Top 10 Best PC Games of All Time

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1 Half-Life 2

I played this game over and over througout the years and it gets better with each time! At first, I thought that episode 1 and 2 are better than the original game but after replays everything in the original game got better and better. The gameplay is unique and adds so much to fps game genre as a whole.
Half life 1 is actually the true legend for pc that added lots to the genre, but this is the game of my generation so here is my vote.

This game was an instant classic. I hate to be a nerd and video game historian, but this game was and is still revolutionary. I still can't believe a game of this scale exists. It's physics engine causes things to break and slice realistically, it has an amazing plot, the characters are well developed, and there is an enormous variety of guns/weapons you can use.

I absolutely have no regrets voting for Half Life 2 instead of another game. Well, I may have regrets about not voting for Half Life but no. This game is the absolute best of PC gaming. When it was released, its graphics could compare to a game of 2011 but at the time, you rarely found people with PCs able to run this game. It was way ahead of its time and I will never stop playing.

Greatest story-line ever. I remember watching my dad play this game when mom would leave to go grocery shopping or something because I was too young to watch the violence and I thought it was the coolest thing in the world, and when I finally turned around 13 they let play it and God the feeling of finally being able to be Gordon Freeman IT WAS UNREAL


2 Minecraft

The Most Creative Game of All Time. A person made a universal death clock out of it. And you can blow stuff up. Who in the world does not want to blow things up! Do you want more. Then get mods which make it easier or more fun to play like getting more Bombs!

This game was made by a single man who has become a millionare off selling copies of the game and he has his own autobiography and there are even conventions devoted entirely to the game.

Minecraft is boss over 11 million people play it. Which is around 1 out of 600 people. It's insane. If any of you viewers have minecraft, like me, My name on it is Danomite409 and a rally good 1.7.4 server is minecraftia. Net, the owner is Willbbz if you ever see him, on it. The 4 reading!

Minecraft has servers that you can play addictive games. And you can also play it for free. Also the best part is that even if you did not buy the game, you can still play it also in serevr. I think it deserves top 3

3 Grand Theft Auto

I have never played the afterlife so I just can't say any thing about it but

The Sims 2 really you kidding me. Not even kids play this worthless game theses days.
Grand Theft Auto should be on top man

It's a definitely the best game that I ever played. Better then real life.
Doing where ever and whatever you want.
And its even got a cool story, especially San Andreas.

Gaming is all about the things you can't do in real life... Grand Theft Auto brings reality and virtual world together... You life the life of the character..

YUCK! I can't stand Grand Theft Auto at all. I could only play Call of Duty: Black Ops or Minecraft or something like that.

4 World of Warcraft

A well developed game in all respects. The graphics, movies and all the elements of the game is well rounded.

No matter what you say, hitting 11m subscribers paying 15$ a month is no small feat.

This is not only the best pc game, but the best RPG EVER! (excluding fallout 3 for the X-box only)

What other game has over 9 million players on at the same time.

5 Portal 2

One of the only games that made me feel smart solving its ingenious puzzles as well as laughing hard to it's clever writing. Online community puzzles add replay value!

After playing portal 2, I decided to have portals installed in my own house. The trip to the bathroom has never been faster.

I can't believe that Portal 2 is not in the top ten. No other game emotionally connect players to the story as much as Portal 2.

I've been watching this game on YouTube for 3 days and I don't have it. But I couldpossibly either get the actual game or do it Minecraft style.

6 Starcraft

Arguably one of the best personal computer game or franchise. It is good fun most of it has fine reward features to go with it. The maps and game styles are vast to play and can even create for own a map and some enemies. Starcraft is real good with being fluid in nature with graphics for a strategy game, and a few other things alike. Good it is in the firsts as whole still!

You could have never miss the great epic battle of the Zerg's, Protos, and Human. The campaign and the story it brings out. The star of all crafts on its genre should I say. This game was best seller and most pirated at its time.
And after more than a decade of wait. SC2 is coming!

I love this game. It is quite addicting and is great competitive fun to play against others online. StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty looks like it will be awesome as well.

Nothing much to say here. Best game ever. It saddens me not to vote for Half-Life 2, but Starcraft is just too good.

7 Half-Life

Not the game of Half-Life that I liked so much but the mods that were created from its engine like; Team Fortress and Day Of Defeat. When the games went to source and you needed an account with Steam to play online, is when it all went downhill for me. They screwed up a good thing for profit. Thanks.

This is no ordinary game. This is amazing. The graphics, ideas etc are the bomb!

The greatest game ever made. Nothing else comes close.

8 Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Wow... Not even in the top ten. Call me weird, but I've never been a huge fan of ANY of the (current) games that rate above this on this list... Up to and including WOW, Half-life 1 and 2, any Call of Duty, the Sims, Starcraft, Grand Theft Auto, Minecraft, etc... I mean, I like some of them, but the time I've spent... Too much of my lifespan has gone towards Skyrim for me to NOT vote for it.
Also, Skyrim is so unbelievably awesome and you should vote for it. So yeah.
'enough said.

My favorite, no game has stayed with me for so long. Have clocked almost 300 hours and not even half of it is completed. Open hand designed and massive world. Awesome soundtrack, flexible player development. Will continue playing it for next few months. Dragons... !

This game is amazing. So many different ways to play! If you don't like your current quest, just walk a few miles in any direction and find someone else!

This game I have played since it came out since then I have bought both pc and Xbox, pc so I could try out all the amazing mods and creat my own as well..

9 Terraria

One of my favourite games of all time. Building on the style of Minecraft, but how about a 2D Perspective, a dozen worlds to explore, good multiplayer and a long and fun game to play. No wonder it was the best selling game on Steam for 6 days after its release, over 200,000 people online at midday of the time of release and currently the 2nd best selling game on Steam. Only one problem: it's hard as balls!

Terraria is the best game ever. So much to do and explore, you will never get bored with this game on your PC!

B E S T game ever! And not a copy of Minecraft So shut up all you Minecraft fanboys

Underrated as all heck.

10 Team Fortress 2

I have had this game for about two years. I still love it as much as the day I got it.
Think about it. It's got hats, it's free, the community is great, Thousands of maps, tons of sprays and skins, and even HUDs. Like Zombies from Call of Duty? Play Mann vs Machine. Like CtF? Play 2fort. Like TDM? Play any Mario Kart server! This game has it all, even racing after the latest Halloween update.

Only improvement I can think of is an in game currency, instead of randomly finding items, why not have flamethrower wielding pyromaniacs carry around their wallet? That aside, 10/10.

I've been playing for 5 years and it's my favorite first person shooter of all time. This needs to be at least in the top ten!

Team Fortress 2 is really popular and should be a little higher on the list. Also go check out Mobrosstudio's YouTube poop of it. It's very funny.

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11 The Sims 2

I'm going to be honest, there's a good reason why the Sims series is the best-selling PC game of all time. One of those reasons is that it was more than a simulation game, it was a game that has given us, the players the ability to create whatever we want and do whatever we want.

As soon as you open the game, you'll have one of the best video-game experience in your life. Do you know any other game that gives you the ability to create almost anything out of your own imagination and never get bored with it?

I don't know about the rest of you, but it does get tiring to be killing so many enemies in other games, but just playing the Sim 2 is just a breath of fresh air.

You can do almost anything in life. The only game that I could possibly like more than GTA5. It's not the worlds best selling pc game for nothing. And with the expansion packs, this game is a masterpiece. Am I the only one that likes The Sims 2 more than The Sims 3? I just hate the sims faces in The Sims 3.

How is this down here? It's only like the most AMAZING game I have ever played. Yes, you can injure people in Grand Theft Auto, but how can that beat watching your sim suffer when you lock them in a doorless room? Or when you drown them?

The Sims 2 is the best game ever. No brainer. I'm surprised it's not wearing the crown.
The Sims 2 is a great step up from The Sims (graphic wise, along with create a sim, jobs, ambitions, etc... ) You can't get better than The Sims 2. (Actually, no. I take that back. The Sims 3 is better. )

12 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

I have vote that is the real army fighting real jets and awesome graphics the game story just liek real army's story how could you not vote 4 it your right aeromaxx777 the best game in the wars have not get voted only 4 %?

Just a brilliant game, excessive but very high quality graphics, and the closest to the real war experience.

Just can't stop playing this awesome, realistic, powerful game!

One of the best game's in human history.
No one can defeat Captain Price!

13 Bioshock

Art direction is the best ever!
The feeling is awesome!
It can compete with now days games!
If you did not pay with it, it is a must!

A beautifully crafted and excellent game and definitely one
To play again.

Best FPS with amazing story, world and gunplay! Timeless and fun even today!

14 League of Legends

I'm sorry why is this abomination of a game on the list?

This is the most played game EVER. Trust me it is awesome.

Play it for a while. Get good. You'll see why it's so popular.

League is love league is life.

15 Counter-Strike

My personal most favourite game ever.

16 Counter Strike: Source

Awesome, remarkable, epic, great fps games I ever played. And also best LAN game I think, make a server and invite all your friend to join with you and beat your opponent. last word, amazing game.

The best game
Found it better than 1.6 and condition zero
No complaints can be made for the graphics
Try this game!

It should at least be in second place because its way better then a lot of those games.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is far better why it not at 7 instead of Source?

17 Mass Effect 2

How is this not at least in the top 5?

18 Doom

Another game I watched my dad play because mom wouldn't let me play cause the violence, and so when I finally got to kick ass on the game my own there was no other feeling. Unfortunately today's society would never have any clue of a first person shooter like this, but fortunately I was lucky to have a pc gamer dad

This is one of the best, and most influential games of our time. It still easily holds its own against any new game that comes out, boasting flashy graphics, and gimmicky new physics features.

Seeing as how this was really the 1st proper FPS game
And without it's influence other games would not be there,
It really should be in the #1 spot.

Legendary FPS! Would be no Half Life, BioShock, or Halo without this classic! Mods are fun as hell!

19 Undertale

One of my favorite RPGs EVER! Interesting and heartfelt story, challenging bosses, amazing soundtrack! Masterpiece

Get this off the list.

20 The Sims 3

I love the sims 3 so much I can't believe it is so low on the list!

I have the PS3 version of The Sims 3 but my PS3 superslim game system doesn't have enough space to install/play Sims 3.

21 The Orange Box

Half-life 2: One of the greatest single-player FPS games out there.
Team fortress 2: One of the greatest multi-player FPS games out there.
Portal: One of the greatest and most clever puzzle FPS games out there.
Put them all in one package. You now have the Orange Box.

Quality developing from Valve here. There are 3 high quality games in here that could have been sold separately for triple the price, but they decided to bundle it. 10 respect for them.

I know it's kind of cheep to have Orange Box in the list when you already have HL2, but still it's got five games for the price of 1! And they're legit games!

22 The Sims

The idea of playing God had never occurred to anyone before, there's always been dolls, but this was a revolutionary game with people with minds of their own.

While I do have and enjoy all of The Sims 2 ^^ Sims 3 expansion packs, TS1 will always have a special place in my heart. It reminds me of my childhood and that is something that no amount of "improved graphics" or "redesigned gameplay" that come with the newer Sims games can ever replace.

23 Age of Empires III

Destroyed my bro's highly defended Town Hall and let some of his villagers alive, then killed them after he have some wood, almost enough to buld a town hall, and let his explorer alive. Then I trapped the explorer in the corner of the map with artilleries. I won. Good times.

AOE 3 is one of the best PC games anyone could play the graphics are great, there's a fantastic multiplayer as well as a thrilling and historically fascinating campaign.

I love this game and the whole series, I have every age of empire game ever made.

You are the god of your civilization every one work according to you

24 Fallout

Apart from being a great play with terrific graphics and visuals
It also has the greatest looking virtual women and is the 1st game
I ever played where I was chatted up by one.

A very cool game

25 Happy Wheels
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