Ht's Analysis Predictions on the 2019 NFL Playoffs (Collaboration with Randomator)

htoutlaws2012 Last year the two of us predicted the two seeds would square off boy we were one seed off from that one weren't we. Well let's see if we can do better this time around because this patch of teams all of them (well at least to me) all have earned their spot in the playoffs.


Wild Card

Indianapolis Colts Vs Houston Texans: Here we go again the fight night rematch, and honestly this should favor the Colts in terms of the spread itself seeing they beat Houston in their home which should make things very interesting. Colts have an amazing O-Line 2nd this season where Houston's is dead last quite amazing to look at that immediately and think well that's just how I feel when I see mind blowing stats like this. While their defense isn't quite there yet, they could give Watson some good amount of pressure that could be for the road victory Give me the Colts 35-28

Seattle Seahawks Vs Dallas Cowboys: A battle of two teams everybody fought would not be in the posts season this season end up in to nobody's anticipation. Dallas has Zeke Eliott, Amari Cooper for Dak to go to, and maybe that Jarwin guy after the final game regulation. They have a great defense that has stopped some very great opposing offenses that could be good for years even. This one is kinda hard to go which of the fence i'm at I don't expect a ton of scoring, but I do see defensive efforts being at an all time high here. In the end though... i'm gonna trust Russell Wilson more than Dak Prescott Seahawks 17-13

Los Angles Chargers Vs Baltimore Ravens: Probably the best looking game on paper of the wild card two very dangerous looking teams of the AFC that could go as far as the super bowl. At one point I had myself going Chargers, but than not too long later they fall to the Ravens whose defense gave Rivers a heck of a lot of pressure, and what was the takeaway to their mistakes penalties, and O-line got beat all game. There defense must be ready if they wanna stop the heavy running dose Baltimore pounds you in aggressively. Well I have some bad news to the for those seven kids as much as I love the guy I don't see Rivers beating this type of defense sadly Ravens 21-14

Philadelphia Eagles Vs Chicago Bears: A game that looks quite scary good, and while Bears play good at home their facing a man whose only lost in the post season one time, and that was when Chip Kelly was the head coach. Can they stop this Nick Foles who in the post season put up an incredible performance to get to the super bowl outdualing Tom Brady can he find a way to shred and stun Da Bears defense? Meanwhile on the offensive side for Chicago potentially no Allen Robinson, no Anthony Miller, no Taylor Gabriel which means Mitchell Trubskiy gotta got to his Tight Ends or most likely Tarik Cohen who hasn't been a bad option. The only weakness found in this Eagles defense is found in the secondary more specifically corner area. This should be another good one, and in the end I actually like the Eagles to knock down Bears 30-20.


Indianapolis Colts Vs Kansas City Chiefs: Oh my I remember very well when Andy Reid got outgunned by Andrew luck in 2014 that was unbelievable, and I see a ton of scoring in this game if it happens of course. Two very good quarterbacks from this season who have thrown the most touchdowns than any other quarterbacks. This should be a battle to the end, and in doing so I have Patrick Mahomes doing something very Un-chief like, and that is win and move on more closer to the championship 48-45.

Seattle Seahawks VS Los Angles Rams: This should be a every tight game, but than again Rams have always had Seahawks' number since Russell Wilson has been the starting quarterback. Last time Rams played they lost to a very experience playoff team in the Falcons will that happen again with Seattle coming to town? I say that will not happen, and they will make it 3-0 against them by putting the finishing touches on them and look to go to the championship 35-25

Baltimore Ravens Vs New England Patriots: To me the weakest team to have earned their bye is New England look at that passing offense its not nearly as effective as it should be, and if they were to face Ravens that could very well be the worst case scenario knowing John Harbaugh knows how to battle Bill Belichick all battle tested. Patriots won't be afraid to forcibly run more than pass which is there strength, and to me that's not gonna be enough to get past this defense Ravens keep it rolling 13-24

Philadelphia Eagles Vs New Orleans Saints: Our final game of the divisional round may or may not be Philly vs New Orleans, but if it was can Philly fair any better than they did in the regular season game where they got crushed hard. I have a feeling Saints are gonna look like the mid season Saints nobody wants to play, and as great as Nick Foles has been I don't think he'll be able to stop this team I have Saints making destiny, and beating last years champs 51-28


Los Angles Rams Vs New Orleans Saints: The re-match from mid-season these two highly explosive offenses collide again, and for the Rams they have to travel once again to New Orleans which is a major disadvantage. This should be one for it all however do I think they'll score as high as before probably not, but Its too hard to not say Saints again there just way too good when everybody is active, and a healthy scratch. 34-30

Baltimore Ravens Vs Kansas City Chiefs: The re-match where Chiefs could almost feel their #1 seed slipping away only for Mahomes to nail a dagger thanks to Tyreek Hill. Will it end the same though, or will Ravens defense go in and redeem themselves from almost statement win they had in their sights. This would be a defining moment for both Lamar Jackson and Mahomes two young bright stars to make it this far would be something. A good as they have been late int he season I see Ravens fall short, but this would be a great hurrah by the team moving forward. Chiefs 24-21


Kansas City Chiefs Vs New Orleans Saints: Ladies and gentleman here we are the best two teams in football, and oh look at that there both one seeds well than. A battle of two great quarterbacks will Mahomes make history and be the youngest ever to win, or will Drew Brees have his last super bowl and cast off the sunset? This should be high scoring this will be a very exciting looking game many would expect to see, and ultimately I go with the slightly better rounded team and of course that would be the Saints 60-53 yes that's right this will be one of the highest scoring games in NFL history if this was the match we see in February.


Wild Card

Houston vs Indianapolis
To be fair this could go either way. Both teams are some of the hottest in the league right now. I have a feeling this will be a high scoring game coming down to Watson vs Luck and which defense can hold off the other team. In the end I see the Texans surviving at home against the Red Hot Colts. Final Score 42-38 Texans

Seattle vs Dallas
This is a very tough one to choose because it’s Another game that’s a 50-50 toss up. Both these teams are very similar and I could see this being a high scoring game or a low scoring defensive battle. However I predict that in a high scoring affair the Seahawks will win this game thanks to their defense. Final Score 42-38 Seahawks

Baltimore vs LA Chargers
This game could go either way but I think it’s going to come down to Lamar Jackson vs Phillip Rivers. In the end I see Baltimore either making a big mistake and the Chargers take advantage or they put themselves in a situation similar to the Browns game and have to rely on defense in which Phillip Rivers leads the Bolts past the Ravens and getting revenge. Setting up another battle at Arrowhead
Final Score 28-24 LAC

Philadelphia vs Chicago
So Philly snuck into the 6 spot after all. So the question is Will David Beat Goliath? I’m gonna say no. Chicago’s Defense I feel will give Nick Foles trouble. There’s not gonna be any magic run for Nick Foles this year. Final Score 38-17 Bears


KC vs LA Chargers
Will KC finally shake their playoff demons? I’m saying yes. The Chiefs will get revenge against the Bolts in this game. This will be a very high scoring battle that goes back and forth. Mahomes and Rivers will both put plenty of points on the board but In the end I believe the Chiefs DEFENSE will get the stop they need to win the game. Final Score 48-45 KC

Chicago vs LA Rams
I can tell you this rematch will not be like the 15-6 game in Chicago. This time it will be a high scoring game. However it will come down to which defense can get the key stop. I think it will be Da Bears who survive. Final Score 45-42 Bears

Houston vs New England
Someone in the AFC needs to beat the Pats. I think the Texans will be the team to do that. These are not the Patriots of Old. This team is actually bad. They are so undeserving of a bye. In fact if it wasn’t for their weak excuse of a division they would have probably been a wild card at best. I think it will be a close game but the Texans will still overwhelm the Pats even at Foxbourogh.
Final Score 35-27 Texans

Seattle vs New Orleans
Honestly I think the Saints will have no problems with this game. The Saints high power offense will be too much for the Seahawks defense to handle. The Seahawks will put some points on the board but in the Saints hostile environment it won’t be enough. Final Score 35-24


New Orleans vs Chicago
I believe this game will be a defensive battle. So I think it will be the offenses that decide the game. In the end home field advantage will pay off and the Saints will survive Final Score 21-14 Saints

Houston vs KC
In the AFC championship I see the Playoff Demons returning for Kansas City. The Chiefs will build a good lead but won’t be able to finish at the end. The Texans come back and get a few late stops and go to the Super Bowl even after going 0-3. Final Score 38-30 Texans


Saints vs Texans
I see the Saints winning what should be a high scoring affair. Their offense will prove to be too much for the Texans defense to handle. Although they will put some points on the board it won’t be enough. It’s going to be a close game but the Saints Win. Final Score 48-40 Saints

So we differ from the AFC side of things, but we agree with the Saints winning the NFC conference and the super bowl will just have to wait to see if these do look closer than usual.


Very interesting let's see how it plays out. - 2storm

Ht’s predictions played out quite similar to mine, which I definitely agree that Baltimore is a viable threat and could have the Patriots go one and done. Randomator’s predictions are also similar, with Houston being a dark horse super bowl contender. There will be a resolution to all this in a little over a month. We’ll see who got it the closest. - PackFan2005

Yep mine is exactly like Randomator's except I have the Ravens beating the Chargers. - 2storm

And now the elite 8 remains. Should be interesting to see how the divisional round plays out. - Randomator