Top 10 Best Tekken Characters

Since its inception in 1994, the Tekken series has introduced us to an incredibly diverse cast of characters, each with their own unique fighting styles, backstories, and personalities. From the powerful Mishima family to the mysterious assassins, robots, and exotic beasts, there's no shortage of memorable fighters in this storied franchise.

Determining the "best" Tekken character, however, is a challenging task. Is it about the strength and effectiveness of their moves in the heat of battle? Is it about their captivating story arcs and personal development throughout the series? Or is it about their cultural impact, and the affection they've garnered within the gaming community? Truthfully, it's probably a blend of all of these factors, and that's precisely what makes this list so fascinating.

This top ten list is a celebration of the characters who have left the most significant mark on the Tekken universe. It's a tribute to the fighters who have kept us hooked on our controllers for hours, mastering their move sets and unravelling their stories. These are characters that have not only dominated the King of Iron Fist Tournament but have also won over our hearts.

But remember, this list is not set in stone. Tekken is a game series rich in variety and personal preference plays a huge role. So, if your favorite fighter is missing or if you strongly believe another character deserves the spotlight, we encourage you to add them to the list and cast your vote. Because in the end, the best character in Tekken is the one that brings you the most joy and satisfaction when you're in the heat of the battle.
The Top Ten
1 Jin Kazama Jin Kazama is a fictional character and main protagonist of the Tekken series released by Namco Bandai Games.

Considering that he won two of the iron fist tournaments, he is the best using facts and statistics. Heihachi also won two tournaments, but since Jin won the fifth and most recent, he is the best and Heihachi is the second best. Kazuya won the first tournament making him the third best. The fourth best is Paul because he lost he 3rd king of iron fist tournament because he didn't know that ogre would transform into true ogre, so he left and Jin took advantage of this and won. The fifth best is Hwoarang. This is because he is Jin's nemesis and has evenly skilled. He has most liked not won a tournament yet because he is not in the Mishima bloodline.

I love Jin. He may not have a very diverse moves list in comparison to many other Tekken characters, but I believe that's part of what makes him such an intriguing fighter. He's very much a technical character, and to dominate with Jin requires true mastery; an almost comprehensive study of his fighting style. Button-mashing with Jin will more often than not produce poor results. On top of this, his storied history - his fight with the devil within, his hatred for his father and grandfather his iconic "unfortunate protagonist" character theme make for a loyal fan base.

Jin is my favorite he is really strong he had beaten kazuya, heihachi and Jinpachi in tekken 5 And of course in the movie tekken blood Vengence he defeated Heihachi and devil. His nemesis Hwoarang is also good in fighting and very skilled he has not much with a fight with jin. In the tournament Jin has also defeated four of the arguably best fighter in the Tekken universe: True Ogre, Kazuya, Heihachi and Jinpachi. Hwoarang hasn't fought any of the four. On top of that Jin is and has clearly been the character of focus since his first appearance in Tekken 3.

Jin, in my opinion, deserves to be #1. Especially in tag 2, we have a new, better version of him, as his moves list allows the player to successfully deal with any situation during a match, not to mention the f4 to zan stance cancel, which can blow the opponent 's mind, at least from my experience. We also have his cd attacks and the EWHF, which make the character more intriguing and inspire the player to keep practicing with him. All of that information, including his wonderful storyline in the tekken series, make the character quite interesting and, no doubt, the protagonist.

2 Kazuya Mishima Kazuya Mishima is a fictional character in Bandai Namco's Tekken fighting game series, first featured as the protagonist in the original 1994 game.

Kazuya Mishima is the most badass player on the game. I use to be Law but he sucked. I have a friend and his favorite character is Devil Jin he says he is good because of his wings and better combos but he is wrong because Devil Jin sucks. Not only is he amazing he looks badass too. His combos are awesome and so are his basic attacks. His super combos are amazing too. His really can't die when you watch the main story line. He just 100% better than anyone else on the game; I don't know why he is ranked number 4.

A proud fighter with ruthless aggression who should rightfully get his way as Tekken seen to screw him every time. He may be a power hungry maniac whose desire to kill and conquer is somewhat sadistic, he still has the coolest taunts, moves and quotes and makes jin just look like your average stereotypical good guy who in this day and age is totally unrealistic. Let him dragon uppercut his way back to the top or forever feel the wrath of the devil within...

Kazuya is the true face of Tekken. I loved his Anti-Hero flare when he started out in 1994 Tekken 1. Since, then he has had a struggle with his devil form, but learns to control it. Like Jin, he isn't just an edgelord or just a clique of being the "chosen one" rather a true warrior with a tragic story. Jin wasn't proud to be a Mishima, but decided to unlearn the style taught by his grandfather Heihachi. Kazuya was damn proud of his blood and, became the purest representation of the mishima style of karate, much better than his father Heihachi. His Hellsweep is the best in this game. Mastering his EWGF and PEWGF is quite rewarding and makes him pretty formidable as his electrics and whiff punishes are solid hard hitting. In tekken 2 Kazuya was killed off. Due to his loyal fans harada had to bring him back from the dead. This kind of commitment from his fans is just amazing.

One lightning hook to the gut and you're down. Kazuya survived being thrown of a damn cliff. He was ten years old at the time! He kicks a motorcycle in half! He rips a dinosaurs jaws apart with his bare hands! His Tekken 2 ending is awesome, he beats Devil by using Heihachi as a human shield! Also, lets not forget the evil half smile. If you're good with Kazuya, you're practically unstoppable.

3 Emilie De Rochefort Emilie De Rochefort, better known under her nickname, Lili, was introduced in Tekken 5 : Dark Resurrection and has returned for all subsequent titles. When she debuted, Lili was described as a rich shallow girl from Monaco, who uses her skills in dance to fight in her own street fighting style. Lili has become one of the most popular characters in the series despite her relatively recent introduction to the series. more.

Lili is proof that you don't always have to be an angsty brooding teenager, a psycho, or a complete jerk to kick ass in a fighting game. She somehow manages to be spoiled and loud yet strong and intelligent (she created her own damn martial art, people! ) at the same time. Sure, some of the supposedly more strong or mature characters in Tekken look down on her, but she's one of the only characters who actually invented their own fighting style, which seems to work as well as all the traditional martial arts that are used by the supposedly stronger characters...

She has a well rounded character, not only with her fighting style that looks practically graceful, but also her personality and story adds to her abilities. She seems to have motives behind what she does. It also helps that her rivalry with Asuka provides for some pretty comical cut-scenes between the two. Lili was an amazing addition and to think she is one of the newer characters to be added to the franchise and yet she has still made a name for herself.

Lili is my favorite character and she IS the best fighter in Tekken, in my opinion. Her moves are fast and good-looking, what else you need? She's the only character with whom I've got +20 winning streak (DAMN YOU, ASUKA! ) And what are you waiting for? Go and kick some butts with Lili!

Like a gentle flower blooming in the morning after rain during spring season, Emilie De Rochefort teaches her opponents discipline through her graceful fighting style which reminds of a ballet dance out of a fairy tale.

4 King

As a kid one of the first games I could remember playing was Tekken 3 and upon meeting the character select screen one portrait caught my eye. That was King and ever since he was my main go to fighter. The forumla for me is perfect taking my love of Fighting Games and combining it with my love of Pro Wrestling perfection. I love King's story so honorable and likeable as a character how could anyone hate this guy he's practically a Saint. Gameplay wise his Pro Wrestling background helps create such a varied offence and each move looks incredible and very genuine, helps when the motion capture was done by Japanese Pro Wrestling legend Minoru Suzuki. I could go on more about King but I'll cut it here but I love this character.

King is a boss in every way possible, hell just look at the name! Let's make this clear, King is the epitome of a good guy in the tekken franchise. He protects his masters honor, he donates any and all wealth he gets to impoverished children, and he personally owns, funds, and oversees the running of a catholic orphanage. He does all this all while being a pro wrestler, and even finds the time to teach the orphans self defense. Proof of this being that the current king was an orphan raised in the original kings orphanage, determined to carry on the name. He's a luchador, with a healthy mix of MMA thrown in, and he is the perfect combination of page and powerful, and quick and agile. Like I said before, just read the name. King.

King was the 1st character in tekken that caught my attention, with his valiant yet vicious leapord mask and muscles that would make the rock insecure, he was truly something different. So basically with a few days of playing, I realized the apex of his power. His juggles kill. His throws kill. He's a killer. AND master him enough, it leads to some jaw dropping combos that will make your friends give up or your girl wanna blow you, trust me. Also can be a good tag team mate with the majority of tekken characters, all his bounds and aerial juggles, you can't really tell king he ain't king until you start spamming and I have to low parry and roll death cradle you to sleep.

King's appeal to me is not only the perfect blend of overwhelming power and elegant skill, but the fact that he's often one of the only characters with motives that are not surely selfish. A true master of King's move set is a force to be reckoned with and definitely puts the button mashers in their place.

5 Hwoarang

Hwoarang is an absolute badass...
Wether were talking about his looks, style, story, bad-boy personality, charisma, you name it, Hwoarang's got it all.
Game-play wise he's probably got the most combo variety out of any character in the whole of Tekken. He's got speed, strength, precision, range and so much variety.
Countless world class professional Tekken players have even said that this character probably ranks in the highest tier in the game, if not the best.
Hwoarang is the most difficult character to master in Tekken and requires a lot of high level skill BUT once you master this guy, no one will really be able to stop you with Hwoarang.
Seriously recommend this character to anybody out their playing, believe me when I say you will fall in love. #HwoarangForNumber1

All right... WHY is Jin in first place? Like, what the hell. WAKE UP people... All right, I will admit, Jin is really really strong and he's the main character and all that good jazz. But guys... Remember! Hwoarang beat Jin in the tekken 6 iron fist tournament... Yeah you heard me right. HWOARANG BEAT! BEAT! JIN. So why the hell is Jin in first place? Like, I don't understand. All right let me get right at the point. First of all... Hwoarang is the hardest character in tekken, He's the kicking machine, and he as the most combos in the game... Yeah... And by the way, If anyone hasn't watched Hwoarangs tekken 6 ending, I suggest you watch it now. It's basically hwoarang holding the devil pearl, and slowly turning into a devil hwoarang. But he dropped the pearl and decided not to become a devil. Just imagine... Devil hwoarang. So Hwoarang beat Jin... Then Jin turned into to devil Jin and beat hwoarang... And then IMAGINE hwoarang turning into devil Hwoarang! He would just toy with Jin ...more

Hwoarang is more game-breaking than Yoshimitsu will ever be. He isn't one of those cheap characters, with which you can do ultra punches with 1-2 clicks. As a beginner with him, you won't even know what the hell he (actually you) is trying to do. But as a pro, you should easily be able to beat all other characters. He has the longest combos, also the strongest kicks. And let's be realistic, at least 60% of strikes you do in this game are kicks.

Hwoarang is a LEGEND. Most combos in the game, second most difficult character to learn, over powered simple fast moves, and overall a God.
If Jin Kazama is the strongest character on this list, than Hwoarang should statistically be 1st. Why? In the 6th Iron Fist Tournament, Hwoarang defeated Jin.. I repeat, DEFEATED Jin, and the ONLY ONE that has defeated Jin in all Iron Fist history.. After Jin's defeat, Jin was filled with rage and anger which caused him to transform into devil Jin and took Hwoarang down. In Hwoarang's Tekken 6's ending, after defeating Azazel, Hwoarang held the devils pearl as it was slowing mutating him into a devil. Hwoarang refused to become like devil Jin and smashed the pearl in to pieces. If Hwoarang didn't resist the devils gene, he would have completely destroyed Jin Kazama. Hwoarang destroyed Jin in Iron Fist 6, than Jin changed into his devil form and beat Hwoarang, and if Hwoarang had become devil Hwoarang, he would absolutely destroy Devil Jin. ...more

6 Nina Williams Nina Williams is a fictional character from Namco's Tekken fighting game series. A cold-blooded Irish professional assassin, Nina made her first appearance in Tekken, the original game in the series She is one of four playable characters to appear in all main installments in the series and the only female with that record (with the noticeable exception of the original version of Tekken 7). She also starred in her own spin-off game, Death by Degrees. more.

I love Lili so much as well but any woman being above Nina is almost like blasphemy, learning to master Nina is so much more satisfying. She's a sexy blonde assassin who can go toe to toe with the best fighters in the world, what's not to love? I love how cold and uncaring she is (TIME TO DIE) and how she pisses people off if you play her moves well. Her grapples are badass and her purple outfit is insanely hot. Nina is definitely the most iconic woman in Tekken and she deserves recognition.

Nina would definitely defeat the new females in Tekken. The only characters that would stand a chance would probably be Julia and Zafina... Asuka and Lili? Please. Nina's a cold blooded assassin with an incredible move set. She doesn't use dance and gymnastics (that would waste too much energy in a real fight). Besides, being the oldest female, she has the most experience, and has been in all of the Tekken Tournaments. Of course, Jun and Michelle could give her a run for her money. But Nina's the only blond for me.

Nina appears in the Tekken roster since the beginning, since Tekken 6, she is definitely one of the main protagonist in the story mode.
She is a proficient killer with lethal abilities. I enjoy her game-play, she is fast and has got a very complete move set, flash kicks, huge slaps, impressive chain throws...
I love her charisma, she is cold, stoic and merciless.
She's got a sculpural body. I love her long blond hair, her icy blue eyes, her voluptuous breast, her astonishing curves. I love the way she dresses, her glamourous lip-stick, her purple tight fitting outfit... I love her swaying walk and how she stilk her sharp heels on her defeated opponents... She is pure sex appeal...

Nina can easily defeat others females characters and even all males characters too. Her fighting style are best from others and deadly. She is strong enough to kick out everyone... No one should ever try to mess with her. She can defeat easily Julia, Zafina, Asuka and Lili. She is the best! And I think she should again undergo for cryogenic sleep so that she can stay forever in tekken series. I just wish she lives for ever!

7 Asuka Kazama Asuka Kazama is a video game character from the Tekken series by Namco Bandai Games, introduced in Tekken 5.

Lili has never been too good for me and I know that she's like super graceful and good for beginners and all that but Asuka always ALWAYS beats Lili! Asuka is really good at pokes and deserves to be ahead of Lili if anything. I really think that Tekken should shed some light on who Asuka really is. She uses violence for peace and is a great character overall. She has the best attitude and reacts quickly, never really thinking out strategic plans. I use Jin often too and he has got to be my favorite male character. I think their personalities are fit for each other. One brash, arrogant and hotheaded and the other trying to control his anger, outwardly calm but fighting a battle within himself. In other words, Asuka and Jin.

Asuka is the best. She's fresh and new and she doesn't need to be cold blooded to be a badass. It comes naturally. She can calm devil jin, has amazing power, beautiful everything, I mean her hot body is the best soft brown hair and her chocolate brown eyes and her skin looks so soft. I love her. She's amazing really. She has a big heart and although she uses her heart instead of her head, that's what makes her perfect. She has her flaws and her troubles but her style beauty and attitude is fun and refreshing. She has great potential to be the strongest female in tekken. So reconsider and by the way I love Jin too. His cute and mysterious. Asuka and Jin 4eva

Asuka is the best when you thinking for countering most of other character. If you can utilize her variety of movement, it is not limited to hit and combo type of fight, but rather a fight with wit. Opponent will tend to feel their hit will be counter in every single move. She has also have the best fighting stance involve in movement. Even though her combo and speed is less than Jun, but she covers it with one hella of a drop kicks and countering.

Asuka is very strong and has awesome combos, her moves can be easily done and has a pretty large effect ( HP Loss ) on the character she is fighting. Basically, she is really good in fighting and personally... She is pretty ( just so you know ).

8 Yoshimitsu

Yoshimitsu, I don't know why namco puts all the fancy art on him, in tekken 3 I just fell in love with him. Not only by his unique attacks. But also for his image and apearence. When it was new, Every time I chose yoshi in 2 player fights. Everybody got safraid of how fearsome he was. The tekken of today just doesn't have that cyborg forest ninjaknight feeling. More like a heavy armored piece of paper. Yoshimitsu should get some life knocked back to him. And for gods sake go easy on his armor, before you know it. It has lazers shooting out of his kneecaps -. -

Yoshimitsu is the man! I mean he is useful with his meditation stuff. When he's got his health back, he's ready to beat anyone up. I believe, in my opinion, he can thrash anyone out of the scene. And he steals. Literally. In his story. Who made him #9? This guy is boss, and deserves to have a high position. The end.

Even if not my favorite character of the last Tekken, he was my favorite of my childhood and I think he is really well made but to be honest I would prefer even more powerful kit because altho he is great, he is not easy at all.

Is he a ninja, samurai, skeleton, vampire, robot, alien or jedi? All of the above. Except for maybe jedi. Well he is in soul calibur 4, which has yoda, so maybe he is jedi. Powerful and agile. His green swords are awesome.

9 Ling Xiaoyu Ling Xiaoyu is a character from the Tekken video game series by Bandai Namco Entertainment, who debuted in Tekken 3.

Ling xiaoyu is the most favourite female character in my game after chun li and mai shiranui. In my hand, she was considered mature and look so sexy in this game belonging tekken 7. She was likes sociable with miharu and alisa, but the most appropriate is she want approaching with Jin kazama if she want to stop Jin when he doing a devil jin and to fight with his father (kazuya). However, she want to join with Claudio to prepare to stop jin and he just cunningly to
beat her as bait a prey. Well, just now, I was look her sweet because that girl is a female martial artist get strong and fast actually childish and cute. I hopefully the next series of tekken, xiaoyu wants to find jin and do revenge with claudio again. Then, she will get married with jin and having a child. Thanks xiaoyu, I'll vote this one!

Now with Tekken 7 out, Xiaoyu seems to get her due as a strong fighter with those important buffs. Soon she will be at the top tier (think she already has) with more top players and noobs alike maining her. Her fighting style is so interesting, and who doesn't want to side with the good. Xiaoyu represents the force of good in this dark and shady Mishima saga, she has been passed on the holy torch from Jun and has been doing it better. She would be even more awesome if she only knew how awesome she was (in canon story of course). How come people not rank her to the top is beyond me.

She's fast and unpredictable! I don't think she's only playing the main cast in Blood Vengeance, she's the heroine of this series! (In exception of Tekken 1 & 2). She has lethal moves, a cute face, and a kind heart! She's the best female character I've used since you can use her short-range and give good-damaged kicks from the distance!

The stance characters are hardest to master, Xiaoyu is no exception. One has to do lot more of work and need lot more skill to compete against almost any other character. This goes on to justify how skilled a fighter Xiaoyu is in the Tekken universe. Harada sure has a soft spot for her, and rightly so.

10 Paul Phoenix Paul Phoenix is a player character from the Tekken fighting game franchise by Bandai Namco Entertainment.

Why is Paul in the seventh place? He should be at least fourth because of his strength, his fighting history (only Kazuya and Kuma have ever beaten him) and almost won the third King of Iron Fist Tournament but didn't know Ogre transformed into True Ogre when he beat it... he is my favourite character and I bet that if he wasn't a joke character, he would have won at least one tournament and he would be a really interesting character with a hell of a bigger amount of fans, making Kazuya experiencing nightmares of Paul beating Kazuya's ass!

The guy is a badass, he is recognizable in the streets because he used to be undefeated, up until his fight with Kazuya, which ended in a tie, he was undefeated in Tekken 2,3 and 5 and in 3 he basically won the tournament by beating Ogre, the same guy who killed the first King and Jun and almost killed Baek, Bruce, Ganryu, Armor King and Jin.

Paul is the only character in the whole tekken series who has a lot and lots of wrist power. There are so many shots with his wrist which would made the opponent characters lose their energy. His shots are not good to see, but they reduce the health of the opponents very easily that we can beat them up.

Paul is rumoredslow only by people who have never correctly played Paul. Basically one of the few characters that can counter Marshall Law or Alisa Bosocovitch despite the immensely low frame moves is Paul. On top of all that he is a powerhouse too. There is enough speed and far too much damage on Paul then people give him credit for.

The Contenders
11 Marshall Law Marshall Law, or just Law, is a player character from the Tekken fighting game franchise by Bandai Namco Entertainment.

Lets be honest here... If I had to back a real life Jaguar or a guy based on Bruce Lee... I think id pick the martial arts master. Fact is that Marshall Law is based on one of the most famous fighting styles ever conceived. He deserves to be number 1.

No doubt Law deserves to be number 1
Jin and the Mishimas are the main so they get the spotlight, but when it comes to fighting ability, no doubt Law is superior as he is based on one of the greatest martial artists master of all time (the legendary Bruce Lee)!

He is a fictional character born out of the idea of a real life legend. Bruce Lee's speed has still not been matched by any known man in today's world. I will back him.

Marshal lae is my favourite charecter in tekken because he is quick and fast of his movement. As well his combo is awesome. As I belive he have face to stand against anyone cause of his restaurant and those money he needs for good things. So he is also nice charecter and also remember me the legend 'Bruce Lee'

12 Alisa

First of all, Alisa..yes she is a robot, that is why she has all those cool and unique things. And if you think that it's unfair for the other characters because they don't have those cool stuff, YOU ARE WRONG! Cause don't you think that the other characters are strong enough to beat her? Still, she is a very good fighter but if you do Think like that than doesn't it mean you are underestimating the other characters?
+ she does have a lot of combos and she is pretty fast and I have to admit she is really pretty ha!

She has an innovative and hilarious moveset, intriguing personality and storyline. And for a gynoid, she's such a cutie. I will never understand why people hate her (the morons called EternalDragon28, VergilSoul and animedanage being the worst examples). Is it because she looks anime. Hello, people! We have Yoshimitsu who is also pretty weird, a raptor, a kangaroo, a robot, a doctor with back problems who fights like he's on crack. The series is already weird. If there is a character that is weirder than all of them then that would be Gon. And I've seen the The Fighters Generation Webmaster's review of her and he has a very objectively good opinion of her."Alisa isn't someone that appeals to everyone and she isn't supposed to".
She deserves to be higher.

If only people could understand how lethal alisa's moves once they understand to combine it all, especially many moves that allows her to alternate it to destructive form.
Seriously, her combos so far the most flexible one and easily modified to our heart content.

I don't see any reason why alisa shouldn't be in top 10.

16? Really? I honestly and personally thought B4 I saw dis that she would in the top 10 but no so I am voting. She is SUPER good when it comes to long ranged attacks.

Her moves are really unique and I honestly CANNOT believe that she isn't in the top 10 + she is pretty and again really good in fighting like really!

13 Heihachi Mishima

Heihachi Mishima the antagonist of tekken the rival of his son Kazuya. Kazuya is my favorite character but heihachi is a badass immortal boss and I like him as well. When tekken 7 comes out the talking point is what I mentioned HEIHACHI VS KAZUYA

Heihachi is the best character ever. He is one tough guy.
He has been in every Tekken game, and has always been the best character.
I use him and beat everyone in no time. Thank you Heihaci, even a giant explosion can't stop you. Yeah!

Er, why is Heihachi down here? Below Forrest Law FFS! Master of a colossal financial empire who also kicks and punches people in his spare time, and had a BEAR as a bodyguard!

Heihachi is the best if you master him your opponents will wish they were never born no one can beat me. Jin is a whelp if heihachi was younger Jin would be 6 feet under by now. This is evident when he beats DEVIL kazyua in tk2

14 Lars Alexandersson Lars Alexandersson is a fictional character from the Tekken fighting game franchise by Bandai Namco Entertainment, introduced in the 2008 game Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion, an updated version of the original Tekken 6 Japanese arcade game.

I underestimated him. I thought he was a cheap character when I first played against him, but that was because I wasn't familiar with his move list, and as such, I wasn't aware of his play-style, or how to play against him. He is now one of my mains; he took a while to learn, but has a myriad of quality commands at his disposal and is quite quick compared to other characters.

The best Character in all of this game. Not to mention, you button mash this guy you will surely LOSE. Once mastered this guy is a force like no other. My best Time is finishing my opponents in 7 seconds flat with this guy. He is so quick, plus lets face it he is also pretty cool!

I believe it's kind of a Mario and Luigi situation. Luigi gets put in the background as basic while Mario is the main focus of everything. Same with Lars, many think he is just a simple and boring character. Sure, Jin, Law, and Hwoarang are great characters, but face it, if you know how to use a character, then they're going to be good. But with Lars, he's great for beginners, and once you understand his moves, he's an amazing character for advanced players to use as well. He has amazingly cool and deadly combos, as well as simple yet deadly moves. I used him to beat every single level in campaign, even Nightmare Train, which was quite hard. It took me about seven times just to do it.

So overall, maybe, just maybe, he's not exactly the best of all time, but he has to be in the top five. I especially like the move Zeus, silent entry moves, and his X Y combos. One combo I discovered with Lars is Up and B (gets the opponent into the air), immediately after that Up and A (double ...more

Lars Alexandersson is a unique character in Tekken indeed. He is top in every thing. His costume, his power-packed deadly combos, his style... And many more

15 Lee Chaolan Lee Chaolan is a player character from the Tekken fighting game franchise by Bandai Namco Entertainment.

The funniest and the most excellent character of tekken, get it, get it? Excellent! Nah! He is awesome, I always see myself as him, and I always choose him as my character. He is the best!

For how good he is in the game, I would say he is number 1
Not only is a good fighter but he has the funniest personality and is the best looking character and the richest.

He is the best player in my opinion I completed every stage and beat the game with him he is the aweome player of the game I think that he is the master tekken player of the game.

Lee is like law he can do which I really like and in his tekken tag 1 ending he really defeated heihachi and kazuya.

16 Jun Kazama Jun Kazama is a fictional character from the Tekken fighting game series, who made her debut in Tekken 2, her first and only canonical appearance to date.

Jun is my first and favorite character in Tekken. Basically, she has most favorite move that I admired is the back walkover kick, aerial cartwheel kick, and roundhouse kick that I need to learn. Her fighting style is Japanese karate with lots of kick and self defense counters. I like to use Jun in Tekken 2 and TTT 1 because of her costumes and other things about her.So, Jun Kazama is using power and speed at the same time. She is offensive. Jun is awesome.

She is iconic, eversince Tekken 2. The one that helped Angel defeat Devil out of Kazuya, the one that defeated Devil whilst being pregnant, the bearer of Jin Kazama, the one character that with out being in the newest ganes still is a big influence... Her looks... Her theme in Tekken 2. Her badass fighting style... Everything!

She has the most combos? She has speed for sure. She has stronger moves then xiaoyu and she's even cooler than Nina. Whom I also love - but Jun is just a mystical creature behind mosts comprehension..

What's not to like? Backstory? Looks? Style? Personality? She has them all. Looks as soft as a flower, but could beat you into unconsciousness. Jun is hands down my favourite.

17 Bryan Fury Bryan Fury is a player character from the Tekken fighting game franchise by Namco Bandai Games, and has been a mainstay in the series since his debut in Tekken 3.

Vote for Bryan, The second strongest bag guy with a half human and half robot body. He suppose to be one of the top ten and he suppose to be stronger than yoshimitsu and higher rank than him. He never stops laughing when he beats the hell out of yoshimitsu and other strong characters and he is energetic and well balanced plus power and speed.

Bryan Rules! He is one of the strongest characters in Tekken. He survived a helicopter crashing on him without a scratch. Bullets don't do jack against him and he can take attacks from a tank without any injuries and he can tear a tank apart. He should become the king of iron fist Tournament. And his evil laugh rules!

Bryan is unbelievable. I don't know why he's not in the main plotline, but he could be very much be a wildcard because of the ridiculous destruction he causes! He's the best character because he is balanced in all areas (except low attacks which Tekken needs to work on) and is just straight up insane!

I disagree with the top 10, asuka and lili are newcomers for casual gamers, bryan should be in 9 position, why, he is a heavy hitter and main character in tournaments around the world, and in 10th should be heihachi, the original tekken champion.

18 Anna Williams

Anna Williams is the best character. She has some fantastic hidden moves. Very few people know that Anna Williams can reverse all the throws and attacks and combos of king. For example when king tries to start chain throw she can roll over his shoulder and get rid. When king tries to break leg she can break his leg in start or during breakage. She is a hidden queen. King is no more a difficult character to defeat with her hidden moves when some one mastered in king is playing. She can even reverse death roll of king and injure him.

Talk about the real femme fetal, Anna Williams has it all from looks to skill look out people looks do kill but above all she has killer combos and stances and a must try character for all.

SO underestimated. People focus on her seductive being and it's regrettable. She is quite difficult to play but with experience she is as legal as her sister. the williams are the best female characters.

Anna is pretty much the only character that people are jealous of and hate because she is sexually attractive from bottom to top. Any guy would do her if they had a chance.

19 Kuma

A lot of players would find this bear a waste, I actually find him worthwhile. His hunting position is great for an ambush attack. Plus, he's moves are effective.

I love to play as Kuma all the time! I love they created a Bear in Tekken as a playable character

Kuma is the real Bad News Bear.

Powerful upper body attacks.

20 Jaycee

Jaycee looks ok for me, I really like her mask. That fat guy in tekken fancy jaycee/julia, I got feeling that julia don't love him because he is way too fat

I know this is Julia. The Changs are the most aesthetic! Like their story!

21 Armor King

Armor King at 21?! Better check that! Why is he so low? He deserves a better spot. Hands down. Out of all the characters he has changed the MOST. Armor Kind went from this person who was a fair fighter, cared about helping his friends and preaching honor... To having more of a dark feel, a more beserk ruthless fighter, and now stands alone. His combo deal more damage than King and he trained him on top of that. Put em higher

The only reason they might not add AK in Tekken 7 is because of variety. I'd honestly hate to see lei or a capo to come back. Since they have 2 ninjas now, I don't see why they can't have 2 wrestlers. King & Armor King are about just as different as Raven & Yoshi in my opinion. Besides, who the hell doesn't like ninjas & wrestlers. They still haven't ended his story yet either, oh & one more thing. How is king learning armor king moves if ak isn't teaching him?

Armor King is so stronger than King. Seriously did you see Armor King's ending in Tekken 5 dark resurection. This is what happened. Armor King was walking and King came behind him. Next thing you see Armor King kicks King's stomach so hard, picks up King, turns him around, jumps very high, and Armor King smashes King's head on the ground.

He is A+ tier. The undisputed champion of Tekken tournaments, JDCR, uses him. He is the most balanced and those who don't compete seriously wouldn't understand his value. Enough said.

22 Doctor Bosconovitch

This is the first tekken character I ever played, in TTT2. Needless to say, it was the right choice. His style is unique and very powerful. He uses explosions to propel his own hits and kicks, which leads to a wacky, hard hitting, inhuman and extremely unpredictable style, which in the right hands can be used to make force your oponent to get caught in many infuriating combos.

I'm honestly surprised by how underrated he is, and I was very dissappointed when I heard that he was only available to play in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Tekken 3.

I also like his lore, about how he is the scientist man that is behind many events in the Tekken universe and how he created Alisa. I tend to play him with either Alisa or Sebastian on his tag team, and to dress them up thematically to better humilliate my opponents.

Unique fighting style.
Unpredictable, high defense.
Annoys the opponent and forces them to attack.

It's cool to play as him, the most original fighter in Tekken.

This Dr. , if used correctly and strategically, IS the best fighter in the series.

23 Michelle Chang Michelle Chang is a fictional character in the Tekken series of fighting games by Namco, where she was introduced in the original Tekken in 1994. A young woman of Chinese and Native American descents, Michelle possesses a mysterious pendant allegedly capable of controlling evil and powerful spirits.

Michelle Chang is my favorite Tekken character I love her so much and I can't wait to finally play as her again in Tekken tag tournament 2! Michelle = Strong, Sexy, Kind, Smart And Fierce!

Michelle Chang is really underrated and needs to make her way back into the Tekken series. I feel like she could really contribute to plot, but she needs to look bad as like she did in Tekken 2

The guy who said Michelle is the best tekken character ever yes it's your opinion but so many tekken fans would thinks that is insane.

Michelle has an interesting story and is an amazing fighter I like her a lot and very pretty and kind.

24 Steve Fox

In my opinion, Steve should easily be in the top 5 because his boxing is fast and all he does is use his hands in combat and the enemy has very grim chances of avoiding any of his lightning quick fist blows. He's scrumptious, quick and agile and most of everything, he's strong. The best thing about him is that he has my name (Steve).

Devastating pressure, slick sways, ducking and dodging his way through the fight. He is the ultimate balance of reflex, defense, and offernse. Steve's hi lo mixup is also one of the best in the game hands down. Ask HelpMe! If mastered he is one of the worst characters to be matched up against. The beauty of this character is that it is mostly up to you if he is absolute garbage or a Tekken GOD worthy of EVO

Steve Fox is one of the fastest fighters in the game. If you are a pressure style fighter like myself you will find he can neutralize your opponents attacks with ducking, parrys and counters. Don't underestamate him because he mostly only uses his fist, because he has many low punches you wont see coming.

Steve is English, so of course he is going to be awesome... The best character on the game because he is twice as fast as even Law and his stance moves are so powerful.

25 Dragunov

Dragunov never runs out of options. He can compete with all the characters in Tekken, you just have to pick the right move on right time.

He has really good combos; if you know how to use him, you'll be hard to defeat on Tekken.
And by the way, which Russian guy doesn't know how to fight that hard?

Not only being a badass Russian Spetsnaz member but also has a kickass moveset that pressurizes the crap out of other players.

He is also the only character in the roster to have a crouching counter.

Its style is awesome I like it the most but it need some speed and more good looking style. Thanks!

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