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1 Metroid Prime

May be my favorite game ever. I only played it for the first time in 2009 when I bought Trilogy. It was the first Metroid game I played. After I have gone back and played The original and Super Metroid. They just don't make me want to play them again Maybe it was not getting health at save stations or the poor boss battles (when you fight Ridley in Super Metroid it just feels like your waiting to see who runs out of health first and dosen't feel like your skills helped win the battle. To this date I have replayed the Prime trilogy 4 times. I have also played Other M. Alright but flawed.

2 Super Metroid

Super Metroid and Prime as a whole had quite the big differences. For me however, Super is the number one for me. The ability to run and obliterate everything in sight just made me feel so powerful. As well as this, the map size of this game was just perfect. I loved the challenge of some of the bosses I faced the first time I played through this game. It brought so many new things to the table that would leave a lasting impact on the series. It's funny because you may not think of it as a great game in the process. But after the amazing final boss that you face, which by the way is easily the best in the series, and you get back on to your ship with the set timer, you sit back and realize the masterpiece you just played. This is the best game I have ever played.

3 Metroid Fusion

I never really got into the Metroid series until this game. I played Super Metroid and got bored about half way. Got into this one and completed it. Even Zero Mission was awesome to play (I know it's remake of the original and it's so much better for that). But Fusion had all the elements I loved about action games with a good story, a creepy boss, some parts that scared me (and I'm not easily scared). Everything about Fusion just feels right and I constantly go back to this game time and again. Of course, I love the Metroid series now that I've really sunk my teeth in and I plan on playing them all over again minus the Prime trilogy (as I don't own those or a WiiU anymore). If you never really got into Super Metroid and want a game to bring you into the series, this one is definitely a must play.

4 Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Agree with the guy below. It is horrifically underrated. This is the best Metroid game. It seems people don't care if you put actual creativity into a game, just give them the same thing they saw when they were a kid to wet fanboy pants. This game features very unique and intricate puzzles, puzzle bosses, challenging bosses, and a whole new world which you can explore both the dark and light side of. The non-linearity of Metroid is at its maximum in this game. You have to figure out what to do, where to go, how to get there, and what to do once you're there. You really feel like you're actually Samus Aran in this game. Her and the player are one entity. Throughout the game, and especially at the end, you feel a sense of accomplishment and self-confidence as you progress, while overcoming the overwhelming odds against the Space Pirates, the Ing, and Dark Samus. Amazing story, amazing gameplay; you're missing out if you havn't played this.

5 Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

Honestly, I don't know why many people thought this was the weakest out of the Prime trilogy. I actually thoroughly enjoyed this one from start to finish. Yes, it may be easier than the previous two, but there's the little things that make it worthwhile. For instance, Hypermode being added, and it's really fun to use, albeit extremely broken, in my opinion. While the stories from the previous games were decent enough, the story of this game felt like a Star Wars/Terminator movie, due to the battle with the Space Pirates in the beginning of the game, and the struggles with Dark Samus. In other words, it's very story-heavy, and I love it so much. Did I mention the boss battles were so awesome? Like, the Meta Ridley boss in the beginning was made of pure awesomeness, as well as the others. Overall, great Metroid game, I am still waiting for Dread to come out.

6 Metroid: Zero Mission

This game is very underrated, I hear many people praise Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion, but I don't hear much people talking about this game. Zero Mission probably has the most content of any side scrolling Metroid game. Not just is it a well made remake of the NES Metroid game, but it also allows you to play the original NES game as well, along with Zero Mission itself having smooth controls, new enemies, difficulty settings, many different endings, and a place to listen to it's music. My only complaint is with the removal of Fake Kraid, who could've worked as a mini boss right before fighting the actual bigger Kraid.

7 Metroid: Other M

The day I was playing Super Metroid and suddenly got bored, stood up, and put in Other M instead I knew I really liked this game. And I was labeled a heretic.

I agree with the flaws - the story, while good, is paced incorrectly. The character of Samus was mishandled. The relationship with Adam is awkward. The power-up system is less satisfying.

It's the other 95% of the game that makes it great.

This game has an engrossing story, wonderfully-written characters, a beautiful soundtrack, and gorgeous art direction. Even then, these are only icing on the cake for the fast-paced action that none of the other games quite capture. While a very different experience due to the focus on action and lack of exploration, this game holds its own against the greats.

8 Metroid - NES

The game is pretty hard and unfair to play through, but otherwise, it's a great game and being the one that started it all, along with great music makes it a true classic to the franchise!

This is the game that made me buy an NES all those hers ago. Absolutely classic. There's good reason Metroid and Zelda have lasted nearly 30 years and created adventure game legacy!

Very very hard, if you could beat this game your good.

If you could beat it with every item in under 2 1/2 hours or speed run it in 1 your very good.

9 Metroid II: Return of Samus

Awesome game, especially for its time. Stayed true to the original and expanded on it like a good sequel should. Lots of great secrets and hidden nooks to explore. This is definitely a classic.

AM2R would not exist without this game and Super Metroid. That being said, however, AM2R is easily at least (quite nearly) as good as the latter.

This game is really fun to pick up and hard to put down. If you haven't played metroid yet try this classic

10 Metroid Dread

Now with this game out, I have to say this definitely deserves to be high on this list!

Probably the best Metroid game in the series yet...

Not out yet but I'm excited for it, I think it has potential too be one of the best Metroid games

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11 Metroid: Samus Returns

This game is pretty underrated. Part of the reason is that a lot of people prefer AM2R. I love AM2R as well, but if you give this game a chance you might really enjoy it!

... And 2D Metroid has officially returned. My expectations for this are very high, especially after AM2R was taken down by Nintendo.

This was the first Metroid game I ever played, and it got me hooked!

12 Metroid Prime Hunters

Seriously the best game I ever played, I just can't get bored of it, I found the controls excellent and the multiplayer even more so.

One of most epic of DS shooters, with a classic Metroid feel. A huge game with action, multiplayer, an interesting feeling of loneliness and fear, and of course portability.

One of my fave DS games of all time. Metroid prime hunters has it all. Awesome maps, great bosses and powerful hunters. A must have for any Nintendo fan.

13 Another Metroid 2 Remake

'AM2R' is an impressive and thoughtful remake, especially considering it was made by a small group of people with little game developing experience. The best changes are to the screen resolution and visuals. The bigger screen allows you to see what's in front of you and better differentiate between things, whilst the super Metroid style visuals are far easier on the eyes than the originals squashed, bland sprites and samey looking sometimes confusing cave system. The prime style pseudo-scientific logbooks are interesting to read, and the revamped Super Metroid crossed with zero mission controls make all the difference too. However, that isn't to say it's a perfect upgrades the game can falter in places. The pacing is rough to say the least and some things feel out of place. For example in one of the earlier sections of the game, maybe area 1 or 2, a whole truckload of items are thrown at the player within 10 minutes, and you aren't given enough chances to put them into practice before the next one comes flying out of nowhere. This negates some of the joy that comes from getting a new item, learning it, then doing something cool, like obliterating a huge, lovecraftian monstrosity; a key element in making an enjoyable 'metroidvania' game. On a smaller note, the sound is a little too techno infused and not enough of the atmospheric ambience the series is known for. These minor flaws aside 'AM2R' still surpasses the original, although it doesn't quite reach the mountainous heights of Super Metroid, the GBA games, or the prime series. But this doesn't matter because 'AM2R' still does what it set out to do, make an improved version of the original game that is more accessible to a new audience, so props to Doctor M64, you did it! It's just a shame Nintendo had to shut it down, they better reveal something at E3 to make up for this!

14 Metroid: Super Zero Mission

Seriously, if only the real Zero Mission was this challenging

15 Super Metroid Z-Factor
16 Metroid Prime Pinball
17 Hyper Metroid
18 Metroid Prime Hunters: First Hunt

Why is this on this list? This is the demo version of Metroid Prime: Hunters.

They forgot the : after Hunters.

19 Metroid Prime 4
20 Classic NES Series: Metroid
21 Metroid Prime: Blast Ball
22 Super Metroid: Ancient Chozo
23 Metroid Prime: Federation Force

Finally, a new Metroid game! My friend is a huge Metroid fan and he said I should try a 3D Metroid Game!

I've heard a lot of critisism, but I'm personally really excited for this game which I know I'm going to buy someday.

Not quite the best upcoming games, but I am still waiting for it.

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