cadbury Dream Bar, Cadbury Snaps, Cadbury Marble, the original Dairy Milk with Creme Egg bar.

I grew up with Cadbury's chocolate all my life. Therefore, I think this should be higher on the list. My mom tried Hershey's when she went on holiday (vacation) to America, and she said it had an aftertaste of vomit. That didn't put me off. If anything, it made me curious. But no matter how nice or nasty Hershey's is, I will always prefer Cadbury's and Nestle.

20 Lindt

My parents lived in Switzerland, so I grew up on Lindt bars and am a total chocolate snob. When I try to branch out and buy some fancy $6 bar of fair trade, pretentious, hippy chocolate, I always regret it. Because it is always a letdown in the texture and flavor department.

My favorite Lindt has to be dark chocolate orange, but I also go for sea salt and chili all the time. I've convinced myself that it is good for me.

21 Caramilk

Mmm, caramel goodness is so delightful. It makes my taste buds scream for more.

I love Caramilk! Let's get it higher!

22 Lion Bar
23 PayDay

I love Snickers and Reese's equally. They're my favorites. But I really think Payday should be ranked higher. I love them. They are a good break from chocolate bars - nice and salty.

What! This should be number 3, at least. So good. Maybe I'm just crazy... I love how it doesn't have chocolate. Such a good flavor. Try one!

Salty, sweet, nutritious. Eat it slow, eat it fast, either way, it hits the spot.

24 Skor

I tried this candy bar for the first time in my life one night while in a serious search for a Heath bar. DELICIOUS! Buttery toffee. I felt rich after eating this. A sweet indulgence!

I love this candy bar. It's so much better than Heath in terms of toffee. I have a hard time finding it and would love to know why.

What on earth! Skor is the best candy bar ever and should be at number one!

25 Galaxy Caramel
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