Mario Theory:Who's Really Killing Toads?

Mario is the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, right? "Wrong!" you say. Is Mario really the murderer, or is it the gamers? Let's find out. Here's our first clue. According to the Super Mario Bros. manual for the Nintendo Entertainment System, Toads were turned into brick blocks & the only person to undo the spell is Princess Peach. You play as Mario, right? Try this! Go through the first level of Super Mario Bros. without smashing an entire brick block. It seems pretty easy, but there's something that isn't. One time, I went through the entire World 1 in Super Mario Bros. without smashing a brick block. After defeating the first boss, I see Toad standing there saying "Thank you, Mario! But our princess is in another castle!" & giving me two middle fingers. Hey, Toad! I saved you & is this how you thank me? Now, let's check out the ending of Super Mario Bros. where Mario has saved Princess Peach. She says "Thank you, Mario! Your quest is over. We present you a new quest." Now, is there anybody in the entire game, or even in the Mario franchise saying that Mario is a serial killer? No! Let's look at Super Mario Bros. & see what happens when you smash a brick block. You get 50 points for smashing a brick block & who was that exactly? A Toad. Killing a Toad for 50 points? Why do you get 50 points for killing a Toad & why does nobody care about it? Could it be that.....well, I got nothing! WAIT! Maybe, Mario is not the murderer. We the gamers are. Think about it! You control Mario, you make him jump, you make him hit blocks, and (gasps) NO WAY! Could it be true? We play as Mario & make him do stuff. So, this must be true! Through out the years, Mario isn't the Toad killer, but we the gamers are. "No! It couldn't be true. Could it?" said you. So, there's only a few questions left that should probably be answered.

1. Is Mario the murderer, or the gamers?

2. Why do you get points for killing Toads, which are the brick blocks you destroyed?

I'll let you decide. In the meantime, like Mr. MatPat says, it's just a theory! A GAME THEORY!


The gamers break the toads and the gamers control mario - visitor

Then why do the toads, break the brick blocks? And in super mario 3d world you can play as peach, and make her smash the blocks. I think they changed it. - nintendofan126

Gamer's are the one who responsible besides it's not really Mario killing Toads without full control of players and that would be weird 0_o - CerealGuy

Mario why... you were my hero ;( - visitor