Metroid Prime: Random Video Game Review

So, if you'd know me well, you would recognize me as a Die Hard Gamer! I have many favorite Franchises I basically could talk about for the next two
... DAYS! And one of them is Metroid! And today I wanna take a look at my favorite title of the entire series, Metroid Prime!

As in every Metroid Game, you start of with all your power-ups into a tutorial level,
to lose your powers again. Get used to it, because this basically happens in EVERY GAME OF THE SERIES!

After that you get thrown into Tallon IV. As a difference to previous installements, you explore the planet in a First Person View. This is especially well used in the Wii Version on the Trilogy Compilation, which uses the Wii-Mote instead of a controller. The entirity of the game is set out of exploring the planet, finding your upgrades and exploring more in 5 different locations, Tallon overworld, Caves of Magmoor, Chozo Ruins, Phendrana Icedrifts and the Phazon Mines! Every location is unique and interesting, full with lore. By scannimg certain objects you can find out data about them. Now the exploration can become a problem, when Backtracking gets involved! Just remember the part in the end, where you had to find the twelve artifacts, with only one hint!
Yes, this exists! They really designed it that away!

As in every MAJOR *COUGH*COUGH* OTHER M *COUGH* Metroid title, you have a story,
Of pretty much no story! You're on an planet, that's it, have fun!

Graphics, for the time on a GameCube are SUPERB! Amazing water effects compared to other games of the time. You can see how great the graphics for the time were! Though the graphics are'nt as great anymore, they are still good!

About the Soundtrack, well! It's a great soundtrack! Pretty much Metroid iverall has a good soundtrack, yet Prime (and Prime 2) manage to create the best soundtrack. Not only great in the game itself, but it's also overall pretty good music!

Well, Metroid Prime, what can I say! The series Jump to 3D in an rather odd way, by going to make it a FPS Game! Still it managed to get it right and that's why it deserves a:
10/10, adjective "Perfection"
It not only fulfills it's job as 3D Transition and Metroid Game, it also became a great classic on the GameCube and a fan-favorite and is without any doubt among the greatest games humanity brought out!


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